We got Cara a new bed. I don’t think it’s quite big enough…

What a slug!


Note that she sleeps smack dab in the middle of it so there’s barely room for sharing. I guess she knew my master plan of napping on it with her was half the reason it was purchased (the other half? Revenge from her rear end.) Just kidding, how can you resist this face?



I hope you all forgive me for such a snappy post, but I’m running on fumes and would really enjoy if Starbucks would deliver a hot Passion tea and a rice krispie treat.

Coffee replacement.


It’s definitely Monday and I’m definitely about to roll to my bed…literally.

Hope you all had a beautiful start to your week and drank a cup of coffee for me!

What’s your favorite non-coffee pick me up?

What’s your favorite day of the week?

Peace and love!




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25 responses to “King-sized

  1. Haha, love the bed 😀

    My pick-me-up involved being with my best friend. No coffee needed.

    Favorite day of the week = Saturday.

  2. Cara is so adorable! Hmmm…I have to say coffee is my pick-me-up, however I think my other one is my morningly bubble baths- I just love that feeling of sitting/laying quietly in the bathtub and reflecting on how I would like my day to go.
    Favourite day of the week: FRIDAY for sureeee 🙂

  3. hahahahah omg that photo made my night.

  4. Working out is a great way to get energy minus the coffee! Although to be honest, I prefer both 🙂 My favorite day of the week is Saturday fa sho.

  5. SO CUTE ! lucky longdog. 🙂

    I have different days I like for different things… Saturday because well, it’s Saturday! 🙂 but I like Mondays too… wide open and full of possibility. Thursdays are all about anticipation for the weekend, and Fridays most always seem “easy”. or easier. 🙂

    pet that cute pup for me, okay??? XXO!

  6. awwwwwwwww she’s soo adorabbbbleee~I love to drink Yerba Mate o.g. Argentinean style! with the gourd and everything. You should try if you haven’t! And I like Wed. Fri. and Sat-Sun 😛 can’t choose!~

  7. wow I think that bed could good for my son , lol! Love it!

    Im proud of you on the no coffee!!!!!!!!! I drink Sugar Free Red Bull in emergencies for a pick me up, for instance when I drive home to see family for 5 hours, or if Im shaking my booty at the club on the dance floor late, and need some energy ( which doesnt happen often, I rarely go out , lol )

    Have a great day! love U! xo

  8. HA! That’s so adorable. I’m sure she’d make room for you! 🙂

    I’m a coffee drinker, but I have tried some cinnamon flavored teas that are great in the morning!


  9. Tea!! I LOVE tea. Black tea with lemon and Truvia is my jam. I also really love Coke Zero though, I can’t hide it 🙂

  10. SO. FREAKING. CUTE.!!!!!!!!!

    You are one strong woman to sticking to the no-coffee deal. I have my one cup in the AM so by the afternoon when I need a pick me up, tea it is. Passion from Starbucks is a fab choice 🙂

  11. Your dog is adorbs!

    I don’t drink anything but coffee…small problem I have ha.

  12. BAHAHA THAT IS TOO TOO CUTE!! shes just plopped right that big ol’ bed!

  13. Haha, that is way too cute!! 🙂

  14. Hehe, awwww!!! She is just swallowed up by that bed, but it’s soooo damn adorable!!!

  15. well you already know i’m obsessed with passion tea.

    that dog is livin the dream!

  16. My favorite day of the week is Friday. I realize this is a pretty stereotypical answer, but there’s a reason for it… lol. I know it’s definitely NOT Tuesdays! 🙂

  17. Awww what an adorable doggy!! I’m too addicted to coffee to drink anything else 😦

  18. Thursday would be my favorite day (besides the obvious choices of Friday/Saturday)! Thursday at 3 I am officially on the weekend and I love knowing I have a full three days of fun ahead of me 🙂

  19. haaha. Chloe sleeps in the middle of her bed, too. silly selfish pups. 🙂

    non-coffee pick me up? hot chocolate! or chocolate milk.

    aaand I’m a Friday lovah!

  20. 🙂 SO sweet.

    I love Good Earth Original tea….it has such a rich taste.

    Saturday’s are my fav!

  21. Ahh, I love Cara so much!! Seriously, I don’t think that picture of her snuggling in her ginormous bed could be any cuter! 🙂

  22. The Teenage Taste

    Cara is one lucky dog! Sometimes I wish my dog liked doggie beds, but she’s spoiled so her favorite bed is mine. 😉
    Have a great week Meg!

  23. I did in fact drink a cuppa’ joe for you:) Haha seriously I was sooo tired yesterday, and when i was drinking my cappuccino I thought of you! Poor dear, I hope you’re holding up well without the coffee!

  24. I luuuurve green tea. It actually gives me more of a boost than coffee!! 😉

    Your dog is TOO stinkin cute. OMG.

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