Workout Routine (cont’d)

Hey guys! If you missed it, check this post because this is a continuation of my updated workout routine!

I discussed the amount/times of my workouts in my last post and how I fuel. I also mentioned the exercises I do for my upper body and arms…so, you guessed it – time for the lower half.  I typically enjoy working my upper body more than my lower to be honest, so to really stay motivated to get in a good lower body workout, I try to switch it up A LOT. Here’s just a sample of a few of my favorite and less-boring moves/machines that I stick to pretty often:

Leg Press (super common machine!)

Kickbacks (I like to call this the donkey)


Leg Curls (machine)

Leg Lifts (great for your ass!)

Lunges (VARIOUS kinds)

I also do a lot of body weight exercises along with the few mentioned above and add in some weights.I usually warm up/cool down each workout with a small walk around the gym or a few minutes on the elliptical. I’m a BIG fan of stretching after working out…seriously, it’s orgasmic to stretch.

Another extremely important thing to consider is rest. I always take rest days where I do absolutely nothing but sit on my bum for the day and watch tv, read blogs and just veg out. There are also days where I just am NOT motivated at all to workout…and on those days I know if I even step foot into a gym I’m just going to get a terrible workout and be a pissy, poopy bitch. On those days I resort to swimming…in the bath tub with a good magazine and a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate 😉 The more I respect and trust my heart, soul and body, the more at peace I am with myself. It has taken time and there was definitely a point where I thought it was necessary to go balls-to-the-walls and exercise in some shape or form everyday, but it’s not. Think about it – some people don’t workout at all. I remember why I work out and why it’s important to me and I stick to those guns, too. I workout for my confidence, strength, health and my overall inner peace! God gave me this body to take care of, not abuse.

I hope you all are having an amazing weekend so far! I’ve got a party to go to tonight with some old friends and tomorrow I’m going shopping with Christine and my friend Vikki – hello weekend, glad to have you back 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to enjoy a little pre-workout fuel:

Eggs over my hammy!

I love breakfast, anytime of day!

Why do you workout?

What are your weekend plans?

Peace and love!


p.s. if ANY of you are interested in meeting up, possibly at Great Sage – or anywhere else for that matter, please email me/comment – blogger meetups are awesome 😀 Great Sage is having a fundraiser on the 23rd of Januray – 10% of sales will benefit the FARM fund! I think that’d be a great cause to meet up for.



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25 responses to “Workout Routine (cont’d)

  1. I work out to feel stronger, more energetic, and resilient.

    Weekend plans = baking, celebrating my parents’ anniversary (today!), and picking up my best friend at the airport tomorrow! 🙂

  2. great workouts! thanks for posting the links to that site- the little moving pictures are helpful! I workout because it makes me feel confident! It puts me in a good mood, releases stress and makes my body feel nice and strong- there’s nothing better than that body buzz you get after a great workout!

    weekend plans?….. be lazy in my bed

  3. “There are also days where I just am NOT motivated at all to workout…and on those days I know if I even step foot into a gym I’m just going to get a terrible workout and be a pissy, poopy bitch.” <-Amen to that!! Haha usually I love working out though just because it makes me happy afterwards. And I love breakfast for lunch or dinner too!

  4. Yummy eggs and ham are such a good combination.

    Anywho, I understand about working out. Well you don’t feel like it, it’s makes you extremely angry which is of course no fun.

    I love vegging out and reading blogs.

  5. can i just say that I love that you are a fan of rest days because I too agree that they are SO important for our bodies 🙂 plus its fun just to stay on the couch for a whole day watching Glee, if i do say so myself! haha

  6. Your post came at the perfect time — today’s my rest day and I’m feelin’ a little guilty. I never seem to feel my best when I take a day off, but I’m trying to remind myself that I’d feel worse if I just kept going without a rest day. My body NEEDS the rest, so I should give it what it needs, dang it!

  7. Love it! I workout because it makes me feel good and relieves stress.

    Weekend plans…go with the flow 🙂

  8. I too would rather work out my upper body over lower any day!
    this wknd I’m trying to relax a much as possible:)

  9. OK, first I need to say that I don’t take working out seriously … I don’t go to gym – I work out at home and I do it whenever feel like it. I aim for doing it every day, but if sometimes for some reason I can’t or don’t want to do it, I don’t stress over it. I started ”intentionally” working out for weight- and health reasons, but now I do it because of how it makes me feel – during/after the workout and also in the long run. My life has improved so much in all aspects since I incorporated wholesome eating and regular exercise in it – I love it!

  10. I LOVE weight training! So many girls shy away from it (which I don’t get), but it makes me feel so strong and like supawomannn:)

    Which is one of the reasons I exercise! It makes me feel stronger, more confident, and helps you sleep. Plus, you don’t have to feel guilty about eating too many cookies:)

    Slash my weekend plans = a hot date with my econ paper. Let’s just say it’s a setup.

  11. I work out to decompress, to clear my head, to have time to myself and to keep my muscles, bones and heart strong. I think some form of it is absolutely essential to good health- not saying you have to be a runner or weight lifter, but it’s so important to get physical activity!!

  12. I totally agree; upper body trumps lower body! I can only do so much lower body and then legs are pure jello. I actually had a legs day today for the first time in a looong time…and I don’t anticipate on moving for the rest of the day. 😀 I exercise more to feel good than to look good. Exercise does wonders for my mood and positivity and I cherish those things much more than having defined abs or something similar. Ya know?!

    Love you and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I LIVE for rest days. Seriously. In fact, I’ve found that “allowing” myself rest days (unlike I used to. awful) really encourages me to put my all in when I am working out because I know I have a day of leisure and nothingness to look forward to. Funny how our minds work.

    p.s. props to you for working those lower limbs. I despise working out my lower body.

  14. I work out to get energy and feel healthy. It is something I need to work on more though, since it is so easy to talk myself out of waking up early to exercise before class.

  15. Hehehe… I love your “resorting to swimming” thing. 😉

    And I would be all about a blogger meet up. I’m all for making new friends. 🙂 But seeing as how Great Sage is 14 hours away… well yeah… that’s a bit of a drive for lunch. 😉

  16. I work out because I want to be a stong, confident woman. Plus I love the natural high you get from it! I think it’s so important to make it a habit from a younger age and sticking with it throughot life – you can’t control all aspects of your health as you age but regular exercise doesn’t hurt.

  17. There is not ONE vegan restaurant where I live… I’ve searched and searched… Your thin mint protein ice cream looks AMAZING. I’m going to get the xantham gum tomorrow so i can start this 🙂

  18. I wish I lived closer, I would love to meet up. 🙂 Great workout post, it’s always interesting to see the workouts others do! Hope you had fun shopping!

  19. That sounds like an awesome restaurant to have a meetup! I’d love to meet up with some local MD bloggers! Let me know what the details are 🙂 🙂

    Weekend plans? Brunch tomorrow after a 5 mile run. Today? I worked (wamp wamp)

    Also I agree with you about days when a workout just isn’t in the cards. Sometimes taking a rest day is a good thing. 🙂

  20. You are so gorgeous girlie!! What a great workout! I am the same way with breakfast, I can eat it any time of day lol!

  21. I wish I liked upper body more…I’m addicted to squats! Any tips for making upper body more interesting?
    Why do I work out? It keeps me sane and happy – and the muscles are a nice perk! 🙂
    Weekend plans? Completely snowed in, and now the weekend’s over. 😦
    Great blog, girl!

  22. H.

    I work out to feel confident (love weight training for this) and for a sense of achievement, and also to stop myself from driving my family, friends and boyfriend crazy – I get so antsy!

    x Hannah x

  23. I gave you the stylish blogger award on my blog

  24. I love this post. Your mind is totally in the right spot regarding working out. It’s not to be super skinny, or to burn off what you ate, but rather to ENJOY it & love what you are doing when you are doing it.
    Great post! I just had to comment 🙂

  25. I work out for my sanity.

    If I go a bunch of days without working out and being a typical glutton, I start to feel like a trash can. I need that sweat sesh each day to function as a normal human! 😉

    ..HOWEVER, I do agree with you on the rest day mantra. I also need a relaxation day/day to get everything done in the mix. Working out is just so addicting!

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