Hello from….

Beachy beach!


My Mom and I decided to take a 4-day long trip to the Florida Keys to escape the cold of Maryland. We arrived here yesterday and enjoyed the sun for the rest of the day. No problems traveling except for the fact that I decided to accidently push the “call attendant” instead of “flush” when I used the toilet on the plane…umm about that.

We went grocery shopping and grabbed stuff to make breakfasts and lunches – and I made us my favorite bowl of oatmeal this morning.

Sharing is caring 😉

 We’ve decided to grab dinner at local places each night, so suggestions are always welcome! There are some really cute cafes and dive restaurants around, so I’m sure anywhere is great.

Momma and I in flight!




Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday!

What are your weekend plans?

Do you like to cook for your fam?

Peace and love!




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40 responses to “Hello from….

  1. You and your mom are so cute!! The oatmeal looks amazing, Im sure she loved it 🙂 I do like to cook for my family, its fun to teach them that healthy foods can taste good! Hope you have an amazing vacation!

  2. Hey, welcome to Florida! 🙂

    That’s so cool, taking a spontaneous trip to escape the cold! Have fun, girl!

  3. SO SO CUTE!! i would love to do that with my mommmy!!! HAHA awk about the toilet.. wonder how that played out when she came in…

    weekend plans= big party tomorrow night. wOO!

  4. it looks absolutely beautiful! a four day weekend on the beach would be awesome. Im travleing to TN with girlfriends (still fun. would like a beach though haha)

  5. Enjoy paradiiiiise!!

    Love cooking for my family; and this weekend’s plans = dance.

  6. Haha I would totally push the wrong button in the airplane bathroom!!

    Have a fab time with your Mom in the sun!! 🙂

  7. Woohooo glad your in the warm city girl 🙂 Now you know how my days have been like. It’s gorgeous here! Have a wonderful time!

  8. Emily

    I’ll be in Tallahassee, my sweeet thang! Just a short swim across the Gulf away from you! Triple Dog Dare me to do it and I just may show up in the next beach chair…

  9. those glasses are just too adorable! have fun with your mama!

  10. this weekend… I plan on wine.

    nothing more, nothing less, just wine. 😉

    aaanndd, I hafta let you know I awarded you a very special blog award, pretty girl!

    Check out your award tagged at my NEEEWW domain (yay!) … http://lifeofblyss.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/my-first-blog-award/

  11. Awww it’s so sweet seeing you and your mom have such a close relationship! 😀 It’s heart warming. Have fun this weekend girlie! I love to cook for my fam and others! I just finished cooking a ‘baby-pasta-casserole’ for my nephew hahaha. He LOVES it. ^.~

  12. Love the pic of you and your mom! 🙂 And yes I love to cook for family!!! They now expect it every time I am home haha, which is fine because that is what I love to do!

  13. ooo that sounds so amazing! Have fun on your trip, I’m so jealous!

  14. I’m going out with friends this weekend and doing a little shopping. I’d LOVE to be where you are though, have fun!

  15. You and your mom are adorable! I love the Keys, we went there with swimming to train a couple years back.

    I once pushed the attendant button in the bathroom too! Embarrassing but It’s not the worst thing that could happen. At least I like to pretend so.

  16. so jelous! have a wonderful time!

    What is your breakfast!?

  17. How awesome! Have fun with your momma!

  18. ohmygawd, I LOVE your glasses in the pic with you and your mom!!!!! Super, super chic:) So jealous of your trip to the Florida keys, that sounds absolutely so much fun!! Hope you have a great trip, and can’t wait to see all the great eats you get there!

  19. So fun! I love your glasses in that photo! And yes I loove cooking/baking for my fam 🙂
    Enjoy the beach!!

  20. Has the flight attendant come? what did she say too you? 😀 that must have been funny to explain. but then again I have a feeling it happens a lot so it’s nothing new to them. 😀

  21. Awww I wish I could just escape to Florida for a weekend…that sounds so wonderful right about now!! Have a great time with your momma girl!!

  22. Have fun in the Keys! It’s always a blast there and the weather is perfect right now 🙂

  23. So jealous! Have a fab time with your mom! 🙂

    Did she like your oatmeal? My parents never try my food because they think it’s weird haha.

  24. ohh i cant even express the amount of jealousy i have for you being at the beach….im almost mad hahaha, have fun girl!

  25. I am so jealous. Hope you have a great time. That photo of you and your mom is so cute!!

    This week I voted in an election and renewed my passport for a trip I’m taking to London soon.
    I’m taking it easy this weekend because next week is my university’s RAG week so it will be hectic!

  26. So jealous that you are somewhere warm!! I love cooking for my family. On the nights I experiment, my family wishes that I didn’t. lol

  27. Omggg girl are you in Key West?! You HAVE to go to to Hog’s Breath Saloon! It is so good, and a totally fun local place. The wait staff are hilarious and they even sell tee shirts, the place is famous basically, I absolutely love it! Bee tee dubs their sandwiches rock my socks mmk

  28. wow i would love to key a mini vaca to key west 🙂 fabulous! xo love your blog girl you’re so pretty!

  29. soo jealous of your fb updatesss!

  30. Hope you’re LOVING the keys, you’re in my state!! 🙂 Enjoy the beach and have a pina colada for me! 😉

  31. I’m really jealous that your in Florida, it’s freeeezing up in NH! Adorable glasses girl!

  32. live it up!!!

    soak up some FL sunshine for me 🙂 miss it so so much

  33. First off, I’m officially jealous of you, but hope you’re having an amazing time!!!

    Secondly, I have those glasses too : ]

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