Tis the season, finally!

See this face I’m making?

How embarrassing.

That’s the face of victory. Victory from completing all of my final projects and the semester from hell. I can’t even sugarcoat it….ok, so maybe that’s just the face I make when I’m hammered. Won’t sugarcoat that either.(p.s. check out my SWEET crown!) I was finally able to celebrate my 21st birthday after my last final on Wednesday night and celebrate I did. I’ll leave it at that 😉

I had such a wonderful birthday! Also, last week I recieved an amazing surpirse from my lovely friend Liz. I was so confused when I heard a truck pulling up in my driveway and glanced outside to see a van covered in fruit…um?


An Edible Arrangemet! It came with the SWEETEST, softest little teddy bear as well, that I need to snap a picture of.  He’s currently laying on my bed with my stuffed animal collection that I still refuse to relocate from my bed. Thank you so much, Liz, you are such a wonderful friend.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m SO excited that it’s finally winter break (for all of my fellow college-goers) and I can finally begin to really get into the holiday spirit. Wrap me in my Snuggie (I know this girl shares a love for Snuggies too), hand me some hot chocolate, fix me up my favorite breakfast and I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. Jingle bells!


What makes you happiest about the holiday season?

Do you have embarrassing 21st-birthday pictures?

I have plenty more, but I really need to keep my blog semi-G rated and save myself a little bit of humility.

Expect posts coming up including baking shenanigans, beauty blab, fashion, fitness and other FUN holiday things, since I finally have time. In the mean time, here’s a little video from my YouTube channel of my holiday season necessities!

Peace and love!


p.s. my brother’s company developed this hilarious little game. So if you’re like me and you enjoy kicking stuff when you’re angry (KIDDING!) check this out!



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22 responses to “Tis the season, finally!

  1. Yayyy for edible arrangements!! So glad you enjoyed your birthday festivities… I definitely have LOTS of embarrassing 21st photos. So necessary. What makes me happiest about the holiday season is snuggling up on the couch by our tree, sipping tea and watching Food Network!! =D

  2. Belated Happy Birthday to you 🙂 Glad you are finally able to enjoy and absorbed everything that is holiday/Christmas related. Enjoy each day of your school break.

  3. Meg, send me your address to my email (sweetsandskinnyjeans@gmail.com). You WON MY RECIPE BOOK GIVEAWAY!! Its perfect for you since all the recipes are g-free!

  4. So glad to see you enjoyed your birthday!! Especially after all those finals- you deserved it!

    What makes me happiest about the season is giving gifts! I love buying presents for people- its so much fun!

  5. I despise the culture around uggs. but they’re just so comfortable. its a love/hate relationship haha

    love you, thanks for all the love recently, it’s GREATLY appreciated.

  6. Jenna's Journey

    omg i lOVB edible arragnements! the best are the granny smith apples covered in chocolate sprinled with cinnamon…and YES i do eat them, had 2 of them on thansgiving 😉


  7. Happy belated birthday, darling! Glad to hear you had a great time.

    P.S. I’m obsessed with fuzzy socks too, haha.

  8. I turn 21 in July and I’m sure I’ll have embarrassing stories. Although-the big race I do is 4 days later so I can’t drink too much.

    I love your crown and you look like a classy drunk. I know a lot of people who went sloppy on their 21st.

  9. Carly in Wonderland

    I love love love your hair wavy like that meg!

    okay you celebrated your 21st CLASSY and i ❤ it
    your hair is so sexy
    i ❤ fuzzy socks
    we=soul mates

  11. AH EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS ARe my favorite!! true or false: I once ate half of an entire family sized basket.. in one day….

  12. Fi

    Uggs are my guilty pleasure and its sad that i am now getting too old for them, damn those teenagers who can get away with them! (i still wear them tho!)
    i love the fact that every one is in a better mood at xmas time and things that usually bother us, dont!

  13. Happy belated birthday love!! I’ll never forget yours now that I know it’s the same day as my boyfriend’s!! Not quiteeee 21 yet, but in one month I’ll have plenty of embarassing pictures, I’m sure. Probably not blog material for me either, but I’m sure they’ll be available on FB 🙂 ENJOY your break love!!

  14. Emily

    a. I left my Snuggie at school. Major life fail.
    b. I’m most excited about being home with both of my brothers! Why are we growing up?
    c. I have a picture (towards the end of the night naturally) where I’m bear-hugging a fellow 21st birthday-er. ….no idea who he was. whooops

  15. An edible arrangements! How sweet! I love scarves and so want to get my hands on one of those already made into a circle scares… is it called an eternity scarf?

  16. That game is super duper addicting…uhoh haha.

    p.s. you’re gorgeous, as always 🙂

  17. Little Bookworm

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love the video! 🙂

  18. Bridget

    You are so cute! Happy birthday 🙂

  19. It’s not even fair, your “hammered” is prettier than most people’s “normal” 😉 Hope you had a fantastic 21st!

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