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A Thousand Legs and Five Things

Somedays I wake up, open my blinds and immediately crawl back into bed and pretend it’s still 4am.  I pitch a little tent with my blanket and it’s just dark enough for my imagination to work it’s magic and convince my half-asleep self that it’s still sleepy time.

This morning was definitely one of those mornings. I fell asleep to hail lastnight and woke up to grey skies, I want some sunshine pronto! Wanna know what else I fell asleep to? You probably don’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

I was innocently walking upstairs to hit the sack lastnight and low and behold, waiting to attack – a house centipede. Cleverly trying to disguise himself in between the cracks of the door to a room and the wall. Sneaky, but not sneaky enough! I may or may not have squeeled and/or almost wet myself. If you’ve ever seen one of these things, you TOTALLY understand…worst nightmare on legs.

My thoughts exactly.

So I proceeded to grab probably 94% of the roll of toilet paper, balled it up and went in for the squish. I missed. Go figure. Homeboy vanished underneath the door…thankfully not the door to my room. What’s a girl to do? I’ll tell you. I stuffed the underneath of my door with towels so tightly that there was no possibly way he’d get in my room (and don’t tell me the other ways he can get in…I don’t wanna hear it.) This wasn’t a problem til I had to pee at 3am and had to almost drunkenly unstuff my door before peeing my pants. Til we meet again centipede…til we meet again. It’s a problem.

Anyways, excuse my bitchfit, but I had to get it out. Prancing around the house and gym all day, my pup and chatting with friends made me realize how good life is, even when it’s crappy outside. Know what else makes a grey day better? These five things:

1) Packages. Specifically from Sephora. Product reviews to come, probably in video form. Get pumped.

Excitment in a box.


2) Looking through recent pictures tagged on Facebook and realizing that having two-too many cocktails really brings out my eyes…er…lazy eye.

Date me?


3) This face. End of story.

My boo.


4) Frozen Chobani. Just do it. Right now sounds good.

Freeze me baby!


5) Homemade chili is best when shared. With your dog, of course! (Disclaimer: I only shared the ground beef…tomato + doggy digestive system = disaster all over your floor. I just went there, yep.)



Five Alarm Chili

12 oz ground beef

1/2-1 cup peppers and onions, sliced

1 can diced tomatoes (I used no salt added)

1/4 cup tomato paste

1-2 tsp cayenne pepper (optional – this is the “five alarm” part aka SPICY)

1/2 tbsp chili powder

salt + pepper to taste

Cook ground beef thoroughly and add in peppers + onions. Combine and heat other ingredients in a medium-sized pot and simmer over medium heat; add beef + veggies and continue simmering on low/medium heat for about an hour til chili is thicker. Serve immediately or store and save til later. (It’s REALLY good if you let it sit for a day or two in the fridge!) Serves 2-3.

Super simple and super delicious. Also, I know this isn’t the recipe I mentioned in my last post – but that one’s coming, don’t worry – I’m still perfecting it!

I’m off to watch Wipeout and wish I was a contestant.

What’s your worst nightmare on legs?

What’s your favorite soup/stew/chili?

Peace and love!


p.s. PLEASE keep the votes coming, you can vote once per day…I appreciate it so much 🙂



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Spring Break Sprung

I’d be absolutely lying if I said I behaved myself during my Spring break here in Myrtle Beach. I’d also be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy every second of it.

I found what I was looking for, don't worry.


There’s nothing more bittersweet than saying goodbye to friends and being unsure of when you’ll see them next. I’m sitting here at the airport in Myrtle beach – perfect time to blog and the perfect time to wish it wasn’t all over already! Time seriously flies and I’m definitely coming to terms with the fact that college is almost over. As much as I dedicate myself to my school work and my fitness, it feels so good to just leave that stuff behind for a few days.

Love this girl!


...and the sunshine!


It was the bar...?


I can’t stand to hear about all of the snow back up North where I’ll be heading in approx. 45 minutes…I was kind of hoping Mother Nature decided to stop being a poopy bitch, it’s Spring – where are all the rainbows and butterflies? I want to be able to go outside in clothes that show a little bit more than just my face and hands. At least my massive scarf collection is being put to good use.

Can I bring this back to MD with me?


I am, however, looking forward to seeing this face:

My babydoll. Snuggied up!

And I have a recipe I’m super excited to share with ya’ll! But you’ll have to wait a hot sec for that.

Guess what it is?


Off to the skies!

What’s your favorite drink (alcoholic or non!) ?

What do you look most forward to when you come home?

Peace and love!


p.s. thank you all SO much for voting for me!

You can vote EVERYDAY so please keep voting and spread the news…I appreciate it so much 🙂


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A Favor to Ask

Hi guys! I always feel wierd when I ask these sort of “favors” so I’m just gonna be snapp and say that I entered the “Face of Fitness” Contest for Fitness Magazine and I’d really appreciate if you could vote for me (if you want to, of course!)

Enjoy the Spring weather, I know I am here in Myrtle Beach!

You can vote once per day!


Thanks guys! Anyways, check out my latest video post on in class grubbage ideas!

Peace and love!



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How To: Pack a Snack

If you’re like me, you suffer from the ocassional musical stomach syndrome…aka you get so hungry in class that your stomach decides to throw a fit of moans and groans – but only if it’s absolutely dead silent in the lecture hall. Otherwise it’s just painful. After being in college for almost 4 years, I’ve learned to always come to class prepared. I’m not talking about pens and paper, either – I can’t quell the beast I call my tumtum by gnawing on a notebook.

 I figured while I’m on Spring break in South Carolina, I’ll also take a break from my usual wordy posts and share a video on some snack ideas that I rely on during my super-long classes. I know I’ve gotten plenty of emails and comments asking for ideas…so here you go:

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine and the rest of the first day of SPRING! Finally!

What are some of your go-to snacks?

What are you doing on this first day of SPRING?!

Peace and love!



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Hello Spring Break!

What a beautiful way to start my last ever Spring break…no more metalsmithing class, eating snacks out of the crotch of my pants in class and best of all – more time to spend with friends!



I finished up my last few assignments and projects yesterday evening  so that I knew I’d get the most out of my much-needed break. These last couple of weeks have been pretty brutal…I think the only reason my head is still on my shoulders is because of my friends, family, my wiener dog and shaking my booty in Zumba! Oh and I was definitely looking forward to today.

I got to meet up with a few beautiful bloggers at Great Sage – Christine and I have eaten here together before, Sana has been there before as well – and it was nothing less of amazing. Kath and Matt are as charming and classy as they come across on KERF.



Christine went with the vegan reuben, Kath had the raw seaweed salad, Sana had the enchiladas (which I LOVED last time!), Matt went for the sweet potato lasagna (the best smelling dish) and I had the raw california roll with vegan collard greens on the side. I really want to get the enchiladas again…but variety is the spice of life, right? I’ll let the photos do the talking.




Photographing her gawwgeous salad!




Mmm so good!




After much chitter chatter and an awesome lunch, we all headed over to the KERF-mobile and ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the macaroon loaf…numerous stares were shared by people passing by. Not sure why though, because eating bread off of the trunk of a car is totally normal.

Great Harvest deliciousness!


Spectacular lunch and wonderful company as usual. Now I’ve got even more adventures to look forward to…I leave tomorrow bright and early for South Carolina to visit some close friends. It’s gonna feel so good to wake up early for something exciting. I’m already bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

I’m off to grab some grub and celebrate my friends’ 22nd Birthday!

What’s your favorite vegan dish?

What are your plans for the weekend?

Peace and love!



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How To: Fit in Fitness

Let’s be honest here – vegging out after a long day of classes sounds much more appealing than hitting the gym, sweating then having to shower and yadda yadda yadda. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my four years of college it’s that I need exercise.  I need it for stress relief, for the sanity of myself (and therefore sanity of others) and I need it for obvious health reasons as well. Sure, there’s certainly many times where cuddling up with a magazine or going out and doing significant damage to your liver and possibly your reputation is a lot more necessary in college, but for those exceptions, I’ve found quite a few ways to fit exercise into my weekly routine between classes, friends and fun.

1) Take an exercise class with your friends. Double whammy – hanging out with friends and getting fit. It’s a lot more fun with a pal anyways, such is life. Afterwards, treat yourselves to some froyo or grab dinner as well. My Tuesday nights now consist of an ab class and Zumba with some friends and I absolutely love it.


Oh heyy friend!




 2) Take your studying to the gym. It sucks that I have to ditch my trashy magazines for art history notes sometimes 😉 But nonetheless – I’ll bring my notes with me and read them over in between sets during lifting and whenever I do cardio, I’ll read them as well.

3) Workout early. Get it out of the way earlier in the day, that way you can shower and get on with your life with a little energy boost as well. Studies show that exercise boosts energy and motivation. Bonus: the gym is less likely to be crowded early in the morning…meaning you could go in your pj’s if you wanted and be judged by less people 😉 Picking wedgies is a lot easier when it’s less crowded too. Don’t act like you don’t get gym-induced wedgies, cause we all do.

4) Walk to class. No gym? No motivation? No problem. Just have the motivation to get yourself to class (a task in itself, especially on Monday mornings, I know) and you’re good to go.

5) Remember that your college experience is more important than exercise, so don’t always make it a priority…or, don’t ever make it a priority, rather. Do what ultimately makes you happy and live in balance. example of inbalance....


It’s officially Spring break for me! I’m so excited – I leave for South Carolina on Saturday morning and I cannot wait. Til then I’ll be finishing up some projects and seeing some friends that are also home too. Happy days!

What are your tips for fitting in exercise?

Where’s your favorite Spring break destination?

Peace and love!


p.s. Cara says thank you for all of the compliments and you’ll be glad to know she loves her new bed…but would’ve preferred a pink king-sized bed.


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We got Cara a new bed. I don’t think it’s quite big enough…

What a slug!


Note that she sleeps smack dab in the middle of it so there’s barely room for sharing. I guess she knew my master plan of napping on it with her was half the reason it was purchased (the other half? Revenge from her rear end.) Just kidding, how can you resist this face?



I hope you all forgive me for such a snappy post, but I’m running on fumes and would really enjoy if Starbucks would deliver a hot Passion tea and a rice krispie treat.

Coffee replacement.


It’s definitely Monday and I’m definitely about to roll to my bed…literally.

Hope you all had a beautiful start to your week and drank a cup of coffee for me!

What’s your favorite non-coffee pick me up?

What’s your favorite day of the week?

Peace and love!



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