Kebabin’ It

Monday? Really? Althought I’m enjoying a delicious breakfast – made with frozen “smoothie” blend fruits, defrosted (do it!) – I can’t begin to fathom the fact that it’s really already Monday. I did manage to fit in a sweet upper body workout this morning as well. Going by my by-laws of fitting in exercise during my busy days, feels good. Exercise = major Monday confidence boost too.

Overnight oats topped w/ goodness!


I couldn’t have asked for a more adventurous weekend…well, foodie-wise. I’ve always been told to have an open mind and I’m so thankful to have Sana around to help open my mind to new foods! In my last post, I talked about her birthday celebration where we went out for Indian food – and I was totally blown away. I guess I’ve been sticking with the typical for too long? Yea, I eat sushi a lot, Italian food and maybe some Mexican dishes every now and then, but I’m not sure why I’ve always looked past more ethnic foods. Hot damn this stuff is good!

Salmon Kebab!


Lastnight Sana and I went out on a “kebab date” – I ordered a salmon kebab and Sana ordered a beef kabab.

Sana's Kebab!


Kebabin it!

Other than eating and laughing away the weekend with some new friends, I spent some time with the most adorable niece ever and my fam. FYI: super jealous of my niece, especially on Monday’s cause I know when I’m sitting in class and/or rushing around campus like a mad woman, Mia is most likely doing one of the following: a) eating b) sleeping c) pooping  d) taking a bath or e) just being cute. Not fair, I know, especially because I know I do not look cute on Mondays, mmmmgurl. All in favor for mid-campus bathtubs with extra bubbles raise your hands!

Clearly not interested in the cam.


Ladybug love!


I also made my five-alarm chili for the fam-bam (see my updated recipe page!) and I’ve got a few more to share when I’ve got some time between my raging classes this week. Here’s a sneak preview:

S'ketti squash somewhere in there


Coming soon.


I’m off to class. OH but before I go, Sana and I did the “Accent Vlog”…embarrassing and fun all at the same time. If you haven’t done it – DO IT.

What’s your favorite “ethnic” dish?

What’s your Monday mantra?

Peace and love!




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34 responses to “Kebabin’ It

  1. Mmm, I love ANY ethnic dish! I would probably rather have Greek/Italian/Mexican/Thai/Sushi/yougetthepicture than a boring ol’ sandwich or salad! (Unless we’re talking Greek salad, of course!) My favorite would probably have to be sweet potato tempura sushi (tried that for the first time this weekend – holy wow!) or veggie enchiladas. Or margaritas…does that count as an ethnic dish? 😉

  2. HAHAHA cute vlog – I’m afraid to do that one since I don’t want to know if I talk funny 😛

    Favorite ethnic dish = anything Italian

    Monday mantra = GO GO GO

  3. AHHAH you two are so so cute and HI-LAR-IOUS!
    kebab? BRING IT!

  4. AHHAH you two are so so cute and HI-LAR-IOUS!

  5. oh hey.. totally didnt answer your questions:

    fav ethnic food.. lebanese!
    monday mantra: suck it up and shake yo booty

  6. WAit.. why did it comment an extra time??… totally raping your comment section and that was not my intention….

  7. U guys are so cute!!!!

    Mayo is disgusting!! Yuck!! haha!! And I love the Holla!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get your numba!!!! lol!

    Mike and I need to do this! lol! I think we will! I need to have a good laugh with it, I think it would be pretty funny!!

    Love u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hooray for getting out and trying new things! Being adventurous seriously makes me happy. 🙂

    Aahhhh, you both are adorable. Haha I say “car-mul” instead of “cara-mel!”

  9. Hey girls heyyy! Haha loved the video (and hearing you and Sana’s voices!). Mayonnaise IS totally disgusting…ickkk.
    My favourite ethnic dish: Mmmmmmm super tough but either chicken tikka or shish tawouk (lebanese chicken kebabs with garlic sauce)…and just about anything with eggplant!
    xx Sara

  10. wow those look like FABULOUS dishes girl! ohhh and i adore the Vlog 🙂 great job girls! xo

  11. I’m pretty much obsessed with ethnic foods – thai, Indian, Arabic – you name it, I love it!! 🙂

  12. i love cottage cheese on and in oats! it gives so much more volume! ❤

  13. I love ethnic food. I love Indian food because I love spicy!

  14. haha so cute…
    i hate mayonnaise!!!!!

    I dont really try many ethnic dishes, but I would love to branch out and try more 🙂

  15. i CAN’T wait for your recipe! How is spaghetti squash?
    Looks like you and your frinds had a good time at that Mexican Resturaunt!!
    I totally know what you mean! I just want to be little sometimes! They get it so easy!!

  16. I love Greek food. It is by far my favorite-but I’m kind of obsessed with feta cheese and spinach but that is another story.

  17. We are just all kinds of awesome sauceeee 😉

  18. hehe you girls have so much fun together! that’s great~ ❤
    and OMGSH your niece is so cute!! especially with the cute hair cut and blunt bangs lol. I love children. Errr not the creepy kind i promise!

  19. squigglefloey

    I love some of the authentic Asian tofu and veggie dishes my grandma (dad’s mommy) makes! My mom’s not Asian so it’s always a treat and something different. 🙂
    You girls are adorable btW!!!

  20. Kebabs are a favorite of mine but I’m the same I don’t really experiment with many cuisines. I usually do Italian, Mexican, Cuban, and I can’t leave out awesome sushi 😀

  21. I seriously love that you guys did the accent vlog together. So fun. And I really think that Indian is my fave ethnic food, too- love me some spice!!

  22. Your niece is SO adorable! Ah!!! And I agree, nothin’ makes a Monday better like a good sweat sesh! Great start to the week!

  23. Love this- you are so cute! Spaghetti squash is one of my favorites… I can honestly eat a giant squash…on my own.. no problem. LOL


  25. That spaghetti squash looks amazing!

  26. Monday mantra? Make it through the day! Tuesdays are always so much better than Mondays 🙂

  27. Ahhh, Mia is so cute! She looks just like a doll! ❤

    Sushi is my favourite ethnic food… which reminds me, it's been almost 3 weeks since I last had some. Not cool!

  28. Why did I not think of adding smoothie mix?! That sounds so so good. Slash I loooove kebabs! Especially falafel kebabs…oh my lawddd

  29. hey KABABS!!! AHHHhh lol…my display pic is of kababs lol…I love seafood kababs…so good! My fav ethnic dish would have to be fish!!! Great post!!! ladybug lover is adorable!

  30. TheCreamFilling

    Oh my goodness she is adorable! Gahh 😀

    My favorite ethnic food is Thai food. It is the bomb, no lie 😀

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