Dear Mother Nature,

I would really appreciate it if you could inhale at least 92% of the snow that you’ve so graciously blown out of your bosom for the past few days.

Well at least it's pretty!


I’d really like to leave my house at some point this weekend and not go on a wannabe carnival ride trying to navigate my way down my driveway (which is most accessible by ice skates right now.) Backing out of my garage today gave me an insight on what it’s like to be in a demolition derby…on ice. Needless to say I got my running around done (grocery shopping, what what!) and managed to slide my way back home into my cozy sweatpants and slippers.

Sure, the snow is beautiful, but it kind of activates that “pause” button on everyday life, which definitely isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve actually gotten a lot done today that I wouldn’t have had it’d been clear. Productive things such as giving my dog a bath, making vlogs and cleaning up after my annual blunder with the blender. We’re talking weekly messes now. I can’t seem to make a smoothie without throwing it all over the kitchen. Cara tries to help me clean it up but her weenie dog tongue is just no match for Meg-sized messes.


She gets jiggy after getting a bath because she knows she’s gonna get a treat. Who am I kidding, though, the dog gets a treat for looking cute.

Besides making a heinous mess out of my kitchen and bathtub (don’t worry, it’s all clean now) I also made a vlog of my favorite lip products and here’s some tips on how to keep your lips sweeeeet and kissable in the winter.

Just like your skin, lips need moisture from the inside out, not just through lip products. Some of my favorite skin and lip-friendly foods include healthy fats and proteins like nut butters, chicken, healthy oils and fish. Fish especially, since they contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which help in cell renewal. Vitamins like beta carotene from sweet potato and other veggies help provide nutrients to skin and lips and water in those veggies delivers the nutrients. You should be getting a good amount of water intake from the foods you eat, not just the water you drink. Water helps the nutrients absorb more efficiently.

One of my favorite snacks which provides all them shenanigans:

Tuna salad + peppers!


Paired with some spaghetti squash and Frank’s. My fave.

I love hot sauce.


And here’s a few of my favorite lip products right now:


Hope you all are staying toasty and attempting to enjoy all the snow! I’m off to wrestle with the crazy wiener running around my house trying to dry off.

What are some of YOUR favorite lip products?

What’s your favorite brand of hot sauce?

Peace and love!


p.s. for some super inspirational “how NOT to be a poopy bitch” ideas, check out the comments from this post 🙂 Ya’ll rock!



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37 responses to “Kissable

  1. You are soooooo lucky that you get snow!!! It’s gorgeous there! I miss my cozy sweats and slippers :/

  2. i can’t lie…. i have diff hot sauces for diff types of dishes/moods.. between Franks and Red Wings and some Texas brands (sent by my friend), I love it all.

  3. Giiiirl the snow makes me want to do nothing but cuddle up with hot cocoa! Thanks for the lip tips, one of my favorites is to make a home-made sugar scrub:)

    Slash hot sauce = Tabasco sauce allll the way!

  4. Fave lip products = Crazy Rumors and Chanel.

    Hot sauce = Bone Suckin’ (muahahahaha).

    I too wear my lip gloss alone usually.

    You wouldn’t look like a hooker – you’d bring out your vampyness 😀

    YOU are going stir crazy?!!??!?! I’m passed that point, haha 😉

  5. I just got the victorias secret lip plumper which I love. I seriously just spent 45 minutes watching all your videos-if that doesn’t creep you out enough…

    • Meg

      Not at all girl! That’s what they’re there for 😀 that makes me happy!

      Oh and I love VS lip stuff! It’s super sticky but stays on fo-evaa!

  6. Loving the new header! Super cute!!

  7. how do you make your tuna salad? just tuna + mayo?
    in need of a goood recipe.
    Cara is so adorable!

  8. Franks allll the way! There is no substitute…

    Our snow is melting! Finally 🙂

    My favorite lip gloss is NARS and my favorite chapstick is by aveda

  9. I love your new header! Adorable!! 🙂

    And of course your doxie is adorable as well! Everytime I give my wiener dog a bath she runs around the house like a crazy woman too! haha-guess it’s a doxie thing? 🙂

  10. hahaha i am diggin the fish background in your video
    my fav lip product … i dnt have a specific one, but i love flavored chap stick… but the kind that isnt actually on a stick. .its in a nice pot and it keeps my lips nice and soft!.. your puppy is ADORABLE

  11. Lol, my dog goes totally crazy after a bath! Or anytime he’s wet for that matter. He runs around and rubs his head to the floor. 😀 He hates bathing, though.

    I don’t really use lip products all that much, I usually use just lip balm. I only occasionally put some lipstick or lip gloss on when I go out.

    PS: You’re super pretty! 😉

  12. I LOVE Burts Bees Pomegranate Lipbalm, my lips always get so chapped in the Winter without it!! Your pup is too cute; I’m almost tempted to put some pics/vids of my dog on my (new!) blog too…he looks like a miniature llama, no joke;) Argh this snow is unbearable!!

  13. Your so pretty girl! Love when you vlog, your too cute! Keep it classy with the gum spit out, lol!

    I really like Clinique’s lipsticks, I am going to have to check that color out! I need a new lipstick! I usually dont wear lipstick alot, I wear liner and then put a gloss over top ; )

    Love you! I hope your getting out of the house this weekend finally! xoxo

  14. “She gets jiggy” haha love it! Hope the snow clears up for you!

  15. I’m with you on the snow thing! Could totally give most (or all!) of it back!

    Great lip info—more reasons to keep eating the good stuff 🙂

  16. I have to start eating more ‘nut butters’. The Body Shop shea lip butter is FAB. I only use it at night as well. I noticed I had the same experience during the day. Great tip on that one!

  17. I am a Burts Bees girl all the way.

  18. I hate this snow. I want it to be spring SO badly!!

    Blistex is by far my favorite. What I love about it is what other people probably hate- it’s super waxy and thick and goopy!

  19. Really loved that you gave some noncolor suggestions. My lips have been CHAPPED lately and nothing helps. Ill try some of what you suggest.

  20. I am also obsessed with hot sauce!! I love Cholula!!

  21. I hear you on the snow! Pretty sure my driveway is an absolute disater! Mmm, pepper ❤

  22. I love Burt’s bees—although I rarely use anything on my lips. Whoops 😀

  23. I am a Franks girl hands down….
    I love the brand “sugar” for my lips!

  24. I’m in love with C.O. Bigelow lip gloss from Bath & Body Works! I wear that stuff all year round over top my Vaseline or Chapstick base.

  25. I absolutely LOVE hot sauce. Frank’s hot sauce is my favorite. I put it on everything.

  26. Oh girl, I hope the sun comes out soon for you!

  27. LOL i just blogged about Frank’s red hot….I’M OBSESSED. i put it on everything…ah-maz-ing!!

  28. Ugh, just arrived back in NYC from Florida and I’m freeeezing. Hopefully it ends soon, girl!

  29. Your dog is just adorable! That’s how my bulldog gets when it’s time for a bath too!!!! And yay for kissable lips–I use quite a few of the products you mentioned. My all time fav is Bath and Body Works lip glosses–I have quite a collection of them! 😉

  30. crazylittlethingneela

    i love your dog meg!!! haah! she’s such a cutie!!!
    give a big big hug for me and a treat 😉

  31. feel free to come visit me in cali! it’s been in the 60s and sunny 😉

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