How To: Fix an “Oopsie” Week

True story:  I have eaten the equivalent of 1/4 cup of vegetables in the past week. Although I’m not proud of my accomplishment in the least bit, I have learned to love the lug of a purse I carry around because it holds at least fifteen protein bars comfortably at a time. My friends, I was awful at living my first week back into classes. But that’s ok, it’s Friday, which makes everything ok, right?

I thought I was eating an alien when I sat down to lunch today and started munching on a salad…am I a dinosaur?! What IS this green stuff?! Also…peaches, what are peaches and WHY are they in my breakfast?

This was pretty before I demolished it...

I also made the best choice in shoes to bring back to my apartment this week as well…it rained/snowed/shat from the sky all week and of course, all I had with me were my slippers and a pair of shiny gold Sperry’s which I REFUSE to wear in the rain.

My solution? Wear 2 pairs of socks and slippers. Oh, I did. They went surprisingly well with my outfits, though. But this weekend I will be traveling home to gather up some legit shoes/boots and possibly a poncho to accessorize myself…thuper duper cute.

Here are my tips for surviving an “oopsie” week:

1) Food is your friend. So is coffee. If you’re running on little-to-no sleep and you’d much rather gauge your eyes out than gorge yourself with breakfast, don’t…stuff your face and I promise you’ll be at least a bit more awake. Coffee helps too, just don’t go for the decaf…that never turns out well. Don’t be dumb and go for chamomile tea if you can’t do coffee…get something peppermint-y or spearmint-y to awaken your tastebuds, and thus your brain. Pump up some jams in your car/on your walk to class or work as well and feel free to dance and sing along, don’t worry about people who stare, they’re obviously jealous.

My dinner.

2) Be prepared…even if you’re not. Pack protein/meal bars in your purse (as many as you can fit) as well as to-go makeup palettes, mascara, lipgloss, a brush and a toothbrush, yes, a toothbrush (keep it in a plastic baggie.) I don’t care if I’m the first to admit that I have brushed my teeth in the sinks at the arts center at 7:42am, spit and glory. Also, always have extra cash on hand.

3) Keep a planner. This goes without explanation…whatever you forget, your planner remembers (even if you’d rather it not.)

4) Be happy. Realize that your life doesn’t suck, even if you’re having an “oopsie” week. I know I’ve said this before, but no one enjoys being around a poopy bitch. Talk to people, be friendly and smile, offer to buy the person’s coffee in line behind you – if you aren’t having a good day, you may as well make sure someone else is having a good one for you, you know? You’d be surprised how good it’ll make you feel afterwards, trust me.

Optimism! DO IT.

5) Most importantly: make time for yourself. Carve out at least an hour or two of me-time and just chill out. Whether your definition of chilling out consists of taking a bath, blogging, reading, watching Jerry Springer (fun fact: Jerry makes me feel SO much better about my life..), eating, cooking, doing illegal things (no judgement here) or anything else for that matter, just do it. The silver lining is still there, you just have to find it. Friends are a big help too.

Bubble bath + tea = the best.

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend so far!

What are some of your “oopsie” fixes?

What’s your go-to wake up drink?

Peace and love!



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43 responses to “How To: Fix an “Oopsie” Week

  1. I literally laughed out loud picturing you trudging around in socks and slippers in the snow! Giiiirl, you are toomuch. Slash an “oopsie” week ALWAYS includes lots of bowls of oatmeal, Larabars, and chocolate (and those cookies I have in the freezer).

    My favorite wake-up drink = a GREEN SMOOTHIE:) I know, I am toomuch, but lezzbehonest I love me some leaves.

  2. My go-to wake-up drink = wataaaaaa 😀

  3. Don’t worry, everyone has veggie-less days or weeks! I go through phases without them too. It’s all good!!

    And I love my me time…without it I would go crazy!! Excellent tips my friend!

  4. Peppermint tea with a splash of almond milk is my go-to drink in the morning. If I want some supah energy, I pull out the Juicer and make a green juice. No caffeine needed!

  5. Did you get a new header?! That quote is my favorite of all the Yogi tea quotes!! So perfect! Lots of caffeine and some exercise help me fix an “oopsie week.” We all have them 🙂

  6. ahhah um oopsie week comes about every month for me.. so im pretty used to it..!! i just go with the SMILE and laugh about it tactic… works everyttime!!
    i really dnt drink many cool drinks.. Not even coffee- GASP!
    so i would say… if i need energy i just EAT SOME NUT BUTTAH- cuz thats the solution for everything-duh

  7. Pftt, decaf? Why does that even exist? lol

  8. Lo

    oh girl i have oopsie weeks too often…i drink tea in da mornings, but when im feeling frisky I will get a starbucks. It is so sad that i have had to limit my consumption of Starbucks lately bc of lack of $$….loving that new header!


  9. Lol coffee has really become my best friend in the past year. If I don’t have some at least once a day I just can’t really function.

  10. This totally cracked me up. When I have an oopsie week, I definitely just forget it and move on!

  11. That peppermint tea is calling my name!

    Oh I have oopsies everyday, story of my life ; ) I just laugh it off or brush it off if its not a funny oopsie : p

    Love ya girl! Its the weekend yay!!!!!!!

  12. Hehe it’s coffee or Yerba Mate! Sometimes a smoothie. And have you tried Yogi’s Kombucha tea?! very good and refreshing. Glad you’re still doing well 😀 I agree~I always try to make time for myself because my nature is to NOT do that. Many times I used to feel bad about taking time for myself–but that’s what God wants me to do. I love to unwind by sitting at a cafe and read the Word…I can’t function without it!

  13. Your blogs seriously always have the best advice. My go to drink will always be coffee. You have to have a few oopsie weeks to have good ones of course. 🙂

  14. My go to drink is definitely coffee. But I do like a lemon tea, or hot cup with a slice of lemon in it to wake me up.

    My ooopppsies day (or week)’s cure is late night, or early morning runs. My ooopppsies weeks usually mean ignoring breakfast for long periods of time…. Often happens during college semester, especially at the start.

  15. I love that- “oopsie” week. You can’t frown when saying that. Let’s be honest- very few of our lives actually suck, but bad days happen. When I’m having a crappy week, a beer, some chocolate and Titanic always helps. Don’t judge me for liking manly beverages and being obsessed with sinking ships.

    Morning drink is always black tea with lemon and way too much stevia!

  16. You nailed all the major fixes/tips for an oopsie week.
    wake up drink = coffee, and more coffee. 😀
    LOVE yogi tea, have you tried egyptian licorice?

  17. dmcgirl37

    I Love teas! so much better then coffee. I dont need all the caffine in coffee to wake me up. Green tea is just fine

    Dana xo

  18. You are right on with this post!! Me time is soooo important to me…it keeps me sane.

    I go through phases on what I like to drink in the morning. Coffee, green tea, lemon water are the usual suspects. Lately though it’s been all about the coffee. Just goes down so smooth. right???

    Love you and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  19. You are so so so so so so pretty!! I love your tips, these will be so helpful once I start college and am all on my own. Eek! I always have at least 3 protein bars on me at all times, gotta be prepared;) And I totally agree with you that decaf coffee nevvvver works out well…from personal experience! I’d love if you came and checked out my blog sometime; either way I’ll still be reading yours everyday!

  20. I love the idea of bubble bath+tea. What could POSSIBLY be more relaxing than that!?

  21. Ah, love this! So glad you’re back my love! Oopsie weeks are pretty much bound to happen and it sounds like you have solutions all under control. 🙂

    When I wake up it’s water then coffeee! Every morning without fail. Lately it’s been Dunkin Donuts Strawberry Shortcake–soo good!

  22. You have the prettiest smile!
    I’m glad your week is over and you can start over fresh next week!!

  23. Girlllll! I have missed you! james and I always talk about the WF hot barrr!
    I totally wear my sperry’s in the rain. They save my life. Oh and in the the snow!

  24. Oopsie weeks happen ! I realize not to get upset anymore. With the stresses of college & such, sometimes it just happens. To recover from one, I make sure I eat huge salad beasts for lunch or dinner in the days following to make up for all of the lost greens. I also make sure I hit the treadmill because it always helps pull me out of that funk 🙂

    But always, my go to drink in the A.M. is a huge cup o’ joe. I need caffeine 🙂

  25. Yay for many tips on oopsie weeks! Will definitely try them all 🙂

  26. squigglefloey

    Wait, so your oppsie was just not getting in enough veggies for the week?! Aw…don’t even worry about that, you’ll be fine!!! 🙂

  27. Coffee is an absolute necessity! And if i cant face breakfast/dont have time, i sometimes (when im feeling brave:) ) grab a full fat cappucino to go and that makes up for it!
    Love your blog btw 🙂 x

  28. You are so hilarious Meg! I love how you turn “oopsie” situations into a brighter light–you rock! Hope your weekend goes well!!!

  29. Awww it’s always tough to go back to schooool after a break! But life comes first and its okay to live off purse food when you have to! Bring back the veg when you can and it will all balance out =) Have a great weekend!!

  30. Emily

    My go to drink in the morning is usually a bloody mary or a corkscrew. KIDDING! but no really…

    I usually have an iced coffee…my tastebudz have learned to loathe hot coffee unless it’s DD. You feelz me @OatmealDiaries? My slumps are usually comprised of the same dinner like 5/7 nights of the week, Starbucks for breakfast, hummus for lunch and beer on the reg…

  31. Haha! I love that you were walking around in socks and slippers. Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

  32. Ayla

    This is super lame but my wake-up drink is.. lemon water. Yeah. I don’t drink coffee and I’m still trying to get myself into the habit of drinking tea.

    Your oopsie fixes are great! I’d love to randomly buy someone behind me a coffee one day.. except I don’t drink coffee. 😦 I just realized that and now I’m feeling a little bummed. I guess I could buy them some bottled water or something.

  33. I’m a hardcore coffee addict sothat’s my wakeup drink of choice 😉

    i love your optimism! you’re beautiful 🙂

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