Where’s the Cream Filling?!

Some mornings I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but don’t we all? That’s not a problem until I drag myself out of bed and carry my pissy self downstairs and see other people. Pissy bitchness rubs off, believe me. That’s why it really bothers me when I feel “sorry” for myself for some reason and it bothers me just as much when others do. I’m not saying it’s not perfectly ok to be upset, but only temporarily is necessary. Think about it…what has wallowing in your sorrows ever done for you? Reflecting on negative aspects of your life isn’t going to make the sun shine any brighter. What will, you ask? Focusing on the positive things in your life. It is totally possible to find the silver lining in any situation if you’ve got a family, friends and a roof over your head – consider yourself blessed.

Whenever I find myself in a pickle,  I simply remind myself that there is always something that can be done, but only if I make the changes. Remember that you are in control of your own happiness. Define yourself by the good things you have going for you; this makes the problems seem a heck of a lot easier to solve. If you find you’re down, do yourself a favor and do something, anything that makes you happy. Draw, call up a pal, bake, read, whatever. Being a poopy bitch isn’t fun for anyone. So slap a smile on your face.

Making (computer!) art makes me happy.


Lastnight I helped my cousin and her friends celebrate her 19th Birthday. Just a casual, enjoyable get-together with obnoxious but addictive music, chitchatter, pizza rolls, cake and lots of laughter.

Birthday girl and her cake!


I kind of feel bad; this could've been a great picture.


 This morning I woke up way too early for my liking and thanks to the princess pup, I was about 2.3 milimeters away from stepping on a huge pile of dung-ho. This morning could’ve easily determined my mood for the rest of the day, but no worries, I found the cream in my Twinkie and laughed it off. Oh, I cleaned up Cara’s crap too, in case you were wondering.

After I regained my appetite (I’d say about 5 mins) I fixed myself my fave:



I had such a tush whooping workout as well. Whenever my Dad goes to the gym with me, it makes it that much more fun. Besides getting stuck in machines, entertainment comes in the form of him making faces and dancing to Selena Gomez and all the incredibly teeny-bopper music that they play. I wish I was joking…I guess meatheads have a soft spot for Selena. I guess she does throw down a good beat for runners and ellipticizers too. Is ellipticizer a word? It is now.

Ah, speaking again of the cream filling, I made possibly the most delicious omelet ever. No Twinkie needed here.

Make this now.


Topped with cheddar cheese, because bacon cheese makes everything better.



Simply go about your omelet making and add some cream cheese inside, on top and sprinkle with sharp cheddar. Simple, but awesome.

Paired w/some tilapia + spiced cauliflower!


I’m off to relax for the rest of the night, grab some dinner and probably a cup or two of tea by the tub and soak the night away. I have to enjoy it while I can because most likely at this hour next week I’ll be filled to the brim with projects instead of tea.

What helps you see the silver lining?

What’s your favorite cheesy dish?

Peace and love!


p.s. does anyone else have their mind in the gutter when reading my post title? Umm, woops 😉



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42 responses to “Where’s the Cream Filling?!

  1. Girl I SO had my mind in the gutter, but your ray-of-sunshine post made me remember the good things like my dog and cheese:)

    Slash MAC AND CHEESE all the way, no doubt! But there’s always room for pizza:)

  2. cheer up sunshine, tomorrow is a new day. another chance for some cream filling 😉 bahah

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Emily

    being around happy people helps make me see the silver lining. i’m actually at my brothers apartment right now, and listening to him and his roommates uselessly talk always makes my day and puts me in a good mood! we should take a hint from funny funny care free hombres!
    as far as cheese goes…..cheesy pizza! or my mama’s homemade bakes mac n cheese! hmmmm mouthgasm

  4. Meg! You dirty girl! Haha LOL. Loving these cheese and egg – my fav.

    Ya you are totally right about making yourself happy. I was all bitchy about my job but after talking to my counselor about it, I decided that I need to make my own career and be proactive about doing things within my job that can make me happier – instead of just slumping around hating my job.

  5. Um that looks delicious. Can you please come over right now and make me some? My night is already made now!

  6. That cheesy omelet looks SOOOO good. I wanna make it NOW!!

  7. That omelette looks amazing!! And as for the silver lining-I just remind myself that a lot of people have it worse off. I get stressed with my classes, but I think of how lucky I am to even have the opportunity to go to college. Little reality checks like that keep me grounded, and ultimately happier!

  8. Poopy bitch = poopy way to live. I absolutely have to cry or scream if necessary to get it out of my system, then just go on with life as though the tantrum never happened. Always works 😉

    And I didnt think aaaanything about your title until you pointed it out…thanks soooo much dirty bird! haha

  9. Ahahaha your humor always makes me laugh. I love how you say it simply. POOPIE BITCH. hahahah.

  10. i am always a pissy bitch in the morning unless I wake up with someone exciting. just kidding…. only a little!

  11. ezzie

    It’s not easy to stay positive all the time, but cheesy comedies, tea, and a bubble bath defiantly helps for me :D.

  12. I definitely can’t stay positive all the time, and am frequently down on myself, but little things outdoors (sunsets, blue skies, etc) are what realy get me to appreciate the beauty of the world all over again on bad days.

    and i looove that picture you claim to have ruined. too funny! 🙂

  13. Postivity is always the best! I have to remind myself of that when I’m in a pissy mood–but you’re right where has wallowing ever gotten anyone?! Plus, when I’m in a bad mood–so is the rest of my fam. No good.

    TWSS title?! haha

    Enjoy your last few days of freedom pretty girl! 🙂

  14. such a great post! and DANG you are sucha great writerrr– you have such a nice swagga about you :D.. my way to find the silver lining… is to watch the Bachelor.. because it gives me hope that one day i can find that special someone via reality tv… total lie…
    i try to just focus on the positive things.. when im feeling down.. and it actualy does work!!
    fav cheesy dish?? is rly dusnt matter as long as there’s CHEESE!

  15. i only made that bachelor reference because im literally watching it right now!

  16. There is no cheesy dish that I DON’T love… I don’t discriminate 🙂 Can’t choose a favorite

  17. I keep seeing cauliflower all over blogworld. I need to get my sh** together and go get some finally!! shoot!

    you are so cute and I love your rules for cheering yourself up. You are right, we ARE in charge of our own happiness. Let’s gehhhhhhhhd it. ya hurrrd.

    love you preshus bebeeeee

  18. I love cheesy potatoes in any shape or form. Casseroles, soups, baked potatoes…LOVE!

  19. You’re right, no one wants to be around grumpy people! But I can’t claim to be a positive 100% of the time person. It’s a good reminder to control the moodiness though 🙂

  20. mind in the gutter when read, lol!!!

    I love that your dad is funny like that, my dad is too, I love it! Ummmm I guess selena gomez must be a meathead love for sure! Too funny! U think you would here like heavy metal music for the meatheads ; )

    I always find happiness in every day no matter what bumps might come to a day, I am just grateful for waking up and having the oppurtunity to be blessed with another day ; ) Love ya girl and love that egg cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy goodness!!!!!!!

  21. Bahahaha! Mind in the gutter, especially after writing my last post!

    I love cheese. I think if I go vegan that will be one of the hardest things to give up!

  22. I’m normally a really positive person but the last few months I had some things going on that turned me into a negative nancy. Luckily I have gotten back in the game though and am back to my positive self for the most part!

    Oh, and I love when my sister comes with me to the gym too- we always have such fun!

  23. LOVE your attitude…that you just realize your in a bad mood & decide to change it! You rock 😀
    And that’s so cool that you & your Dad can go to the gym together, I’m sure it does make it so much better!

  24. Haha! That pic is still super great! I don’t think you ruined it one bit. 🙂

    Spending time cuddling with the husband or the doggie tend to make my day a heck of a lot better. 🙂

  25. My mind didn’t even need to go to the gutter…it was already there. I have such a dirty mind.

    Whenever I’m in a funk I ask myself whether what I’m pissed off about will matter in a year, or a month, or even a week. If it’s a big fat NO, then I tell myself to suck it up. Life isn’t always perfect, but as a whole it’s amazing 🙂

  26. I like your attitude! Sometimes we need to choose to be happy and look at the positive side.

  27. Ayla

    You know, I think you should have people thanking you for that picture because you didn’t ruin it, you MADE it. Haha. Random pictures like that are the best.

    I did find your title a bit dirty but then again, there were a few moments in the actual post that were the same. It’s okay, having ones mind in the gutter is the most entertaining place to be. 😉

  28. omg, ANYTHING with cheese is my favorite dish : ) I am seriously a cheese-aholic!

  29. My pup always cheers me up-I can be pretty nasty at times-WATCH OUT, haha.
    Fav cheesy dish? oh man I don’t know-since I dont eat cheese very often anymore (sad face) I’ll take any dish with cheese, lol.

  30. My mind was in the gutter too! Haha.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on some perfectfood bars! 🙂

    -@ eatsomethingnew

  31. Being a poopy bitch isn’t fun for anyone. So slap a smile on your face.” You are such a queen of quotes. Love you. And for me, simply going for a walk outside or snuggling always helps me see a silver lining.


  32. gahhh that omelet with cream cheese and cheddar sounds amazing!! definitely on my to-make list!

    haha your dad sounds like a blast at the gym!!

  33. YOU (and certain others 😉 ) help me to see the silver lining.

  34. MAC and cheesey is my favorite meal with cheese!! i love that your dad goes to the gym with you… i need a gym partner! it makes working out more fun.

  35. The topic of this post reminds me of “Always look on the bright side of life” from Monty Python! Now it’s stuck in my head. 😛

    But I love what you said here! WE are the ones who determine our attitudes, so we can decide to be happy. It’s so much better to go through life with smile instead of a frown.

    Cream cheese on an omelet sounds amazing!

  36. Your always so optimistic–love it! I really try my hardest to see the light in every situation! It takes practice, but practice makes perfect right?! And my fav cheesy dish is definitely Chicken Parm!

    p.s. Loving the cupcake in your header!! =) hehe

  37. spoonfulofsugarfree

    What a great outlook 🙂 “The sun will come out tomorrow…”

    Some times it is hard getting out of a slump…I was depressed all week, and I just slapped myself last night! All better now 😀

  38. that’s a great way to think of it, Meg.

    whenever I’m in one of those moods, my mom has always said “Only YOU can make your own happiness. Make some choices to make yourself happier than you are.”

    …so go get that happiness! 🙂

  39. Calling my best friend – no matter how big a poopy bitch mood I’m in – always makes me feel better! Girly chatting and laughing together is the best remedy. Oh, and I’m totally a teeny bopper when it comes to Selena Gomez! “Naturally” is on my workout playlist on the regular! No shame.

  40. Last question first: guilty.
    My favorite cheese dish is probably pizza, or mac n’ cheese, or omelets, or quesadillas, or I really love cheese and can’t pick…

  41. I want to work out with your dad, HA! I always need a good form of entertainment when doing cardio, so I bet he would be the perfect partner. 😉

    I looove cheezy omelette’s but never thought about using cream cheese. Genius Meg!

    Love ya and hope you have a great weekend!

  42. My mind was NOT in the gutter until I read that last line in your post!! hahaha
    You little slooot.

    Anyways, I hope your day’s have been better my dear! It’s never fun waking up in a shitty mood (pun intended…the pup’s little surprise must have been very nice! lol).

    Your cottage cheese-topped oats look delish as always. Why did it take me so long to hop on that bandwagon?! I become entirely addicted towards the end of winter break and have not been able to indulge myself in that deliciousness ever since because for some reason cottage cheese is MIA in Espana!


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