Accepting Stress

There’s no doubt that you either see, hear or feel the word “stress” on a daily basis. So many magazines, books, tv shows and websites hound people for stressing “too” much, when really, it’s just absolutely impossible to avoid.

Stress in moderation is completely normal and actually necessary for the body to cope and deal with situations. Without stress we’d simply get nothing done and have no sense of reality and time. Think about it. On the other hand, stress can be damaging to some, both mentally and physically, if the individual deals with it in an irrational way. In the past and today I still deal with stress, we all do, but I’ve found balance in coping and accepting it as a normal part of my life. Sure, I definitely have days where I feel like ejecting myself out of a window or punching inappropriate objects, but when I slow down and rationalize my thoughts, I come to terms with the fact that those two examples of dealing with stress are not beneficial to my health at all…and breaking things just isn’t cute in my rulebook.

Here are a few quick and simple waysย that I live with stress:

1) Set up a routine or schedule. Sounds absolutely obsessive, I know, but it works for me – I am such a list person, and I have a to-do list in Microsoft Word AND a whiteboard that I update every single night before I go to bed. It not only includes work, but workouts as well – which I usually fit in early in the morning, or in between classes…as long as I have time for a shower, cause I’m not trying to be that raunchy ho in class, you know…that girl. Fitness is important to me, and if it’s not in my schedule a few days a week, chances are I’ll have some serious ants in my pants because movement is necessary for your body. As for work – I set out “blocks” of time for. Each block doesn’t last more than 2 hours, because I’d honestly start pulling my hair out if I work on something/study something for more than that amount of time, and I’m really not trying to rock the Britney hair (or lackthereof) quite yet. I’ll keep ya’ll updated if that changes. Make sure you have time for munching too – I don’t know about you, but if I go more than about 3-4 hours without food I turn into a monster and myย stomach gets pissed.

2) Find something to do alone that makes you happy. Yes, it’s obviously super important to surround yourself with friends and family when you’re stressed, but there are going to be those moments at 3 or 4 in the morning that you just cannot seem sane and rational calling a friend and asking him or her to bake cookies with you. Find a hobby, like painting, baking, reading, etc – that you can do on your own that you honestly enjoy. For me, baking and painting does the trick – especially when I can share my baked goods with others. Knowing I can make others happy makes me happy ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you’d all agree.

Bake things you can share, too!

3) Brew a cup of green tea, mix some hot chocolate or grab a cup of coffee and take a bath. It would be totally pointless to go into depth about taking a bath, because ya’ll know that they’re absolutely amazing – and guys may not wanna admit it, but they love them too. Tip: head over to Target/CVS/where ever and grab some Disney Princess Bubbles ๐Ÿ˜‰ it’ll make the bath 10x better, I swear. Basically, any “me-time” you find in your day, make sure it involves self love – something ignored so much in today’s society.

What are a few things you do to deal with stress?

Have you accepted stress as a part of your life, or do you struggle with it?

Peace and love!

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25 responses to “Accepting Stress

  1. Ahh I definitely do ALL of these things to combat stress! Well minus the bath because I don’t have access to a tub, but I can imagine how relaxing that would be. I definitely need “me” time, and often that’s in the form of exercise (a solo jog or some yoga). And I am aall about schedules.. it helps me feel like I actually have my life in order! =P

  2. I love this post! I am obsessed with lists. I also have a whiteboard which I update ALOT and I have a cut off time to do work. Nothing past 9:00. This year my biggest goal is to not be stressed and to relax much more! =)

  3. I rely heavily on the last option: hot water in a cup or a tub does wonders for tense bodies!

    i love all of these things!!! AMEN to stress- gah I have been soo stressed these days! with SCHOOL and thats why I need JESUS to keep me SANE for real!!
    you are awesome
    me+you=mud run team hot sauce

  5. H.

    If it wasn’t for lists I think my head would’ve exploded from stress years ago. Oh, and daily giggles with friends/boyfriend/family are also necessary for me to stay sane!

    x Hannah x

  6. squigglefloey

    Stress is extremely hard for me to handle. When I’m not stressed about something, then I find something to be stressed about. It’s as if I always have to feel anxious about something or i don’t feel productive. It affects my sleep and everything..ahhh. I def. need to learn how to take a chill pill or not take things too seriously? Hah, although I really do think I get a lot of my stressed out habits from my dad, who’s an incredibly high strung person.
    Thanks for the post girlie ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck this quarter/semester!

  7. Oh man, I needed this post today…because I am SWAMPED lately. Geesh.

    Organization was never a strong point of mine, haha.

  8. teenagehealthfreak

    this was a great post…i’ve been REALLy stressed lately with school…and this was sooo great!!! thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. LOVE the idea of baking when you’re stressed! I am a SERIOUS to-do list-aholic. love it ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I actually like to be alone when i am stressed sometimes. Trust me, when the sh*t hits the fan, I’d prefer not to be surrounded my a toddler who’s also screaming at me or needing something. I’d prefer she be with her father so I can figure out what I need to do for me, THEN tend to her. Put my own oxygen mask on first, so to speak. Very rarely if ever is life so stressful that I want to be alone, but ya know, it happens ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also drink hot coffee, zone out for 15 mins at my computer, and just handle the problem at hand best i can!


  11. This post came at a perfect time. I am totally stressin’ right now. New school, attempting rush despite always saying I would n e v e r, new friends and city, no furniture, biochemistry, long distance boyfriend, ;akjfa;oirtjaoskdfnas ldkfgj gah.

  12. Yep I’m pretty sure that lists/schedules = lifesavers. I make them every day too! I also de-stress by shoving the stressful thoughts out of my brain and telling myself not to think of them anymore, and then going to bake something.

  13. Baking + running = total stress relief. And cuddling with the BF, but that’s not exactly “me” time!!

    I’ve found that sticking to a routine REALLY helps. My class schedule never changes, so I plan my weekdays and then just go with the flow on the weekend!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday gorgeous girl!!

  14. I agree–baking for people is a great stress reliever!!

  15. This post is so perfect for this point in the semester. Exams, papers, friend drama, colds, and a change in the weather all come together to stress me the heck out. In addition to to-do lists and mugs of tea, I rely on a little yoga and running to keep me sane. I go to kickboxing when I really need to let off some steam, though!

  16. Me time = workout time. Yoga time. Time to sweat and not think about my job, classes, internship, or the g word.


  17. I love this post!
    You’re just so full of wisdom ๐Ÿ˜€
    To deal with stress I love having hot cocoa while sitting in the dim light of my living room. haha I know that sounds so granny like. At least I’m not also wearing orthopaedics and knitting scarves for my grandchildren ๐Ÿ˜›
    And I totally agree about baths, especially when they’re super warm and smell nice!
    Have a nice dayyyy,

  18. Carly in Wonderland

    when I find myself getting stressed out a lot I like to stop and turn to my vitumins! vitamin B, as well as the minerals calcium, magnesium, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and zinc are all great to help your body reduce stress!
    Thanks for the tips!

  19. Hey girl! I’m a longtime reader, but first-time commenter [finally set up a blog].
    I’m diggin’ this post. Stress is hard to deal with without some sort of coping mechanism, especially with a busy schedule. Hot chai tea and a good book help to calm me down. Either that, or going to the gym and tuning everything out on the elliptical, haha.
    Voted for you on the link, btw. :]

  20. Great tips!!! And I agree on the fact that sometimes stress can be helpful. I know for me a bit of stress can be the push I need to be more productive.

  21. Amen to painting away your stress ๐Ÿ™‚ I find most artistic/creative things make me feel so much more relaxed! Lately it’s been working on graphics in photoshop… but I’ve been itching to get back to my paints as well. I also like to dork around on Neopets, but I think you already knew that ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I seriously need to bookmark your blog for uni tips so I don’t get there and freak out ๐Ÿ˜›
    โค Tat

  22. Kat

    depending on the type of stress, I usually work out! If I am angry/stressed, a good kickboxing session or weight training session really helps me release that tension. And obviously, yoga is a big help to just focus my mind on one thing, instead of have it trying to figure out a million things at once!! It also helps when my hubby starts a bubble bath for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Great tips girly! Stress really eats me up sometimes. I make another pot of coffee whenever it hits me! Iced coffee make me feel better lol

  24. Love this post so much! Seriously! I used to have so many “Me time” things to do then life took an unexpected twirl and now I don’t know how to have “Me time” anymore. I am trying more to sketch and write like I used to be. Honestly, great post!

  25. Great post Meg! Last year was when I first really dealt with stress. At first I struggled A LOT with it. It was my first year never sleeping in, having a job, and pile after pile of hw to do. Now I accept stress. I have been forced to cope with it just like everybody else. It is hard to deal with at first, but you are right the world would not go round with out it ๐Ÿ˜›


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