Workout Routine: Upper Body/Arms

I hope you all are enjoying your new year so far! I LOVED all your responses to my last post and the positive feedback – thank you, you all are wonderful! 

I’m currently parked on the couch enjoying my Snuggie and some America’s Funniest Home Videos. I follow zero TV shows (who am I?! I know…) but AFV always has me glued to the television. That and Bobby Flay…or maybe it’s just Bobby Flay’s face that I’m glued to. Anyways, yesterday my Aunt and I went shopping and did a few gift returns/exchanges and I met a good friend of mine for lunch at Chipotle. I am obsessed with Chipotle’s steak and chicken…I can never decide which I like better, so I always ask for half & half. If you were wondering, it’s totally worth the few extra cents; sometimes they’re nice and don’t charge extra, too. Score! I’d love to know your go-to order at Chipotle!

Today I’ve been absolutely lazy minus a trip to the gym. When I say lazy, I mean seriously lazy. Lazy as in right when I finished breakfast I found myself back in bed. I’m not really sure who or what dragged me up there. But I did get in a good workout and I’d like to share with you a little updated workout routine I’ve been sticking to.

I do cardio maybe once or twice a week for no more than 10-20 minutes (usually on the elliptical with a magazine) or the stationary bike. Some weeks I just lift, though. I’ve been getting amazing ideas from Shape Fit and The forums on are amazing and I highly suggest them to beginners and even more advanced women and men looking to build muscle. Before and after I workout I have a snack (usually a big snack/meal after I work out) Some preworkout meals would be oats with protein powder, fruit and peanut butter or lunch and a small snack. Afterwards I make protein pancakes or a protein shake topped with granola, cottage cheese and some kind of nut butter.

Apple oatmeal!


Protein oats.


Yogurt is 100x better with chocolate


I typically work out my upper body 2 days a week and my lower 2 days a week, with 1-2 rest days and abs once a week. Some of my favorite upper body exercises are:

Cable Curls (single and double arm)

Cable Hammer Curls

Barbell Curls

Pushups (can do at home!)

Military Press


Push downs as well as pull ups (with cable)

Bench dips (bodyweight)

There are quite a few machines at my gym that I also use for my arms/upper body that weren’t mentioned. If I can’t make it to the gym or just don’t feel like going, I use bodyweight to do push ups, bench dips at home. I usually aim for 2-3 sets of 10 reps per exercise or until fatigued. I’ll have to update ya’ll on exact weights when I grab a pencil next time I work my upper body.

Stay tuned for my lower body/ab exercises – which I’ll do seperate posts on! Let me know if you’ve got any questions – and I’d LOVE to hear your routine, too! I’m off to um, do nothing. Enjoy your evening, friends! Tomorrow I’ve got an exciting lunch date with two bloggers! You’ll find out who either tomorrow evening or Wednesday!

What’s your go-to workout mantra and routine?

What’s your current TV obsession?

Peace and love!


p.s. if ANY of you are interested in meeting up, possibly at Great Sage – or anywhere else for that matter, please email me/comment – blogger meetups are awesome 😀 Great Sage is having a fundraiser on the 23rd of Januray – 10% of sales will benefit the FARM fund! I think that’d be a great cause to meet up for.



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42 responses to “Workout Routine: Upper Body/Arms

  1. So excited to see that you did a post on lifting…ive recently started to include it into my exercise routine and have been loving the results!Im still learning the names of all the exercises so the links that you provided are super helpfull.

    I havent been following TV shows lately either, I usually just turn on E or MTV or play Sex and the City on my DVD player 🙂

  2. Thanks for doing this post! I always feel like I’m stuck in a rut when it comes to upper body exercises.. I’ve been doing the same ones forever! at least now I have some new ideas!

  3. Keep us updated on your fitness routines! I’ve been a personal trainer for seven years, so I’d be happy to help with any fitness questions.

    Here’s my latest fitness trick: I start out wearing layers, and strip down between sets for a particularly difficult exercise (usually pullups and decline bench press). First set, tee shirt, overshirt, and winter hat. Second set I take off the overshirt. Third set I take off the hat. There’s a psychological edge to feeling “different” and it makes each set feel like a fresh workout.

  4. My chipotle order=veggie bowl with fajita veggies, black beans, corn salsa, fresh tomato salsa, a little sour cream and GUAC! So good!

    I’m currently obsessed with Sons of Anarchy! I ordered it on Netflix & I’m on season 1. The lead man (Jax) is some serious eye candy. 🙂

    Have a great night girl!

  5. Hey Meg!
    I love your blog, but have never commented!

    I haven’t been able to make it to a gym lately so I’ve just been running outdoors. And my current tv obsession is House Hunters!!! (Thank god for winter break!)

  6. The elliptical is the best with a good magazine.

    as for chipotle, I like rice, fajita veggies, romaine, black beans, guac, corn salsa, medium salsa…anddd that’s it, I believe. The other day I was at the mall and saw a girl putting Old Bay on her Chipotle and I thought of you! Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  7. I know right?! I don’t keep up with barely any shows. We so do not belong in this generation. hah
    The bachelorette starts tonight! However, I haev to watch it tommorow on Hulu due to lack of time. Gotta love hulu 😉

  8. Don’t judge – I’m absolutely, 100% obsessed with every season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. What can I say? Trashy reality t.v. at its finest right there 🙂 And I totally feel ya on the laziness! As long as I get in a good, solid workout – I don’t feel AS guilty just chillin’ out all day. Hey, we have to enjoy it before the madness begins again, right?

  9. hahah i totally had breakfast and went straight back to bed too today. love it. we do need those days occasionally.

    glad you shared your strength training tips – i want to start focusing on strength more!

  10. great post! I wanted to know about some strength exercises!

  11. thanks for doing this post! I am just getting back into strength training!!

  12. I try to go into my workout thinking “strength.” It helps me push through to the end 🙂 Love your upper body workout! It seems like an awesome one.

    My go to at Chipotle is salad+chicken+veggies+salsa+lil’ guac.

    Ahhh, so yummmmmy!

  13. Love Bobby Flay, and AFV! I agree, when watching AFV I am glued to the tv. is defititly one of the best web sites for strength training ideas! Great post, girl!

  14. Marie-Sophie

    Would love to read more about your workouts!! My usual workout is Yoga 3times a week or more and then a fitness DVD (like Jillian Michael’s 30day shred) once or twice … I used to do Tae Bo but then they stopped the classes at Uni 😦
    AND right now I hardly ever get to workout as I started working a few months ago and have to commute for 3 hours each day plus work from 9 to at least 7… so feeling a bit wobbly in lots of places 🙂 … so you go girl, gimme some more motivation! 🙂

  15. My go-to workout is definitely cardio, but I’ve been LOVING BodyPump lately too. Love, love, love. It’s nice to feel the burn!!

    The only TV show I follow is Gossip Girl. I don’t even have cable in my apartment!

  16. Lili

    Love love love strength training!
    Gossip girl
    vampire diaries
    lie to me
    pretty little liars
    top chef
    …. i like my tv 🙂

  17. i’m SO bad at this. i really need to start doing arm circuits! i NEVER do. except maybe a few pushups here and there!


  18. i’m intimidated by weights, although i’m trying to get some sort of weight training in a few (like 2) days a week. i couldn’t even tell you a routine, bc i kind of make stuff up. woops.


  19. i need to bring chocolate back into my life
    i DID however add a tsp of cocoa powder to my oats this morning… (baby steps??)
    one my of resolutions is to gain health in order to work out.. I may be lurking your blog a lot more for some workout routines!!

    current TV show obsession.. GLEE

  20. Loove Chipotle!! And your workout looks killaa, I like it. Current TV obsesh = mad men!

  21. I do cardio about three times a week or 2 , it depends, but I just do HIIT for 20- 25 minutes! I cant be on there any longer, machines are boring : p

    I like to do weights, actually alot at home, I have 2 10 pund dumbbells that I do different exercises with, love planks, and pushups too! Lunges are awesome too!

    Love you girl! I love oats!!!!!!!!!! Love u!

  22. I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and have really been enjoying it! I love the fact that you only do cardio a couple times a week and yet are super fit and healthy! I look at some bloggers who run miles and miles and who are doing marathons and triathalons and I feel like a lazy bum! I love strength training and want to try the exercises you posted!

    My favorite workout routine is to do a five minute warm up on the treadmill, 10 minutes interval training running, 10 minutes arms, 10 minutes interval training running, 10 minutes abs, 10 minutes interval training running, and then 10 minutes of leg exercises! Its great because I get my cardio and strength training in all in one hour! And it ain’t easy! I am dripping sweat once I am done!

  23. Snuggled up in a snuggie sounds so nice right now! It’s freezing… 😀 Thanks for the upper body routine. I have been looking to train my upper body, it has kind of went down hill since summer haha! A bloggie meet up sounds fun. 😛 Is that the justins choc. hazelnut butter?


  24. What a great strength workout! I definitely like to hit the treadmill for 30 minutes and work out a specific part of my body (upper/lower/mid) with weights for the next 30 minutes. And I can’t say that I watch any show religiously, except for Top Chef, but I’m all about some Netflix!

  25. They’ve been replaying the first season of the Real Housewives of the OC, so I have been rewatching and being all kinds of obsessed 🙂

  26. My current obsession is How I Met Your Mother, only because I spent a good chunk of my winter break watching seasons 4 and 5 with my sister haha. 😉 I’ve been terrible at keeping up with all my other favourite shows this year!

    Thanks for some of those upper body workout ideas! I never spend enough time doing weights because I always run out of things to do. 😛

  27. well i do not have cable at my new place, but someone I find myself watching my favorite soap online, shhh

    workout love – high intensity interval training!!!!

    and I love barncat hallow’s tip on stripping down 😉

  28. I love Bobby Flays face too! ❤ I've been glued to the TV as well and can't wait for the new Grey's tomorrow night!

  29. TV obsession = Jersey Shore.. can’t wait for the premiere tomorrow 🙂

  30. Hooray for the snuggie and America’s Funniest Home videos! 🙂

  31. My workouts = yoga & dance

    TV obsession = Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yes, I admitted it 😉

  32. My workout mantra is: You’ll never regret working out!

    Sometimes I just need to find the motivation, but I always feel good after working out.

  33. meg, I love your blog. it’s too cute! i just found you off of julie’s favs list, and as i’m just learning to navigate the blog world, i’m having fun discovering girls just like me doing the same things i love to do. (check me out at !) 😉

    I’m completely addicted to Gossip Girl and The Bachelor. helloooo, season premiers this week! it’s christmas all over again in my house.

    and it looks like we’re opposites… i have to force myself to weight train a lot of the time, however, when i have the time, i loove bodypump and powercut. that treadmill is mah best friend!

  34. shrugs! those can be killer when you wakeup the next day

  35. I haven’t done legit strength training (other than dumbbells in mi casa) for awhile, but I’m always astounded at how legit of a workout you can get with body weight. Pushups and tri-dips are serioussssss.

    p.s. aren’t strong arms so much better than stick thin ones? I love.

  36. Love this post! I always love reading about how other gals incorporate strength building into their workout – honestly, I think it’s more important than cardio. And heck, I get enough of that not owning a car! At the gym I really like the cable machines because you’re working all the way through the rep, not just when lifting or pulling. I have also become a HUGE believer in yoga – no machine can do what holding plank position for 30 breaths can, physically OR mentally!

  37. Pingback: Workout Routine (cont’d) « Sunshine 'n Spice

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