Nuts About Coco

In my last post and my vlog you may have noticed some coconut talk.

I'll take the bra, thanks!

I figured I’d do a quick little info sesh on one of my new-found favorite remedies for baking, cooking and beauty! It’s an all-around supastar! I won’t go into depth about research on coconut oil, because I feel like there’s so many tangled topics about it – mostly controversies over the saturated fat content – so I’m going to give you my non-scientific two cents about coconut oil and why I think it’s God’s gift to my tastebuds, hair and skin.

1) Coconut oil is an awesome substitute when baking and/or cooking! I use it instead of butter/shortening in recipes and it really brings a great flavor to the dish. Plus, it smells like you’re floating away on a raft near a tropical island with a coconut rum mixer in your hand. Mmm (p.s. next time I travel to a tropical island, totally packing my bohemoth-of-a jar in my suitcase) Here’s some of the latest and greatest coconut oil creations from my kitch:

Skirt steak stir fry with coconut oil

Cranberry coconut cookies!

Wannabe Nutrigrain bars with coconut oil

2) I love to put this in my hair, wrap it in a towel or tame it with a shower cap (and run around like a Granny) for a few hours. After those few hours, I feel like I’ve been so productive because not only did I finish some work, maybe took a bath, went shopping (online…of course, although I won’t juidge if I see you out in public rockin’ the Granny cap), but I also nourished my hair. It really makes a difference in your hairs sheen and strength after using it, plus it’s chemical free and Earth friendly. Now that, my friends, is a successful day in 3 hours or less. Just remember when you wash it out – wash it good. Otherwise, as I mentioned quickly in my vlog, you will be running around looking like a greaseball and then I probably will judge. It’s just not cute no matter who you are.
3) Want the ultimate massage oil for your next rubdown? Look no further than your jar of coconut oil. Enough said. Bonus points if  your boo likes coconut oil, too. 😉

Do you like coconut oil?

Have a favorite coconut oil recipe or use?

Peace and love!




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25 responses to “Nuts About Coco

  1. land animal

    I love coconut oil! It is amazing on your legs as a shave gel. After I use it my skin tone is unbelievable. I have heard of people who put on oil after their showers (and I even think Neutrogena has an after shower oil product or two) so this is more of a common practice than we think. It will change your skin though, trust me 🙂

  2. Girl I love everything about this post. Coconut is fantastic.

    I love to drink coconut water after a workout to keep my electrolytes happy. I use a coconut sap sweetener in my coffee that I just LOVE and putting coconut milk in my hot chocolates/soups/curries is bombtastic. I can’t get enough of coconut flakes in my oats/cookies/cakes/etc and coconut oil is my favorite oil to use in baking!! I also use it in my hair from time to time and do I ever agree that you need to wash that stuff out WELL. I’ve definitely looked like I stepped off of the set for Grease the few times I didn’t give it that necessary second lather 😉

    Love the coco-cartoon up there too, it made me lol in class. Thanks for that, hahaha.

  3. i always wondered what to do with coconut oil! at home there’s a huge jar of it in the pantry but i only used it once. made some yummy coconut shrimp with it 🙂

    great idea to use it for your hair!

  4. I’m a huge coconut lover, too!!
    I used to put it in my hair all the time but I’ve been sort of slacking off lately, thanks for reminding me to keep doing that!
    Have a great day,
    Nicky 🙂

  5. I am not big into coconut oil, but right now I am obsessed with Coconut Kefir. In a blender with frozen banana! Its delish!

  6. Kat

    I am obsessed with my coconut oil. I love putting it on my skin as a moisturizer, it works really well on the scared up areas on my legs from soccer. I also LOVE making raw chocolate with it. So delicious!!

  7. GIRL I need to get me some coconut oil!!!! It is worth the $$$? Is it better than EVOO in stir fries?

    I am sorry I have SUCKED at texting, I have been so busy this week and wrapping things up!!! I only have another week til thanksgiving BREAK!!!! I love you!!!

  8. Love the smell of coconut and the taste but haven’t really used coconut oil and I should!

  9. I LOVE COCONUT anything!! As a kid I was not a fan of coconut but lately these past few years I am obsessed with it 😉 I use it for just about everything!! YUM

  10. i love putting some coconut oil into my ricecooker with rice before i cook it – the rice that comes out of it is absolutely fragrant!!!

  11. I’ve never cooked with coconut oil- but I’m pretty much obsessed with all things coconut. So I’m sure it’s just a matter of time…

  12. I recently fried tempeh in coconut oil and omg it was amazingggg!! I also love mixing it with melted chocolate to make vegan frosting. Do I even need to explain how good that is?

  13. Love coconut oil but have only used it when I have been given samples to try because I haven’t dished out the dough for my own jar yet. I think I just might have to!

  14. jo

    Before I add my Ezekiel cereal to my breakfast bowl, I add 1/4 cup pumpkin, zap it in the mic, and then add 7grams of coconut oil – melts in and makes kind of a pumpkin “milk” if you will. Makes everything sooooooo much more satisfying!!! I’ve done it will coconut butter, too, but I like the plain oil better… Weird, right?!

  15. Fi

    I love using coconut oil on my hands, heels and elbows, especially at this time of year when cold weather equals dry skin!
    Food wise? Coconut butter plus vanilla yogurt Is really yum! 🙂

  16. Hahaha the little comic cracked me up! I used coconut oil in banana bread once… so yummyyy =D

  17. My mom would put coco oil in my hair overnight when I was younger, my pillow cases still smell…

  18. I love coconut oil! I actually never used it until my kinesiologist gave me a jar (can’t remember why he did but anyways…) I love the stuff and like to stir it in my oatmeal to add a tropical taste. I have yet to try it for beauty purposes though.

  19. I love coconut oil! And it IS high in saturated fat but I am taking Food Chemistry right now and I am learning about why some saturated fats (like coconut) are NOT bad for us!
    Its really cool… Basically a fat is a triglyercide = a 3 carbon chain with three spots for fatty acids. The “spots” for the fatty acids can be named Position 1, Position 2, and Position 3. For some reason, our bodies process the fatty acid (which can be saturated or unsaturated and long chain or short chain) that is at Position 2 much more than the 1st and 3rd position. The 1st and 3rd position fatty acids dont seem to have as much effect on our bodies as the 2nd position. So, its better to have an unsaturated fatty acid at the 2nd postion than a saturated. As it turns out, coconut has 2 saturated fatty acids and 1 unsaturated fatty acid and that 1 unsaturated fatty acid happens to be at Position 2!

  20. I’m definitely adding coconut oil to my ‘foods I NEED to try list’!

  21. crazylittlethingneela

    I LOVE my coconut oil! have you tried it on bread? like PB? so freaking good. or you can jsut add it to oatmeal and have the most amazing tropical coconutty flavour added to your moring bowl!
    so many fab ways to use that stuff 😉
    xoxo love you gorgeous

  22. We actually briefly touched on coconut oil today in my nutrition lecture! Unfortunately my prof is a member of the “coconut is bad for you” camp. 😛 Regardless, I still love it, especially coconut butter!

  23. Funny thing–I’ve never used coconut oil, but my mom is a huuuge fan of it. She uses it for everything you’ve mentioned. I think I better jump on board the coconut oil train!

  24. Delicious! Nice blog..

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