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I’m Self-Hosted!

www.sunshinenspice.com is now my blog 😀

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Kebabin’ It

Monday? Really? Althought I’m enjoying a delicious breakfast – made with frozen “smoothie” blend fruits, defrosted (do it!) – I can’t begin to fathom the fact that it’s really already Monday. I did manage to fit in a sweet upper body workout this morning as well. Going by my by-laws of fitting in exercise during my busy days, feels good. Exercise = major Monday confidence boost too.

Overnight oats topped w/ goodness!


I couldn’t have asked for a more adventurous weekend…well, foodie-wise. I’ve always been told to have an open mind and I’m so thankful to have Sana around to help open my mind to new foods! In my last post, I talked about her birthday celebration where we went out for Indian food – and I was totally blown away. I guess I’ve been sticking with the typical for too long? Yea, I eat sushi a lot, Italian food and maybe some Mexican dishes every now and then, but I’m not sure why I’ve always looked past more ethnic foods. Hot damn this stuff is good!

Salmon Kebab!


Lastnight Sana and I went out on a “kebab date” – I ordered a salmon kebab and Sana ordered a beef kabab.

Sana's Kebab!


Kebabin it!

Other than eating and laughing away the weekend with some new friends, I spent some time with the most adorable niece ever and my fam. FYI: super jealous of my niece, especially on Monday’s cause I know when I’m sitting in class and/or rushing around campus like a mad woman, Mia is most likely doing one of the following: a) eating b) sleeping c) pooping  d) taking a bath or e) just being cute. Not fair, I know, especially because I know I do not look cute on Mondays, mmmmgurl. All in favor for mid-campus bathtubs with extra bubbles raise your hands!

Clearly not interested in the cam.


Ladybug love!


I also made my five-alarm chili for the fam-bam (see my updated recipe page!) and I’ve got a few more to share when I’ve got some time between my raging classes this week. Here’s a sneak preview:

S'ketti squash somewhere in there


Coming soon.


I’m off to class. OH but before I go, Sana and I did the “Accent Vlog”…embarrassing and fun all at the same time. If you haven’t done it – DO IT.

What’s your favorite “ethnic” dish?

What’s your Monday mantra?

Peace and love!



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A Super (Sana!) Birthday

I am forever grateful for Sana and her passion for her culture…ok, maybe just the food for right now.

Not sure what this is but I bet it's good.


I was invited to celebrate Sana’s 22nd Birthday with her and some friends. We headed downtown to Baltimore to an Indian restaurant called Akbar and just had a smashingly good time. The food was absolutely excellent and I can tell you from the moment I smelled our dinner I knew I’d be dealing with an Indian food baby later that night. Make that triplets, actually. I don’t regret a thing, a one night stand with Indian food, Sana and amazing people was so worth it.



Kate was able to join us as well, she’s such a beautiful lady! Beautiful people all around. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.





Ask Sana what these are...ha!


The other end.


I decided on the Chicken Tikka! “Tender boneless chicken tikka pieces cooked with spices in butter sauce.” from the menu. It was absolutely delicious and I wish I knew what “spices” they were so I could recreate it. Everyone meal looked worthy for recreation and a messy kitchen. I can only imagine how good my house would smell if I could cook like that.

Birthday lady!


We oh-so-sneakily (is that a word? It is now) told our waitress that it was her Birthday and she had just the right idea. Pistachio ice cream with fried dough balls. Who needs Birthday cake?!

Heaven on a plate.


By far the most enjoyable thing about blogging is getting together with other bloggers and friends who share the same characteristics and passions that you do, but are also so different and unique. I am so blessed to have Sana in my life – and if you haven’t already, go wish her a (belated) 22nd Birthday!

What was the best dish you ate this weekend?

What’s your favorite part about blogging/blogs?

Peace and love!



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How To: Be a Busy (but happy!) Bee

Thank you all so much for your feedback on my last post – I plan on talking about it soon and sharing some of the ideas as well as considering a Facebook page 🙂 Oh and I’ll be replying to comments either tonight or tomorrow..I’ve been a busy bee…which brings me to the topic for this post! 

A typical day of classes for me consists of nonstop business from about 9am til 10pm. Super duper exciting, right? Well, I try my hardest to make it that way. Fortunately I only go through this process 3 days a week and have Thursday and Friday to myself and my projects/social life/nap time. And when I say “nap time” I mean hibernation time. I’m pretty used to having such a long day though and to be honest, even though most of it is spent on my rear end in class, I still manage to fit in some fun. For my own sanity and the sanity of others – cause no one likes a bitch!

Don't do this.


I always, always, always…did I say always?…start my day with breakfast. A big, ginormous, Hulk-sized breakfast. I don’t understand how people can come to class without having eaten anything! I’m afraid to do that because I think I’d most likely end up in a corner gnawing on a chair or someone’s arm…and that’s just asking for a bad reputation. I wake up early enough to fix myself a nice bowl of shenanigans that’ll keep me full for a few hours. I also bring tons of bars/snacks with me to class and munch every 2 hours or so. You can check out this post for the usual snackity suspects!

My fave.


Between classes I usually have about an hour break, where my friends and I will grab lunch, or take an exercise class (hello Zumba!) If so, I make sure to wear what I call a multi outfit…clever, I know. Basically an outfit that can easily be transformed from an obvious workout outfit to a more casual and “normal” outfit, catch my drift? Example: leggings with a cami, that I can easily throw a cardigan over to make it look ok for class. This way, after I workout (and if I don’t get too sweaty) all I have to do is change my shoes (if necessary) and pop on the cardigan. This works visa versa too, if I’m going from class to a workout. Lastnight I met up with my cousin Carly for ab attack! Next week? Zumba!

Excuse my dirty mirror.


A few extra necessities to carry around? Scarves and dry shampoo! Quickest fixes ever!



Also, I ALWAYS cook on the weekends so that I have quick go-to meals for when I actually do get the chance to swing by my apartment and have lunch or dinner! This week, I’ve been relying on spaghetti squash, a pot of chili I cooked over the weekend, shredded cheese and tons of frozen veggies which I can nuke for a few minutes. Prepping on the weekend is KEY! It saves you tons of money too, especially if you usually eat out or buy frozen meals.

Five alarm chili!


What are your busiest days of the week?

What do you to do save time/sanity?

Peace and love!



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For a Friend

Ever had a friend who works their tail off and you feel like you WISH you could do something to show how much their work is really appreciated?

Meet Ali, a friend from school who really does deserve this more than anything – she’s the leader of Her Campus Towson, a double major and just an all around fun and beautiful person.

I’d really appreciate if you could help make her dream come true and VOTE for her and spread the news. Thanks guys! You can vote through Facebook/Twitter – you’ll see details on the page.

Here: http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/af56771c4d1f8a52534b8e2e9bf22cb6/191

Back later with an exciting and BUSY post! Also a reflection and thank you for the advice given on my last post – thank you all so much!

Peace and love!



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In a Pickle

I’m in a pickle. I know I’ve tweeted about this before, but I guess it would make more sense to talk about it on my actual blog – right?

 So, here goes: I get a lot of friend requests on Facebook from blog readers and I hope by now ya’ll know how much I really appreciate every single person who reads my blog.  THIS MUCH! With arms wide open. But I can’t justify allowing so many people into my more personal life – I can’t really imagine what else I don’t put out there on this blog that people would wanna know. You can always email me and leave comments on here! I don’t bite, I’m friendly and totally willing to chat…unless you get inappropriate, then I get inappropriate. Or I just ignore you.  

 In a nutshell, I’d rather keep my Facebook friends limited to the people I actually know and/or talk to because yes, there are pictures on my Facebook that I’d rather not everyone see; I mean I’m not secretly a hooker or a man or anything of the sort, I have no secrets, but still. And yes, people do post mildly (ok…wildly) inappropriate things on my wall as I do theirs and to be quite frank, not everyone needs to see those pictures or those posts and I just don’t feel comfortable with someone I don’t know having access to all of that jazz and more. Get me? Good.

Facebook pickle!

So, here’s the deal – would I have enough people to “Like” a Facebook page for my blog on Facebook or should I just stop worrying about the situation? I just feel really bad messaging people and telling them I can’t be their “friend” on Facebook because I don’t know them (even though that is a legit reason, ha!)

Help get me out of this pickle?

Speaking of pickles. I’m finally going to share with you the recipe I mentioned a couple posts back. Ok, so there’s no real pickles in this but it sounded good anyway. It’s perfect for welcoming in Spring – as it can be served cold or hot. I prefer it cold so I can pretend that it’s hot outside.

Honey Curry Chicken and Noods'

Honey Curry Pulled Chicken & Noodles

(Variation: Use spaghetti squash as noodles!)

1/2 cup Greek yogurt 

5 oz cooked chicken breast, pulled or chopped

Serving of noodles (of choice) or spaghetti squash

2 tsp curry powder

1 tbsp mustard or 1 tsp mustard seed powder

1 tbsp honey (or more to taste)

dash salt and pepper

Combine yogurt, curry powder, mustard and honey in a small bowl and pour over noodles + chicken. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! You can cook the chicken or noodles right before for a heated dish, or just leave em’ cold.

Over spaghetti squash - my fave!

Best when served with a Spring-y side salad:

Just screams SPRING!


Fresh cuke-age!


I’m off to enjoy my last day of Spring break by ignoring the rest of my work for as long as possible and wishing it wasn’t 35 degrees outside cause it looks so beautiful. At least that’s an excuse to snuggle with this little boo…



How do you feel about the whole Facebook situation?

What’s your favorite dish with Greek yogurt?

Peace and love!


p.s. I’ve definitely failed to keep up with the top in this contest so it’d mean the world to me if you could vote and spread the news…you can vote once per day, please do 🙂 Thank you! http://photos.fitnessmagazine.com/category/vote/photo/751190/33


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