Fitting in Fitness

Between 5 studio classes and an online class, I definitely don’t have as much time to work out and focus on my fitness and strength routines as I did in the summer. I know so many college students can relate to this, as well as people living and working in the “real world”.

So, instead of failing my classes, I find ways to sneak in my workouts throughout the week, as long as I’m getting adequate sleep, food and partying, working out is totally an escape from reality and stress for me – especially when I can indulge in a trashy magazine in the process 😉

I don’t focus much on cardio – I usually do 2 or 3 sessions per week, usually in the morning before my first class for about 15-20 minutes, or the time it takes me to carve through each and every magnificent page of juicy, brain-cell-killing celebrity gossip. If I do badly in a class this semester, Heidi Montag is to blame.

 I also enjoy less-trashy mags as well, such as Self, Oxygen and Seventeen – yes, I still adore Seventeen in my twenties. No shame.

Do you read while working out?

What are some of your favorite mags?

I try to strength train every other day as well, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night. On the weekends I find it a lot easier to get in a really good weight lifting session. I rotate push/pull muscles in my upper body, and do a day of lower body as well. April suggested a great rotation for me, so thanks, girl! Per her suggestion – I do 6-8 reps of the heaviest I can possibly push/lift/etc. I stick with about 2-3 sets and some supersets as well. For more info on this, I suggest you check out some of her workouts!

A go-to ab workout that I do anytime can be seen here. I usually only do the last 13 mins or so of the video with the floor exercises, I’m not sure why but the standing ab exercises that she does just bug me, and I like to feel at least a little pain when working out, and with those, I just don’t. 

Since the bulk of my workouts are in the morning, I usually grab half a banana with peanut butter or something of the sort so I don’t accidently gnaw on the elliptical or benchpress – it happens, you know? Afterwards, I always refuel with a breakfast of the sort:

Berry Patch Oats (with figs, too!)

Berry patch oats with figs + cottage cheese!
I’ll probably never tire of this breakfast.

Shout out to Court and Whit, who recently had a bowl themselves 🙂 Speaking of them, they’re prettymuch genius’ when it comes to concocting amazing breakfasts, lunch and dinners.

What’s your favorite way to refuel after a morning workout?

In other news: this weekend Mia, my niece, was Christened! I am so blessed with such a beautiful family.


My brother is such a proud Dad, and my sister-in-law is such a loving and proud Mom as well.

 I would be too –  Mia is just so absolutely adorable and so, so sweet.

My brother, Mia and I

Proud Mama and Dad!

Hope ya’ll are having an awesome week! I can’t believe it’s almost October!

Tell me about your workout routine!

Peace and love!


p.s. check out my last post for ways to beat stress – especially the comment section – I love your tips!

p.s.s. only a FEW days left to vote – I’d really appreciate if you voted for my flavor 🙂 I am M. Morat and my flavor is cherry, macadamia coconut! YUM! Click here:

Thanks guys!



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22 responses to “Fitting in Fitness

  1. Oh goodness, I can relate! I have 5 classes and 2 jobs now. Ah! Lately I’ve just been having more rest days or doing quick workouts when I can! And yay I’m glad your liking the rotation 🙂

  2. I totally love trashy mags! What I don’t love is paying for them! I usually read if I have a date with the elliptical or stairmaster, but I usually run. I have totally been slacking with the weights lately. I’m not sure why, but I just cannot get into it as much as I used to. Either that, or I am just too tired to do it! 🙂

    You are such a pretty lady – loooooooooooooooooove your hair. For reals.

  3. First of all, Mia is so adorable!! And working out has totally become my de-stress time at school… I can really relate to not having as much time as in the summer! I am a huge fan of magazines… I loove Glamour and Self. Thanks for ab workout recommendation!

  4. Great attitude on how to fit in a workout. I am a firm believer that even 15-20 min a few days a week can keep you balanced until schedules tame down a bit.

  5. I love reading when Im on a treadmill or elliptical. In fact, I buy magazines just for that. Love love love us weekly and shape/self. They keep me motivated! Exercise tv workouts are the best. There are so many on that website for free. Cindy Whitmarsh is my fav! =) Your niece is beautiful!

  6. teenagehealthfreak

    i know it’s hard to fit EVERYTHING in. i do one long yoga session once a week..then 2 quick ab workouts 2 other days. then most days i trey to take time for a walk/swim/run/whatever….except on fri & sat.
    my fave magazines are glamour and whole living!!!

  7. oh man I know how you feel. Its hard to fit in fitness. Just gotta do the best you can though!

    and I love that you dont kill yousrelf with cardio. Thats my kind of girl.

  8. This past weekend, I was super stressed out. My neck hurt, I was grumpy, and super tired. I got all my work done, and then made myself go for a run. Magically, all of my physical signs of stress disappeared. Getting those few minutes of sweat in really make a difference in clearing your head and keeping yourself sane. In the winter I like to hop on the elliptical with Newsweek (but really, I prefer Cosmo when the issue comes out).

    Good luck with your crazy semester!

  9. i used to love trashy gossip mags but i rarely read them now. i like women’s health, fitness, health, shape, food network! i rarely read at the gym bc i move around too much and it kinda makes me want to throw up! haha

  10. I voted for youuuuu! 🙂

    I really don’t need to carve time to workout..
    our campus spans 9 blocks that I am walking
    back and forth throughout the day. Also lugging
    a heavy backpack around can def work up an
    appetite..I try to take as many stairs as possible

  11. Oh cardio is so my mindless trash time – bad reality tv, magazines, etc. It probably isn’t as effective, but whatever! I’ve been focusing more recently on things like yoga and Pilates, though, and I’ve found I enjoy it a lot more. Built in me-time plus some surprising strength training! It’s such a switch, having to really focus on each movement as opposed to what the Kardashians are wearing. 😉

  12. Thanks for including us in your post… but seriously I have really been enjoying your signature oats lately! They keep me full ALL morning 🙂

    I have tried reading while I work out, but it just does not work for me. I cannot stay focused and usually the magazine ends up falling off the machine. lol However, I am one to watch a good show while I work out.

    Whit and I have not had near as much time as what we had in the Summer to work out, but we have been making the time to still get in some kind of movement. To get in cardio lately, it has just been a quick HITT workout or a walk/run, and to get in strength we have been finding plenty of free workouts on demand.


    P.S. You have got the cutest niece ever!

  13. Kat

    Sounds like you got a lot on your plate!! I don’t have a set schedule really, I just do whatever my body is craving!! I do have the P90X system, so a lot of what I do comes from that. Usually mon, wed,sat are my cardio days. Tues I ride the stationary bike and do arms/abs. Thursday I do legs/back/abs. Sunday I have a soccer game!! Friday is the one day I usually take off or do yoga 🙂

  14. Your neice is way too cute!!! I just showed off my nephew yesterday too! 🙂

  15. highonhealthy

    Mia makes me want to have a baby! Thankfully as soon as I post this comment and switch pages that urge will disappear.. I hope.

    My absolute favorite magazine is Oxygen. Love, love, love it. Then after that comes any other fitness magazine like Self, Fitness, Shape, etc.

  16. I totally studied ochem on the elliptical last year! Bahaha! People thought I was caaarazzyy.

  17. I can’t read on a cardio machine. Tried it once and fell off. It’s too much for my pea-brain to handle. The treadmills have a constant run of Dr. Phil, etc. playing right in front of me, but I have to stare at the cardio display screen to keep from falling over.

  18. time for happiness

    I am so happy someone else shares my love for trashy magazines haha they definately keep me occupied while im on a machine. As for when I fit in workouts, I used to be so worried about going inbetween classes because I would be thattt girl, but I’m finding alot of people do that, and our gym has amazing showers and lockers and stuff so I just wash off quick and change my clothes before class because usually thats when I have the most time since I would already be on campus. I am definately using that website you posted, thank you 🙂
    ❤ kimi

  19. I love reading magazines when I work out. It makes the time pass by so much faster. I read shape, fitness, women’s health, and oxygen!

    My favorite breakfast after a morning workout is always oats. It’s weird I actually crave them over anything else even if I ate them for three days straight before.

  20. Love this I have been lifting heaver now that I have access to my school’s gym and the weight machines. I need to try some new machines tomorrow. I think its easier to do higher weights on machines than dumbells. At home my highest I have are 8 pounders. Some days I have a 3 hour break aka optimal gym time :). I do the same every other day and i do my jill michaels 30day shred vid quite often as well as the elliptical at the school gym. I usually have an apple of dried figs before a morning workout. [my fav fruits] I never really tried reading a mag while doing the elliptical I should next time I love magazines.

  21. i don’t read while I workout bc it makes me naus, and I like to focus…but I know it’s tough for students trying to multi-task!

    try shortening your workouts and upping the intensity. HITT training (you can’t read while doing that though), and double up your upper and lower, for instance, do lunges with and overhead press and do a quick circuit of like 5 exercises…you should get through it quickly and be in and out of the gym in 30-40 minutes!

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