A Very Merry Christmas!

Merry day-after-Christmas everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with more love than your hearts could handle! My Christmas celebrations started Christmas Eve and ended a few hours ago today. I enjoyed every single last moment, too. My church had a sweet little service on Christmas Eve and my Mom and I went to her friends Christmas party after that. Is it just me or do little kids on Christmas just totally make you wish you were five again? Ok, so maybe there’s A LOT of times where I wish I was five again…

The ONLY way to open a box.


Reindeer canes! Stealing this idea.




 On Christmas I woke up at my usual between-8-or-9 o’clock hour (strange for a 21-year old, I know) and was greeted downstairs by two blessings…my Dad and my pup. Oh, and Santa was pretty damn good to me as well. After breakfast, presents, card-reading and making myself a little more glittery than usual, we headed over to my Aunt’s house to celebrate. I adore my family, they’re absolutely hilarious and I never fail to almost wanna piss my pants at something someone says. This year was no different…and no, I haven’t peed my pants yet. Don’t worry, I’ll wait til I’m older and it’s a little more socially acceptable and I can blame it on my aging bladder. We ate, opened presents and chitchatted our day away. It was marvelous!

I don't even wanna talk about how many pickles I ate.




Happily opening her gifts!


Smiles allll around.


This morning, after recovering from my Christmas-feast and pickle coma, I met up with my brother, sister in law and Mom for lunch at Applebee’s. Of course, my beautiful niece Mia came along as well. She smacks a big cheesy smile on anyone’s face she passes. After lunch we opened presents at my Mom’s house until the snow forced us home. Speaking of – it’s still snowing! I love snow!

Mom opening her presents


Her Daddy loves her! (and the Redskins)


Cute gum Mom!




Opening my goodies from Santa

Again – hope you ALL enjoyed your Christmas! I cannot believe how fast it came & went…and same with this year. I really don’t even want to think about how it’s almost 2011. I’m done with time flying. It needs to knock it off, right now. I’m off to watch a movie and snuggle by the fire with my dog and my Dad. I love being in good company on snowy nights 🙂

What did you do for Christmas (or whatever you celebrated) ?

Pickles…bread & butter or dill?

Peace and love!




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26 responses to “A Very Merry Christmas!

  1. So glad you had such a fabulous Christmas!! BREAD & BUTTAAAA, all the way. 🙂

  2. BEAUTIFUL celebration, my dear!

    You know what I did for Christmas 😉

    Not a pickle fan, sorry, haha.

  3. DILL DILL DILL. or even better: HALF SOURS.

    seriously contemplating whether or not I’m going to make it through this storm– we just ran out of pickles.

    loving our tweeting relationship <333333

    yous a stunna

  4. LOVE pickles!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha! So cute! I used to drink pickle juice out of the jar when I was younger, yeah I was a hardcore pickle loving machine! I would still do it now too ; )

    So glad you had a beautiful christmas!

    Your niece is so cute!!!!!

    Love you! xoxo

  5. Carly in Wonderland

    bread and butter for sure

  6. squigglefloey

    Glad you had such a wonderful christmas girlie 🙂 your family is adorable. And I’ve been craving pickles like mad but keep forgetting the pick them up whenever I’m at the market haha…
    I think I’d go with Dill?

  7. Merry Christmas gorgeous girl!

  8. I always wake up at 8 too! And ohh my goodness…. Mia is ADORABLE. Glad you had a great Christmas love!

  9. Cecilia

    Well, there’s this thing called adult pee pads/nappies that you can wear for the pee-in-the-pants syndrome! And good fresh warm baked bread for me all the way. Btw, I hate pickles, so are we not friends anymore? 😀

  10. bread and butter pickles! There are these really good spicy pickles by Famous Daves you should check out…fabulous.

    looks like you had a marvelous Christmas ❤

  11. I love pickles but I LOVEEE green and black olives!!
    Mia is adorable!!:)

  12. PICKLES! and Meg, you are seriously the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen- no joke. you are GORGEOUS!

  13. a very merry xmas to you too meg! talking about pickles always reminds of two very different things, snookie and the “little rascals” movie, lol! 🙂 xx

  14. Dill all the way. Bread and butter are delicious, but they’re just not as good when you eat the whole jar 🙂

    Glad you had a lovely day love!!

  15. pickles, eh? sounds like someones giving Snooki a run for her money 😉

    this post was so MERRY 🙂 made me smile (as you always do!) yay family and food ❤

    love you, beautiful!

  16. Meg, I was totally hittin’ up the pickle spot at the table too 🙂 Sooo yummy (I think they’re severely underrated).

    Looks like you had a perfect Christmas, dear!

  17. Haha what is up with pickles on Christmas? I ate a bunch too!! I’m so glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  18. haha a pickle coma?! love it! And I def. prefer dill pickles! So glad you had such a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

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  20. Merry Christmas beauty! You and your fam are so precious. I’m so glad you had such an amazing time!! I wanna hear about your gifts! Knowing you…I’m guessing a cookbook, good makeup and some cute scarfs were def in the mix?! 🙂

    I love you!!!…and your little dog too! hahaha 🙂 (omg, Wizard of oz much?!)….xoxox!

  21. Sara @ The Bucket List

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas as well 🙂 Happy holidays to you!

  22. Aww looks like you had such a great holiday Meg!! Isn’t family just the best!?

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