Giving up the bean

I LOVED hearing all of the feedback about Zumba! I’ll definitely be going to more classes and for those who think they can’t dance…that isn’t an excuse. If you have a butt, you can dance and therefore need to try it 😉

I know I’m a little late in annoucing this, but to be honest, I forgot lent was even occuring. Last week I made the tough decision to try and give up coffee. So I guess this will be my lent and beyond.

Coffee, I'll miss you.

Why? Several reasons – I spend way too much money at Starbucks, I drink over the should-be-legal-limit of cups a day, specifically between the hours of 7-10am when I’m trying to keep my head from slamming on my desk and I wanna explore other options and ways to keep myself bright eyed and bushy tailed, even when I’m in my metalsmithing class…which – by the way – I dread. Bless all of you metalsmithers/jewelers out there…I can’t imagine waking up and beaming with sunshine knowing I’ll be spending my day playing with a flamethrower, pliers and raunchy smelling chemicals. I won’t judge if you’re into that kind of stuff, though, just stay far away from my hair and I.

What to order now?


I guess I should ask all of you tea enthusiasts your favorite kinds of teas? I’m a huge fan of green tea and do drink a lot of tea myself. Since tea will probably be my “coffee” I’d love some suggestions, cause I’ll be drowning myself in it.



Oh and pickles, lots and lots of pickles to quell my coffee cravings. You can take away my coffee but you can never take away my pickles. This isn’t a joke either.

Not kidding.


Coffee, tea and pickles aside…can you Mid-Atlantic-ers believe this weather?! I was considering going for a swim to the gym instead of driving there this morning…but the rip currents from the winds probably would’ve swept me elsewhere. It’s like a tsunami up in this joint! After I let my breakfast settle I laced up and hit the weights.



Foot fuel.


I did about 45 minutes of weights with a cool down on the elliptical with some trashbag mags for about 5 minutes. The gym was prettymuch empty, so prancing around from machine to machine was pretty easy considering they were all open. I worked my upper body and did a wee bit of ab work on a mat – just 3 sets of 15 bicycle crunches, some scissors and a few 60-second planks.  Felt good. Promptly refueled with some snackage:

Homemade turkey burger, peppers, eggs and a biscuit.


Usually after I workout I’ll make myself some protein pancakes or something much, much bigger, but to be honest I was ravenous and decided to just throw a plate together in t-minus 5 minutes. It was either that or gnaw my arms off.

I’ve been so lazy today besides my trip to the gym. I blame it on this weather. No one in their right mind would go outside right now with the way the wind sounds. It’s almost as if it’s threatening you…”walk outside and I will open a can of whoopass, do it, I dare you.”

Are you giving up anything for lent?

What’s your favorite brand/type/flavor of tea?

Peace and love!




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41 responses to “Giving up the bean

  1. Wow, good for you! I thought about giving up caffeine and it freaked me out. I did give up frozen yogurt though, which is almost as big of a deal for me. I love yogi teas! Egyptian licorice is my absolute favorite flavor, you should definitely try it! Pretty sure its not caffeinated though. I’m interested to hear how this goes for you…I know I should wean myself off of coffee but just can’t get myself to make that commitment!

  2. I like Stash teas! And also, I like foreign ones. i think they tend to be yummier than american ones. Like, flowery ones with rooibos or something! 😀

  3. oh!!! But hands down, Yerba Mate is the best!! my homeland’s staple tea…have you tried it Meg? if not, I recommend it

  4. I gave up coffee 2 weeks ago for good. It was giving me bad stomachaches, and I was getting headaches after lunch every day after the caffeine wore off. It was the most excruciating 4 days of my life after I gave it up. My head was pounding, I fel tlike I was going to die too. I hope I don’t scare you, but I feel so much better now! I am more alert and awake than I ever have been. I’ve been sleeping better, and I don’t get headaches anymore!

  5. Hayley :)

    I am a tea-addict! 🙂

  6. I have been off of caffeine for five years now, thank goodness!! I used to need it every. single. morning. or else I was a scary monster.

    My favorite teas are Tazo teas (Mint, Passion, Honeybush), Yogi teas (Ginkgo Clarity, Chai Rooibos, Ginseng Vitality), and Herbal Medicinals teas (Echinacea, Eater’s Digest). You are a brave soul girl! I am so proud you are going cold turkey:)

  7. Metalworking? You poor girl, that sounds absolutely dreadful! As far as tea, lipton does a fantastic white tea blueberry mix, and I’m also a fan of Tazo’s Awake Black. GOOOOOD stuff!

  8. Good luck with your coffee fast!

    My favorite brands of tea are Stash and Tazo. For something sweet, wild sweet orange Tazo, for something more like coffee, any chai tea bags from Stash with a dash of milk :]

  9. Milkshakes :)! P.s Panera date. P.ssssss SAVE MEEEE beans are killing meee

  10. kEndra

    I too, thought about giving up caffeine, and then decided I’d rather live through lent. 🙂 I did however give up television! (Not movies, just tv) I feel so out of society without my E! News or MTV or VHI..or…etc 😉 ha But truth be told – I get a LOOOT more done in a days time!

  11. true story: went into the supermarket. came out with two jars of pickles and a box of popcorn.


  12. I have tried just about every tea known to mankind haha.

    The best are definitly chai tea, lemon tea, raspberry white tea, strawberry tea with lemon, and of course the classic green tea with lemon 😀 and there’s probably more. Much, much more.

    And no I’m not giving anything up for Lent because I’m not Catholic, so I’ve never known too much about it. But I think I should do it just for the experience of giving something up haha.

  13. Good luck givin’ up the bean! That would be so hard for me.

    As for teas, if you can get your hands on Good Earth Sweet and Spicy, order it in bulk!

  14. Yogi – Egyptian Licorice is the best!
    also, Tazo- calm, and chai. 🙂

  15. tj

    Could never give up coffee…or pickles lol. Am giving up fried food and desserts for lent. Oh and trying not to say Fuck as much. Oops.

  16. I work in a hospital, and another nurse and I are giving up elevators, so we have to take the stairs every time we work. Im actually really excited about this!

  17. meg!!!!!
    so brave of you to be giving up coffee for lent 😉 haha, i totally support it!!

    oh my goodness, i am the biggest tea afficionado EVER!!!

    my favorite caffeinated teas are:
    english breakfast
    earl grey
    raspberry black tea (sounds weird, but trust me, this is so good)

    favorite herbal teas:
    rooibos (sooo good) – this is the most popular tea in south africa and they drink it alllll the time
    sweet hot cinnamon (harney & sons makes a REALLY good one)

    any chance youre gonna be back in SF this summer!?!?

  18. I was born and raised catholic but my own personal beliefs have come to interfere with the “catholic way.” i even (accidentally) ate a ham sandwich for lunch yesterday on ash wednesday! yikes! so no, i’m not giving up anything for lent.

    my favorite tea is peppermint herbal tea! but as a caffeine-fiend, when i don’t have time for coffee, i always go for Earl Grey! (bigelow earl gray, to be exact!)

  19. I tried giving up coffee but it didn’t work out lol Haha love your pickle picture! Reminds me of Snookie from Jersey Shore and her love for pickles 🙂

  20. Haha, Meg! I love your blog. I like the new layout, too. 🙂 It’s awesome that you chose to give up coffee! I don’t drink coffee at all, so I can’t relate… but I have faith that you can do it. 😀 Your workout sounds great!

  21. Even though I was raised Catholic and made my Communion, etc., I have never actually, truly given up anything for lent! 😳 I have enjoyed reading about what others are giving up, though. 🙂 I think it’s wonderful!

  22. wow! i dnt drink coffee but i know its HARD!!! tea its aiight though!.. ooo awk about the tsunami reference seeing as one hit japan today—- so horrible
    im not rly giving up anything for lent.. ive never done it and usually when if i giv something up .. whe its done i go bonkers and binge all out and feel even worse- just dusnt workk for me!

  23. MMM girl we could def be twinnies on your coffee addiction. Minus I drink coffee right until I’m going to bed. I think my body is so accustomed to it-it doesn’t even matter anymore ha.

  24. Antoinette

    I really should try giving up coffee as well, I drink like 4-shot americanos every morning and then like 4 extra cups of coffee :/
    but I love tea as well 🙂 my favorites are Good Earth Teas, the white mango mangosteen and green pomegranate. Also, Tazo has Green Ginger and Berryblossom White. Good luck with the not drinking coffee!

  25. Carly in Wonderland

    bahhhhhh worst idea ever megmo

  26. You are so brave to try and give up coffee!!!! Brave and SILLY! hahah I would not survive!

  27. H.

    As a New Years Resolution I limited myself to one coffee per week (instead of 4-6 a day!) until Easter… so I guess that kind of counts as Lent?

    Favourite teas = CHAI! ftw, specifically herbal/vanilla chai, pukka do an awesome one. And rooiboss (or red bush) is amazing! Its a South African tea (my family drink it by the bucket load), it so good for you and you can have with/without milk, vanilla rooiboss, chai rooiboss etc. Loves it!


  28. Yogi tea is the BEST tea ever! Seriously you have to try it, and their chocolate mayan flavor totally quells my cravings for hot chocolate/mochas!!! Good luck giving up coffee chica; I’m not sure I could do that..ahh its too dang good!

  29. This post made me want coffee LOL!! Good luck girl! And I loveeeee pickles too!!

  30. Loooove tea. In the morning I do black with lemon and stevia, and later in the day I switch to herbal. Peppermint, jasmine and cinnamon apple spice (celestial seasonings) are my faves!!

  31. good luck with no coffee, you CAN do it! I drink and love just plain ol’ green tea. it’s so fresh and pure!

  32. I can’t wait to hear how you do without coffee. I never ever drink coffee, but from what I’ve heard, it’s like a drug. It’s hard to stop drinking it, just because your body gets so used to the caffeine and needs it to function! I don’t drink caffeine in any forms, just because of that.

  33. Good luck on your coffee challenge! I love the desserty celestial seasonings flavors, like sugar cookie sleigh ride, and I also love any kind of green tea.


  34. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    come hang out with me kthnxbye

  35. Love you LOVE!! Happy Weekend!!

    I give you lots of props for giving up coffee! I know starbizzle is expensive and addicting too! I am giving up cereal! Wooooooooooooh! It is a challenge for me!

    Love the pickle eating shot! lol!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

    Yay for PF Changs, you will LOVE it there !! Best food!!!

  36. best of luck, girllllll!! i love chai tea latte’s (wait, whoops) chai tea is yummyyyy!!

  37. GOOD LUCK with your coffee free month- I KNOW you can do it 🙂
    I’m not a tea drinker, so I don’t have any suggestions..sorry. Well, actually, I do love un sweet tea..but I don’t think that’s much help- lol!

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  39. I really really really want to try Zumba!! I am in the process of working up enough courage to do it haha.

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