Laughter is the best exercise.

Gosh am I ever glad that I’m not the only woman who seriously needs to downsize her collections of beauty shenanigans! Let’s all go unshopping together. I actually kind of appreciate the challenge that unfolds when I run out of a “staple” makeup or hair care product since I can’t buy anything til I run out of ten of them. Now if only I could commit to the same thing with my scarf obsession…

Is it bad that this is only about 1/4 of it all?


My excuse is that scarves can make an outfit. I’m shamelessly admitting to wearing sweaters and shirts with holes in them and a scarf over to cover it up, so….vintage? Sure, why not. Shaves plenty of time off of my getting-ready routine when all I’ve gotta do is throw on a scarf!

Anywho, scarf and makeup talk aside, this weekend was filled with even more family, lots of coffee and food, gym time and relaxing by the fire. Scarves and fireplaces are probably two of the few reasons I love winter. Another reason? When I get a package that needs to be refridgerated, that’s not a problem on my doorstep. I pulling in the driveway and seeing surprises on my porch!

Oh what could it be?!


The lovely folks over at Perfect Foods Bars graciously sent me (and the winner of my giveaway!) a big box of goodies! I know ya’ll have heard that these are my favorite bars ever and that still rings true.

My fave!


Just in time for classes to start! I don’t know what I’d do in my long classes, especially my night classes, without some kind of substantial food that I can eat without being obnoxious. If I could bring along my microwave and oven to class we’d be kosher, but unfortunately those tools aren’t really socially acceptable outside of the kitchen. They also sent me a new bar to try! Almond butter!



And the sweetest letter ever! I’ll tweet and blog all day about these bars. No problem.

Dear PFB, I love you too.


What a wonderful way to start my day. Along with a gym session that won’t let me apply deodorant without pain. Yeah, it’s a problem. I really love my new gym because I get to play with new weights and machines I’ve never used before. I actually got “stuck” (if that’s what you wanna call it) in a leg machine and had to have one of the employees help me out. Embarrassing, but at least I know I can provide some entertainment for my fellow gym-goers and my Dad, who usually comes to the gym too. Speaking of gym time, my brother has been torching his calories and entertaining us with hoola hooping on the Wii.

Shake dat booty!


Clearly better than my means of entertaining while working out, right?

Yep, the whole fam was loving it.


Told you so.


Between the good company, good exercise, good food and exciting mail this weekend, I haven’t really had a chance to just sit and relax, which is why today will be spent on my booty (and lastnight was spent on my booty as well, by the fire!) I’m going to finish fixing up my lunch and get into the newest issues of Glamour and Whole Living. Martha Stewart is my homegirl.

Italian tofu w/ cheese = lunch.


Premade tofu smeared with cream cheese and seasonings is probably one of the laziest things I could think of as my lunch, alongside some other premade things. Do I at least get credit for making my own salad and dressing? 

Hope you all enjoy your day! Later tonight I’m off to my cousin’s Birthday celebration and enjoying my last few days of winter break.

Who did you spend the weekend with?

What’s your favorite way to exercise without a gym?

Peace and love!




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39 responses to “Laughter is the best exercise.

  1. OK, first glance– I thought that tofu was a brownie with frosting! Ahhh my subconscious must be craving sweets! hahaha

    What I would do to be able to sit by a fire and read mags right now….

    I’ve never tried those bars before! I definitely have to look into them.

    Have a lovely Monday, sweets! xoxo

  2. I LOVEEEE YOU!! italian tofu!?!? that sounds AMAZING!!! hilarious about the wii- i am so bad at the hula thing!

  3. tofu + cream cheese? SIGN ME UP.. i REALLY WANt to try those bars.. one time i google searched them because I was so hungry and just stared at the images.. for real I’m not kidding
    i just wish i could findt hem OVER HERE!
    my fav way to exercise without a gym.. is to run outside!!! or do a body weights workout- that is a lie.. i have never done abody weights workout, but ihave some saved for LATA!

  4. tofu + cream cheese? SIGN ME UP.. i REALLY WANt to try those bars. i just google searched them right after i saw your package because Im hungry and just stared at the images.. for real I’m not kidding
    i just wish i could findt hem OVER HERE!
    my fav way to exercise without a gym.. is to run outside!!! or do a body weights workout- that is a lie.. i have never done abody weights workout, but ihave some saved for LATA!

  5. Im with you about the scarfs…I’ve got a hefty collection too!
    That pic of the dog is hilarious!
    I was with my fiance all wknd with the side of dinners with both our parents.

  6. I thought the tofu was a brownie like Kailey did! It looks good!

    omg that dog pic is hilarious!!!!! Love it!! lol!! So cute!!

    Ok well Im sure the gym peeps got a good laugh but i bet you made getting stuck in the leg machine look hot ; )

    Happy Birthday to your cousin!

    What did I do this weekend?! We had date night, drank wine, dreamed of Hawaii for our honeymoon in 5 months, my son was bouncing off the walls hyper all wknd ( damn snow for keeping him indoors, spring hurry or I might have a breakdown ! ) we cleaned, watched football. and yeah that was our weekend, I know your jealous ; ) lol!

    Love u!

  7. Carly in Wonderland

    I have a lot of scarfs too (well- not that many) yet never wear them! I have so many with tags i always WANT to wear them but end up in a collard shirt – oh well!

  8. I took some personal time this weekend which was really nice before classes start. I can’t wait to spend the next weekend with my boyfriend that is coming and visiting.

    Those bars look so good, I’m jealous of your winner ha.

  9. Lovely post! I really want to try those Perfect Foods Bars! I looked in my local grocery store’s health food section at their assortment of bars, and they didn’t have them! Sadly..
    Anyways, I spent the weekend basically by myself because I just needed some relaxing time. Severely.
    And, I love to swim laps to exercise! Which you don’t necessarily need a gym for, I think? And I also do Pilates. :]

  10. you can never have too many scarves! 🙂 those bars look good!

  11. Girl we are scarf TWINS. I am semi-obsessed. Slash I totes thought that tofu was a brownie! I was like guuuurl you better be sharing those brownies! 🙂

    I spent the weekend on a hot date with my TEXTBOOKS, studying for midterms! Not so yumlicious, but at least I had great snackage!

    My favorite way to work out sans the gym is using my treadmill, running outside, or doing Julie’s at-home cardio blast (from PB Fingers). My Mom also has TONS of yoga, pilates, and cardio videos that are hilar and have 80’s workout outfits:)

  12. it DOES look like a brownie with icing. these peeps dont lie!!!

    wii tennis always gives me a bomb arm workout.

    i had a date this weekend. yikess!
    peace and love

  13. ALMOND BUTTER PF BARS?! So, so extremely jealous over here. 🙂

  14. Hahah I thought the tofu was dessert too! Sounds like you had a great weekend! I spent mine with the bf. My fave way to workout without a gym is hike or run! Or go dancing if that counts 🙂

  15. Have a lovely semesterrrr!!

  16. gotta love those workout DVDs! Wii Fit is really fun, too, though. 😉

    orrr.. a nice bike ride down the beach?

    maybe I’m just missing the warm weather. BRRR!

    p.s. I have ve convinced myself that scarf obsessions are completely acceptable.

  17. I love running when the weather’s warm, but in a pinch Exercise TV is a great way to get a quick workout.

  18. I have the Wii and it is so funny to work out with! I don’t use it as much anymore though – the novelty wore off. I just started the P90X program though yesterday so I’m excited for that!

  19. Without a gym I LOVE doing metabolic circuits at home. I have a ton of examples on my blog in my daily workouts tab.

    Some of my best, hardest workouts are outside of the gym!

    Im checking out the PFB!

  20. That scarf addiction nearly rivals my cardigan one. I have SO many. And I think the exact same thing-they complete the outfit!! lol

  21. Haha! Love your scarf addiction! And also your dog’s face in that shot! Hilarious! 🙂

  22. Your tofu does look like brownies! lol Either way it looks delish!

    I have sooo many scarves too! I just bought one the other day and my niece was like “why do you need another scarf? you have two drawers full!” They DO make the outfit! 🙂


  23. ALMONG BUTTER Perfect Bars?!?! Have I died and gone to heaven?!?!

  24. ezzie

    I went through a phase where I had a mild (okay, huge) obsession with scarves. For Christmas that year, all I asked for were scarves and more scarves! Now I just have a couple of simple looking ones that keep me nice and warm 🙂

  25. Gotta say… I completely agree. Scarves just MAKE an outfit. Truly, they are the perfect winter/cool weather accessory.

  26. I spent my weekend away with my love, and my favourite exercise will always be walking outside! Good for my brain, body and soul!

  27. Those bars look amazingly good! Are they gluten-free?

  28. Italian tofu w/ cheese sounds interesting!!

  29. I spent the weekend with my boyfriend and best friend (it was both of their birthdays!)

  30. I spent the weekend celebrating a Steelers victory 😀 Yay!

  31. I’m a huge scarf fan too. I love how they can take jeans and a tee from boring to cute!

    Also Martha Stewart is totes MY homegirl too! Let’s get t-shirts made. 😉

  32. wow can we share a mailbox? I’d love to try some of those bars! 🙂

  33. Totally agree with you about scarves- they are so cute 🙂 I just need a lesson on how to tie them correctly. I always feel like such a fool when I try to wear them- haha 😀

  34. Jos

    I don’t go to gym and my favorite home workouts are all from 🙂
    I spent weekends mostly with hubby and did house chores.

  35. Yes laughter IS ab-inducing! Haha, especially when I’m with my bf Greg…He’s just so silly just being with him my tummy hurts 😛 OoOoo those Perfect FBars sound good~I’d like to try one I wonder where they sell it near me

  36. I am in love with scarfs too–they are just so much fun!

  37. I love laughing! This weeking I went running through the woods at night, keeps me in check for when I am in Iraq!


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