Don’t Be a Flake.

You may remember a few weeks ago that I did a quick vlog and post about my typical skincare routine. Well, since then, I’ve discovered a few more favorites that I really would love to share with ya’ll, especially since the weather is getting colder, and my skin is getting drier. I get all giddy about the cold weather because I adore the holidays, Snuggies and hot chocolate, but my winter-gasm becomes a total buzzkill when I think about dry skin. I don’t about you, but flakes just aren’t cute unless they’re falling from the sky.

So, here’s an overview of my favorite winterizing skin tips and tricks, plus a few of my go-to goodies and new found favorites so you can stay silky smooth and comfy in your own skin this winter.

From the inside out:

A few of my faves.

What goes into your body is just – maybe even more – important than what you slather on the outside. It’s super important to stay hydrated, which I’m sure you hear endlessly and probably want to punch the next person who tells you to drink more water – but it’s true. My personal favorite way to hydrate myself during the arctic weather? Hot tea! I’m loving peppermint right now! Hot chocolate totally counts too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Healthy fats! I can’t say enough about healthy fats, I could go on for days, but I’ll spare my sanity (and yours) and just say that your body needs healthy fats to retain supple skin, hair and support your organs. Google it if you have problems believing the healthy fat truth. Some of my favorites? Nut butters, coconut oilย and fish (omega 3’s baby!)

Fruits and veggies! Fruits and veggies can also count as hydration. In fact, you should be getting a good amount of your water intake from these sources. Mama told you to eat your brussel sprouts and bananas for a reason – they provide a ridiculous amount of vitamins and minerals that skin thrives off of. I’ll try not to be too obvious here, but fruits & veggies are necessary to flush out your system as well, a “detox” if you will. Fiber in these foods are responsible for carrying all the nastiness out ofย  your digestive system. Mmm that’s appetizing.

From the outside in:

In yo face!

Here are just a few of my current go-to products and a small overview of them. First up: for the face, I absolutely love Biore’s moisturizer – it’s super gentle, smells really fresh and will not clog your pores. It’s important to find a moisturizer for your face that’s gentle and non-comodogenic, especially if you have sensitive or problem-prone skin. Cold weather can be harsh on your skin, so you want a moisturizer that really does it’s job – this also absorbs quickly, allowing for reapplication if needed. It’s a great base before applying makeup as well, and won’t make you greasy.

I’ve also been loving The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Creme. I use this under my eyes and in any dry spots I might get. I use this at night after I wash my face. I wake up to smoother skin, and although it’s a bit greasy after application, I do find that when I wake up most, if not all of my dry spots are gone; it’s super gentle as well and has not cause me to breakout.

Lastly for the face – Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in fig! I’ll be honest here – the shade is the only thing that really attracted me to this at first, and the fact that I prettymuch collect Burt’s Bees products. When I first started using these lip shimmers, I noticed that they’re both moisturizing and provide a gorgeous shade of color on my lips – score!

Body/hand care.

Everyone loves soft hands, right? I think it’s the best feeling in the world to pop on a pair of cozy mittens, especially when I know that when I pop them back off, my hands won’t feel like tree bark. My favorite hand creme is a new-found love…Burt’s Bees (who would’ve guessed?) Baby Bee Creme. I am madly in love with the scent, texture and ingredients in this produt. It smells like a dream, that’s really the only way I can describe the scent ๐Ÿ™‚ย It’s magical, try it for yourself and believe it.

I always find myself browsing the aisles of the beauty section in Whole Foods looking for the biggest vat of lotion I can find – and this is by far the favorite of the bunch I’ve hauled into my shopping cart, plus, everytime I pick it up I feel like I get a good workout (and it’s a super good deal for such a large bottle!) This Shea Butter moisturizer is fair trade, all natural and absorbs quickly into my skin so I don’t feel like I’m walking around in a wetsuit afterย I get dressed in a hurry. I know ya’ll know what I’m talking about – some lotions take hours to absorb – I’d rather not have lotion just hanging out on my skin, I want it to work, dammit! This stuff is sure to please.

Last but certainly not least, Bioton supplements! I take 3-4 of these with dinner everyday, or whenever I remember (it is best to takeย vitamins with meals, though) B-vitamins, specifically this one, are great for your skin, hair and nails (totally ripped that line from the label on the bottle).

What are some of your go-to skin products?

What’s your winter weather loathe?

Peace and love!




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35 responses to “Don’t Be a Flake.

  1. Cuticle cream is my go-to for dry fingers in the winter!

    I am kind of obsessed with body products like lotions and lip balms – always up for trying something new ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for mentioning the Vitamin E Creme… my skin gives me a lot of trouble in the winter, hopefully that will help!

  2. while i love snuggling up in blankets during the winter.. i HATE the first few minutes when I go to run outside- its so darn cold!

  3. Oh man, I am so dry! All the handwashing I do does not make for pretty hands. Actually I can’t use that for the only excuse because my feet look like I’m 80 years old! LOL. Top that with eczema, yeah, not pretty! But I’ve been using aveeno and shea butter, and it seems to help. That is, when I remember to use it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I love your spread of veggies, oils, and ESPECIALLY the pb! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Healthy fats for sure, they don’t get nearly enough praise. I am definitely going to try the Baby Bee cream, anything that smells good is up there in my book! Plus, the name is too cute!

    If you love Shea butter, you will LOVE Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick. It looks like a glue stick, but it’s a chapstick that works wonders and lasts forEVER. Plus, it smells like chocolate! And what’s better than chocolate? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m not really loyal to any specific face product! but moisurizer is definitely my friend in the winter!

  6. I use burts bees FIG also !! ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVE it !!

  7. I have the same problem in the winter! Dry skin is no fun. Diet and healthy fats play a huge role for me, but I’m still trying to find that “perfect” moisturizer. Maybe I’ll give your suggestions a try!

    For my hands and feet, I LOVE Palmer’s cocoa butter formula. A classic!

  8. I love posts about the power of the diet for beauty purposes! This one is very informative! Thanks Meg! =)

  9. love it!!!! girl- i hate everything about the winter. ahaha my face gets SO DRY

  10. Having to cover my hair. It’s too cold in the winter to keep my head exposed. Hat hair is not sexy.

  11. I have to admit I’m a bit slacking when it comes to cosmetics (I should really get myself used to a routie and be consistent!), but what I find really helpful for dry skin is OLIVE OIL – organic, not expensive and it works. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    For my hands I have The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector, but like I said, I’m not nearly enough consistent for the results to show, lol. Basically, I have all the products that I need and that apparently are good (based on online reviews), but I suck at actually using them. :s

  12. Great tips! I need to incorporate more Biotin. I’m loving Clean and Clear Moisturizer because it’s so light. And then Aveeno SPF for the day time. At night I go super heavy with both!

  13. favorite skin products.. Lancome! and organic shae butter โค AND sweet almond oil
    winter loath… itchy skin.. wet shoes.

  14. So glad to hear you’ve found stuff to help your dry skin. I am still on a mission to help my poor hands..they crack and hurt so bad. I am going to have to give your product recommendations a try!

  15. Ohhh crazy, I was just thinking about doing a blog on my fav. skincare products! Ill be sure to drop a link in the comments here when I do!

    Thanks for sharing your secrets ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Laura

    Great post!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    One question… how do you prepare those sardines to make them delicious? I know how wonderful they are for your bod, but they make me a little squeamish!!

    • Meg

      Do not fear the fishies! Haha! has a great sardine tutorial! I usually just top a spinach salad with sardines and some kind of dressing! They’re so versatile ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. ohhh thanks for the Biotin tip! I am going to put some on the good ol’ shopping list. I hate how my skin gets dry in the winter time. Hopefully that will help! Plus, B vitamins are good mood-enhancers…definitely helps for the wintertime blues, too.

    Love you Meg!

  18. I am new to your blog and just wanted to let you know that I love your blog and will definitely be back for doses of daily inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

    xo Lynzy

  19. Ahh my skin always gets to dry/itchy too! My hands especially and then they get cracks and bleed. EW. Is that peanut butter and pumpkin I spy?! I think I should be good to go with those two haha

  20. i loveeeee vaseline’s cocoa butter lotion for skin and soft lips vanilla lip balm! another great product that i always have in my gym bag is the neutrogena face wipes for after a good sweat sesh. i hate feeling like my pores are clogging even if it’s only for the 1/2 hour drive home from the gym!

  21. So glad I found your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am experiencing a rather cold winter in Scotland right now and have been using my trusty Dr. Hauschka lip balm (super smooth) and also some Ganache for Lips chocolate lip balm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Both work really well.
    I bought some Jason’s moisturizer is Rose but it smelled like old ladies (I’m being serious – like when you walk by an overly powedery-sweet perfumed old woman…I’m sure you know the smell!) and I couldn’t stand it. So I bought Body America Organics Body Butter Pump New York Cheesecake With An Edge Vanilla and Strawberry Body Butter. It has a very sharp scent and is nice, but not something I’d want to soak myself in. I don’t know if this will make sense to you but it smells like a Katy Perry CD. ๐Ÿ˜› In my mind at least. Very girly and sweet but edgy.

  22. Ahh, thank you! I need this post. Dry skin is the worst; it plagues me every winter. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  23. youre makin me b-e-a-utifullllllll ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I wish I had go to skin products! I really need to take better care of my skin… I dont really have a regimen. Eeeps.
    My winter weather loathe is having to bike to class! It makes me just want to cuddle up at home and skip…. Not good.

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  27. Narges

    I’m sad to say I haven’t yet found my go to skin products yet. I have very sensitive skin so most product break me out or work for only three month, and I have yet to find something that doesn’t. There is not many things I loathe about the winter weather because winter is my favorite time of year, but if there is one thing I could change it would be the stuffy nose most of us seem to have durring the cold days. However, give me a cup of hot mocha coffee or hot coco and either a holiday book, movie, or cd and I’m good.

  28. Burts Bees rocks for sure!! Love their lip balm, I also Love Fresh Sugar Lip Balm, it rocks too!!

    Love you girl!

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