How To: Be a Busy (but happy!) Bee

Thank you all so much for your feedback on my last post – I plan on talking about it soon and sharing some of the ideas as well as considering a Facebook page 🙂 Oh and I’ll be replying to comments either tonight or tomorrow..I’ve been a busy bee…which brings me to the topic for this post! 

A typical day of classes for me consists of nonstop business from about 9am til 10pm. Super duper exciting, right? Well, I try my hardest to make it that way. Fortunately I only go through this process 3 days a week and have Thursday and Friday to myself and my projects/social life/nap time. And when I say “nap time” I mean hibernation time. I’m pretty used to having such a long day though and to be honest, even though most of it is spent on my rear end in class, I still manage to fit in some fun. For my own sanity and the sanity of others – cause no one likes a bitch!

Don't do this.


I always, always, always…did I say always?…start my day with breakfast. A big, ginormous, Hulk-sized breakfast. I don’t understand how people can come to class without having eaten anything! I’m afraid to do that because I think I’d most likely end up in a corner gnawing on a chair or someone’s arm…and that’s just asking for a bad reputation. I wake up early enough to fix myself a nice bowl of shenanigans that’ll keep me full for a few hours. I also bring tons of bars/snacks with me to class and munch every 2 hours or so. You can check out this post for the usual snackity suspects!

My fave.


Between classes I usually have about an hour break, where my friends and I will grab lunch, or take an exercise class (hello Zumba!) If so, I make sure to wear what I call a multi outfit…clever, I know. Basically an outfit that can easily be transformed from an obvious workout outfit to a more casual and “normal” outfit, catch my drift? Example: leggings with a cami, that I can easily throw a cardigan over to make it look ok for class. This way, after I workout (and if I don’t get too sweaty) all I have to do is change my shoes (if necessary) and pop on the cardigan. This works visa versa too, if I’m going from class to a workout. Lastnight I met up with my cousin Carly for ab attack! Next week? Zumba!

Excuse my dirty mirror.


A few extra necessities to carry around? Scarves and dry shampoo! Quickest fixes ever!



Also, I ALWAYS cook on the weekends so that I have quick go-to meals for when I actually do get the chance to swing by my apartment and have lunch or dinner! This week, I’ve been relying on spaghetti squash, a pot of chili I cooked over the weekend, shredded cheese and tons of frozen veggies which I can nuke for a few minutes. Prepping on the weekend is KEY! It saves you tons of money too, especially if you usually eat out or buy frozen meals.

Five alarm chili!


What are your busiest days of the week?

What do you to do save time/sanity?

Peace and love!



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39 responses to “How To: Be a Busy (but happy!) Bee

  1. you look so darn cute in your gym clothes.

    i do not understand people who do not take breakfast seriously. if i don’t have it i sit in class wondering what i am going to eat next, twitching in hunger which is a major no. BIG BREAKFASTERS unite! ha

  2. I use corn starch as a dry shampoo! It works like a CHARM and is so cheap! My busiest days are usually every day Monday through Friday, which is unfortunate but true. Once I’m in college I am sure it will be different, but until then I have class all day, every day:(

    To save my time and sanity, I cook quinoa, hummus, and beans ahead of time, chop veggies, and eat my veggies raw. It saves SO much prep time, and tastes so fresh! 🙂

  3. I don’t understand how people go to class without having eaten breakfast either! I would seriously not pay any attention to the lecture and just be thinking about food. Ha! So nice you only have class Mon-Wed but woww long days! Gotta have those PF bars on hand 🙂

  4. Such great tips!! I remember those crazy busy few days when all your classes are crammed into a few days! I always prep some food when I have a busy week coming up. It really hleps out in the long run!!! I need to invest in some dry shampoo – mainly because I hate washing my hair every day.

  5. Yeah, people come to class and are like “I forgot to eat breakfast.” Craziness. I kind of want to force feed them a bagel.

    Wednesdays are super busy for me, so I always wake up extra early to get a workout in. Though washing my hair generally doesn’t happen after that…

  6. I am a huge planner, so I like to plan my days out utilizing the time I have the best possible way I can. Tuesdays are my insanely full day of classes, but during my afternoon break I’ll go for a long walk, and in the evening I’ll make sure I get in some yoga. It’s all about prioritizing and keeping your mental health in check when things get crazy.

  7. Prepping is definitely the way to go. I hate when people say that they don’t have time to cook or prepare their own meals so they have to run out to McDonalds. I didn’t know you could pre make spaghetti squash! I gotta do that 😀

  8. You super busy girl!! Some days are really busy for me while others aren’t so much. On my busy days I have to plan everything like crazy or else I go insane!

  9. cooking on weekends= MY lifesaver for the week.
    eating breakfast when I wake up= EVERYONE ELSE’s lifesaver.

    no one wants an early morning grumpy mcbecca grumpster. foooo serious.


  10. Wednesdays are crazy for me. I go from 8-9 straight with minimal breaks. Prepping food ahead of time is a life saver. That way, when I come home for dinner and only have fifteen minutes before my meeting, I can easily heat something up and not go the meeting hungry. Which is really for the benefit of everyone around me because hungry Liz is also biotchy Liz. lol

  11. Haha when do I NOT have a busy day 😀

  12. Awesome tips! Breakfast is a must for me, I can’t concentrate on an empty stomach. I love KMS dry shampoo… my new savour.

    Mondays are usually my busiest days and I usually take an extra bag just for my food 😉 a girls gotta eat!

  13. Smart tips! What an inspiration you are for college age students — you can do it all…and look so cute while you’re at it 😉

  14. haha, I normally workout before class/work, but every Wednesday I have class before so I do the same thing you do! Although I’m running out of transformation outfit ideas, so I’d love to see more!

  15. I love cooking on Sunday evening for prep for the week. It is so relaxing too. Mondays and Tuesdays always seem to be the busiest for me. I went to my first zumba class tonight and totally loved it!

  16. your perfectly clean hair makes up for your dirty mirror. haha. you should see my mirror. i can barely see myself in it.

  17. My busy days are kind of random because I work at home, but I do like to save time and be efficient whenever possible. More time to read blogs then! To save time, I usually prewash my veggies so they are ready when I am and I delegate as many tasks to my mom and husband as possible, LOL.

  18. Every day feels like my busiest day lately. I’m a huge fan of the multi outfit. I often wear my yoga clothes under my work wear – sneaky, right? Today I pretended that my yoga pants were work trousers…thank goodness I have a desk for camouflage!

  19. My busiest day is Thursday because I’m in the high school all day and then have to come back and go to a college class. You are always looking cute girl and I wish I could say the same for half my college.

  20. you have it down to perfection! i love your multi purpose outfit- i always do that too and pull off the cute/athletic look! busiest day is probably monday- because its just a HUGE smack in the face that the week has started

  21. I’ve always used baby powder as dry shampoo! I need to try the real thang.

  22. Jessica leigh

    Meg! I feel like you just posted my weeks menu, hah! On Sunday night, I made a big ol’ spaghetti squash and a seperate mishmash of beans/edemame/noosh sauce and have been relying on it for dinner every night! Nom nom nom, so good and huge time saver!
    Wednesdays are my busiest day: class from 8am-7:30pm with two ittybitty breaks 😦 I usually pack lots of snacks: protein bars, fruit, muffins (if I was smart enough to make them over the weekend!), and one of my breaks is just big enough to run back to my apartment and make lunch, which is a huge blessing because I don’t have to pack it! Got to love those busy days 🙂

  23. LOVE that you just throw a cardigan over a tank & leggings, that was totally my go-to in college, too! that scarf is the cutest, btw!


  24. perfect foods bars are a GODSEND. 🙂

    I know what you mean about cooking over the weekend! I do the same thing!

  25. I love your scarf! That has to be one of my favorite accessories:)

  26. I absolutely LOVEEE that cat picture!!!
    I make To Do lists. Checking them off is a big deal. And I usually plan my day the night before, so Im not driving all over town.

  27. Meg, I’m the SAME way with you on eating breakfast. I couldn’t survive without a big one, let alone skipping one!

    aaaand, since I’m a zombie in the morning, I prepare all my stuff before I go to bed. I pour my “out-the-door OJ in a water bottle” and put it in the fridge, I make a protein smoothie in the blender and put it in the fridge (if that’s my breakfast of choice for the next day), I pack my gym clothes, and I put all my stuff by the door. 🙂

  28. AMEN to being busy and AMEN about breakfast! DRY SHAMPOO? i must find this! LOVE YOU SISTA! you need to fill me in about you know what soon!! xoxoxoxo

  29. I make it a point to cook on weekends too! it really cuts down on food related stress during the week!

  30. busyiest day…none really…im glad lol…but i guess its cause i dont reli work…and I take deep breath to save sanity ..great post! loving the scarf!

  31. Love these tips!! I especially love the idea of “versatile outfits!!”

  32. I’m a grad student so busy is my middle name. Scratch that, busy has become my first name lately. Prepping and planning meals is key. Very smart idea about your versatile outfits. I will definitely have to start doing that to mimize carrying 80 bags around. Thanks for the tip!

  33. Marie-Sophie

    Love this post!! I have busy workdays every day (run out of the house at 7am, back at 9.30pm … working in an international law firm sucks, they have ridiculous working times) so I also do some MAJOR cooking on the sunday! I always ALWAYS have breakfast and take like a millions snacks with me plus my first dinner (for on the train). Then I have second dinner ready (as it got already prepared on sunday). This unfortunately leaves like no time for workouts during the weekend but I make an effort to do like 30min yoga twice or three times a week and then do some weights and cardio on the weekend.

    Actually not obsessing over workouts and having healthy snack options on hand and in my purse (so if the train ever gets stuck or late …) keeps me sane! 🙂

  34. 9 am til 10 pm? Dang girl that’s intense! Such a good idea to cook over the weekend though. It must be nice just being able to pop something in the microwave and be able to eat it 2 seconds later!

    I’m always done class at 2 pm at the latest, so none of my days are that busy. I start pretty early though, so I always pack my lunch the night before so that I’m not running around like a madwoman in the mornings. 😛

  35. I feel you! My busiest day of classes is thursday: 12pm-10pm! I always always have to have breakfast or else I cant concentrate! Tons of snacks are a must too!

  36. TheCreamFilling

    Basically every other day is a busy class-packed day. I save my sanity by getting in some exercise in the morning and prepping for the day on the night before so that I am good to go in the morning. This means like meals, clothes, workout, etc.

  37. Perfect Foods Bars are PERFECT and amazing!!! Have you tried ThinkThins?! Just discovered them. So much protein and generally no sugar 🙂

    • Meg

      I do love Thinkthin bars too! Perfect Food Bars will always be my fave though 😉

      What’s your favorite flavor of Thinkthin? I like the new crunchy ones! Or the good ole’ chocolate brownie 🙂

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