I’m not sure if I’m embarrassed or ashamed to say that 3 bags of cough drops have disappeared in the past 2 days. Usually I eat cough drops as candy, but right about now I’m seriously in need of them. Thank you all for the well wishes on my last post – and I hope if you’re sick as well, you get better soon too. Right now all I want for Christmas is my womanly voice, I don’t really think my mid-50’s smoker male voice matches my 20-something year old body and long brown hair. I may or may not have scared a few children at the mall yesterday into thinking I was a crossdresser.

No offense to crossdressers or anything…more power to you. You can have my voice.

Anyways, enough complaining, life is grand and it’s almost Christmas. My Dad and I ventured to the mall really early tomorrow morning to (try to) beat the crowds but within an hour of being there, nutcases and angry Moms surrounded. I keep telling myself one day that’ll be me, so I withheld from being too much of a poopy bitch about it; plus, I bought some amazing presents and got a pair of boots and some makeup as well. Thank you, Dad!

Much-needed classic blacks

I bought my Aunt her favorite toffee from Williams & Sonoma…does anyone else just wanna pitch a tent and LIVE in that store?

Most festive toffee ever!

We picked up a few more things and headed to Whole Foods, where I stocked up on some gluten free goodies to bring to our Christmas get-together and some other baking necessities. I plan on baking/cooking a lot this year. I’ve already burnt baked quite a few cookies, I’m thinking cheesecake is next on the list. Oh lala.





Coconut flour!


New obsession...get some.

Maranatha makes amazing sunflower seed butter…dare I say it’s better than Sunbutter? Just might be. Oh, and by the way…I wish I was kidding about those burnt cookies..

I blame it on a Halls/Tylenol overdose...

Thanks to my Dad’s pro chocolate chip cookie skills, we were able to save the next 4 batches. Never leave me alone in a kitchen with chocolate chips because I’ll either a) burn the kitchen down or b) eat them all. I’m totally convinced my dog snuck a few chocolate chips lastnight as well because she had the raunchiest gas EVER. Not to be disgusting or anything, but I had to share…and when do I ever keep news like that away from ya’ll?


I’m off to enjoy some breakfast and get back to baking, not burning. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good workout in soon, maybe today…I’m really considering my shopping yesterday as a sign that if I can lift my present-filled bags, a few weights shouldn’t be an issue. Wish me luck!

My breakfast side dish.

What’s your favorite place to shop for presents?

What’s the latest kitchen mishap you’ve had? 

Peace and love!


p.s. you can check out my latest video on YouTube here 🙂



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32 responses to “Burnt

  1. I tried to make bread last night… it had a date with the garbage disposal.

    Feel better soon!! I hope those adorable boots helped a lil bit 🙂

  2. meh. no worries 🙂 burnt cookies happen to the best of us, love!

    hope your throat is feeling better! pump that vitamin c! 😉


  3. Little Bookworm

    Latest kitchen mishap – burning a batch of brownies. Hope you are feeling better! 🙂

  4. you aren’t the only one who burns cookies – I can’t seem to catch them before they get a little browner that I would like. they still taste good, though, especially crumbled over a little ice cream.

    I hope you feel better soon, although some people kind of like that hard-core rasp 🙂

  5. I love Williams-Sonoma, but it’s dangerous. I don’t need $12 spatulas when I can get them for $2 at Target, haha. The Columbus Circle store in NYC ALWAYS has samples and I seriously go back like 12 times, every time. Free peppermint bark? Who wouldn’t?

    Hope you feel better soon love!

  6. Katie

    Haha! I have an oven from hell and it likes to cook REALLY fast. I had to stay put in the kitchen today while baking my sweet potato fries and chicken breast for lunch, or else, I would have lost track of time in my room and ended up with burnt crispies for lunch.

  7. coconut flour? YUM. haha thats so funny! I’m sorry bout your crossdresser voice!;) I hope you get better in within these three days before christmas. I hate when my voice is BLEHHH.
    haha you eat cough drops as candy? thats hilarious.
    confession: If I COULD I Would drink cough syrup. Cherry kind. Frickin Love that stuff. I get soooo excited when my dad says you should take some cough syrup when I’m sick. hehehe

  8. Ah yes, I did the SAME thing with a batch of cookies I made for my boyfriend. He said they tasted fine… but they looked awfully burnt :S. Guess that means he loves me ;).

    Merry Christmas!!!

  9. Girl, I HATE cough drops. ICK!

    Hehe, feel better! Love you & merry christmassss!

  10. Being sick during Christmas is the WORST, I hope you’re feeling better soon, girl! And LOL on the voice drama 😉

  11. hmm favorite place to shop for presents… i usually have to go to speciality stores to get exactly what I need so malls and shopping centers are where its at (especially because they are INDOORS!) i hate snow..
    latest cooking mishap… putting tooo tooo much baking powder in a pumpkin cake and it tasted GNARLY

  12. I actually love shopping at TJ’s and sending packages to those that don’t have a “Joes” around them =)

  13. your still hot even with that smokers voice! lol! love ya!

    Oh I just bought more coconut flour! I love that stuff!!!

    Love eating chocolate chip cookie dough! I can not be trusted around it and either can Mike!

    Love ya girl!

  14. My fave place to shop is in dundrum town centre(google it;) my latest homemade veggie burger didn’t go too well! Not enough ‘binding’ ingredients, hope u feel better soon ! And kudos to u gor keeping your cool with all those mums/kid shoppers! I love kids but non patience for stuff like that! 🙂 xx

  15. I can usually find something for everyone at like TJ Maxx and they will never know I got it on sale bahaha. I like anywhere I can stay inside and I am pretty much an online shopper.

  16. OH my gosh YES.. thats it! we can live in williams sonoma this summer! scoreeee

  17. I am always a disaster in the kitchen, you don’t even know!

  18. I love shopping at bloomingdales, century 21, homegoods, sephora, whole foods!

    I got that sunflower seed butter last week with a 2$ off coupon i had not as good as tj’s brand 😛

    I could so live in WS and crate and barrel, I would love to work at WS i should apply there..would love to do demos.

    I don’t remember my last disaster…but tomorrow i am in bakefest mode after my final!

  19. Loooove shopping at Williams Sonoma! In fact I think I could live there amongst the fabulous kitchen supplies and free samples of gingerbread they often give out around the holidays. So sorry you are sick/manly sounding! Haha hope you feel better soooon love 🙂

  20. that sunflower butter is definitely the best obsession, ever.

  21. Ash

    Get well soon, Meg!

  22. I’m fighting off a cold as well. It’s no fun being sick so close to Christmas!

  23. Oh NO! Feel better beautiful. Those cookies look so great.. glad your dad could step in and make them appear bakery like. I personally loved shopping at World Market this year. I got the majority of my gifts there.

  24. I love shopping at Target and TJ Maxx for gifts. TJ Maxx always has really unique things and great prices!

    Have a great holiday! 🙂

  25. I absolutely LOVEEEEE Williams-Sonoma. And a lot of times, they have free samples (which never hurt anyone…); last week it was their peppermint bark!

  26. It’s ok, at least you saved the rest of the cookies, so it wasn’t a total bust! I made some cinnamon roll bread that ended up sinking in the middle because the baking soda I used wasn’t any good! boo!

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