A weekend without technology (ok, fine I DID have my cell phone, but I only had serive 2% of the time in my defense) can really open your eyes to how beautiful the world surrounding us outside of the computer, internet and television really is. I can promise you that the ocean is much more breathtaking in real life.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss having access to the internet; television? Not so much – I actually really don’t watch that much tv, do you? The ‘net, on the other hand is such an addiction. I feel like I have so much to “catch up on”, but when I really sit back and think about it – who says I have to catch up? All I need to do is grab life right now and live in the moment. Everything that I may have “missed” this weekend is in the past now, so why should it matter? In fact, I didn’t “miss” anything. It’s so unhealthy – in my opinion – to stress over the past, even if nothing necessarily bad happened, living in the moment is much more attainable because you simply cannot change the past, only learn from it, appreciate it and be thankful for where you are in life right now.

I’ll be the first to admit I am absolutely addicted to technology, but once in a while I really think I need a little detox. The Earth is not appreciated enough in it’s raw form. God didn’t create the Earth for us to ignore it, same goes with our bodies. If you ignore something for long enough it will react. I challenge each and every one of you to go outside and find something beautiful, whether it be living or not. I promise you’ll find that the colors of the Earth are so much more real and vibrant than those you’ll find in a palette in Photoshop. I’m really not trying to be to awfully boring or corny here, I just feel extremely passionate about appreciating the now and feeling appreciative for whatever life throws at you – especially if it doesn’t involve technology.

 This weekend my Dad, Aunt and I drove to my Grandfather’s house to go on a fishing trip with a few other people in my family, and had such an awesome time. Minus getting a little seasick in the morning (I blame it solely on shoving a protein bar in my face at 5am and not drinking anything) it was a great trip and I can’t wait to do it again. Next time I might wear a diaper so I don’t have to worry about getting knocked off the boat toilet and doing a faceplant into the door…and please don’t paint a picture of that in your head, thanks.

What did you do this weekend?

What’s your favorite way to detox from technology?

Peace and love!

p.s. new vlog in my next post – ideas? Also, ironically, I will be catching up on comments – because those I do feel like I missed out on 😉



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22 responses to “Disconnected

  1. I am totally addicted to the internet as well – however, I feel like when I get it out of my system, I’m good to go. 🙂 I honestly feel so much better when I’m not connected all the time, but I really do ❤ it!

  2. How lovely are you!

    And what a poignant post — I always feel like the Fall reminds me of just how beautiful if is around us. We have gorgeous sunrises this time of year so as I’m going into work, I’m forced to smile 🙂

  3. “God didn’t create the Earth for us to ignore it”
    You make me want to take a week off from the internet…just for the hell of it.

  4. I am OBSESSED with television. It’s so sad, but its the only thing that really relaxes me! This post makes me want to take a break from everything!

  5. Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend, as did I 🙂
    I was in vancouver, my favourite city<3
    I like taking breaks from internet/tv, it is so refreshing, but eventually i do miss it.

  6. I get obsessed with the internet and it is great to take a BREAK from it all once in awhile. I feel when you take a break you really see things (life) differently, see the more important things 😉 Though I must admit it is hard sometimes to not check my email at least once a day, LOL

  7. I spent a month in sleep-away camp with no computer/tv/cell and I lived to tell the tale 😉

  8. I’d really like to have little “challenges” with myself to go technology free for a week or so. I’d like to see the world through technology free eyes.

    Oh–and you are incredibly gorgeous. Love the pic of you in this post.

  9. absolutely love this! oh my goodness. this is how God created us to be.. FREE and peaceful! YOU are awesome

  10. I am addicted to technology only because it is my escape from school work. When I am on vacation w/o internet in the summer I am totally happy!
    I am glad you enjoyed yourself girly!

  11. Narges

    Hey Meg!
    It’s your YT friends Narges (XOBlushingBeautyXO) and I have to say this post is so true. Most people in the world don’t take the time to stop and smell the roses because they’re to busy texting, surfing the web, playing video games, or watch TV. I can’t say I’m not one of those people because truthfully I love the internet but like you so wonderfully put it, sometimes you just need a break for it. Back in Spetember I went a few days with out technology and it was hard but fun because I got to go out there and see the things around me.

    Anways, this weekend I spent time with my family. And, away I like to detox from technology is either workout or to play a broadgame with the family.

  12. i could never go without technology! its always hard the first day, but then its quite a nice detox- the best way to detox is to just be around family, friends and have some good laughs!

  13. i love this post!! i so agree that it is important and REJUVENATING to take a day or a few days off from technology once in awhile… i think my perspective is just always refreshed and though it can be difficult it is freeing!!! and i think you develop an AWARENESS of just how connected you are to the world through various technological means… of course, i love technology and reading blogs is soo relaxing but it’s great to remind myself what other beautiful things exist in the world. definitely got a dose of this in south africa when i didnt have internet access or phone or tv for a month! well i dont watch tv either and i really am not a phone person (i never pick up calls haha all my friends get annoyed because of it) but i do love my computer very very much

  14. Love your thoughts on disconnecting. When I go on vacation I used to fret about “getting behind” on so many things online, but finally I stopped even bringing a computer so I can actually enjoy myself on vacation–and your right, God didn’t make this beautiful earth for us to keep our heads stuck in the computer. 🙂

  15. Emily

    lets see: A. what you have in your closet
    B. what you want for Christmas/what you love about the holiday
    C. A how-to for your fave recipe. A S’n’S staple so to speak

  16. I agree that I need a breather every so often from technology. I feel like I used to be more creative and imaginative when I didn’t have so many distractions. I miss it.

  17. I can definitely tell a difference in myself when I disconnect from technology. Living in the moment is so important but I do find myself frequently thinking about the past or the future, instead of focusing on the moment I’m in right now. I need to work on that!! Thanks for the beautiful post, gorgeous!

  18. TV isn’t my thing either, but the internet? Oy. I spend wayyy too much time on here. I like your words about the “raw earth” in the form God intended it. I feel like I try to hard to take that approach to my diet, so why not incorporate it into my every day life? Things in their natural state are always the best.

    Hope you have a great start to your week love!!

  19. Sooo it sounds like both of us had some tummy troubles this weekend…. wah wah wah.

    Hahah!! You are such a cutie and I am so appreciative of your beautiful insight–on the beauty of life, on taking care of ourselves, and of the nature around us. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    Text you in a sec! XOXOXO

  20. I was nearly tech-free this weekend too! I spent it in the mountains and while I did have my cell phone, I didn’t get on my computer or watch TV. I never watch TV anyway but it always seems to be on in the background ya know? Anyway, it was really nice! Glad you had a great weekend too love!

  21. I absolutely love this post, you hit the nail right on the head – we all really do need to take a breather! I should take this advice in stride more often 😉

    Taking breaks from technology is such a relaxing thing, and you start to notice the beauty of everything around you – everything is so much more rich.

    I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend away from technology, even if you did fall off a toilet 🙂 Peace and love, girlie girl! xoxox

  22. soooo agree with you 🙂 technology is totally a love/hate relationship!

    sometimes i feel the need to just delete everything- blog, twitter, facebook etc.. but then i realize i could never give up the awesome relationships i’ve made on here!

    it’s all about balance– knowing when to put your puter on sleep mode. It feels so much better when you do!

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