Ch-ch-check it out!

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend and if you live nearby, I hope the wind hasn’t blown you away. I know when I was out this weekend I really considered tying a kettlebell to my feet but I didn’t really want to make people think I was an inmate. Anywho, I had an article published to HerCampus and I figured I’d share it with ya’ll 🙂 Enjoy!

Quick Tips to Beat the Winter Blues and Make You Look Fresh, Even on the Coldest of Days!

We all have those mornings where we not only feel as if we could go for a whole winter hibernation, but we look like it too. You know those mornings I’m talking about. Your hair’s a disaster and you’re considering tossing your Kleenex into the bags under your eyes rather than your trashcan after you wipe off the mascara swept across your face from the night before. I’ve certainly been there numerous times and I’ve found a few tips and tricks that get me through at least one or two classes looking like a put-together woman, cause let’s face it – going to class in your checkered pajama bottoms (with a hole in the crotch) just isn’t socially acceptable these days.

Tip #1 Wash Your Face and Apply Mascara and Lipgloss if Nothing Else

Mascara is my go-to makeup when I don’t have time for anything else and it naturally makes my eyes look bold and my face more awake! Lipgloss you can easily sweep on when you’re heading out the door (always keep some in your pocket or purse for touch-ups!) These two simple and quick products can make anyone look a little more alive, even on Monday mornings, I promise! I love Maybelline Great Lash mascara – it’s super cheap and works wonders. Burt’s Bees makes an amazing tinted lip shimmer; I use this every single day in the color “Fig.”

Tip #2 Wear Something Fashionable, Yet Comfortable and Accessorize!

You’re already daydreaming of being back in your bed while walking to class, so make it somewhat of a reality with a comfy sweater, hoodie or jacket paired with leggings or jeans and let your accessories do the talking if your outfit is a little bland. My personal favorite place to get accessories to jazz up a lazy-day outfit is Forever 21 – Towson Town Center has  a HUGE one with plenty of accessories to dig through!

Tip #3 Grab a Coffee!

There are plenty of Starbucks locations all over the Towson campus as well as free-standing Starbucks in the surrounding area as well. Coffee not only wakes you up, it keeps you warm on those cold wintry days as well. Since springtime is just around the corner, think about trying an iced coffee one day as well! Call me a Plain Jane, but there’s nothing better than their original Pike Place blend or some hot Tazo Passion tea!

Tip #4 Last, But Certainly Not Least, Smile (As Long As You’ve Brushed Your Teeth!)

There’s nothing worse than someone who looks and acts like a grump. Happiness is contagious and so are smiles; consider buying an extra coffee for the person in line behind you or holding the door for someone, even if they’re 20 feet away. Simple gestures like this not only make other people’s days bright, but yours as well.

Peace and love!


p.s. ALWAYS eat breakfast, too 😉



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25 responses to “Ch-ch-check it out!

  1. Great tips girl and congrats on the article : )

    Love the pic of you with the necklace, so sassy ; )

    Hope your weekend was amazing! love u!!!

  2. Coffee is definitely a good one! lol So is breakfast. I will not function without a good bowl of oats

  3. I also wear mascara and lipgloss only! Actually I wear a bit of blush too but thats because I’m PALE in the face 😛
    And coffee is a monday morning must 🙂

  4. squigglefloey

    Awesome! There’s a HerCampus publication on my campus as well! (UCI) awesome job girlie 🙂

  5. Great tips!! Coffee and lip gloss make everything better! Hope your semester is going well girl!!! ❤

  6. If I am having a lazy day i put on mascara and chapstick too! Do you go to Towson? I live right by there! Towson town has the best forever 21!!

  7. Starbucks and cute clothes always cheer me up:) Love this!

  8. Lipgloss is always my go-to pick up!

  9. Always have breakfast. You will be ten times happier if you aren’t grumpy.

  10. I find that putting on jeans instead of sweats always makes me perk up a bit.

  11. i love the Fig colour by Burts Bees!!
    sending you a smile ❤

  12. Congrats, lady! Great article 🙂

  13. AWESOME tips! I def always put mascara on if nothing else- make the eyes POP out 😀 not literally though, duh

  14. I love this post.
    Very helpful! Especially to me, as an Irish person, when it’s cold virtually all year round. I definitely follow the advice about Starbucks 🙂
    Hope the weekend treated you well. 🙂

  15. Love this. I should remember to accessorize more often- on cold days I’m ALL about comfort, with no style. Fun accessories would definitely help!!

  16. Of course, if I may, I’d also like to make a pitch for the smaller, independent coffeeshops out there (I do love Starbucks but the little guys need some love too. Unfortunately, they’ve become an endangered species). Someday I’d like to own one.

    I like your kettlebell-on-the-feet idea, especially uphill.

  17. you give the best tips girl!!! Coffee and breakfast are definite must, always. 😀

  18. Girl yous famous! Uhhgreed, nothing worse than a grumplekins. Slash mascara makes me look ten times more alive when I am just rolling out of bed! And my necklace today was from Forever21, aka my favorite store. We are twinnies!:)

  19. Hooray for breakfast! So important 🙂 YOu are so pretty!

    and i’m 100% behind the coffee recommendation 😉

  20. Loved this! All your tips are awesome. 🙂

  21. Great article! I totally agree about mascara. It always makes me look way more awake and I feel so much more put together when I wear it. I really should accessorize more though!

  22. breakfast seriously turns even the worst and ugliest frowns upside down. without a doubt!

    have fun in florida ❤

  23. congrats on the article! pretty baller 🙂

    have sooooo much fun in FL! very very jealous

  24. Always eat breakfast is the best tip for any season! Some green tea and I’m ready to go, who need coffee. And what def makes me feel better on the cold Monday morning is a clean hair and some blush on my cheeks 😀

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