Vlog: December Favorites!

Hi guys! First of all, I just want to wish you all a happy and safe New Year! I cannot believe it’s almost 2011 already…and I know I’m the 4935834853rd person to say that, but I just had to add my two cents, you know.

I made a little vloggity vlog about my December favorites, just as I did for November and October! Enjoy!


Links I mentioned:

Pecan Butter!
Bare Minerals Review!
Aussie Review!

What are your plans for New Years?

What are some things you’re loving right now?

Peace and love!




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29 responses to “Vlog: December Favorites!

  1. I’m curious about your October/November favorites now… Have you had Michele’s Pumpkin Spice granola? I’m addicted to that stuff.

  2. oh my gosh as soon as you said pecan pie I was sold.. i freaking need that pecan butter
    and I LOVE body shop products! i put the mango butter kind on mah lipss and the vanilla spice body butter on me hands before bed!

  3. just want you to know i’m on my way to help you pick out an outfit for tonight. boxed wine AND champagne in hand.

    wishing you a happy, healthy and safe new year!

  4. Hmm…frown is a four letter word…as in a “naughty” word that you should avoid? I guess?

  5. Lili

    I’ll have you know im waiting to see what you decide to wear tonight to see what IM going to wear tonight.

    Ya know, cuz im creepy like that. jk. πŸ™‚

  6. LOL about the jello1! what the heck?!?! and i hate jello, but i wont judge you bc i like baby food…

  7. Pecan butter? That’s probably the only one I haven’t tried yet! I’m pretty sure my bulk/health food store carries some so I’ll have to check that out! By the way, I love baby food too πŸ™‚ Especially the apricot kind, yumyum! Have a happy new year ❀

  8. maggie

    Hey Meg!
    i was wondering….I’ve been trying to grow out my hair but it is so thin and fragile that it breaks all the time. Do you have any recommendations for thin hair???

    • Meg

      Hi Maggie! I did a vlog on haircare – and what I use – it’s on my YouTube channel if you’re interested! youtube.com/user/xmegmo

      I would recommend being EXTRA gentle with your hair and definitely try to wash it only once every other day or every two days so it stays hydrated and you aren’t stripping it of it’s oils too much! Stay away from heat styling as much as possible as well. For supplements – many people (including me!) swear by Biotin supplements and make sure you’re getting lots of healthy fats and vitamins in your diet πŸ™‚

  9. I didn’t understand the jello thing at first either. You made me laugh though! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a happy new year!

  10. I LOVED this post. I love Clinique’s lash doubling mascara as well! I’m dying to try Bare Minerals, but I’m scared to ask about prices πŸ˜‰

    And, my closet has YET to be cleaned out. Whoops!

  11. I don’t understand the Jello thing! hah. They;re just weird. Not we. No the JELLO company is the weird ones.
    and right now I think I am in love withhhh my new sephora makeup kit from christmas as well as flannel sheets!!!

  12. You want to know what i’m loving? Um, YOU..duh! Okay, that one is a given. But seriously, pecan butter?!? Get out of here with that insane deliciousness! I wonder if I could make my own in the food processor. I see a kitchen experiment in the near future.

    happy new year, love you!

  13. Baby food is amazing, no judging here. Body shop has the best products! Great blog girl, I’m glad I found it!

  14. I LOVE Yogi teas. Esp Chai Rooibos! They’re my favorite, let’s bring them in the RV?

    Slash I looove baby food, it’s fine. No judgement.

    And I just found my parents’ giant chest full of sweaters..I stole the whole thing πŸ™‚ Have fun tonight girl!

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  16. omg i died lolling at the 4 letter word thing.

    You are too cute!!! no idea what it meant either

  17. Katharina

    Ohhh I love these vlogs of yours! I was smiling the whole time πŸ˜€ Pecan butter is SOOOO good! I think it’s actually my favorite out of all the nut butters. It’s really easy to make as well if you have a food processor πŸ™‚ Ohh and last night.. I wore heels and I managed to injure myself lol. Ooo how I love ice on sidewalks!

    Right now I’m loving… hot chocolate, broiled bananas with CacaoBliss, my new chunky “duster”, film noir movies, and yoga.

    Happy new year, beautiful ❀



  18. awesome goals! I need to relax more too– and I want to set monthly goals as well- i think its a great way to accomplish and feel good about yourself..
    OH YES OATS are the best hangover cure- its so true! looks like a fun NYE!

  19. WOOPS i clicked on the wrong comment section !

  20. ruth

    πŸ˜€ you’re vlog was very amusing. I don’t have to say much more because I kinda bumped into your blog and don’t know what it’s about. but I guess I found another blog I’d like to read more about in the future. that is …… actually not very good. too.many.good.blogs out there. (but luckily a lot of bad ones as well –> balance haha)



    we’re not supposed to use four letter words. “four letter words are bad.”

    as in.. frowning = four letter word = bad, don’t do it.

    it’s bad, because frown is 5 letters, but I thiiiink that’s what they were getting at.

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