Good Friends, Good Food

I love all of the responses and ideas in my last post! I’ll have a lower body post up soon, including some ideas that I got from fellow bloggers as well. It’s a little ironic that I haven’t been to the gym since I last posted – which isn’t unusual for me – but I do like to get in some kind of strength training at least every other day. When friends call, though, plans change 😉

I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful Maya from The Collegiate Gourmande on Tuesday! Christine, another one of my gorgeous ladies joined us as well. It was fantastic! We met up at Great Sage, a vegan restaurant; it was absolutely divine. I think Christine and I argued with the menu for at least fifteen minutes before deciding. Maya, however, knew her favorite – the vegan rueben! It look delicious.

Maya's sammich!


Christine ordered the Thai “Chicken” Salad!

Christine’s Salad!


My gorgeous lunch dates!


I finally decided on the Green Chili Enchiladas – it was a damn good choice, too.



Bout to dig in!


We were all impressed with our choices and plan on going back soon – wanna join us?

Afterwards we walked nextdoor to Roots Market and played around a bit, drooled over the chocolate and just chatted. Christine and I also explored the all-natural pet food store as well and I bought some treats for Cara – but unfortunately her digestive system doesn’t quite like them…if you catch my drift. I can’t wait to see both of these girls again – Christine and I have plans this weekend, actually. Maya and I are going to hit up the mall next week hopefully. I’m so blessed to be able to connect and meet with such awesome people. Maya is as amazing as she seems on her blog and Christine is one of the sweetest friends ever.

PMSing girls weaponry.


Later that night, despite the weather, I really wanted some kind of cold, creamy treat. So I pulled out my blender and went to work. I made myself what I call the “Girl Scout Cookie Wannabe” protein ice cream. I went with the Thin Mint theme. Into the blender went:

1 cup vanilla soymilk

1/2 tsp peppermint extract

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

TONS of ice

xanthan gum (about a 1/2 tsp)

Thin Mint deliciousness!


It was like a slurpable, scoopable Thin Mint. I wanted to crumble some kind of Oreo-esque cookie into it, but I’m currently out of stock, dangit. Note to self: grab gluten-free cookies at Whole Foods ASAP. Note to you: if  you make this, please do yourself a favor and sprinkle in some cookies. Mouthgasm.

Yesterday I also had another outing with some of my best friends from high school. I love how no matter the distance of our colleges, we always manage to stay in touch and extremely close. I love these girls more than I could ever express.



I’ve been spending so much time out of the house, I’m actually enjoying just chillin’ out tonight on the couch with my pup and my Dad. Did I mention how good it is to be home? I have a feeling America’s Funniest Home Videos is on the agenda tonight…I think half the reason it’s so damn funny is being able to watch my Dad laugh as well. Watching him play Angry Birds is also extremely entertaining…but we won’t go there right now.

What would you have ordered at Great Sage? (I need ideas for next time!)

What’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor?

Peace and love!





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50 responses to “Good Friends, Good Food

  1. aww blogger meet ups always warm my heart 🙂
    all three entrees look fantastic! i would have such a tough time choosing.

    hands down – tag a longs are my fav!

  2. Mmm, you picked a winner at Great Sage – get that again! 😀

    My favorite Girl Scout cookie flavors were always Juliettes (a retired flavor – boo!) and Tagalongs.

  3. Wow-I want those enchiladas-delish!!!!
    I LOOOOOVE protein ice cream! You can use guar gum in replace of Xanthan or in a combo too! (guar is a lot cheaper too).

  4. I love mint protein shakes! So yummy! My favorite girl scout cookie was either thin mint or peanut butter, or the coconut one…hmm yeah I’m a cookie freak!

    • Meg

      You & me both sista!

      • I’m with April here… PB is good but thin mints are where it’s at. I’m beginning to think my liking of mint is a little extreme. I started putting mint chocolate truffle creamer in my morning (and afternoon) coffee at work and my coworkers now regard me like I’ve spontaneously combusted.

  5. Everything looks delicious girl!
    My favorite girl scout cookie is definitly samoas!

  6. Lili

    I never could eat them because the gluten and the dairy! ugh to be an allergy child sucks!
    I do enjoy the gluten free shortbread cookies, which im guessing are a lot like girl scout shortbread?
    Guar and xanthum ruined my tummy for awhile.. so i stay FAR away!

    • Meg

      The enchiladas I ordered were gluten free 😀 I have a gluten allergy as well! And the restaurant is totally vegan, so no dairy either.

      I love love love shortbread too!

  7. Omg that looks so good! And Meg, I sent out your book today! Again, I am so sorry that it took so long to send outtt! Let me know when you get it!!

  8. Yumm enchiladas! And obv I want to join next time! haha favorite girl scout cookies… probably do-si-dos 🙂

  9. aw, love you girly! I honestly have NO idea what we should try next time…but I know it will include dessert!

  10. It all looks tasty, you should go back until you have tried them all 🙂

  11. Definitely the Mediterranean wrap! SLash now I’m hungry..double slash I am SO up for a bloggie meet up. When I’m visiting schools near Maryland I will let you know:)

  12. Loved meeting up! I forsee many meet ups in the future, so be prepared! Next time we’re getting the chocolate lava cake. Yes? Yes.

    One of my guy friends randomly liked the picture of you. Probably because you’re flippin gorgeous.

  13. Ash

    (ALL pictures of you are pretty though lol)

    • Ash

      that’s weird…somehow my comment ended up in the “website” box lol. So when you mouse over my name, my comment shows up. Anyway, my initial comment was

      “Uhhh…Meg? That is a really gorgeous picture of you! You should use it as your profile pic for something.”

  14. Meagan


    I forgot the name, but I like the peanut butter and chocolate one!! To. die. for.

  15. I wish I could join youuuu. Looks amazing. I am dying for a vegan/veggie restaurant to come near me–or for me to find it if it exists 😉

  16. Emily

    uhhhh, i can’t choose just one. does that make me the fat kid in the cafeteria?

  17. AH sage looks SO good.. i would have gone for the enchiladas too!! or the rueben- hmm…
    fav girls scout cookie—- SAMOSAS…! or thin mints.. or the pb one…dang i haven’t had GS cookies in AGES

  18. I lurveeee Great Sage 🙂

  19. spoonfulofsugarfree

    THIN MINTS are the best!!! i don’t care what anyone else says about tagalongs, but when I was a sugar-eater, I LOVED those darn thin mints!

    I have to try that ice cream because 1) I love thin mints 2) I have all the ingredients

  20. I met Maya last spring in NYC and I love her- she’s so sweet!! Love meetups at vegan restaurants. Even when the others aren’t vegan, they’re never shy about trying new things!

  21. I lurrrve Great Sage. I’ll take one of everything, thanks. Roots is also amazing! Looks like a fun outing 🙂

  22. megg you are so gorgeous!!

    hope you are having a good week! by the looks of this post, you are 😀


  23. I’m a huuuge fan of caramel delights/samoas, but I’ve been known to gobble up a peanutbutter patty/tagalong or thin mint myself. 😉 And I love making thin mint shakes with xanthan gum!

    Soak up those winter breaks, girl. When you graduate, you’re gonna miss them like ca-razy!

  24. I need to get on the ball and finally get around to making protein ice cream!

  25. That lunch looks great! The portion size was amazing and I’m sure it was delicious! I’m definitely a Samoa gal!

  26. Ahh, I need to make that thin mint ice cream ASAP! Looks amazing!

  27. I would love to join you guys, it looks so so good. I have never made protein ice-cream but it sounds so good.

  28. girl, you KNOW i’ve been looking for some high protein treats… DAYUM.

    i lovee thin mints. i think an appearance by some pb would make it IDEAL for me ❤

  29. Wow, you ladies are all so beautiful! Gotta love meeting up with good friends! That’s the best! 🙂

    I’ve never had Girl Scout cookies… I know, I know, I’m missing out. But I can’t miss what I’ve never had, right? 😉

  30. Aw so much funness going on here, love the bloggie meetup! I love being all kinds of busy with fun plans, I need to make more of them!
    I SO wish we had a Great Sage, that menu looks incredible! It would be take forever to narrow down a choice, guaranteed. Though as of right now the grilled veggie wrap and raw seaweed salad (LOVE that stuff) are sounding pretty grand!
    As for Girl Scout cookies… the only ones we get in Canada are those plain chocolate or vanilla ones or the minty ones. We don’t have the crazy options you guys do! Then again I think we’re “Guides” not “Scouts”? I’m not sure, I’m not all up on those anymore!

  31. Whoa, girl — those eats look so dang good! And so fun that you got to meet up with a fellow blogger 🙂 I’d have to say my fave GS cookies are the samoas. Coconut and chocolate? Heck yes! But surprisingly, I’m also a huge fan of regular ‘ol trefoils (the shortbread ones). I don’t even know if they make ’em anymore, it’s been so long lol.

  32. Looks so good! Glad you a fun time out to eat!
    Thin mints were definitly my favorite as a youngin’, going to make that shake asap!

  33. Hey, gorgeous girl. I have to tell you…that thin mint soft serve you created. It’s tickling my pregnant fancy over here 😉 Amazing! Also, I love your blazer! Have a great weekend!!!

  34. awww what a GREAT meetup! that place sounds ultra delicious too 🙂 i’d probably spend the rest of my money on all the chocolate after haha

    enjoy your relaxing night girl!

  35. Hehe what a coincidence! I just convinced my mom to take me and a friend to Great Sage sometime within the next few weeks. Glad it was as good as I’ve been imagining it and you had a nice meet up 🙂

  36. Hmm, I’ve never even heard of Great Sage. The food likes delicious!!

    I’m a Samosa girl all the way. I actually don’t really like Thin Mints. Not a fan of mint…not a huge fan of chocolate either…so I naturally don’t have love for the GS favorite 😛

    That reminds me, though, when do GS start selling cookies again? It’s only like once a year, right??

  37. Yay for meeting blogger friends in real life! I really hope to one day! I have NEVER met any bloggie friends yet : p I hope to in this year!

    U girls are all beautiful and Great Sage looks like a great place to eat!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that protein icecream might have to be made by me tonight! I love chocolate mint!!!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! Muah! xoxo

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  40. Is it crazy or what that I was JUST on your blog when you commented on mine?? LOL! I love your blog and you are so gorgeous!! I just looked up your hair routine video thing because you have the BEST HAIR!

    And great eats too – everything looks so yumm!!

  41. Ooo that restaurant looks like it can prove that vegan food can be delicious! I wish I lived closer so I could join ya!!

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