How To: Pack a Snack

If you’re like me, you suffer from the ocassional musical stomach syndrome…aka you get so hungry in class that your stomach decides to throw a fit of moans and groans – but only if it’s absolutely dead silent in the lecture hall. Otherwise it’s just painful. After being in college for almost 4 years, I’ve learned to always come to class prepared. I’m not talking about pens and paper, either – I can’t quell the beast I call my tumtum by gnawing on a notebook.

 I figured while I’m on Spring break in South Carolina, I’ll also take a break from my usual wordy posts and share a video on some snack ideas that I rely on during my super-long classes. I know I’ve gotten plenty of emails and comments asking for ideas…so here you go:

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine and the rest of the first day of SPRING! Finally!

What are some of your go-to snacks?

What are you doing on this first day of SPRING?!

Peace and love!




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46 responses to “How To: Pack a Snack

  1. Cheese, fruit leathery type of snacks, fresh fruit, nuts, and bread/crackers are always my go-to snacks. I also love pretzel crisps and cacao nibs, oh, and yogurt. 🙂

  2. BAHAHAHAHA i suffer from OMSS as well.. i always have snacks on hand! laras are my FAV — as well baggies of nuts and fruit! WNT TO TRY THOSE SIMPLY BARS LIKE NO OTHER

  3. those perfect foods bar have been on my list to try…i love that they are BIG and not dinky-sized like a lot of bars are. That is my problem with Lara’s…two bites and they’re GONE!

  4. First day of spring = you know who I was with 😀

  5. Loved your video! And partially frozen chobani really is the most delicious thing ever! My fave snacks: Greek yoghurt with fruit/berries, almonds, mini pb&js, hummus or baba ghanouj with crudites.
    First day of spring: Gettttttin fro yo!

  6. You are adorable! I definitely want to try the Perfect Food bars, and I ALWAYS do almond butter with my dates… delicious!

    Whole fruit, healthy bars, homemade trailmix (cereal, nuts, dried fruit), and rice crackers are a few of mine.

  7. Why are you so damn beautiful?!!!!!!

    I vote you be the Pure Food Bars Spokesmodel! I just think you should, and damn those bars are good ; ) love them!

    Have fun on your spring break trip!!!! xoxo ❤

  8. *Andrea*

    that date snack is a great idea!!! i love dipping dried turkish figs in natural peanut butter too, yum. my fav snacks for work (and school but i graduated last yr haha) are definitely nuts. especially almonds…the 100-cal packs are great and come in delicious flavors like cocoa roasted; larabars; kind bars (i had the blueberry cashew one today with a latte at starbucks); lattes; string cheese; nut butter and crackers; fresh fruit!

    ps you have gorgeous skin + hair!

  9. Hahaha little pooplet…

    I always take some type of protein bar, veggies, an apple, and a yogurt with me to class.

    How long do you freeze the chobani for?

  10. Girl lara’s and stuffed dates are my go-tos! I have been making my own bars lately, which are so easy and will be going up on the blog soon! Happy spring break love:)

  11. Hope you’re having an AWESOME spring break! I just finished mine up. Back to the grind tomorrow…
    Four years in college has left me with an array of snacks in hidden in oh-so-many compartments from places in my car to my bags to even pockets in all of my jackets! You never know 😉

  12. hahha sitting on Larabars. your too funny.
    smuckers natural pb is my FAVORITE!! so good.
    my fav snacks are pretty much the same- chobani pineapple & strawberry-banana is my favvv as well as Stonyfield yogurts. I also love these chocolate muffins I buy at the store with big spoonful of pb or almond butter. mmm.
    I have a question… HOW can I get super gorgeous hair like yours? 🙂 Im so jealous!!

  13. Leslie

    I LOVE the perfect food bars, I get mine at Whole Foods. They will either be in the refrigerated section near the butter (I know really random spot) or some of the nicer WF’s will have a mini fridge that is made just for Perfect Food bars. Also, if you buy a case you get 10% off, just have to ask for it.. that goes for all bars at Whole Foods.

    • Meg

      SO jealous that they sell em’ in your Whole Foods! Where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking? I hear they have them in stores only on the West Coast. I order them online – more expensive and I have to wait, but so worth it, though.

  14. You’re hair is gorgeouss!! And I love taking nuts, cheese sticks, granola bars, and I have taken an apple but pre cut so I’m not munching it too loud lol

  15. this post was perfect for me right now — I’ve been wasting a lot of money hitting up the vending machines between classes. there is no reason for a single serving of pretzels to cost $1.35…NOT ONE REASON. I’ll be bringing more bars, apples, cereal servings, and the occasional frozen yogurt. I’ll inevitable forget my spoon, though.

  16. I love bars too. I am always eating them on the go.

    I always watch your videos. You are one of the few people that keeps me entertained through the entire thing. Some people I have to shut off midway or else I’m asleep.

  17. I contacted perfect foods bar because your video was so complementary….just wanted to let you know, they love you too!! 🙂 Great video!!

  18. Great video 🙂 I’m in complete agreement with your snack ideas, those are some of my favorite go-to snacks as well. I get tired of dates and date-based bars sometimes but I guess that’s what Chobani is for 😉

  19. My go to snacks are fruit and cheese and crackers!

  20. LOVE your in-class snacks..sadly my classes are all short, so I don’t really need to snack, but I would LOVE bars, trail mixes, dried/fresh fruit..

  21. you know you’re a food blogger when: you give a tutorial on HOW TO PACK A SNACK.

    youre great.

  22. ALSO: ODE TO SEMI-FROZEN GREEK YOGURTSS. I like to stir pb in real nice beforehand 😉

  23. Ohhhhh after your review of PERFECT FOOD BARS I ASSURE YOU THAT I’LL TRY SOME!!!! 😀 I can already taste it and i love it. Even though I’ve never tried it hehe! Have a lovely day Meg~you’re so precious ❤

  24. Emily

    how many Larabars do you think I could eat in a sitting? I’m sensing a contest..

  25. i just reviewed Perfect Food Bars and totally thought of youuuuuuuuuuu!

  26. Ahh I wish I could watch the video, but I’m in a silent lounge right now so that would be awkward. My favorite snacks to pack are fruit or bars though- both are super delicious and easy!!

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  28. Larabars HAVE shrunk! I have never tried sitting on them to remedy that 😀

  29. To celebrate the first day of spring we went to the beach yesterday! Hope you’re having a great Spring Break in SC 🙂

  30. I laughed so hard at the part where you said you sit on your LaraBars…crafty! But seriously, I think they have shrunk in size- however they are still one of my go to snacks.They sell them at a health food store in Toronto at 2 for $2, can’t beat that so I stock up! Other snacks are usually nanners, veggies with sliced herbed tofu, dried apricots,figs & dates (gotta try it with nut butter, thanks for sharing!) and since all my classes start at 8, I bring stove top oats with plain balkan yogurt, melted banane, stevia and cinnamon-> my current fav. You got it lady, snacks for class are imperative 🙂

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  32. Loved this post, girl! I (fortunately) haven’t ever had a 4+ hour class, but I’m sure I’d be needing some fuel at that point, too. One of my go-to snacks is greek yogurt (if it’s not awkward carrying it around and if I can eat it relatively soon so it stays cool) with mix-ins, i.e. banana slices, honey, and some type of nut (walnuts are my fave!). I also love Clif bars (especially the c. chip and seasonal gingerbread versions…ommmgggyummmm), and at times, something as simple as a banana at its perfect ripeness (ya know what I mean?) or a crisp, in-season apple…where it just tastes like it was freshly picked from the orchard. hehe 🙂

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