Why I Blog: Reason #495

Meeting people! Not just any people, but beautiful people – inside and out. Meet Christine, Sana (both whom I mentioned in my last post) and Sana’s friend!

We were all behaving as bloggers and snapping a plethora of pictures – to see more, be sure to check out Sana’s blog too. We met for lunch on Saturday at Whole Foods in Annapolis – and pranced around the store afterward to see what goodies we could collect.

Sana picked up some new Larabars (which I’m pretty sure she loves!) and Christine picked up some sunflower seed butter, a Larabar and a few other goodies, and I just had to play with the soft-serve nut butter machine. I got some fresh ground cashew butter. Sadly, it’s already almost gone. I wish I had something else to blame it on besides my finger and lips, but I don’t.

The hot bar definitely didn’t disappoint – I’d say it’s responsible for 93% of the giddyness in Whole Foods (the other 7% belonging to the rotating gelato bar and the soft-serve nut butter machines, of course).

I absolutely love meeting bloggers and readers. Christine just started a blog – so ya’ll should ALL go check it out here and give her a warm welcome to this lovely community 🙂

Unfortunately this weekend had to come to an end and I’m not even gonna sugar coat it – the beginning of this week is going to suck, in fact, it already does. I just have to keep reminding myself how blessed I am to be getting a legit education, even though some mornings (especially today) I really just feel throwing a complete 5-year-old-style temper tantrum towards my alarm clock. My university obviously is not in the holiday spirit yet, cause we only get off 2 days this week for Thanksgiving. Maybe our school president burnt his turkey or potato latkes last year, cause this year his jungle bells just aren’t jingling yet.

Off to do some work and to write “more weekends” on my Christmas list.

What’s one reason you love blogging (or reading blogs)?

Are you into the holiday spirit yet?

Peace and love!




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30 responses to “Why I Blog: Reason #495

  1. I love blogging for the ability to connect with so many great people that do not leave near by that I can relate issues and stories with!! 🙂


  2. i wish my WF had a raw cashew butter machine. until then I shall make my own. But i shouldn’t I eat it way to fast for my own good. me + you + nut butter making party…mkaay?

  3. confession: ive listened to mariah carey’s all i want for christmas 2344 times. woops.

    p.s. I’m jewish. double woops. 🙂

    i blog/read for the inspiration and unique connections. it’s an unexplainable comfort.

  4. I love blogging because of the beautiful people it introduces me to, including all of their great ideas and recipes! One of the best parts of my morning is going through my Google reader 🙂

    And I am SO into the holiday spirit! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are my favorite runway of holidays. I go all-out, from crazy socks to cooking up a storm for Thanksgiving..but of course, no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving! 😉

  5. I love blogging for a plethora of reasons…here’s a few:

    1) Inspiring amazing fellow bloggers
    2) Fabulous recipes
    3) A zillion types of PB
    4) Support and love all the time!

  6. I love blogging for the creative outlet and to form relationships – I ❤ it!!!

  7. I’m not in the holiday spirit yet- I’m with you, too much work to do!

  8. Whole Foods = best place for a blogger meetup. End of story. 😉 Glad you had a fun time Meg! I wish I could meet up with YOU! *tear* Someday, someday.

    I hope your week gets much better and look on the bright side…Monday is done with so we’re already over the hump. Woohoo!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, love ya!!!

  9. It looks like you had such a great time at your meet-up! I love blogging because of all the amazing people I’ve “met” and the things I’ve learned from them!

    Those temper tantrums don’t stop once you finish your legit education 🙂 Trust me.

    I just put up my mini Christmas tree, so the holiday spirit is comin’ around…

  10. squigglefloey

    Ahh, my university is only giving us 2 days too! WTheck, right?? To top it off, I have a spanish midterm on Wednesday afternoon, so I won’t be home till either Thanksgiving morning or lattteee Wednesday night. Hahaha.
    I suppose I’m thankful for the two days, however 😛
    Hang in there!!

  11. ahh looks like a blast! I wish the WF around here had a salad bar!!! I’m not in the holiday spirit yet, but xmas music will be pumpin soon and that always works!

  12. Fi

    I am definitely in the holiday spirit! bring on that festive cheer 🙂 I love blogging because i love to write but could never have the patience to be a writer, so a blog is a great outlet for that, as well as my feelings, thoughts and worries.

  13. NYU is a huge grinch when it comes to the holidays, but I refuse to let it get me down. You can have an exam up until 5 pm on December 23. So lame. I’m already playing the Christmas music and thanking baby Jesus that I’m done with exams on the 14!!

  14. Kat

    I love blogging because it is such a wonderful community. I mean all these complete strangers offer such kind words. It gives me hope that our world does still have some decent people out there. Plus I learn a lot from all the other bloggers. Not just about food and fitness but also about life 🙂

  15. I also love meeting new people online, though I haven’t had a blogger meet up yet! Looks like you guys had so much fun, I am dying for some fresh cashew butter now!

  16. Awhhh so cool to meet new bloggers!:) Glad you all had a nice time! you’re beautiful, dear! xox. and i love your scarf! 🙂

  17. Gotta LOVE the blogging community!!

  18. That so cool that you got to have a blogger meet up. If you ever make it out to Colorado, we better have a blogger meet-up, deal? lol. I love to read blogs to connect with people all over the world, as well as just expressing who my true self is.

  19. Loved this post! I love to blog for three reasons; there’s food, it’s fun, and you meet new friends!

  20. How fun…blogging has opened me up to whole new world of supportive women and new friends.

    What a fun meet-up…don’t you wish they can happen more often?

    Have a fun day tomorrow and enjoy Thanksgiving Day.

  21. Adorable post! I love meeting new people. Also Whole Foods is honestly my home, but its so far away from me.
    😦 great post!

  22. Ayla

    I love blogging because of the people! That’s seriously what has kept me blogging throughout the moments when I just don’t feel like it.

    Whole Foods hot bar = loooooove. Everything I’ve ever gotten from there has been amazing (sweet potatoes! tofu!!!) except.. except for a vegan cupcake. Bleh. That was really disappointing.

  23. bloggers always put my in the holiday spirit. no matter the season.. and i think why i love it is because i forget about certain traditions.. but when i read blogs im always reminded of those traditions and memories, and especially holiday foods. just having bloggers to remind us of this helps perk us up!! ❤

  24. hey girlie!!
    whoop whoop hit up that cashew nut butter machine! my Whole Foods doesn’t have cashew, soooo jealous! 😉
    I love blogging because it connects me to so many awesome people, that I wouldnt know existed otherwise!
    I am getting into the holiday season! I hope you are too!

  25. Hey Meg!!!
    I added you to my BlogRoll!!! I love your blog, you’re too cute!! 🙂 Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving 🙂

  26. !!! I work right around the corner from that whole foods (isn’t it amazing??) And i agree. Blogging is one of my favorite ways to meet people 🙂

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  28. Narges

    Don’t worry Meg once you get that degree in your hand it will all seem worth it. I love blogging because I am free to share my thoughts and opinions with other all around the world. It is also why I love reading blogs, because I get to hear from others from different cities and countries. I am totally in the holiday mood, I started singing Christmas carols in October, lol.

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