Whats in my oven?

If you follow me on twitter, you know I had a little contest of sorts this morning. I’ve decided to hand it over to my handy dandy blog. Since I know when there’s a giveaway involved, there’s no since in putting up a “normal” post because let’s be real…no one cares what you have to say when there’s freebies involved.

So…my question to you all is…

What’s in my oven?

Hint: not chocolate chip cookies.

The first person to correctly guess the BAKED GOOD that’s currently baking in my oven (and it’s not necessarily gluten free, but it might be…or it might not be) gets an entire box of Bora Bora Bars and a few other goodies that I feel like tossing in 🙂 Just a little giveaway in the holiday spirit…I wish I could give you ALL something, cause I consider every single blogger and reader I come across my friend. Not to be sappy, but it’s true!

Ho ho ho!

The only rule I have is you get only ONE guess. So guess hard and be specific 😉

Contest ends whenever the goodie is guessed…and I’ll be back later with a regular post and maybe the winner? Also note that I’ll be mailing it out AFTER the holidays because there’s no way I’m going within 20 feet of my local post office right now…it’s a zoo and I’m not down to play cheetah right now. US Residents only, sorry!

Peace and love!




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52 responses to “Whats in my oven?

  1. GF Peanut Butter Blossoms?!

  2. My guess is: Gluten free cookie dough balls? Only because they are all the rage right now!

  3. Jen

    ahh um..i guess gf shortbread, so you could eat it 🙂 xox

  4. GF Caramel balls?! (ps i die lolling every time i read/say the word balls)

  5. Meg

    Guys FYI it doesn’t HAVE to be gluten free, haha.

  6. I am guessing…. peanut butter chocolate chip cookie bars?!

  7. Jasmine

    Are they oatmeal cookies???

  8. I am guessing sandies cookies ?!

    love u!

  9. crazylittlethingneela

    I’d say chocolate chip cookies 😉 yummy!
    Merry christmas beautiful lady!
    Enjoy being with your family!
    love you

  10. oh! I love games!!!

    hmmm…let’s see. Gingerbread?!?!?!?!

    luhhhh you, ma!!! Let’s catch up soon!!

  11. Brownies of course 😉

    That’s what I’d be baking if I were you.

  12. I am going to guess peanut butter blossoms. The peanut butter cookies with the hersheys kiss placed in the center!! 🙂

  13. Jordan P

    Peanut butter thumbprints!

  14. Diana

    Chocolate chip pumpkin bread? That’s what I really want to bake today, at least!

  15. chocolate/caramel turtle candy thingies. ❤ you


    peppermint bark?

  17. Hmm I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say mAma peas cookie dough balls?? They seen to be being baked all over the country at the mo! Happy holidays. F xx

  18. Blueberry ginger blondies!!!….yea, I’m getting specific.

  19. Carob chip dough balls 🙂

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  21. Hmm… I’m going to guess gingerbread streusel muffins! Just because I would love some of those myself 🙂

  22. rasain cookies! hehe
    i really dont know

  23. UMMMMMM I am going to guess a dog jerky egg pie??


    Are you making a peanut butter pumpkin pie??? peanut butter chocolate cake? or pie?


  24. squigglefloey

    Classic sugar cookies? haha, I have NO clue.

  25. I’d say mince pies… but I’m gonna have to go for carrot cake. Maybe carrot and ginger; a little something Santa AND Rudolph can enjoy! : )

  26. Vanilla

    Oh, I wanted to say carob chip cookies but Veggiegirl got it before me…so I’ll say cocoa nibs cookies. (I’ll be pissed if it IS carob chip cookies xD)

  27. erinbee.


  28. Nina

    hm..snickerdoodle dough balls?

  29. Allison

    coconut macaroons! because that’s what i made today 😀

  30. Loaf of gluten free cinnamon bread!

  31. Chocolate Chip cookie dough balls??

  32. Oatmeal raisin cookies!
    Have a wonderful Christmas!

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  34. Meagan

    Chocolate Chip Cookies with Coconut, perhaps? I know your a huge coconut lover…

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