Indulging in HOME

I cannot even begin to tell you how good it feels to be at home in my own kitchen. I fell asleep lastnight in quite the shock that I didn’t have assignments and projects, due dates and teachers voices running through my head (thank God, because I’m already a little off my rocker from this semester, I don’t need anymore brain damage…) I slept like a baby on crack.

Lastnight before bed, my Dad and I decided to whip out the Wii – which has been TOTALLY neglected in my life lately – and played a few games of bowling and Mario Party. Best idea ever…and not to toot my own horn but I definitely kicked his ass at bowling. Mario Party? I could use some work…please share your Mario Party secrets you Nintendo lover, I know you’re out there.

Woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground and little pawprints aside my own leading off the deck from the little princess  monster I call my dog.


I’m always pumped about breakfast. It’s my favorite and I have no shame in saying I’m completely stuck in a breakfast rut.

Berry cheesecake oats!


With chopped dates.

After breakfast I decided to try my luck at using almond flour for the first time.  A lovely blog reader and blogger herself, Sharon, was kind enough to send me some nut butters and almond flour to try out from Fastachi!. I decided to make some Almond Cranberry Bread. I based the recipe off of a gluten-free bread recipe and added a few extras/subs. It didn’t turn out perfect, which is why I can’t share the recipe yet, but it is absolutely DELICIOUS..I promise I’ll share when I get it a little more fluffy and less dense.

Ingredients sneak peak


The results, delicious, but flat as my boobs.

Experimenting with almond flour will totally continue. If you’ve got any almond flour recipes, do share! It’d be much appreciated.

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far and staying toasty. I’m off to Panera with some friends then relaxing for the evening…unfortunately I’ve got the crappiest ear infection ever right now, I’m calling it my early Christmas present from my head for cramming it with too much edumacation this semester. You know the drill.

What’s your favorite almond flour recipe?

Are you a fan of video games? Mario Party, anyone?

Peace and love!


p.s. new vlog up on my YouTube channel as well if you’re interested.



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24 responses to “Indulging in HOME

  1. Don’t worry, unflat boobs are no fun either. I am always losing buttons 😦

  2. Oh my goodness…. Mario Party was my SHIZZZZZ back in the day! 😀

  3. The bread looks delicious – I can’t wait to hear about your final version.

    I’m SO not a video game person…it’s hysterical, really, how inept at them I am. The only system I ever owned was the original nintendo gameboy with like five buttons…(I’m talking the one even before a gameboy color)…now I’m not even sure how to turn on the wii!

  4. omg!! lol! Flat as your boobs! U are hilarious and I love you! You can have some of my boobies, I wish I had smaller! lol!

    I need to buy almound flour! I just bought more coconut flour and saw almond flour at the store but it was almost 11 bux, so I passed on it!

    I love you! Oh and Mario Party rocks! We have all those MArio games for the wii! If we lived closer we would so have a wii game night! Love ya Beautiful!

  5. squigglefloey

    Yay flat boobie twinsies! haha jk jk. I’m sure you’re not that flat girlie.

  6. haha flat as your boobs.
    i love mario kart and guitar hero!

  7. Girl-I totally understand and that comment about the bread being flat made me laugh so hardcore. I can’t wait to see the recipe.

    I have never actually had almond flour so I’m pretty excited to try it eventually. I’m trying to break out of my breakfast rut actually.

  8. I’ve never used almond flour before! I think that needs to change for sure!

  9. Katie

    Hey Meg!

    I contacted you a while ago about your gluten intolerance. Well, I was diagnosed with IBS from my GI doctor, and I recently have eliminated gluten from my diet. Even though it has only been about 1.5-2 weeks since weaning myself off of it, I feel a lot better. And, my digestion is improving. Going gluten-free (even if I don’t have a diagnosed allergy) does have it’s benefits!

    How long have you been celiac? I can’t imagine never trying out almond flour. I just bought some yesterday, so I hope that you get your bread recipe posted soon!

  10. Hi Meg!
    I just came across your blog – I can’t wait to check it all out 🙂

    Oh, and back in the day I was a huge Playstation fan (Crash Bandicoot haha)…I should probably whip that out while I’m home for break!

  11. MARIO-KART! you cannot beat it!
    ALMOND flour!? never heard of it!! is it like peanut flour in that it tastes like almonds?

  12. awong90

    can’t wait to get your recipe using almond flour!

  13. Fi

    Home, there really is no place like it! i like using almond flour as a crumble topping or just as a sub for regular flour in cakes, it makes them more dense and gfree! 🙂

  14. Hahah! Ive been there with the boob angst!
    Anddd I am a mario party and kart pro. But only on nintendo 64 for Mario Kart. The key to Mario party is to constantly be going towards the star and to try to anticipate your opponents moves. And win as many mini games as possible, obviously. And save up your coins so you can buy the magic lantern that takes you to the star!
    Hopefully you were serious about wanting tips……

  15. I feel ya on the boobies. No shame though…no shame.

    Berry cheesecake oats look delish as usual. They are on my to-make very soon list! 😉

    Wii has been soooo neglected lately at my house, too. Def need to get on that this winter break, starting next wednesday!

    Love you girl!

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  17. omg i used to love mario party!
    hope you had a great weekend meg!!


  18. I am in a super breakfast rut too. I eat oatmeal almost everyday.. there’s nothing wrong with that but I need something new!

  19. I love Wii and Mario Party is the best, I have been playing it since I was little. However, I could use some work on the games as well I need to come up with a plan on how to win Mario Party, lol. I’m not great at bowling but I rock at golf which is weird because I’ve never been golfing but have gone bowling before.

    As for your breakfast rut you should try a “Breakfast Parfait” I use to love them back when I use to eat cottage cheese. Anyways it is just 3/4 cup low-fat cottage cheese or whatever kind of cottage cheese you like, 1/2 cup pineapple chunks, or peaches, & some toasted walnuts.

  20. Aww I can totally relate–it feels SO extremely good to be home. I always sleep better here too, and love the company of my bulldog hehe 🙂

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