My Oh My

The title explains it all.

I am so thankful that I only have two more weeks of classes/finals left. Although I wish pressing fast-forward was an option on my imaginary life remote, it’s not. School is throwing some seriously fast balls at me right now and I’m tryng to catch them all and juggle the one’s I’ve already caught in sync. Did that analogy even make sense?

I’m not-so-thankful that I’ll be spending my 21st Birthday (tomorrow!) in class all day and night. Oh yeah…party animal right hurr.

Anywho – you all understand, especially my fellow college student bloggers. I feel so bad that I haven’t had time to blog, but you know what? I’m blogging now because I have a moment and because I just love ya’ll. Since it’s the beginning of a new month (and THUMBS UP for the beginning of the holiday season!) I figured I’d do a little posty-post on some things I’ve been loving for the past month. Hello, November Favorites.

Here’s a video from my YouTube Channel (subscribe to my channel for all of my vlogs!)

And if you’re not into me running my mouth (I totally understand!) here’s a textual (oh la la!) version of some things I’ve been loving lately.

Burt’s Bees products! I cannot say enough good stuff about my favorite natural line. Their Soothingly Sensitive Lotion has been keeping my skin happy, as well as the Baby Bee Hand Creme, which I know I’ve mentioned before.

Loving my new gold Sperry’s. Okay, I’m obsessed. End of story.

Speaking of glimmer and gold, I’ve been glitzy up my eyes in the holiday spirit with glitter liner. So middle school of me, but I really could care less. Glitter = a happy Meg.

HOT CHOCOLATE πŸ˜€ If you haven’t tried Land ‘O Lakes hot chocolate mix, you’re totally missing out! My personal favorite? The french vanilla and raspberry. Mmmm, so toasty – perfect for blustery winter days.

Justin’s Almond Butter Β squeeze packs! Please tell me that I’m not the only one who cuts open the packet and scrapes the rest out when I’ve squeezed all I can squeeze?

Last but certainly not least, warm clothes. The cold has been making me loopy. Seriously – check out my tweets from this morning and you’ll find me inappropriately announcing that it’s cold out. Specifically using the phrase “oh my tits…it’s cold out”. Truth.

Tell me:

What have you been loving lately?

Also – leave me requests for ANY vlogs or posts you’d like to see!

Peace and love!




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38 responses to “My Oh My

  1. Happy early birthday! Our birthdays are a week apart:) I love Burts’ Bees products, especially the chapstick.

  2. Can totally relate right now about school! I hate the end of the semester, professors throw everything at you at once! Hang in there and have a wonderful 21st birthday Meg! =)

  3. amandaleasays

    Ohhh I love Burt’s Bees! Especially their chapstick and their milk and honey lotion. That stuff is like, a savior to winter skin. Also, I love that glittery eyeliner. It’s not middle school of you. Middle school would be HUGE sparkly glittery lids. That stuff looks more on the shimmery side of glittery. Maybe I’m wrong. But looks like a great wintery liner. Also I love your sperry’s. I want glitter/sequins/shimmer so bad now!

  4. amandaleasays

    Oh and happy early birthday!

  5. Loooove your necklace in the vid–so cute! And those shoes are too adorable, however all I wear from now till April are warm fuzzy boots hehe πŸ™‚

  6. hahahahahahahaah i mostly wear the cloth or sports bras woo for little ones. I do have a bra from the that i love and its leopard! I just got the body shop baby body butter I love it so far! Also just got the bareminerals all over SPARKLE color its so prettty and shimmmery wish I got a lighter color though haha. Love homemade almond butter<3 ❀ I once made a gingerbread spiced AB so good. I need to make some and send it to you haha You are adorable and pretty I want your shirt/tunic πŸ™‚

  7. I totally open up the squeeze packets and lick them out – no scraping.. just licking! πŸ™‚

  8. Stop being so freaking cute. I want your skin, seriously! And happy almost birthday!!! Too bad we’re both drowning in the beginning of finals week, but i miss your face and we will catch up soon!!

    Putting that burts bee’s lotion on my xmas list for the momz (the perfect stocking stuffer, no?!), along with some of your other fab finds!

    The Sperry’s are presh. Aaaaand I may or may not have some VS bras on my xmas list too! LOVE YOU! XOXOXO

  9. Happy almost birthday!! That hot cocoa is so good- they sell the big buckets of them at Costco!

  10. teenagehealthfreak

    Happy early Birthday!!!!! yes..i practically eat the wrapping of those packets! lol…never can get enough!

  11. LOOK AT YOUR SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I’m pretty sure I have perfected the dissecting Justin’s nut butter packets.

  12. Fi

    Happy birthday!!
    I love burts bees hand salve, sooo good at this time of year when hands are starting to look a little flaky! xx

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!!! Hope it’s an AMAZING one…I’m sending you lots of love and a huge nut-butter cake πŸ™‚

    I need those Sperrys. It’s been over a year since I last bought a pair and those are FABULOUS!!


    I’m pretty sure I spent an hour at your site yesterday, but maybe I didn’t even comment?! RUDE!



  15. Happy B-day! Our faves lately have been Smashbox’s wish for the perfect palette, wet n’ wild black liquid eyeliner, target moccasion slippers, the CHI hair straightener, Bright pink Covergirl lip plumping lip gloss

  16. Megan

    Happy Birthday, Meg!!! Mine is tomorrow!! πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great day!!!

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Maybe a fashion Vlog??

  18. Bridget

    Haha omg I love that saying “itty bitty titty commitee”. Genius!

    And almond butter!?!? Loooove it πŸ™‚

  19. Mmmm, that hot chocolate mix looks so good!

    Happy early birthday!

  20. Meagan

    LOVE those Sperry’s! I am also obsessed with Burt’s Bee, I really love their shampoo and conditioner.

    Have a great Birthday! Whoohoo 21!!!!!

  21. TheNewHealthy

    Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!!! And I’m right there with you on the crazy finals/end of semester! Good luck!! ❀

  22. Caitlyn

    Happy belated birthday!! πŸ™‚ Seriously 21 is the best birthday ever, I turned 22 a month ago and it was definitely need to go out & live it up! I love your necklace, really cute. I would dig a makeup tutorial, I am a fan of glitter as well. Umm yeah & now I am putting those sperry’s on my christmas list, LOVE love them.

  23. definitely NOT the only one who does that with the squeeze packets! πŸ˜€


  24. obsessed with sperrys. i need ones that glittaa and shine. pronto.

    glad you had a good birthday πŸ™‚

  25. Ayla

    I love seeing you ramble but I’m at work and this damn computer has no sound. This makes me sad. 😦

    Me and Burt’s Bees have a love/hate relationship. Some of their products are amazing! But others? Others dry out my skin/lips/body parts like crazing. :/

  26. I heart almost all things glitter. I’ve seen that eyeliner, but hadn’t heard reviews yet. Hmmm… the wheels are turning…

  27. I love Burt’s Bees lip balm! I’ve had it for 2 years and it’s amazing, never fails me!

  28. Hey Beauty! I hope you go out and celebrate your bday this weeknd!!!!

    LOVE those shoes! Super cute and so u!!!

    Never get sick of seeing your vlogs! U rock! love ya!

  29. dgeselle

    you are so cute πŸ™‚
    I LOVE those shoes. super hot!
    and your necklace.. I have the same one in blue πŸ™‚

    What kind of bra is that…I am vice president of the itty bitty titty committee

  30. Joanna

    I love glitter liner! I always do it on game days. Our colors are green and gold so I go for gold. My best tip for doing glitter eyeliner is to use a wet q-tip to get rid of any out-of-place sparkles. And try to close your eyes and let it dry so it doesn’t smear everywhere.

  31. I love your youtube videos so much! they are fantastic.
    Glitter is somethign i adore too during the holidays and i like NYX glitter liners, they stay on a longer in my opinion and you get more for your money.
    landolakes hot cocoa is a winter esstinal! i love their mint and carmel flavors

  32. Marie-Sophie

    I’ve been loving body butters lately AND hot baths with dead sea salt!! It’s been snowing like MAD here in Germany and right now it’s probably got 30 centimeters of snow or more!! Christmassy!!
    I also got some Benefit products – their “BadGal Lash”-Mascara is really good and I also like “ooh la lift” which is a cream you pat underneath your eyes and it’s supposed to brighten it… well I’ve been working lots and I feel lots better when wearing it! Main thing, right?!

    Happy belated birthday from Germany!!

    PS: I totally could be in your committee, too… we could form a world-wide alliance. think about it. πŸ˜‰

  33. hahahahaha! I totally do that with Justins almond and peanut butter ! They are so frickin delicious! How could I waste that half a teaspoon left?;)

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