Why I Love Weekends.

1) I get to go out with my friends and one in particular I like to consider my absolute soul sister.

Loves her!

2) Getting roses is the norm, apparently. Happy…um, Saturday? Actually at this point it was most likely early Sunday. Maybe it was our undeniable drunken charm, my professional dancing skills or just our classy way with words while walking into 7-Eleven. I kid, obviously, but we really did get offered roses…I’m sorry for trying to eat yours, Kait.

Roses? For?

3) Weekends are the perfect excuse to skip the movie theatre and enjoy your friends own re-creation of the stampede in The Lion King.

Mufasa's fault.

4) The most wonderful and tasty breakfasts are made with a monstrous headache and sore glutes. I swear. The combination of a killer lower body workout + dancing, oh baby. Feel the burn.


5) My Dad likes to cook fancy things on the weekends…either that or we go out. My favorite meal of the weekend? Steak, hands down. Sorry all my veggie loves out there…but I love me some meat. (TWSS…and that IS what I said.)

Git in ma belly.

6) Extra time in the kitchen means more time to experiment and burn things! Sike…this isn’t actually burnt, it just looks like it…but the first time I tried to make it I probably almost caught the kitchen on fire. I share this recipe with you trusting that you aren’t as clumsy as I am…

Meatloaf fo' one!

Bleu Cheese Meatloaf for One!


4-5 oz (or a handful) ground turkey/beef

1/4 cup bleu cheese crumbles

1 egg

1 Laughing Cow Blue Cheese Wedge (regular would work)

2  tbsp tomato paste/sauce

Worcestershire Sauce (dash)

Hot Sauce (dash)

Salt + Pepper

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine ALL ingredients EXCEPT the Laughing Cow Wedge and place in a small dish and place in oven for about 15-20 minutes.

Remove and spread Laughing Cow wedge + optional extra tomato paste on top and bake for another 10-15 minutes – KEEP AN EYE ON THIS! Make sure it doesn’t burn…your cooking time may vary from mine.


It just LOOKS burnt...swear.

7) Waking up to beautiful packages/cards and gifts from blogger friends always makes the weekends brighter!

Thank you to Kelli, who SO thoughtfully made homemade Maple Pecan Butter with Apple Chunks and sent me some. Homegirl, you are a culinary genius and it’s absolutely divine. My suggestion – pair this with sweet potato. It will NOT disappoint. She also sent me some amazing gluten-free goodies as well which I cannot wait to dig into. Thank you, once again, Kelli – you’re too sweet and your card was awfully sweet, too.

Maple Pecan Butter w/ Apple Chunks!

Now your job is to go hound her for the recipe!


I also recieved a cookbook from Lisa! Lisa – which recipe do I HAVE to try?! I can’t wait to start cooking…the raw pumpkin pie looks to die for, as well as the soups and stews! Thank you, love! I was so excited that I won your giveaway for this awesome book.

It's gluten free, too!

8 ) “Weekend” is just a good word. It brings comfort and joy to so many and studies show that 100% of people are happier on the weekend. I totally just pulled that out of my butt, but I’m pretty sure it’s true. Just ask Christine…we got our coffee and shop on  during Sunday afternoon and it was just dandy! Although I’m pretty disappointed that the only hair salon left at the mall is Cartoon Cuts…

What did you love about this weekend?

Peace and love!




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42 responses to “Why I Love Weekends.

  1. Oooh, I LOVE bleu cheese. A lot of my friends don’t and I respond: something is seriously wrong with you. lol

    Cant’ wait to give this recipe a test run!!

  2. I love fruit leather! I used to eat the stuff like crazy when I was a kid:) Slash I want some maple pecan butter, send me a spoonful? Double slash your recreation of the Lion King looks BOMB.

    This weekend I LOVED getting back into blogging! It’s bliss, I love the bloggiesphere:)

  3. Maple pecan butter?!?! Ahhh! I bet that is amazing. The Real Food book looks awesome too! Honestly I love relaxing on the weekends. But a night of debauchery is always fun too!!

  4. I feasted!! I can’t wait to see you on Thursday!

  5. This post totally made me smile. I love being around friends like that — you’re never too old to act young and playful =)

    This weekend I went to a fabulous dinner party and actually did not stuff my face. Victory!

  6. What I loved about this past weekend = celebrating my parents’ anniversary (they’ve been together for over 40 years!) and picking up my “suave” best friend at the airport 🙂

  7. My weekend consist of the exact same! Maple pecan butttter, oh my gosssh!

  8. Wow, that’s one seriously FUN weekend.

    I love me some steak too. SO GOOD!!

  9. I love the weekends. I usually just veg out on the weekends, and I am totally okay with it!!

  10. I love that I went out to a bar and got a guy’s numba. (STILL GOT IT) No wait, that I like. I LOVE that did some creeping and found out that he’s a professional lax player. YUP.

  11. It’s so inspiring to meet other female bloggers who weight lift! Since I started lifting more I crave protein ALL the TIME! So, I totally dig this post.

  12. My fave thing is when I dont have to be anywhere in the morning…sleeping in and then making a special breakfast is the best 🙂

  13. Your food looks so good as always. I love going out with my girlfriends. It’s always so stress and carefree.

  14. Amy

    Mmm I love blue cheese!! Definitely putting that meatloaf on my to make list!!!

    And I want that maple pecan butter! YUM!!

  15. I don’t suppose theres a recipe for snagging the guy on the cover of that cookbook is there? dang – hotness!

    I love blue cheese.. and meat.. thank god I’m not the only non-veg out there!

  16. I have to tell you those berry cheesecake oats have been the only type of oats I’ve been eating lately. I never thought I would like cottage cheese on oats, but it is so good!!

    And this weekend I loved the banana cream cheesecake I made!

  17. Wait wait, you tried to EAT her FLOWER? GIRL…you’re crazy. But I ❤ you anyways. And I ❤ my weekend giving me an awesome Saturday night that started at a sports bar and ended a couple shots and whiskey sours later…

  18. The lion king attempt killed me you are AMAZING. I wish we lived closer together because you and your friends remind me so much of myself and mine!!
    Best part of my weekend was going birthday shopping with the boy ;D yayuh!!

  19. AHHH! SO glad you got it! I Was worried it wouldnt make it to your house! That book is perfect for you because they’re like all g-free!

  20. Oh man, the weekend is amazing. I hate when it leaves. 😦 haha. That maple pecan butter looks amazing!! I bet that cookbook is awesome, too. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  21. dang! you got some awesome goods.. ima check that book out.. and AH I LOVE RECIPE’S for one.. because, well.. i ride solo

  22. ahh just watched your vlog and this deserves another comment..

    a) I ALWAYS wear my sweatpants until last minute- and right when I walk in the door from being out all day… the sweatpants hop right on!

    b).. I am legitimately jealous of your santa fuzzy socks.. i currently own a pair of pink striped ones and blue striped ones ( of which I am wearing right now) and i thought they were totally cool until i saw yours and now I’m thinking i need a fuzzy socks upgrade STAT

  23. I love allll your reasons! I will usually cook up fancier meals (love steak too!!) or go out being that I eat a home throughout the week.

  24. I love when I have NO plans on the wknd and can do something completely random or be as lazy as possible!!!
    The rose cracked me up bc there’s one bar where I live that some guy comes around and sells roses really late at night and thought it was sweet until I found out he steals them off of grave sites!!!!

  25. PS.. wow 3rd comment on this post- record!
    i awarded you with a very silly (but fun!) …thang in my last post!

  26. Meg! Love you and your weekends you have!

    Roses because you girls are beautiful , thats why for realz!!!!!!!!!!

    U and your friends are always cracking me up when I look through your pics, its the best!

    Love this recipe and I have not tried the lc bleu cheese flavor yet but need to!

    Love ya and hope your week is going great! xoxo

  27. maaan, that butta looks deeelish!

    what did i love about this past weekend? birthdayyyy! 🙂

    ..that question was too easy. 😉

    your college pictures remind me of someone i know all too well. oh, how i miss those days!

  28. Ahhh the weekends. An excuse to be lazy, eat bad, and have a blast with your friends 🙂 I love it!

  29. I had a VERY relaxing weekend. Well, a slightly wild Friday night (which is super out of the ordinary for me) which meant a very low-key Saturday (I was, um, not feeling my best 😉 ) and a similarly lazy sunday (though no excuse that time, I just didnt’ want to do anything!)

    That maple pecan butter looks divine, btw.

    Also! I tagged you in my recent post 🙂 http://nicolecooks.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/tagged/

  30. i’v been wanting to try that kettle corn bar for AGES. can’t find it anywhere.


  31. Looks like such a good weekend! 🙂

  32. It looks like such a fun weekend!! Best part of this weekend…hmmmm. Mine was pretty low-key, so I’m gonna say sushi with the boy on Friday night. It was just a nice date!

  33. I think you should try the pumpkin pie and post the recipe asap… Especially bc i might have a snow day tomorrow and will need it 🙂

  34. I would looooove to try this. IF I wasn’t allergic to Blue Cheese 😦 Perhaps I could try it with the regular cheese flavor (swiss, I think)?

    What is that amazing looking breakfast? YUMMM.

    And I agree with you on the steak! My favorite DC place is Charlie Palmer Steak house (I will HAPPILY go with you anytime, btw). They have a $0 corking fee for domestic wine. So you can bring up to 2 bottles per table for FREE. That way you an splurge on a fancy steak and not feel like you spent your weeks’ pay check 🙂 AND it has a GORGEOUS view of the Capitol!

  35. I am MOST DEFINITELY a steak girl my self! Love a good tender sumptious slab of filet mignon…also a huge fan of buffalo/bison burgers…ever tried them?

  36. My weekend was clearly not as awesome as yours!! That Maple Pecan Butter with Apple Chunks looks AMAZING, I will get right on recipe hounding! 🙂

  37. I think I love everything about the weekends 🙂 no lie!!! Yours looks like a ton of fun though!

  38. your personal meatloaf is GENIUS!!! seriously genius. glad you had such an amazing weekend 🙂 it’s almost the weekend again wooooo 🙂

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