Spring Break Sprung

I’d be absolutely lying if I said I behaved myself during my Spring break here in Myrtle Beach. I’d also be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy every second of it.

I found what I was looking for, don't worry.


There’s nothing more bittersweet than saying goodbye to friends and being unsure of when you’ll see them next. I’m sitting here at the airport in Myrtle beach – perfect time to blog and the perfect time to wish it wasn’t all over already! Time seriously flies and I’m definitely coming to terms with the fact that college is almost over. As much as I dedicate myself to my school work and my fitness, it feels so good to just leave that stuff behind for a few days.

Love this girl!


...and the sunshine!


It was windy...in the bar...?


I can’t stand to hear about all of the snow back up North where I’ll be heading in approx. 45 minutes…I was kind of hoping Mother Nature decided to stop being a poopy bitch, it’s Spring – where are all the rainbows and butterflies? I want to be able to go outside in clothes that show a little bit more than just my face and hands. At least my massive scarf collection is being put to good use.

Can I bring this back to MD with me?


I am, however, looking forward to seeing this face:

My babydoll. Snuggied up!

And I have a recipe I’m super excited to share with ya’ll! But you’ll have to wait a hot sec for that.

Guess what it is?


Off to the skies!

What’s your favorite drink (alcoholic or non!) ?

What do you look most forward to when you come home?

Peace and love!


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39 responses to “Spring Break Sprung

  1. dana

    it’s chilly here today, but not too awful…not as nice as Myrtle Beach tho.

  2. Looks like you had a fun vacation! I always look forward to coming back to my room/being back with all my things 🙂
    Favourite drankkkk: Ahh I absolutely love peach bellinis!

  3. Aw, looks like you had a great time on vacation!!! Coming back to reality sucks, but at least you can look forward to summer break!

  4. AHHH what a party- im WAY WAY jealous!!!!!! i be vote-n erryday!

  5. It’s SNOWING here….I love mom’s home cooking:) Say hi to the pups!

  6. I’m just glad you found what you were looking for in that suitcase!

    Favorite nonalcoholic drink? Iced passion tea. Favorite alcoholic drink? This is a toughy. Depends on my mood. But I can alwaysss go for some vino!! What about you, lady?! Yeah, I asked you a question on your own blog, what upp.

    Glad you found what you were looking for in the suitcase

    Safe travels!

  7. Glad you had a good time!
    My favorite alcoholic drink is probably beer:)

  8. Favorite alcohol drink: Pinot Noir
    Favorite non-alochol: Vanilla Latte

    I look forward to seeing my pets and getting back to a routine!

  9. Sounds like fun!
    Mojitos for me! But for nonalcoholic- coffee all the way 🙂
    I like coming home to my own bed.

  10. So glad you had so much fun 🙂 & so glad you found what you were looking for in that suitcase 😉
    Hopefully the weather will start to get better..I have heard it’s been really funky today up there- blah!
    It looks like some kind of chicken & noodle dish..?

  11. I loveeee amaretto sours, but I also am addicted to hazelnut lattes (extra hot) from Sbucks…i want my mom to be holding one of those when I fly home in May! 🙂

  12. I guess it is set then, U can fit in a suitcase so Im packing you in one to go to Hawaii with me on my honeymoon!!! lol! Of course you have to fend for yourself when there, but I mean, Hawaii, I think you would be ok ; )

    Hope your trip back is safe! love u!! xoxo

  13. Oh my goodness. Amen about seriously mother nature. I am tired of this cold.

  14. Rande

    LOL @ the mother nature comment!

    Fave drinks would be green juice and red wine, not together of course 🙂

  15. After a vacation, I always look forward to being reunited with my comfy bed and snuggling with my cat. On a regular day, I like to drink water or juice. But my favorite alcoholic beverage would be a mango daiquiri!

  16. Kat

    Yay for being reunited with your puppers 🙂 The sweaters look fab. And I must say I literally laughed out loud at you in the suitcase. Silly silly girl 🙂

  17. Yay for your spring break fun! 🙂 Your doggy is adorable btw. I’m intrigued to know the recipe for that secret dish of yours. Looks yummy

  18. Omg girl. That suitcase picture is hilarious! Glad you found what you were looking for 🙂
    I love chocolate milk! And chocolate martinis!
    And I always miss my pup when I’m gone!!

  19. SO glad you enjoyed your break hun! But there’s sometime to say about getting back into our normal, everyday routine. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear the recipe!

  20. Hmm, some sort of Alfredo+noodles+chicken?! Either way, looks DELICIOUS!!

  21. I’m a whiskey sour girl! I was, however, just introduced to the joy that is a Parrot & Pineapple…coconut rum + pineapple juice. Holy WOW!

  22. oh I know!!! is it…..pad seeewww??!! Mmmmm me must be hungry. 😀 aww such pretty photos Meg~My fave drinks=WATER, coffee, tea.

  23. Fave drank = beer. Yes, I’m a frat boy. And I love going home to my own bed more than anything!! Glad you had such a fun break, my dear. I can’t wait for Mother Nature to stop her temper tantrums, either.

  24. key lime martinis steal my heart. yuuuum.

  25. omg cutest picture in that suitcase! ps, I love your hair (if makes getting back from spring break any better, but I know nothing compares) 😀


  26. Aw it looks like you had a great time! I definitely look forward to seeing my dog, Snickers when I come home – and now I have another little guy to greet me named peanut 🙂

  27. Popped in to say hi! I love your cheerful blog! And it’s so nice to find someone else who isn’t a runner!

  28. I am so excited for spring break! I am ready to soak in some sunshine:) Slash Myrtle Beach is gorg, you look like you had a fun time in your suitcase!

  29. I’m so OVER the weather too! It’s snowing again here, wtf! It was just spring weather last week–mother nature is not only a poopy bitch, she’s a tricky bitch too! 😉

  30. Ooh I can’t wait to find out what that is, and see your recipe!! I’M EXCITED! 🙂 Have a fun time up north…I know it’s freezing now so hopefully you don’t freeze your lil hiney off:)

  31. Sooo jealous of your warm vacayyyy! Sorry you had to be in the cold!

  32. Looks like a blast!! 🙂 Glad you had a good time!

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  34. I just voted for you! 🙂

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