How To: Tame a Face Freakout

I feel so vain and slightly embarrassed admitting this, but I was definitely one of those girls in high school. You know…those girls who are constantly pulling out the mirror, buffing on a bit of powder and picking, pulling and preening at their faces. Obnoxious, I know. I can happily say that this stage ended shortly into my first year of college when I realized that there is more to life than prepping and picking at my face.

 I can partially attest it to the fact that my skin was amazingly clearer than it had been the years before. Why? Well let’s just say I stopped my home-made system of washing and scrubbing my face in hopes that the zits I had would magically disappear. I’d literally spend hours in front of the mirror scrubbing, applying makeup, getting pissed and doing it all over again til I thought I looked presentable to the public. Then I met my dermatologist, became a guinea pig and ran test trials on practically 99.6% of acne medications out there until I found something that started to work, calmed down and realized that life was more than looking “perfect”.

Tea! A natural chill pill!

I had some serious confidence issues and I wasn’t about to let them waste anymore of my time. I definitely still have days where I wake up with Zitzilla on my face, but for the most part I spend my mirror-check episodes making sure that there’s nothing stuck in my teeth. I’ll take the zit over some nasty jank up in my grill…biggest pet peeve ever. When I’m mirrorless and I ask you “is there anything in my teeth?” and you do one of those 1-second once-overs, I will not be impressed.

All of that aside, respecting my face – and my whole body as well – was definitely the answer to quelling my anger and disappointment in the mirror. If I could give my younger self one thing right now, it’d be a chill pill. I’m telling ya’ll this because I still have mini freakout sessions when I get blemishes. But I have found something that works for me – along with regular exercise to get my blood flowing, healthy fats and vitamins/minerals in food – so hopefully it works for you too.

Healthy fats: one of my favorite sources!

Here’s a video of how I quickly clear up those once-in-awhile annoyances, because yes, they happen to us all. Especially during that time of month, ladies. Oh, the joy.

What’s one thing you do to keep your skin clear?

Peace and love!




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31 responses to “How To: Tame a Face Freakout

  1. You are gorgeous. ‘Nuff said. You’re not obnoxious, ever! 😀

  2. i woke up with a little gift on my chin. Rawr. Thanks for the tips pretty girllllll

  3. My face is soooo much better with a healthy diet. Also green tea makes my skin glow. Try it!

  4. Hahaha I am always with my mirror after I eat making sure there is nothing wedged in my teeth! One of your favorite sources of healthy fats is my favorite source! Lovely video darling!

  5. I’m at work–but I can’t wait to get home and watch this! 🙂

  6. i drink POOP LOADS OF WATER.. which def helps my skin!! and i make sure to wash my face twice a day!

  7. I try to drink a lot of water so that my skin is hydrated. I find I break out when my skin is too dry. And I always wash my face at night! Even when I want to go straight to bed.

  8. I wash my skin twice a day, gentle scrub once, and I ALWAYS moisturize after washing! Plus I drink a REDONK amount of water every day, I’m basically part fish.

  9. Aww, girl you are so pretty! 🙂

  10. Acne is the worst!! Thanks for your advice =)

    When I do use products, I use as natural ones as possible. That’s my pretty un-original tip!

  11. a home remedy I love (for one of those big honkers!) is a mixture of 1/3 lemon juice, 2/3 water. I swear upon it, and I’ve been doing it since high school!

  12. Love it! When I’m stressed I break out.. I hate it! I don’t have any tricks so I could use all the ones I can get!

  13. I have really dry skin so washing it once a day is good enough to keep the breakouts at bay. I am so with ya about being obsessive in high school. I would run to the bathroom in between classes to make sure my make up was right. It’s nice to be in college and be over that phase!

  14. I used ProActiv in high school and it seemed to work pretty well. Now I just use soap and water and my skin stays clear for the most part, until my period rolls around. Then that’s a WHOLE different story 😉

  15. dmcgirl37

    haha my skin way SOOOO bad in High School! it’s gotten better though as i got older but i dont care about it much anymore? I’m not sure why but i think being less stressed out about it made my acne go away! I dont do anything to it now… When I do “pick” at my pimples my face does get worse so I make a habit if on of the little guys shows up–DO NOT PICKK!!! i know, hard stufff lol

    Dana xoox

  16. My face has actually been breaking out a lot lately due to the mass amount of time I have spent in the chlorine and all that jazz.

    Girl, you are so beautiful.

  17. You have beautiful skin! I think the consumption of green tea and LOTS of water always help me get that healthy glow 🙂

  18. Im a Clinique freak! Best products ever!

  19. I love boscia skincare products! and I wash my face morning and night 🙂

  20. I wash my face everyday, eat well, and exercise. Other than that, I leave it up to nature 😉

  21. I never moisturized in high school and I had horrible cysts 😦 Now I make sure to use a moisturizer and a sulfur-based zit zapper if one pops up (knock on wood!!!)

  22. Haha, I’m with you on this one! And there is nothing more annoying than being at a party or some other place and spotting girls fixing their hair and face in the mirror every second. The point isn’t to make sure you look like a portrait 24/7 – just relax, have fun, and be yourself. Your complexion and personality really shine that way. 🙂 Of course, lots and lots of water and minerals help too!

  23. I have a horrible, horrible breakout along my neck and jawline that just won’t go away! I’ve been using a benzoyl peroxide cream in the morning and a salicylic acid solution at night. I can see some improvement each morning, but it just flames back up by nighttime and once some spots go away, others appear.

    I think it’s partly because of stress, partly because of “that time of month,” and partly because it’s winter and I pull the covers way up around my neck and don’t give my skin space to breathe at night.

  24. Jessica M

    I had bad acne for a few years in high school. It sucked. Ever since I cut way back on dairy, my skin has cleared up 90%. Now, I will use Proactiv refining mask if one pops up and it works well for me. Also, I have found that if I eat too much soy, my face will break out (makes sense since its supposed to mimic estrogen).

  25. I had the WORST acne on my forehead when I was 16ish. Total confidence killer. I think the biggest thing that cleared it up was prescription face wash, but now I have really clear skin with a basic routine. I SWEAR it has to do with the amount of processed food I was eating….chemicals are NOT good for your skin!!

  26. crazylittlethingneela

    uhh I have been getting really bad pimples lately and they are really annoying me!! 😛
    I shall see if I can find some of this stuff here in germany
    thank you gorgeous

  27. Love your blog! I must say, you crack me up.
    The only time my skin stays clear is when I eat a buttload of fresh fruits and vegetables and stay extremely hydrated. I’m trying to make this more of a habit. Using virgin coconut oil instead of face or body lotion has also been one of the best things to ever happen to my skin.

  28. I’ve been super blessed (knock on wood) to never get any pimples. I will have one pop up once every few months. I actually give all the credit for my clear skin to Avon’s VitaMoist cream. I put it on religiously every morning after showering and every night after washing my face. Alot of pimples are caused by lack of moisture balance in your skin, and this helps get yours to a “normal” level I guess. Hasn’t failed me yet! 🙂 Love your tips though, and of course your stunning face!

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