Hello, 2011!

Happy New Year friends! I hope you all had a safe & happy new year. Whether you stayed in or went out – I hope it was special all the same. I may be the last one to do a resolution-esque post, but I’ve never really been one to make “resolutions” because I feel like I should constantly be challenging myself to fulfill so many things in my life, not just at the turn of the year.

But to be honest, I haven’t set any goals for myself in a while – so what better time to do that than now? Because I’m so creative, I’ve decided to come up with eleven goals/resolutions for 2011, although I’d like to work on them as soon as possible, not just for this whole year in general. Am I confusing you? Probably.

1) Relax. This is something I struggle with so much. I get serious ants in my pants when I have nothing to do but sit around – which is rare, but it does happen and I’d like to be able to take that time to just soak up my thoughts, maybe take a bath, etc. I need to realize that it’s okay to do nothing for a few minutes, even an hour.

2) Go to church and pray more. I feel as if my relationship with God was really on hold this semester at times and that’s not okay. I was so stressed out and wrapped up in school that I forgot to look to God for guidance. I feel like I put other things before church, when really all I needed was to go to church and listen. Praying is probably one of the most amazing things to do when you feel stressed or helpless and I will totally admit that I ran away from God at times it seems – I’m not perfect and that’s okay too.

3) Make more time to go out with my friends. Mainly during the school year – again, I was so wrapped up in my projects that I hardly ever went out to parties/the bars or anything. I needed to, but I felt as if I wasn’t allowed…or wouldn’t allow myself until I had absolutely NOTHING to complete for school – which was basically never. I’ve learned quickly just from being home and “free” these past few weeks that I’d been missing out on some amazing times. Here’s to making next semester a hell of a lot more fun…even if it means I lose a few pairs of shoes or my dignity in the process.

4) Keep on blogging/making videos! This is something I have a passion for – I LOVE blogging and writing, making videos and most of all – meeting amazing people through blogging/vlogging. This isn’t necessarily a goal or resolution since I’m already doing it, I just wanna keep up with it! Any requests for posts/videos – let me know!

5) Donate my time and/or money for something I believe in. I really would love to help out at an animal shelter. I firmly believe that you don’t need tons of money to be able to help charities…TIME is an awesome thing you can donate as well! I think signing up to walk dogs at a local shelter, visit elderly people in nursing homes and such would be a good place to start. I’d love to get friends involved as well – the more the merrier…and to be honest, it sucks being in a nursing home – not from personal experience obviously – but I can’t even imagine not being able to interact with the outside world, you know? I have a HUGE soft spot for animals and I know shelters are always looking for help, even if you can’t adopt an animal, there are other ways to help out.

6) Go back to California/somewhere awesome this summer and score an internship. I know this will happen if I put my heart into it. I had such a life changing experience in San Francisco last summer, I’m just determined to say the same this summer, even if it’s somewhere else.

7) Keep my room organized. Self explanatory, prettymuch. I am a neat freak, thanks to my Dad. I get seriously distressed and throw a self-hosted bitch fit when my room becomes messy. After the fit is over, I usually go on a rampage and organize everything…I just need to learn how to KEEP IT THAT WAY. I honestly can’t help it when my closet gets sick and pukes all over my room but I can help it after it’s done blowing chunks.

8 ) Paint my nails more. Toenails too, actually. End of story.

9) Learn how to do something crafty. Maybe knit or sew (I used to know how to sew, but now I usually just end up with holes in my fingertips) I’m not sure if I have the patience for either, but I do want to get into something crafty. Ideas? Maybe stained glass or scrapbooking? Although I feel like my blog is kind of a scrapbook. We’ll see. Throw me some ideas.

10) Get outside more. Anything’s better than what I do now (mostly because Mother Nature wants my ears and nose to freeze and fall off) but during the spring/summer, I really wanna get out more and just appreciate the beauty of nature. As corny as that sounds, I do! It’s proven that being outside is a natural mood booster, too. Score!

11) Set monthly or bi-monthly goals for myself! I’ve seen SO many bloggers do this and I’d love to jump on the bandwagon! I already do monthy “favorite” posts/videos, so it’ll be easy for me to remember my goals as well.

Those are just a few (ha, a few…) of the things I’d like to happen in my life right now. I’d love to hear yours as well. Link me to your post about resolutions/goals if you’d like! I’d enjoy reading it (if I haven’t already!) and I know others would to.

I’ll end my post with a few pictures from my New Years celebration – hope ya’ll enjoy! Oh, and I apologize for any inappropriate tweets/texts/etc lastnight. It was all out of love!


Alllll the single ladies! (Name that artist!)


Before going out


Here it goes...


Slightly embarrassing, but necessary.


Needless to say it was an amazing night – and I wish I could share more pictures, but I feel like my blog just isn’t the place for them for a few reasons! This morning I came home surprisingly feeling awesome (ftw!) and fixed myself my fave:

Berry cheesecake oats!


Even if I was hungover, I would’ve still fixed myself a nice breakfast – oats are the ultimate hangover cure. I swear. Carbs in general, actually. Now I’m about to finish up one of my favorite recreations of beef & brocolli…except it’s more like beef and the whole kitchen sink and some brocolli.



Love to you all! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What are some of your resolutions/goals?

What’s your favorite post-party breakfast?

Peace and love!


p.s. incase you missed it – December faves vlog 🙂



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30 responses to “Hello, 2011!

  1. woot woot for 2011!!!!!!! 🙂

    looks like you guys had a blast! diggin those oats you made yummyy

  2. girl, if you’re in to painting toe nails you can give me a pedi anytime. I hate doing my own!

    hugs!! xoxo

  3. I’m not a hangover type girl nor am I old enough! LOL
    I like to dance does that count as partying? 😉

    I am sure it would be oatmeal if so though. Oatmeal beats everything.

    and I am totaly with you on the nail painting thing! lol
    and hanging out with friends too!

    can you help me clean my room?
    Seriously. I used to be like you and then I started to relax a bit and I just kept relaxing and now I can’t seem to put a shirt away! 🙂
    please, and thank you 🙂 Return me back to my original state.

  4. Looked through your FB album, and you are just too gorgeous, haha. No matter what vegetable is in your mouth 😉
    Fabbb goals. Lovin’ the “spend time with friends.” I need to work on that!

  5. Happy new year!

    I love the goals!

  6. ahh girly your night looked so fun! Your goals sound great….it makes me want to set some of my own!

    love yaaa!

  7. HEY MAMA!!
    I LOVE THOSE GOALS OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! those were so good- i can relate to so many!!!! You are so amazing and seriously I am so blessed that our friendship has developed over the past year. I really really thank God for you and pray for you every day. I know that He is going to use you SO much because of your passion and your easy going personality. I cant WAIT to see what He teaches you as you grow in HIM!! Life with God is a FREAKING ADVENTURE gosh!!! He is constantly molding me more into the woman He created me to be..its hard but its so good.. so I am right there with ya! I freaking love you and love our relationship!!! GOAL OF 2011 : LETS MET!!!!

  8. We have a bunch of the same goals!! I definitely want to relax more, go to church more often, and make more time to go out with friends. I let my stress get in the way of a LOT of things, God and having fun included. Going to make an effort to do better this year! And that one photo of you is pretty much AMAZING hahahaha i love it!

  9. Carly in Wonderland

    When I’m hungover I like eggggs!

  10. Thick brown seedy toast with butter and a nice mug of tea=my hangover cure. 🙂
    your list is really nice + balanced, great idea to get outside more (and relax to-i need to do this!)



  11. I don’t do resolutions, but I can relate to some of yours. I adore animals and I’ve been wanting to start helping in a shelter for quite some time now, but I haven’t gotten around it because there is no animal shelter close to me. I’ll try to find a different way to volunteer, though.

    Happy New Year!

  12. TheNewHealthy

    Looks like you had a super fun NYE girl! And you won’t be the last to post a resolution-esque post because I’m posting mine on Monday! Why? Simply because I procrastinate and I haven’t finished by inspiration board that goes along with my goals! oh well! That less procrastination should be a goal of mine I guess! 😉

  13. okay.. might be a good idea to post my comment in the CORRECT POST

    awesome goals! I need to relax more too– and I want to set monthly goals as well- i think its a great way to accomplish and feel good about yourself..
    OH YES OATS are the best hangover cure- its so true! looks like a fun NYE!

  14. My biggest resolution is to stress less. I feel like I’m not allowed to ever take a breather or just enjoy myself…I need to work on that this year!!

    Fave post-party breakfast is super plain cereal with fruit. Cheerios are the bomb!!

  15. My favourite “morning aftrer” breakfast is a huge smoothie! Yumyum
    And I like what you ended up wearing in the end! You cant go wrong with a black dress 😛
    Happy new year, Meg!!

  16. Gina G

    Love that you had a Happy New Year! I’m not a drinker, but I sure danced the night away haha

    I love all your goals too, I can relate to most of them (especially with God). I think one of my biggest goals is to worry less (I worry wayyyy too much) and to just be happy.

    You are awesome Meg! 🙂

  17. Awesome goals!! I agree with you on so many. I am still trying to settle into my new place, so stress and organization are on top of my list right now. I am going to try really hard this year to just go with life…where God takes me, have faith it will all be okay!!

    Loved all the pics!!

  18. Lotsa goals, lady! Good luck with every one of them and have an awesome 2011!

  19. lol, paint your nails more! me too 🙂

  20. I second all your resolutions, especially the second and seventh one!

    Have a wonderful 2011 ahead of you, Meg;)

  21. Great goals! I want to run more and just simply be happy!

  22. Sounds like you kicked off the New Year in a great way! I am sure 2011 has some amazing things in store for you Meg! And yes, keep those vids coming! 🙂

  23. i need to keep my room more organized too! and yes, make more videos!!

  24. Looks like you had a great NYE! Hopefully 2011 will bring you all that you hope for!

  25. hehe. glad you had a great new years’ celebration!!

    hope this year is just as wonderful as the last 🙂


  26. I need to relax more too! My favorite hangover meal is bacon egg and cheese on a buttery bagel…not as healthy as yours 🙂

  27. cereal is the best post party remedy. oats dont even do it for me! also eggs and toast is bomb. a lot of times i crave something savory.

    happy new year baybayyy

  28. Lovin’ all your resolutions, girl — but especially #2. I’m gonna try to make that happen for myself! (But seriously, all of your goals are so applicable. Here’s to an awesome 2011!)

  29. H.

    You are too cute – love the photos 🙂 Love the goals too, especially the one to learn a new craft! Might try that too!

    Post party, all I crave is toast!

    Oh and I’m loving your youtube channel. I swear we have the exact same taste. In fact I kinda wanna raid your bathroom cupboard/make-up bag…

    Hannah x

  30. Oh gosh, are we the same person? I compeltely hid away all of last quarter and am seriously regretting it… Definitely on my resolutions list! 😉

    And I am presently hung over, and oats sound delightful. Then again, oats always sound rather delightful to me…

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