Smells like a fiesta in here!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that about 96.4% of the American population gets ridiculous Mexican food cravings at least once a week. At least I know I do. Sometimes those cravings don’t come at the most convenient times – say for instance, when you’re in your out-of-season Christmas snowmen pajama pants, you’ve got makeup halfway lingering on your face from a party the night before and your hair looks like it could house baby birds on top of your head. Who, me?

With that sexy and appetizing imagery now in your head (me-oww), I’ll share with you my solution to that. No Mexican hat dance necessary! Ole!

Mmm beuno!

Fiesta Bowl


5oz ground meat (I used turkey)

1 egg

approx 1 cup peppers/onions chopped

1/4 cup shredded cheese

1 tbsp olive oil (any oil will work)

chili powder

hot sauce

plenty of salsa


Heat skillet to medium heat, add olive oil and turkey and cook til browned. Crack and add your egg, peppers and onions and simmer. Scoop up some salsa and a pinch of chili powder and salsa and simmer til it smells like a fiesta!

Smells like a fiesta!

Pour or scoop into a bowl and top with cheese, broil/microwave til the cheese is melty and dig in.

Hot sauce = necessity.

Technically this could work if you only had access to a microwave and had precooked meat, so my dorm room divas…remember that.

Sprinkle on da cheesay!


What’s your favorite Mexican dish?

Signature lazy-day hairstyle?

Peace and love!





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31 responses to “Smells like a fiesta in here!

  1. Girl, nachos all the way! This looks like a yumlicious bowl though, not gonna lie:)

    Slash my lazy-day hair = messy bun con a hairband, since I am too lazy to do anything real to my hair like wash it. Because that would be absolutely absurd.

    Happy Sunday, girl! xoxox

  2. i LOVE MEXICAN but the mexican food over here is CRAP… so when we go to the states we GO TO TOWN!! i love tacos.. fajitas.. salads.. the USH.. but anything mexican.. i am GAME
    my lazy day hairstyle is a giant bun on the top of my head!

  3. We’re having Mexican food tonight! My favorite Mexican food are fajitas or rice and beans. Delicious.

  4. i freakin LOVE mexican. i crave it more than once a week. in fact, i’m making a nachos supreme holy moly deliciousness dish for dinner tonight. yup.


  5. ahhhh Mexican food is best, enough said. Thanks for the recipe…you better believe I’ll be trying that! What a cool idea to add an egg!

  6. This makes me EXTREMELY hungry!

  7. I’m with you and the Mexican cravings! We have it at least once a wk! I actually just got done eating a Mexican Salad…but that doesn’t count as reeeeeal Mexican!

  8. Love your fiesta bowl! I’m a sucker for quesadillas. Omg I use to eat those all the time!


    Lazy Style, Turd Bun on my head !

    Muah! love u!

  10. I am definitely in that majority of people who love Mexican food! Actually, two of my last three meals were Mexican themed!

  11. I feel soooooo bad about forgetting to cc you on the email. I will take you out for coffee soon to make it up to you 🙂

  12. Emily

    lazy day hairstyle = pig tail braids…………..

  13. MMM, that looks INCREDIBLE!!

  14. This morning I woke up with eyeliner smeared across my face! Dont worry it was my own bed!

  15. White cheese queso is my favorite Mexican dish, enchiladas are second! Your meal looks wonderful!

  16. Tacos are my favourite! Even if they break on me 95% of the time, and I end up just smashing them up on my plate and eating them with a fork. 😛

  17. Uhhhhh I’m not sure if I can choose my fave Mex dish…It’s probably one of my favorites! I think I’ll go with Tamales!! I hope I can make one someday. Looks complex 🙂

  18. Yummmmy! I am always in the mood for anything Mexican. We had a total Mexi buffet for Super Bowl–now I have a Mexican hangover today 😛 but it’s worth it!

  19. Little Bookworm

    Favourite mexican dish = roasted vegetable fajitas! 😀

  20. I wash my hair every 2-3 days, which means that on the days I wash it I wear it down and the other 60% of the time it’s in a messy bun on top of my head, with tons of wisps and frizz all over the place. If it’s really greasy or I’m feeling fancy, I throw a headband in there too 🙂

  21. lazy day hairstyle? bobby pin and ponytail! good ol’ bobs can be used to just swoop the bangs back or add a little pouf to the ‘do. 😉

    and… mexican craving? guilty. I’m so making a skillet bowl tonight.


  22. I crave mexican every week at least! Your recipe looks so good! It would be too hard for me to choose one favorite mexican dish…anything with lots of guac and cheese and im good 🙂

  23. Yellow rice = my weakness.
    Lazy day hairstyle? I usually throw it up in a low pony tail, or curl the ends and pin my bangs back with a bobby pin!

  24. My lazy day hairstyle is pretty the same as any other day… unbrushed 😉 And seriously… Mexican every day of the week would make me a happy girl. SO. GOOD.

  25. Lazy day hairstyle? Ponytail or braids.

    Fav go-to-Mexican meal… probably tacos since they are so easy. Yum!

  26. Carly in Wonderland

    Man I wish I could cook here- who am I kidding I don’t know how to cook but damn does that look good. Send me some!?

  27. Obsessed with quesadillas and burritos. But ONLY if there is a mound of guac accompanying it! 🙂

  28. Hahaha I think I get a Mexican craving like every day!!! I love love love mexican food! (I also feel like it’s pretty easy to make veg friendly!)

  29. AT LEAST once a week! I love Mexican food! I love tacos and enchiladas and fajitas…always get one of those 3 🙂

    Lazy hair is air dryed and then loose curled with a straight iron!

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  31. smells like HEAVEN! mexican food=love. the smells, the colors, the comforting blends of spices and textures..mmmm ❤ my fav mexican food is CHIMICHANGAS!!!


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