After the holidays I immediately decided that I seriously needed to stop buying things. I’ve actually been extremely well behaved at the malls lately and have decided NOT to buy any makeup or beauty products until I’ve run out of ten products. Unless of course the product is a necessity, cause I’m not about to run around with stank hair or armpits that could be responsible for mass destruction; deodorant, shampoo and all them other shenanigans I can buy if needed, but eyeshadow, lipstick, etc can wait.

Scary...isn't it?

I learned this magnificent idea from watching YouTube videos – women will vow to not buy anything until they’ve run out of at least ten products – and I’m being a copycat because it’s genius, agreed? My wallet certainly agrees.

It was extremely hard to veer away from Sephora and all of my favorites at the mall today, but I totally kicked ass at sticking to my plan. I didn’t even go for any clothes. My cousin – Carly – and I met up with my Aunt today to grab lunch and do some Birthday shopping for Carly.

Cousinly love.


Carly went for her favorite pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, the margherita pizza! If I wasn’t gluten free, I must say I’d totally do the same. It’s probably the best thin crust pizza they have.


Her fave!


Margherita Pizza!


My Aunt and I both went for the cobb salad! I absolutely love cobb salads…the eggs, beets and avocado are right up my alley. A salad isn’t a salad without some good fixings, right?



Carly found two gorgeous shirts from Charlotte Russe. It’s a lot easier to resist buying things for yourself when you get to pick out things for other people to try on. I just think it’s really exciting to see clothes on real people as opposed to models in pictures and mannequins. Although my no-product-purchase plans don’t include clothes, my closet already looks like it’s blowing chunks, so til I get in there and do some serious business, I can’t fit any purchases in there. My Aunt, Carly and I had a faboosh time prowling the stores and chatting away like women do.

Love her!


I’m blessed to have such amazing women in my family and my life. After the mall, I was planning on hitting up the gym, but to be honest, I’m SUPER sore for some reason and I’m pretty positive that my body is just telling me it needs another rest day. Totally cool with me and by the time I got close to home I was really craving some cereal and a nap. So I did my thang.

Speaking of doing my thang, I’ve got some America’s Funniest Home Videos to catch up with, dinner to finish and Starbucks to venture out to.

Gluten free alfredo.


Mashed taters and broc!


I was really considering going out downtown tonight, but it’s legit freezing out and meeting a friend for coffee sounds a lot better than stumbling…err prancing around and making my glutes scream for mercy even louder than they already are.

There’s always Saturday night 😉

What’s your favorite salad topping?

Are you on a no-buying spree after the holidays?

Peace and love!




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43 responses to “Unshopping

  1. Shopping with my aunts and cousins is the best, I love bonding and realizing that they are hilarious! Yes girl, I am on a SUPER budget, saving my money like it’s nobody’s business.

    Slash mashed taters broc = I must try this! Double slash I always smother my salads in hummus, delish:)

  2. Favorite salad topping is avocado and sweet potato. It has been a thing lately when eating salads, haha

  3. I also go into a no shopping spree after the holidays. It’s so much easier to do it now!

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  5. Haha, I always vow to not buy new clothes, and I always fail! Although now I don’t wear much of my normal clothes since now I wear scrubs a lot of the time, which then makes me only want to wear sweats instead of jeans since I get used to the comfy pants! LOL

  6. Favourite salad topping: SPAGHETTI SQUASH! Try it, you’ll love it 😀
    And as far as watching what I buy… yeahhh, since I bought a car recently I’m kind of broke 😛 So, I have no choice but to be a little bit cheap!

  7. I love your green potatoes!

    My favorite topping for salads is hummus or feta!

  8. I need to be on a no shopping spree! I love the idea of waiting until you go through ten products, I have so many half full bottles of random products at home!

  9. I’m on the same boat– no shopping for me!
    Actually, lately the only recent spending has been at starbucks, and that addiction isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, or ever.
    salad topping = craisins!

  10. Favorite salad topping = roasted veggies.
    And as far as shopping goes, all my money is going into the bank for a new camera! Okay, not ALL of it, but a good chunk 🙂

  11. I am pretty much always on a “no-shopping” spree. I am quite frugal! Haha 🙂

    I love salads loaded with toppings!! Roasted veggies, chicken.. MM!

  12. I have a book policy. No new books until I finish one. The pile on my night stand was getting into a Leaning Tower sort of situation. I was afraid I would be crushed in the night. I may have to institute a junk food policy as well. Pantry is becoming a little unruly.

  13. ALWAYS on a no buying spree.. i actually haven’t been shopping since the summer :O… i LOVE cobb salads too.. they have everything on them which is perf! my fav salad topping is hummus though !

  14. I am on a no shopping spree too! Especially since I have my 1 year anniversary, my boyfriends birthday and valentines day within the first 45 days of the year…

    My favorite salad topping is goat cheese, apples and cranberries!

  15. Funny enough, I didn’t buy THAT much over the holidays….my gift list was relatively short. I’ve been good in general about not buying stuff lately, though I did splurge at J.Crew Factory online last night. $17 shorts? Um, yes please!!

  16. My fave salad topping has to be avocado! Or blobs of hummus… mm I might have that today! And I need to do some surrious “unshopping” too. I have acquired wayy too much junk!

  17. Creamy avocado, crispy sweet potato “chips,” and crumbled mary’s gone crackers crackers are some of my favorite salad toppings. I go crazy for sunflower sprouts too – they’re SO good and just loaded with protein. Yum.

    As far as the no shopping thing goes.. bahaha, it doesn’t usually go for long, but what can ya do 😉

  18. Im totally with you on the buying-reduction, except for food, of course. Food doesn’t count… because it never goes to waste.
    And my favorite salad toppings are goat cheese with a balsamic dressing or honey mustard with seeds and avocado and onions. Mm!

  19. Katharina

    I have been unshopping for quite some time now hehe. I don’t like clutter and unnecessary things so I usually just try to have one of my needs (exception with chapstick.. one in every purse). But yeah.. also since I’m planning on moving when I graduate in May I don’t want to have to carry all this stuff with me. I’ve been utilizing my pantry a lot.. and pretty much everything!

    Favorite salad topping? That’s hard.. pomegranate seeds can give a salad great texture and flavor. I also like throwing on some goat cheese as well!


    p.s. I hear some girl named Katharina gave you an award on her blog 😉


  20. Aww, I love shopping with friends and picking stuff out for them. It’s so much fun! 🙂

  21. I need to use up more of makeup too! Great idea 🙂 I’m surprised that CPK doesn’t have gluten free pizza!! I lot of pizza places here have that!

  22. Damn girl why you so pretty??

    Avocado is fo sho my favorite salad topping andddd shopping hiatuses don’t exist when you work in a clothing store. Faillllll!

  23. Your beautiful , I just always have to tell you that cause its how I roll ; )

    Your aunt and cousin are too cute, so nice you are close with your family, its so important! Girl I need to stop buying makeup too, and I have been doing good on that, I do love sephora but I need to stay away ! lol!

    Your cobb salad you got looked good but I agree the pizza loos fab that your cousin got !

    Have a great night love! its freeeeeeeeeeeezing here too! Mike and I going to be bums and keep inside and warm!

    Love ya! xoxo

  24. Green taters, they look good! I’m the same way right now with money, need to save up for college seeing it is so darn expensive! Wow, thats a lot of makeup/beauty product!

  25. Elle

    Hi! I’m new to your blog & loving it! Your hair is so gorgeous by the way. What shampoo & conditioner do you use? I’m trying to get body like that in my hair but find that it just falls flat. Thanks girl!

  26. Elle

    Sorry I repeated a q you get all the time, just found the youtube stuff explaining it, thanks! 🙂

  27. Mashed taters mixed with broc?!?! Genius. Pure genius.

  28. W just told me how good i’ve been having not shopped at all after the holidays-and then I went a little nutty with online shopping-he jinxed me!

  29. I don’t have as much of a problem with skin/hair care products as I do with scarves. Oh my god. I’m addicted. Like, literally, true life status.

    p.s. I though (read: wished) your mashed broc was mint chocolate chip ice cream. I’m hungryyyy.


  30. I soo need help when it comes to not shopping! Esp when it comes to online!

    PS…Just facebook stalked you 😉

  31. i have been really good about spending – gotta save save save for mortgage payments.

    salad topper…i really like dried basil seasoning on a salad.

  32. Love the “unshopping” idea. Count me in! I am so sick of stuff, stuff and more stuff. I really need to weed through alot if I plan on moving in the next year or so. Otherwise I’ll need a few Uhauls lol 🙂

  33. i’m awful 😦 I need to go on a shopping hiatus but…i just haven’t gotten around to it 😦 Whoops?

  34. Oh lady, you and me both. I’m also forcing myself to use up products before I’m allowed to buy new ones. It’s slow going, but I’ve managed to save money!

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  36. This is a FABULOUS idea! I shall adopt the 10 product rule! ❤ Thanks love!

    Your blog is so fun! Where have you been hiding! I'm so excited I have a cute new blog to read now =) I'm following ya on twitter btw! ❤

  37. i need to implement a rule like that. i’m a freak for shoes, purses, and accessories!

  38. no more for me either! not until i’m ten products down! 🙂

    thnaks for the inspiration!

    haha xox.

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