If only…

If only everyday begun with swinging open the curtains and seeing the treetops dusted with snow…

So beautiful.


…and the sweetest, most spoiled little sausage greeted you with snores when you came downstairs for coffee.

Meet my boo.


If only I could be so careless as to throw my hair up in a bun to avoid the tangles everyday…(although whenever I do this, I find myself obnoxiously pulling it out – and all 439443 of the bobby pins – about 10 minutes after I put it up)

psst...I'll have a video tutorial on this soon.


If only I could eat at Panera everyday, but only with the company of two beautiful lunch dates!

LOVE these ladies


Sana, Maya, (Christine in spirit) and I grabbed some grub at Panera and gabbed for a good two hours.  I don’t think we’d ever run out of things to talk, laugh and gossip about. Friends are so precious and I’m forever thankful that these made their way into my life. Sappy, but true!

Minus the wontons.


p.s. is it just me or are Panera’s potato chips just exceptionally delicious? As well as the amazing cookies that Maya baked for the ocassion. I’ve already made it about halfway through the bag (with my Dad’s help, which I did not ask for, by the way) Anything that involved peanut butter and chocolate chips? Count me in. Sana enjoyed her mac ‘n cheese and veggie sandwich! I wish I’d gotten a chance to try Panera’s mac ‘n cheese before I was gluten-free. It looks like it rocks, like super-high class Velveeta. Keep it classy, Panera. 

Sana's mac n sammie!


If only everyday I could come home to a toasty fireplace and my big blue Snuggie (who am I kidding…my Snuggie is always within reach.) Winter break isn’t over yet, but it’s coming close. Til then, I’m keeping the glitter on my nails, the recipes on my to-do list (but laziness up top), the heels on my feet (only between the hours of 10pm-1am) and my friends by my side…but that is everyday.

What did you love about today?

Have you entered my giveaway?

Peace and love!




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41 responses to “If only…

  1. I love panera nom nom nom. I love that photo of you girl-you look amazing!

    I miss my dogs but they are huge-a golden retriever and black lab.

    I loved that I only had one swim practice today. Two hours versus four bahaha.

  2. awww… sweet sausage. 🙂 Basil Doxie says hello…

  3. I had soo much fun with you today! Seriously, we had soo much to talk about 🙂

    I can’t wait to ice skateeeeee!

  4. Believe it or not I’ve never been to Panera! We just don’t have any around here in Portland (that i know at least!) Best part about today so far- that Trader Joe’s was giving samples of sundried tomato/pesto torta, triple layer hummus, and sugar snap peas, all in one little snack plate! Haha I’m such a sucker for free samples 🙂

  5. i had a fantastic run through the beautiful snow day. it was lovely. 🙂

  6. I love that I got to make up for todays early wake-up call with a super long nap 🙂

  7. I love Panera!! Looks like you had a great day with the friends!!

  8. I like Panera but I usually choose Corner Bakery instead. If yo have not tried Corner Bakery-you must!!! It is crazy good!

  9. i lved watching tv with my cat by the fire in my pj’s, an exciting start to a work filled weekend me thinks!!x

  10. i love this glass of wine i’m consuming. THAT is what I love about today. 🙂 haha

    p.s. i decided next time I’m in D.C., we’re having a date, mmk?

  11. I love that I FINALLY got to run outside… the ice and snow is still there, but it’s a lot more manageable! Hoping for a good one tomorrow, too 🙂

  12. I wish I had tried soooooo many things before I was gluten free! I guess that is when my own kitchen comes in handy…
    and laborous work…

  13. Aww, you’re such a sweetheart! I had a great time and definitely don’t think we’d run out of things to talk about! Which means we’ll have to hang out again soon, no?

  14. ohhh girly I can’t WAIT till the four of us can hang out together. 🙂 Glad you guys had fun!!

  15. For a second I thought you meant macaroni and cheese on a sandwich. I was about to be HELLA excited. Remember that pizza @ cicis with the curly noodles on it? Yeah, like that… Except better because CiCi’s is nasty!

  16. Lindsey

    I LOVE panera! and I’m already back at school… boo. I think it’s worse after a long break.

  17. Hey Meg!
    The highlight of my day was reading this post, truely your post alway brighten my day.

  18. Paneras mac & cheese is SOOO good. So is their cinnamon crunch bagel! Sounds like you had a great day 🙂

  19. What I loved about today = dinner with my parents & Mr. Suave, enjoying every moment of it.

  20. i always pull my hair down too! prob cuz we have sub fabulous long hair that it needs to be shown 🙂 haha.

    panera love – strawberry poppyseed salad come back!!

  21. i am with you on the snow! and your sausage is such a lil sweetie.

  22. I just planned a fabulous spring break trip to visit my friends on the east coast, so I’m ridiculously excited 🙂 honestly that was the highlight of my day haha.

    i loved this post though, too cute 🙂

  23. look like good fun! i love panera– they should have it in London.. BUT they don’t.. poop

  24. I love Panera and would go there every day if I could. Your bun is gorgeous…I’ll be on the lookout for your tutorial.

  25. Panera is the jaaaaam! I just had lunch there on Monday. 🙂 Yummo!

    Your giveaway is linked on my blog! And you’re on my blogroll!

  26. Your dog is so cute
    I used to love Panera bagels before being gluten-free. I optimistically hope that if I wait long enough they’ll make a GF cinnamon crunch.

  27. i agree, theres no way you could take those girls/or your friendship with them, for granted. its hard to find people to hold conversations with on a deep and personal level! making connections always tops my list of thing i love about life, because as we know its the people not the places that make life worth living ❤


  28. Jem

    Gorgeous pics 🙂 I gave you an award on my blog. xxx

    i am so jealous of the lunch dates gahh!!
    I LOVE YOU! and i love love love paneraaaa!

  30. I love that it finally stopped snowing here. I also love that it is the weekend which means more time to spend with my boyfriend 🙂

    Happy Friday! Hope you have a fun weekend planned!

  31. I haven’t been to Panera in AGES. What is wrong with me? I miss their bread bowls…yummmmm.

    Can I say that I loved EVERYTHING about today?? Shopping + yummy food + Titanic = perfection!!

  32. The Panera chips are ADDICTING, almost as addicting as the Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich (my FAVORITEEE) nom nom nom. Now I’m in the mood for Panera 😉

    P.S. Super excited about your giveaway!

  33. SJM

    Love the simplicity and beauty of this post. It’s simple things that make you smile 🙂
    Love the look of your blog!

  34. This is so cute girl, I can’t wait for the bun how-to! Slash I used to work at Panera and you have NO idea how many adults ordered the mac and cheese, it always made me smile:)

    Woo for bloggie meetups! Are you near schools in DC?

    Slash do a video with the weenie doing something cute, he is absolutely precious and I want to take him home with me:)

  35. What I love about today? Hiking with my two puppies in the snow, reading magazines while relaxing in my chaise lounger and making Nutella candy bars!

  36. If only break never ended… LIVE IT UP!

    panera is amazing, but i never go. need to FIX THAT!!

  37. Gina G

    I love my family. I love them every single day of my life and always will, but they constantly (without trying) really make me feel soooo unbelievably loved and blessed. And for that I am forever thankful.

    And… I LOVE your blog 😀 Sorry I haven’t been able to comment as much! School just started and I am already so overwhelmed :/ But I hope you have an amazing weekend! 🙂

  38. ezzie

    Love your hair!! And your doggie is sooo cute~ 🙂
    + you got awarded :D!: http://blissfulnotes.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/one-big-tater/

  39. Beautiful bun!! I love that mac n cheese but never get it anymore…it has a very strong white cheddar flavor, just like white cheddar popcorn1!

  40. Your posts are always so gooood. I know how you feel though: I am so not ready for break to end. It has been way too much fun. My to-make list has been piling up too, but I rarely get around to actually making the recipe. 😛

  41. Can you believe I’ve never actually been to Panera?! I know, a sin right? The closest one is like four hours away..a tragedy if you ask me. 😦

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