How To: Fit in Fitness

Let’s be honest here – vegging out after a long day of classes sounds much more appealing than hitting the gym, sweating then having to shower and yadda yadda yadda. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my four years of college it’s that I need exercise.  I need it for stress relief, for the sanity of myself (and therefore sanity of others) and I need it for obvious health reasons as well. Sure, there’s certainly many times where cuddling up with a magazine or going out and doing significant damage to your liver and possibly your reputation is a lot more necessary in college, but for those exceptions, I’ve found quite a few ways to fit exercise into my weekly routine between classes, friends and fun.

1) Take an exercise class with your friends. Double whammy – hanging out with friends and getting fit. It’s a lot more fun with a pal anyways, such is life. Afterwards, treat yourselves to some froyo or grab dinner as well. My Tuesday nights now consist of an ab class and Zumba with some friends and I absolutely love it.


Oh heyy friend!




 2) Take your studying to the gym. It sucks that I have to ditch my trashy magazines for art history notes sometimes 😉 But nonetheless – I’ll bring my notes with me and read them over in between sets during lifting and whenever I do cardio, I’ll read them as well.

3) Workout early. Get it out of the way earlier in the day, that way you can shower and get on with your life with a little energy boost as well. Studies show that exercise boosts energy and motivation. Bonus: the gym is less likely to be crowded early in the morning…meaning you could go in your pj’s if you wanted and be judged by less people 😉 Picking wedgies is a lot easier when it’s less crowded too. Don’t act like you don’t get gym-induced wedgies, cause we all do.

4) Walk to class. No gym? No motivation? No problem. Just have the motivation to get yourself to class (a task in itself, especially on Monday mornings, I know) and you’re good to go.

5) Remember that your college experience is more important than exercise, so don’t always make it a priority…or, don’t ever make it a priority, rather. Do what ultimately makes you happy and live in balance. example of inbalance....


It’s officially Spring break for me! I’m so excited – I leave for South Carolina on Saturday morning and I cannot wait. Til then I’ll be finishing up some projects and seeing some friends that are also home too. Happy days!

What are your tips for fitting in exercise?

Where’s your favorite Spring break destination?

Peace and love!


p.s. Cara says thank you for all of the compliments and you’ll be glad to know she loves her new bed…but would’ve preferred a pink king-sized bed.



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26 responses to “How To: Fit in Fitness

  1. ahha agreed with exercise being a stress relief! and I totally studied for my midterms with the tredmill. I had my Ipod in my ears, and walked while memorizng the notes. In a way, it was good, no distractions for me (except the occasional urge to sing one of my songs aloud 😛 ), and I got to walk at the same time!

  2. I try to do my workout in the morning and not even think about it. I grab my iphone and use it to study and hear music. I feel like my whole day has gone to waste if I don’t put in a good workout. Cute gym pics! 😀

  3. Emily

    Remember that time you came to South Carolina when I left? Oh yea, it’s right now.

    PS- I think Cara would be BFF4LAEAEAE with my pups Chelsea. I mean, they both start with C’s…soul mates..dare I say soul pups

  4. My tip = be a dancer with your best friend 😀

  5. i definitely know i’ll have a better workout if i get it done in the morning!!

    isn’t zumba soooo fun?! kind of obsessed.

  6. I love your blog! I just started following….hm, when times get crazy and I literally don’t have time to walk to the gym because of haveing final projects, finals to study for, and a really messy apartment, I’ll do something that knocks out 2 birds with one stone. Dance party clean-ups. The first 30 seconds are jumping jacks, next minute is toning moves, and then clean for 3 minutes, but you gotta be dancing! After about 30 minutes I’ll be sweating and have a clean apartment. Its not a run, but its better then not working out, haha.

  7. I totally agree about taking advantage of walkign to class, and getting exercise done first thing in the morning. Most times, if I don’t work out before my first class, I don’t at all.

  8. I’ve found the best way to fit my fitness in is by making it a HABIT! It’s just a daily routine for me and I LOVE it!!! Definitely keeps my sanity while college life is complete insanity around me.


  9. megggg!! i miss you!!!! so good to read your posts =)
    ive learned to just exercise when i feel like it and not exercise when i dont. i know that sounds so simple, but i think it is nice knowing that exercising is not MANDATORY but it DOES make me feel good afterwards. and knowing that means i do it for my physical and mental health but never force myself to do it when i know i won’t enjoy it. i think it’s great to be active but ive also learned that there are way more ways to be active than at the gym, which can sometimes be a bit of a stifling environment. thats why i love your first tip about going to classes with friends – because that can make the gym so much more fun and enjoyable!!

  10. Well~I tend to do really really short and quick bursts of home workouts about 4-5 times a week IF time allows (about 15-20 minutes!!) and that is always MORE than enough. They’re very intense, bodyweight and weights with dynamic plyometric-like movements. Not sure if that helps! but it’s what keeps me going in this department 🙂

  11. I like early morning workouts too! And your #5 is the best tip by far 🙂

  12. I agree completely. Do it in the morning and with friends. You can catch up on your gossip and whatever else. It’s perfect.

  13. great great tips!! i cnt wait until i can take classes- ill be all over that!! my main motivation is just the feeling i get after i workout.. priceless! oh and gym wedgies are a regular occurrence in my life

  14. Going in the early AM is KEY for me. I’d rather be up at the crack of dawn, then go after class when I’m totally brain dead!!

  15. You look so fab with your top knot!

    I tell myself that even 20 minutes is something and to just do it. I also exercise when my fave tv shows are on to pass the time…or bring my Kindle.

  16. What great tips! 🙂

    I love working out with a friend who can motivate me to keep moving!

  17. I completely agree. a workout buddy makes it SO much easier to hit the gym! and I really miss getting my workout finished early in the day. that always feels SO much better to have it done!

  18. Bringing study materials with me definitely helps a lot.

  19. Love this! I just make time for fitness–keeps my stress levels down like whoaaa!!

  20. Totally use the buddy system! =) I workout with friends at least 2-3x a week and I do a toooon of group exercise classes! yay!

    love your balancing act! hehe =) such a great post!

  21. I think walking to class is what saved me from becoming completely unfit in a good part of college… I took down at least 2 miles a day because I’d walk from the commuter parking lot (quite a hike!).

  22. great advice! its hard to fit in…I get up at the crack of dawn in order to do it. Its tough but it works. Do whatcha gotta do, right? great tips!! Have a lovely day!

  23. I follow a bunch of your tips that you mentioned. I find exercise is such a mental and physical stress reliever that I’m much better off trying to squeeze it in. Of course, there are always those times when I just can’t but I do what I can.

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