How To: Post-Holiday Clean-up

It’s two days after Christmas. Usually at this time, my room would look like the ending of a world war between my new dresses, scarves, necklaces and earrings. With the ocassional sprinkle of glitter and a pair of forgotten mismatched socks under my bed. Maybe an empty Starbucks cup on my nightstand if I got lucky that evening.

But not this year. I’ve taken my obsessive organization skillz I inherited from my Dad and put them to good use and decided not to wait til next weekend to put away all of my presents and such. Let me tell you – if you’re bored, this is a great way to waste time and it doesn’t involve sitting on your ass or working it off. Score!

With that note, I bring you my take on cleaning up your holiday mess. Here are a few ideas that sprung up in my cranium while I was on a mission to put together the puzzle I call my room.

1) Use your gift bags or bags you used to purchase gifts to store things! As long as they’re pretty, they’ll work.

Victoria's Secret bag? Cute? Check.


Liz Claiborne box...perfect for earrings!


2) Use the little decorative gift bags or boxes you might have leftover for smaller items like bracelets or earrings (shown above as well)

Perfect for bangles!


3) Invest in a nice jewelry box, especially if you were lucky enough to get some beautiful gems this year. Splurging is worth it ! Respect your glam, girlfriend. Otherwise, buy cheaper, but just as efficient storage boxes or pouches!

Worth it.


Makeup bag, bright and cheery!


...I may or may not have a lip-product problem.


More bracelets? Slap em' in there.


4) Frame special cards you recieved from relatives. It’s a great way to remind yourself how blessed you are to have such a sweet family.

Also, it provides a better storage method than tossing them in that drawer where everything goes, yeah, you know what drawer I’m talking about. I like to call mine the surprise drawer…everytime I open it I find things in there I forgot I had.

Framed and saved from "that drawer"


5) The trash. Oh, the trash. I really can’t offer any advice more for your jank than to pile it up and call it the crap corner. Because that’s what it is. Just remember to empty the crap corner when you’re done.

The crap corner!


Hope this was helpful for those trying to figure out what to do with all the little knick knacks, gift bags/boxes and holiday shenanigans. I think after Christmas can be just as stressful as before Christmas because you have to figure out what to do with all of your new goodies! Also – just a tip – if you feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you’ve got, consider donating things you don’t use/wear/want anymore! Or sell them! Sharing is caring!

Oh, and those mismatched socks I was talking about? They’re on my feet right now. I only bother matching my socks 1 or 2 days out of the week. I like to think it gives my feet personality.

What do you do to organize your post-holiday mess?

I wanna know – do your socks match?  

Peace and love!


p.s. Christmas re-cap here, in case you missed it 🙂



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25 responses to “How To: Post-Holiday Clean-up

  1. I need your tips, hahahaha 😀 Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great idea to use gift boxes to store things! My mom does that!

    Love the idea to frame cards. I am guilty of shoving them in the back of a photo album.

  3. I’m working on organizing right now! Sometimes I have to do it in stages… because I can be kind of a slob 😉

  4. I always use gift bags to store things-VS ones are absolutely perfect and your right, they make your room look cuter!

  5. LOVE this, girl! I definitely re-organized myself after Christmas too!

  6. Oh girl, I have a obsessive organization problem too! And it’s what I’ve been doing alll day! Finding places for all of our new stuff!

    I love your framing cards tip! That’s a great idea! 🙂

  7. My mom saves all of our gift bags and uses them year after year. My grandmother does the same with bags, tissue paper, and cards. They are very thrifty! My brother got a bag this year from 2003!

  8. I spent two hours on the cleanup crew for my room. I got a new jewelry chest which I absolutely love. I need a fuzzy sock storage container.

  9. ezzie

    Hahaa, I have borderline obsessive organization skills too, but it’s rare that I put them to use. Well this post made me remember that I seriously need to dump out my very own “surprise drawer” and sort out the shananagins in there. The thing is, I always get distracted, like I find letters from friends from 3 years ago and I just sit there and read them. It’s like, what was I doing again?

  10. My room is still a danger zone! It’s getting better, but somehow, every time I get ready to go through it all, I just happen to remember an errand I have to run 😉 I definitely agree with you about the bags though. I’m keeping all of mine, and using them as lunch bags for work.

  11. Soo my room is a mess. But I did put a ton of presents and little things in pretty VS bags! Apparently we are BOTH organized freaks…or twins!

    Ooh love your idea on framing cute cards! I definitely want to do that.

    And yes, I am currently wearing fuzzy turquoise socks on both feet : )

  12. I store and organize right away. I’m a firm believer in the ‘shoe tower’…keep your shoe boxes and stack you shoes upward to the sky (haha) for easy grab and go and keeps their shape too!

  13. ahahh these are great tips! – my holiday cleanup is pretty much non existent until… lets say April when I realize its probably about time..haha
    my socks NEVER match- theyre socks.. !

  14. Errr- my holiday stash is still sitting in a pile under the tree. It’s really hard to find a convenient place to store a foam roller and slow cooker. Buuuut not to worry- all the clothes I got have already been worn!!

  15. Hahaaaahaha, I’m guilty of the surprise drawer and the crap corner right now! But tomorrow I have nothing to do so what better time to sort through them? 😛

  16. Mysocks have to match! I was pretty organised this year too as I hate the holiday mess! 🙂

  17. I organized all my crap the day after Christmas. My guest room looked like it threw up! It took about an hour but I cleaned that baby up!

  18. I alwayssss use gift bags to clean up as well!!
    That is such a pretty jewerly box! Looks like a fortune!
    I’m actually headed off to clean right after I check up on some good ole’ blogs!

  19. THis post reminded me that I realyl do no need to get on cleaning my room with all the new stuff. Ugh. haha

    Good tips! I already do the bag thing but I love the idea of framing cards!

  20. Considering my room still looks like it went to war…I guess I have no post holiday organization routine! I’m gonna need to get on that..

  21. lip product obsessions are completely acceptable. and i think VS bags are so cute too!!

  22. Fabulous tips – I especially love the idea of framing a pretty card. These will come in handy BIG TIME tomorrow once we get home after a week away…the place is inevitably going to look like Christmas and its’ aftermath exploded.

  23. Oh man, I just love your blog, Meg. You are so awesome. Thank you for this splendid post. 🙂

  24. I love your fourth suggestion — to frame cards from relatives. You are such a smartie! 🙂

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