A Super (Sana!) Birthday

I am forever grateful for Sana and her passion for her culture…ok, maybe just the food for right now.

Not sure what this is but I bet it's good.


I was invited to celebrate Sana’s 22nd Birthday with her and some friends. We headed downtown to Baltimore to an Indian restaurant called Akbar and just had a smashingly good time. The food was absolutely excellent and I can tell you from the moment I smelled our dinner I knew I’d be dealing with an Indian food baby later that night. Make that triplets, actually. I don’t regret a thing, a one night stand with Indian food, Sana and amazing people was so worth it.



Kate was able to join us as well, she’s such a beautiful lady! Beautiful people all around. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.





Ask Sana what these are...ha!


The other end.


I decided on the Chicken Tikka! “Tender boneless chicken tikka pieces cooked with spices in butter sauce.” from the menu. It was absolutely delicious and I wish I knew what “spices” they were so I could recreate it. Everyone meal looked worthy for recreation and a messy kitchen. I can only imagine how good my house would smell if I could cook like that.

Birthday lady!


We oh-so-sneakily (is that a word? It is now) told our waitress that it was her Birthday and she had just the right idea. Pistachio ice cream with fried dough balls. Who needs Birthday cake?!

Heaven on a plate.


By far the most enjoyable thing about blogging is getting together with other bloggers and friends who share the same characteristics and passions that you do, but are also so different and unique. I am so blessed to have Sana in my life – and if you haven’t already, go wish her a (belated) 22nd Birthday!

What was the best dish you ate this weekend?

What’s your favorite part about blogging/blogs?

Peace and love!




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26 responses to “A Super (Sana!) Birthday

  1. Looks like so much funnnn! I just had Indian food last night (and yup I ordered a heaping plate of CHICKEN TIKKA an garlic naan) and it’s so hard NOT to get a food baby from the stuff. As for best thing I’ve eaten so far this week…that’s gotta be it, no joke- that and the chili chicken appetizer we ordered 🙂

  2. I am sooo happy you loved dinner!!! My house and clothes reeek of Indian food, it’s not sexy 😉

    Love youuu!

  3. What a fun evening! I completely agree… the people you meet and connect with through blogs are one of the best part of blogging. We share such similar passions, and everyone has such unique personalities and stories. YOU are definitely one of my blogger besties!!! 🙂 xxxooo

  4. What a fun night! I love Indian food – lucky girl!

  5. what a blast!! wish i could invite you all for my bday .. trip to london-woo!!!
    best dish i ate all weekend.. ummmmm my oats….. x 10000
    addiction at the moment

  6. its an addition at the moment*
    just to clear up the fact that I CAN write properly…

  7. aww looks like you had a great time!! 🙂

  8. Birthday celebrations are always fun! Looks like a great time. Best thing about blogging I would agree is the friendships you can make 🙂

  9. Looks like tons of fun!! Best thing about blogging is totally the support you get from complete strangers. I am always blown away by the kind words that people give me on my blog. I totally dont deserve it, but they always make me feel so speccial!

  10. well–it was more like dessert–Urth Caffe’s blueberry cheesecake! hehe. awww this is sweet, what a delightful time togethaaaa. I looooorrrrveee indian food! and omgsh! I tried the o.g. chutney/salsa that you showed in the pic while in India–and it’s actually the one thing in Indian food that isn’t my fave. I mean, that IS the one that’s really strong and super fermented right? But I love everything else so far. Mmmmm 🙂
    What I love about blogging is the great support and just the simple luxury of being able to share my life with everyone around the world, as well as seeing the beauty in others’ lives from everywhere.

  11. Lee

    I agree that it’s so nice to have blogger friends who have similar interests. While I love my “real life” friends, they don’t exactly want to talk about chia seeds or whatever!

  12. You look like you had fun girl! I have never tried Indian food but i would love too!!!

  13. What a great dinner! I have yet to try Indian food but I love all food so I know I’d love it 😉 And the best part of blogging is definitely connecting with people that share the same viewpoints about eating as I do 😀

  14. What a fun night! That food looks so good!

  15. What a great celebration 🙂 Yay for bloggers celebrating together.

    You all look lovely. I love your hair (um..all the time).

    I’m going to go greet the birthday girl.

  16. TheCreamFilling

    I love Indian food! You guys look like you had so much fun. Super jealous over here 🙂

    My favorite meal this weekend a Thai sweet potato stew. Yum.

    And I love the blogging community in general 🙂 Y’all are awesome people.

  17. I just ate sea bass last night and it was delicious most certainly my favorite of the weekend.

  18. Looks like a great celebration!!
    I went out to get steak during restaurant week last night, and it was probably the best meal of my life.

  19. awww, looks like such a fun time! I love celebrating friends’ b-days! Always a good excuse for food & fun! : )

  20. Sarah

    I’m so glad you all had fun, looks like an awesome time!!

    My fav part about reading blogs would be relating to others and of course recipes to give a whirl 😉 I love blogging because it’s such a great support system!

  21. gah, I recognize that Sana girl 🙂

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