I woke up yesterday morning completely dreading the task that lay ahead of me…a visit to the DMV (or MVA) whatever you call it, it means the same thing – a big fat pain in the tail. Even though my birthday was about a month ago, I just now have mustered up the time (…aka patience) to go switch my card.  I shoved some breakfast in my face, bundled up in some sweet festive socks (it’s still the holiday season, for sure!) and leg warmers. Uggs? Totally necessary as well. And I’m super glad I did, because the line was literally out the door.

Shoveled down in 5 mins flat.


Winter accessories, do yo thang.


I  got such good use out of my cozy scarf. Hopefully it distracted everyone from my face. It was totally 8am and I was totally rockin’ the naked face. 100% legal nudity right here, folks.

Love that scarf.


 So, what did I do with my newly flipped I.D.? Put it to good use, of course! No one made a rule that said Tuesday nights weren’t just as awesome as Friday or Saturdays…

Ready to roll.




As the night went on, things got a little less classy and pictures got a little more messy. Walking around in a winter wonderland isn’t so enjoyable when you’re too worried about losing your winter coat to wear it out. But not to worry…there’s quite a few ways to keep warm:

1) Dancing: do I need to even explain? Not only is it great exercise, it’s like instant heat! Especially when there’s good looking men involved. Who cares if you’re sloppy, take note that everyone else is too. Just don’t pursue your dancing needs when you’re feeling sick, cause puking isn’t the most appealing move to bust. And your left shoe? Eh, you don’t need it anyway. Or your right one, for that matter.

Oh my


Singing is necessary, too.


2) Sneak your socks. Wear a warm, fuzzy pair under some boots – another necessity if you wanna stay warm. Don’t go out in some skanky heels – save those for the summer when you have a less likely chance of busting your face on a patch of ice and your toesies freezing off. It’s just not classy.

No one has to know...


3) Deal with it. Being a poopy bitch and complaining when you go out isn’t gonna make the sun shine, nor is it gonna make the DJ turn up the heat. Just saying. Sometimes I’ve gotta give myself a swift slap in the face when I feel like complaining and realize that I should be thankful that a) I’m out with my friends, b) I’m finally able to be out with my friends after what felt like an eternity, c) I have clothes on my body and d) life is sweet.

I love my life




To be honest, if I hadn’t looked at the calendar on my phone daily, I’d have no Earthly idea what day of the week it was. It doesn’t really phase me right now. Winter break, please never end. 

I’m off to enjoy my dippity do-da (name that movie!)snack and get in a good workout.

Mm hummus!


What’s your favorite toasty accessory?

What are some of your fave quick and easy lunches?

Peace and love!




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27 responses to “Fuhfuhfreezing!

  1. I love toasty socks and am completly guilty of wearing them under boots! dont want to be cold on a night out. ever!. I remember when i turned 18 (legal age where i live) twas a night to remember (or not, but the pictures tell it all!) 🙂 fave quickie lunch? gotta a hummus salad sandwich ! x

  2. i love toasty flanels, socks and slippers! totally love going out too- and the drinking age is MUCH lower here 😉

  3. I’m with Carrie! I love socks and slippers!
    AND most of all cozy sweatshirts!
    My favorite quick lunches are salads with cottage cheese dressing!

  4. Haha I have no idea what day of the week it is until I look at the calendar either. No shame in losing your sense of time during break! 🙂

    Quick & easy lunches=wraps, veggie bowls, veggie burgers, leftovers…I’m all about quick and easy meals! 🙂

  5. happpppy 21st!! 🙂

    so glad you enjoyed yourself. i remember turning 21! it was a fun time.

    youre so pretty especially without makeup! 🙂


  6. the DMV = least favorite place ever. They always seem so crabby – i just want to give them a cupcake to make them happy!

    i’ve always said dancing gets the heart pumping = perfect way to stay warm 🙂 glad you had fun!

  7. Warm socks are the best 🙂 And I laughed when you said you have to check your phone calendar to know what day of the week it is because that’s what I’ve been doing too 😛 Totally necessary, I agree!

  8. I totally understand your not wanting to take your winter coat out. I’m like that at school, too. Isn’t it terrible that the time when you would really need a coat (read: 2 am) you don’t have one??

    And I also hate the DMV. It is the place where happiness dies. lol

  9. Haha, I totally wear toasty warm socks under my boots! Like you said, no one knows! 🙂

  10. I hate to admit this, but sometimes I wear mismatched socks just to keep warm! Hehe, and I agree… winter break should not end!

  11. Ha I turn 21 in July wooo. You look absolutely stunning in your no makeup photo.

  12. I LOVE my Uggs, they are totally necessary. And SO warm. Worth every penny (lots of them..)

    HOORAY for being done w/ DMV. I have to go in less than 3 months for my license. Oh how I love the DMV..gah.

  13. I was so shocked and confused at how warm it was today?!?!?! I think it was like 40, and I wanted to go to the beach!

  14. Katharina

    You’re so cute! And beautiful!!! 😀 And amen to going out whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for Friday or Saturday. Any day is fine by me!

    I love wearing legwarmers. In fact I’m wearing some right now. I think they’re my favorite winter accessory. I also love scarves, and gloves save my life.

    Fave quick and easy lunches? A grilled cheese sandwich, some sort of wrap… and also hummus is a quick save 😀 I’ve made hummus sandwiches so far to take with me for lunch since my intersession classes have started. And today I brought OIAJ lol.

    XOXO my love!


  15. totally lost my blue winter pea coat a few weeks ago on a night out on the town. i think it got stolen but really i was a bit saucy so maybe i just left it on the back of a chair. sad day. better to freeze than loose, i suppose!

    looks like you had a fun night. you look beautiful with a naked face and prettied up face

  16. UGGS fa sho! Hugs my feet like a warm, fluffy cloud. I’m also a big fan of pashminas.

  17. This was so funny to me – I haaated going out in the winter time when I was away at college. It sucked.

  18. I’m like you! Cold weather totally deters me from wanting to go out/be out/do anything besides sit in front of my heat lamp, with hot cocoa in my hand and with my adorb Ginger by my side. BUT! Barcelona/Europe in general is cooold right now, and I can’t let that keep me inside all day and night! I gotta explore and take in everything the city has to offer, ya know?! hahah

    I’m just planning on layering as much as possible, and sucking it up!! I gotta! Glad you had a fun night out celebrating your belated birthday! You’re gorg. And I spy cleavage–your tricks must have worked! GET IT GURLL!

    Love youu. Ps, I stocked up on cc so you know i’m making your fave bfast tomorrow!

  19. I’ve been on a break this week too and I totally feel you on the losing-the-rack-of-time thing! Too bad I have tons of school work to do, though. 😦

    Btw, your naked face is amazing – you have flawless skin! *jealous*

  20. boots and socks always help. my feet turn to icecubes..and my toes get numb from the cold even when i have lots of thick socks on. i try to layer but then i cant fit my feet in my boots haha. they need to make little heating elements for shoes, that would be awesome!!

  21. Ohhhh I so need to remember your poopy bitch philosophy the next time I’m out and shivering. I suck at sucking it up.

    Fave toasty accessory = a huge scarf. I’m never warm without one!!

  22. No way is that your no-makeup face! Gorgeous! Enjoy the legal nights out girl 😉 Life certainly is sweet!

  23. Dancing is the besttt way to exercise in my opinion! I hate the cold too and try not to be the whiner when I go out with friends… but it’s tough. =P Haha ooh and when I get home I am making your berry cottage cheese oats asap! Can’t waitttt

  24. OR if you live in Central Florida you don’t have to worry about the cold because it’s 70 degrees in January…. yup… I’m dying for some cold weather, especially considering 50% of my Christmas presents were warm cute clothes 🙂

  25. LOVE uggs!!!!!!!!!!!

    Total must have for me in the winter, I seriously would freeze my a-off without them!!! They save my toes every year from freezing off!

    Love leggings too! A must!

    Love ya girl and dancing is the best exercise ever!

    xoxo Happy New Year!

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