Graceful Lifting?

I am THRILLED that you all liked the vlog – although it was kind ofΒ a fail, I did make another one about my hair – something I get asked about a ton. So stay tuned til the end of the post to see that if you’d like. Also – subscribe to my YouTube channel – I’ll be making videos a lot more often and I’ll love for ya’ll to be a part of it πŸ™‚

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Also, THANK YOU so much for all of the votes for the Bora Bora contest – I did win, and I am SO excited. I’ve decided to donate some of the bars they were going to send me to a charity – any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!

Anyways, I recieved an email from a sweet bloggie friend about feeling confident in the gym. Who says women can’t lift weights and look as badass as a hulk-like man? I think women have such a struggle to really get into strength training because they’re afraid they’ll be embarrassed, or lack that ladylike grace that they stride with naturally on the elliptical or treadmill. But really, who needs the elliptical or treadmill when you can take your stress out lifting and grunting? Making animal-like sounds and gritting your teeth in a bear-like fashion seems much more attractive, right? πŸ˜‰

Step 1: Invest in some cute gym clothes. If you’re going to make all of those forementioned faces and noises, you may as well have an attractive outfit to go with them, right? Right! Feeling confident in the gym begins with feeling confident in your own skin, and in this case, clothes as well. You’re more likely to push out more reps if you already feel hot – cause who says you can’t get hotter? Strength training does just that for your confidence.

Step 2: Focus on yourself, and others will (most likely) do the same. You don’t go to the gym to have a staring contest, unless of course there’s an extremely sexy specimen of the male species in the room. But let’s face it, all intelligent beings will take into factor that you really aren’t at the gym to show off your best looks, you’re there to kick ass, so do it, and don’t worry about the stares you might get – as Nicole said, strength training isn’t the most graceful of activities, but it’s not supposed to be! So accept that fact, and remember that whomever decides to stare at you is at a disadvantage themselves because they probably aren’t getting their best workout in when they’re totally distracted by their wondering eyes. Oh, and just a side not – it is totally 100% acceptable to look at yourself in the mirror while you’re lifting for a confidence boost – DO IT.

Step 3: Make gym time a learning experience. Most of us avoid the machines that look like man-eating monsters, when in reality, they’re really just adorable little puppies, ready to be played with! Stupid analogy, I’m sorry, but think about it! If you’re unfamiliar with a machine (or scared to use it, like I usually am), ask a trainer, read information about it or play around with it! Who knows, it might become your new favorite machine. Don’t be afraid of looking like an idiot if you wanna experiment; most likely if you’re doing something TOO awfully wrong, someone will offer to help you out – swallow your pride and take the offer, then show them how damn good you are at it on the first (correct) try.

I’ll be honest – being comfortable lifting is something that takes practice and time, for me at least. I’m tiny, and I know it looks extremely odd to see a girl like me pounding out sets like I wanna be a man in the gym, but I’m doing it for my body, for my confidence and because I love to lift.

If ya’ll have anymore questions about my lifting routine, feel free to ask πŸ™‚ I was thinking of posting “progress” pictures, but I really didn’t snap any before I started my lifting routine many months ago…so I’m not quite sure how I’d go about doing that. Suggestions?

Anywho – onto the promised vlog, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with strength training. That’s just how I roll.

Β You can visit Carly’s blog here (as I mentioned in the video) and here’s the sweet balls she sent me:

These things are amazing, I love them, and they’re so beautiful! I am so thankful for such thoughtful friends. If you’re stressed, seriously, invest in some of these for sure πŸ™‚

Do you have a favorite hair product?

Have any confidence-boosting tips for the gym? Leave em here!

Peace and love!



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43 responses to “Graceful Lifting?

  1. Randy

    You should focus on just your upper or lower body each workout and alternate. I just lift for my upper body because my legs and thighs are almost freakishly large and cut from biking and walking.

  2. Love it! I used to be embarassed too and now I don’t care! I also used to think the guys would think I was gross or something for having muscles and lifting heavy but I swear that is the place I get hit on or asked out the most! LOL. Proved that wrong!

  3. Cute!

    If you use a straightner, then Redken Anti-Snap is a good leave on product before you dry your hair (prevents breakage).

  4. Congrats on winning!! YAY! And I loved the hair vlog.. your hair is gorgeouss!

  5. I think the best way to feel confident in the gym as far as weight lifting goes is to know exactly what you are doing! If you are lifting improperly, than people may stare because it looks funny or because they are worried you are going to hurt yourself. If you have the right posture and movements, then there is no reason to attract attention! To do this, one can either hire a personal trainer just for one session and have them go over all the right postures and techniques, or you can read and watch videos online and practice the positions at home so that when you are the gym it is second nature to you!

  6. Rachel

    de-lurking myself to ask this for your opinion;

    i like to exercise around 5 days a week and tend to get on the sticky sweaty side (yummy no?), it’s kind of hard to avoid the shower cause sweaty hair ain’t no you know any leave-in products for my hair to keep me from washing it?

    favorite hair product is a hair tie because i have really thick hair and it drives me crazy sometimes, or organix coconut shampoo/conditioner. it smells amazeballs

    • Meg

      Thanks for delurking! I love readers and I think they ALL need to delurk πŸ˜‰

      Leave in hair products? I use dry shampoo! Try Tresemme (did I spell that right?) dry shampoo – it’s at many drugstores, and it’s totally affordable! If you wanna splurge, check out more pricey brands on – they have GREAT reviews on beauty products! I love the smell of Organix products as well!

      Another thing you can do is invest in cute headbands/bandanas or a winter hat – use the cold as an excuse to cover your hair πŸ˜‰

      • Rachel

        thank you muchly! i’m diggin the hait idea, i’ve been wanting to get myself a slouchy beanie-type one πŸ˜€

  7. You have got to be the cutest thing ever – your personality is EXACTLY what I imagine it to be! πŸ™‚

  8. Gina G

    Congrats on the win, woop!
    That is so funny, my brother actually has those balls! haha

    i hope you have an amazing weekend girl! πŸ™‚

  9. i always try to go to the gym with the mindset to make it a ‘mindful experience’.. that usually involves blasting my ipod and pretending no one else is there…

    i swear by garnier products. theyre inexpensive and smell soo darn good!

    tgif lovelyyyyyyyy πŸ™‚

  10. Love it I use the machines all the time, I often do chicken out on using free weights in gym when all men are there. Today I told my dad on a few of the machines I can lift 90 pounds and he was like “yeah right you do no even weigh 90 pounds” But girl us small people can lift too!! I notice since working out and doing hiit alot, I have gained alot of muscle even in my legs, and I was freaking out thinking I was “huge” because my clothes fit differently or old pants dont fit But muscle is not fat, I am strong and confident!! I do lift free weights at home though πŸ™‚ I do alot of the arm machines like 3 days a week, also hiit, elliptical. So I am a healthy woman πŸ™‚ Wooo Go US!

  11. It’s so exciting to be mentioned up here πŸ˜€
    I love the post about hair care, I totally agree with the healthy fats part! I actually did a research paper last year about all of their benefits, I still wonder why some people avoid them. Nobody gets between me and my nut butters ❀

  12. I love this post for so many reasons, so I’m going to put them into a list because I’m anal like that.
    1) congratulations on winning!!
    2) your hair is stunning, and so is your personality. I swear sometimes it’s like listening to my twin. You are SO funny and so cute ❀
    3) Yeahhhh for all of us lifters!! I'm teensy too, and used to feel awkward going to the gym. Now I just have fun rocking the animal noises. Just because we're girls, or even teeny tiny girls doesn't mean we can't lift our own weight and grunt it out with the best of them while we're doing so. It's fun!!! Do you think that pro tennis players ever hold back from grunting because they're embarrassed?



  13. Step 2 is my fav! It is SO important to focus on yourself when working out. the more your eyes wander the less you will focus on your workout and the more you will start comparing yourself to others (which is a no no!) great post!

  14. Kat

    I dont belong to a gym, but if I did I am not sure if I would use the weights there. I ahve a serious exercise phobia and HATE when people can watch me working out. Maybe its a confidence thing. But knowing that I am stnading there with weights and people can judge me, it would freak me out. So instead I would do weights at home like I do now! My fav hair product is probably the bath and body works shampoo. It makes my hair sooo soft and smells wonderful!!

  15. dmcgirl37

    I love your hair! you are too cute in that video πŸ˜‰

    Dana xo

  16. you are adorable.

    “grab your balls!” LOL… sorry im so immature. πŸ˜‰

    love love love your vlogs. wish i had some tips for video editing, i’ve always wondered about what programs ppl use!

  17. I could SO use some stressballs..haha. “Whenever you’re stressed, grabbed your balls!” You’re too funny.

  18. Megan

    De-lurking too πŸ™‚ I think I found your blog when reading katheats or something else. You know, looking for more reasons to procrastinate. Ha. And we have the same name, so I had to keep reading!
    Anyway, do you ever switch the side that you part your hair on? I’ve heard that that works for getting volume. Just wondering because I always part my hair on one side but that’s getting old!

    • Meg

      SO glad you delurked as well! And props for the name, too! Haha!

      I have switched my part! Not for a couple years, but my hair stylist did tell me it’ll make it seem more volumous! Try it out and lemme know what happens πŸ˜€

  19. I always am a little uncomfortable doing weights at the gym. Especially because I’m using 5 pounders, haha. I am such a gym slacker. These tips are good, though!

    I’m not too particular with my hair products. I’ll use just about anything!

  20. Tinka

    I totally laughed at the balls comment too.

    I’m sure you were being genuine and it’s just us readers with naughty interpretations!

    Hahaha have a good week x

  21. Aw yay I love this!! It sounds like you just have naturally good hair- work it girl!!

    Fave hair product is Pantene shampoo and conditioner. It’s cheap, smells good and always makes my hair super soft!!

    Hope you have a great end to your weekend!!

  22. You are so adorable!! Love the video! I have super thick hair except mine does not and never will look as good as yours..okay it might have a chance hah! Unfortunately since I run everyday I sweat therefore I have to wash my hair everyday 😦 But I never use heat on my hair except if I straighten it which is for nice occasions like once a month if that!

    hahahaha love the “if you get stressed out, you can just grab your balls” so funny

    Hopefully you don’t get too stressed!

  23. One tip I gave all my frightened clients: If someone’s watching you, they’re probably trying to learn something. People are generally too self-absorbed to judge what others are doing and instead are wondering how they can apply it to themselves. Some guys are at the gym just to pick up dates, but focusing on your workout should give them the hint that you’re there for a reason and that reason isn’t them.

  24. Jessica

    I use DermOrganics Argan Oil and swear by it. It is a bit pricey as all Morroccan/Argan oils are (I saw a documentary about how it is made and it really makes you understand why it is so expensive) but totally worth the price. I purchased a bottle of it after my last hair trimming. I started using it once a day. It not only protects my hair from my hair dryer/flat iron and allows my hair to dry quicker but it is also gives it the healthiest, shiniest sheen ever. It isn’t super shiny, like oily, looking but it is just so healthy and shiny. I have gotten more compliments from people in the past 6 weeks than I’ve gotten in a long, long time about my hair.

    You should really pick up a bottle and give it a go. It is worth a try. However, I’m not sure if your hair can get any prettier! πŸ™‚

    I am also a big fan of the diet component of healthy hair, as you had mentioned. Healthy fats like almonds, fish (i.e., salmon), avocado and lots of fruit and veg really help your hair and skin more than you know!

    • Meg

      Wow, thank you SO much for this comment – everything is so informative and I’ll be sure to include it in my next post. I will definitely be trying the oil πŸ˜€

      Hoorah for healthy fats!!!

  25. Megan, congrats on winning the Bora Bora recipe contest. I love anything coconut so I can’t wait for them to produce your bar. I’m sure I will love it.

    I’ve actually baked with those 3 ingredients before in a cookie, coconut+ cherries + macadamia…it’s a good combo because of the nutty texture, tart from cherries and then because there’s coconut, lol!

    Hope you are doing well πŸ™‚

    ~ Lea

  26. You are so freaking cute! Has anyone ever told you who you sound like/act kind of like! TAYLOR SWIFT! Your talking voice and attitude sounds so much like her.
    Your adorable!

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  28. you are adorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrable!!

    blog about your fav dinner ideas!

  29. Love the tips. I think the best thing is just to get in there and with time feel more and more comfortable. πŸ™‚ Lifting weights is my favorite though, so I do feel most comfortable there.

  30. land animal

    I have been attempting to use the tresemme dry hair shampoo too… It makes my hair funky too… Sometimes its white like you said, other times it isn’t but it is still funky. I am thinking that I haven’t been shaking it enough before I spray it. Anyway, the only product that I swear by is coconut oil. But I see you mentioning argon and I have heard people recommending jojoba. I’m guessing any natural oil works wonders.

  31. My mom owns a hair salon so gives me free hair products all the time! Anyway, I have Moroccan oil and it’s fabulous-makes your hair nice & shiny & smooth and also smells SO good which is the most important thing for me too : )

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