Time Well Spent

It’s official: my immune system hates me. Either that or it hates this weather that’s been going down for the past two months. I’m hoping it’s the latter because spring is right around the corner. I’m once again all jacked up on Mountain Dew Theraflu, Tylenol and sixteen bags of cough drops (black cherry flavored.) Anywho, I can only hope that it subsides before Monday…if it doesn’t, I’ll be sporting at least seven layers of sweaters, a mondo sized mug of tea and a ridiculously adorable lung-hack cough to class. Marry me?!

Maybe it’s my lack of veggies and overabundance of protein bars, although during each semester of college I’ve always lived that way. I have been enjoying some delicious breakfasts though and whodathunk (yep, it’s a word) that Whole Foods would be stocked up on fresh berries? Sign me up (…for a ridiculous price)



...and some more.


In between class and projects, I managed to make time for friends, family and the sort. Something I neglected to do enough last semester because I had felt that there was always something I needed to get done for class, always somewhere to be for class and always a project to finish. Not that anything’s different in the workload aspect this semester, but no excuses and guilt – I NEED to carve out more time for outings, even if it’s just to Trader Joe’s:

Trader Joes..umm?! What's this?


My friend Mandy and I have weekly adventures to keep ourselves sane. If that’s what you’d like to call it. Although I did feel a little insane with anger and delusion when I heard the words “we’ve got none left” in response to my question: “yo, where’s the peanut flour?!” Not acceptable, TJ’s.

Mandy + TJ's goodies!


Love her!


There’s a fine line between working hard and working too hard. I already feel a lot less stressed and overwhelmed when I just set aside a few hours a day to myself, to spend with others and chat on the phone with super sweet friends. So important, especially because my college career is about to end…craziness!

Panera date!


I wish I could say I had fantastic plans for the weekend, but I don’t; unless my nasty cough goes away and my throat stops feeling like there’s a sea urchin throwing a prickly party on it, I’ll be chillin with my homies at home…aka my dog and my Dad. No complaining, really. Especially because it also involves a fireplace and heat blanket. I’m off to enjoy my new favorite dinner:



You can find the recipe here!

What do you do to escape work?

What’s your go-to dinner recipe lately?

Peace and love!




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43 responses to “Time Well Spent

  1. I’m sorry you’re sick again, and I’m sorry you’re already feeling stressed this semester!

    I snagged five bags of peanut flour before my TJ’s ran out!

  2. I hope you feel better girl! You and your friend are so pretty and love the pic of her with the TJ’s bags! cute!

    I was at TJ’s in chicago yesterday and no peanut flour : ( I went back to the hotel and ordered it online through amazon.com, I put the link on my blog post from earlier today, it was 30 bux for 4 bags, so worth it!

    Love u! get better !!! xoxo

  3. Awwww, FEEL BETTER!! I definitely believe that stress leads to getting sick.

    Read Matthew 6 (specifically 25–>)! Incredible 😀

  4. You look so cute in those pics! Sorry you’re feeling so sick, apparently this has been going around 😦 Get better soon!

  5. To escape the stressful work = I chill with Suave 😉

  6. oatsandspice

    I need to take little trips to the grocery store each week to stay sane too – and it gives me something to look forward to 🙂 And panera is basically one of my favorite places for lunch – I love the black bean soup — yummm!

    Oh and Im having a giveaway on my blog this week – http://oatsandspice.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/peeling-it-fresh-giveaway/

  7. Girl I’m so sorry you have a case of the sniffles! I had my friend send me 5 bags of peanut flour, so I’m all stocked up:)

    Slash my fave dinner combo lately is hummus, quinoa, raisins, and balsamic all mixed together:) SO good, don’t knock it till you try it!

  8. first of all i must say your panera date is well… HOT (just like urself of course!) hehe

    my immune system hates me too. just when i get over a cold, another one comes right on in. i think its the stress for sure..or at least its a big factor. take it easy and hopefully u start feeling much better, and quickly! xoxoxo ❤

  9. i’m right there with ya sister. get well soon!

  10. Oh girl, I hope you feel better!

    Go to meal for us is pretty much always spaghetti. 🙂

  11. college is all about finding balance. unfortunately for me, I let too much time go by before I was able to achieve a healthy, happy, SANE balance.

    feel better pretty girl ❤

  12. That looks fantastic! Hope you feel better!!

    I would have to say my go to meals are wraps, paninis, sandwiches, or salads. I need to expand more! LOL

  13. jodie

    soup soup soup. and especially at Panera 🙂

  14. I bought 8 bags of peanut flour before it sold out 🙂 I’m obsessed!
    My go-to dinners have been salad beasts & veggie burgers.
    Both simple and delicious!

  15. ACK! so sorry you are sick MEg!!!! there is a nasty winter bug! i think going out with friends as well as having ME time is the BEST way to escape work and stress– always helps me!!!
    my go-to dinner is roasted veg topped with hummus and a side of a sammie thin with pb!. sweet and savory!

  16. I think I like to ‘escape’ by going on walks at the park, baking/cooking, and reading at a coffee shop. I think that’s one of my 3 homes! 😀 Continue being strong and take care sistaaaa <33

  17. Aww, so sorry to hear that you’re sick again.
    All your pictures are so cute though.
    I completely agree that you have to make time for those that are important for us.
    Hope you get better soon 🙂

  18. Haha I totally saw those prune/walnut slices at TJ’s!!
    Feel better sooon love 🙂

  19. Out of peanut flour! Ahh I’m so upset that it’s all getting canceled over at TJ’s! 😦 Sounds like a fun Panera date! I love those:) Feel better soon! Veggies and fruits ROCK! 🙂

  20. Girl I can SO relate to this! I have a tendancy to get so wrapped up in my school work that I totally forget to make time for friends and fun. But I just get super bummed out whenever I do that. It’s way better to find a good balance!

    I hope you feel better soon! 🙂

  21. Emily

    see, I seem to be having the opposite problem. I hate using this word, but senioritis is kicking my arse. Like I have dedicated .00643% of my time to school work and the remaining time to….uhhh staring at the wall?

    go-to meal has been a panini of sorts. just try to flip flop the flavors within the beast, but definitely feeling the 2 slices of bread. whats a unique combo i could try?

  22. Shopping is the perfect way to escape work! Well, shopping, reading blogs, and catching up on TV shows. 🙂

  23. I’ve been slooooowly getting sick for the past week, and I know the whole whammy is coming in a few days. Hope you’ve gotten some R&R this weekend and feel better now love!!

    Lately my go-to dinner recipe has been a salad beast drowned in hummus. Or just hummus from the tub. I’m becoming more and more obsessed with it.

  24. girl you can’t just discretely drop the words “panera date” with a pic of a hot stud muffin and not give me more than that. Manfriend? Crush? Friend? deets.

  25. Mandy’s jacket is gorgeous! One thing I hate about winter is the constant sickness 😦 Hope you feel better! and the peanut flour needs to come back, stat

  26. haha i love your silly faces! )

  27. So fun to find your blog! I love it. 🙂

    Hmm….my get out of work escape…watching the Bachelor. Seriously, I’m hooked–wish I weren’t–but I am.

    Feel better soon!

  28. I’m obsessed with my bagel-thin varieties of a turkey, egg and cheese melt. YUUUUM!

    gotta tell ya, though, I made a fiesta bowl last Tuesday night! aren’t you proud? 😉 chloe was VERY disappointed I wouldn’t share.

  29. I hope you feel better-ginger it up!
    I’ve been eating A LOT of hummus wraps (for lunch though). we’ve been eating out a lot for dinner so I haven’t been able to have any go-to’s…I just bought a bunch of veggies to roast so that should be a go-to for a while.

  30. I love to just walk to TJ’s or go grocery sohpping or bake and such when I have too much work… Which is kind of procrastinating but whatever 😉

    you’re so prettyyy

  31. Can you believe I”ve NEVER been to a Trader Joe’s?? I’m waiting for all the people who comment to look at me and be like say WHAAAA!? 😉 I’ll have to go sometime.. Ohh maybe I could even blog about it. This could get interesting.

    Hope you had a wonderful week and are feeling better!! 🙂

  32. Paaaaanera….mmmmm….you have got me craving it now! The fuji apple salad is where it’s at! Our go to dinners around here have been very similar. We make nachos/huge mexican salads – ground turkey, cheese, avacado, peppers, onions, a buttload of salsa!

  33. Ayla

    Trader Joes needs to come to Canada asap. I mean, I love Whole Foods but TJs sounds like it’s pretty amazing too.

    As for escaping work.. I just pretend it doesn’t exist. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

  34. Carly in Wonderland

    ummmm will you make me dinner?

  35. Aww I really hope you feel better soon Meg!! It seems like everyone has some kinda sniffle or cough. I blame it on this bleh winter stuff. And making time to have fun during the week is a definite must, or I’d go nuts!!

  36. Hey Meg! Just wanted to say hello and hope all is well 😀 God bless ya today

  37. i JUST HAD a fiesta bowl tonight too!! taco salad with de boy!! 😀

  38. That sucks that you aren’t feeling well! I haven’t been sick in 2 years and I blame that on my diet. And not touching my face until after washing my hands.

  39. Meg!
    I have missed ya. Whit and I are finally back in the blogging world again lol. I hope you feel better soon 🙂 You should try some vitamin C drops. Those always help me!
    To escape work, I play some apples to apples with my friends haha!


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