A Happy Belly

Relating to my last post about fueling myself with superficial (and not-so-superficial) things in the morning, I’ve come up with a way I can enjoy my favorite and most filling breakfast on the go.

My favorite breakfast.

Tupperware (Easy Lunchboxes), I adore you.


Pigging out on oatbran with protein, berries, cottage cheese, almond and peanut butter is definitely not the classiest thing to do on the go. Let’s be honest, more of it would end up in your hair than in your mouth. 

It’s just not cute when someone points out a curd of cottage cheese in your hair…nearly 3 hours after you’ve eaten breakfast. (p.s. isn’t “curd” the most disturbing word ever?) Excuse me miss, there’s  a CURD of cottage cheese in your hair. Oh, I was just saving it for later! Right.

Ready to roll.

Besides my breakthrough breakfast to-go revelation, I’ve also been enjoying a lot of other things as well. Thanks to Julie, dippy eggs! Ten times better with cheddar. That rhymes 😉

Dippy eggs...halfway because I broke the yolk.

I haven’t quite perfected the dippy egg technique. Kind of embarrassing, but I’m really good at making Snickerdoodles!

With an awesome salad. Not as good as homegrown, though!

Oh, and keeping my heart happy? Weekends, my friends + fam, and my weenie.

She makes my heart whole.

I still adore her even though she’s making it a habit of leaving little presents on the floor in the kitchen. I blame it on her old age, the fact that she doesn’t get scolded for anything and  her revenge on me because I don’t share my breakfast. She’s nasty. I love her.

What’s your favorite breakfast?

Who/what makes YOUR heart happy on a daily basis?

Peace and love!


p.s. you can still vote for me here til the end of the month, thanks (M.Morat): ow.ly/2xZqD



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33 responses to “A Happy Belly

  1. Yum your breakfast looks great! I hear ya on the not the best things to take on the road though- I do that all the time. People are like what the heck are you eating? Either that or I get food all over myself. Oh well!

    Fav breakfast- oatbran with protein powder!

  2. I love oat bran! I could eat that stuff all day. That and almond butter! Mmmm! Decadent, filling, and healthy!

  3. That seriously looks like the best breakfast ever!! Love tupperware! These days I’m a big fan of overnight oats topped with pb and banana.

  4. oooh i have missed you! i love oatmeal with anything in it!

  5. Fav breakfast? overnight oats for sure topped with some PB and some sort of fruit!!!

  6. Favourite breakfast HAS to be oatmeal with blueberries, greek yogurt and tahini. I don’t think I will ever get sick of it! .. I’ve never packed it in a tupperware though. Genius!

    What makes my heart happy every day? My family, my dogs, and my horse.

    Meg, I know you’ve heard this one thousand times over, but your hair is GORGEOUS! (And the rest of you is too :P)
    ❤ Tat

  7. Currently: pancakes. Because you can freeze them and eat them whenever with whatever you want in 2 minutes flat. I love my oats, but sometimes they’re just too high-maintenance.

  8. you have the most perfect hair. but i bet you hear that often.

    oatmeal with almond butter and craisins and/or berries and cinnamon. perfection in a bowl.. not in tuperware. sooo soemtimes i get raw oats and mix it with almond milk, sliced almonds and crasins. much more portable.

    my nightly dose of frozen yogurt makes me very happy. hehe

  9. umm YOU make my heart happy on a daily basis!!
    LOVE ME SOME TUPERWARE!! its my life saver!!
    LOVE that pic of you and da weenie!

  10. Mmmm, I love oatbran 😀
    I’ll try it with berries cooked in next time, sounds good!
    And I love that picture of you and your dog. It’s so cute! Your hair is amazing, too. Do you go for the “recommended” trim every 6 months? Because when I do, my hair is healthy but short-ish. And when I don’t, it’s long and dry-ish… You seem to have the best of both worlds. Jealous!

    My favourite breakfast is a huge smoothie, eaten with my favourite spoon, from a bowl and sprinkled with cereal. Yum yum yum

    • Meg

      Aw thank you SO much! I don’t get trims as often as I should…haha. Probably every year or so…bad, I know!! I’m sure your hair is gorgeous, girl!

  11. My go-to breakfast this school year: cook 2 eggs, toast a whole wheat bagel, smear hummus on each half, stick one egg on each half, sprinkle with parm. So good and keeps me going for hours! I’m ready for it to cool off though so I can enjoy my big bowls of oats.

  12. Hehe, I love tupperware. And I’ve definitely spilled stuff of myself in the car on the way to school before… but that’s what my emergency scarf is for!

    Favorite breakfast = oatmeal. Preferably with chocolate :). And what makes my heart happy? My wonderful friends, cooking, and music.

  13. MaddieC

    Up till yesterday ive been eating my oats out of a tupperwear when i just cant finish the heap of peanut buttery goodness before my eight oclock morning class. Yep thats me in the back of the class shoveling oats in my mouth, no biggie. haha

    But yesterday i walked into Starbucks to find the holy grail for oatmeal enthusiasts.
    look at this beaut! its got a cute little foldable spoon and everything!


    im in loveee

    p.s. ive been reading your blog for months now and this is my first post!! YAY!!!

  14. Carly in Wonderland

    oo that looks good! I LOVE egg and cheese on wheat english muffins and boy does my school make them well!
    aww, the weenie is to die for! What makes my heart happy on a daily bases? COFFEE!

  15. Fave breaky = CEREAL fo sho!! It may not be as “clean” or “filling” as oats or other stuff, but it owns my heart 🙂

    What makes my heart happy? My daddy, dark chocolate, my BF, my bed, my best friends, and reading a good book 🙂

    Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL week love!!

  16. What makes MY heart happy on a daily basis? Seeing people like yourself who adore their pets and treat them like members of their family (even the ones who swallow jump drives). For every irresponsible pet owner that walks through our doors, there’s at least one or two who would do ANYTHING for the happiness and health of their pet. They make the job of a vet tech worthwhile. Of course, waking up to a good day of writing always warms the heart, too.

  17. Gina G

    fave breakfast – oats with nut butters, cottage cheese, and cinnamon mixed in, with coffee on the side 🙂
    (i also love dippy eggs and omelets as long as they are not made by me! haha)

    happiness on a daily basis = being surrounded by the people i love, walks in the fall weather, a bright smile from a stranger, all the small things!

    have an amazing week girl!

  18. Kat

    Oh breakfast how I love thee. I love my oats and smoothies, but then again I wont turn down cold pizza either 😉
    My hubby makes my heart happy. Our one year is this weekend, and he has a ton of suprises for me. I keep telling him I didnt plan anything for him and he says “Im your husband, please let me spoil you” How can you not love that?!

  19. highonhealthy

    Friends, family, Glee, sleep, reading.. those all make my heart happy! So do oats. Specially oats with chocolate chips because they melt and get all chocolaty. 🙂

  20. I totally thought that was whipped cream at first, haha.

    One of my favorite breakfasts (when I still ate traditional breakfasts on a regular basis) was a big bowl of cottage cheese with chopped fruit and trail mix. YUM.

    Or, French toast…or muesli. 🙂 Banana bread… I had lots of favorites.

  21. I ALWAYS have food in my hair and only the boy picks it out!

    :)! My FAV b-fast would have to be french toast ALL THE WAY!

  22. amandaleasays

    Your oats look soo delicious 🙂 Also you always have such beautiful hair.

  23. My munchkin makes me heart happy on a daily basis 🙂

    Curd is a pretty narsty word, lol

  24. DOGS. they make the world go round!

  25. Love what makes you happy!!!!!

    Family . friends, and my pup make me happy!!

    Icecream and sushi does too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ooo glad you found a way to eat your fav breakfast on-the-go..there’s nothing better than getting to enjoy ur fav breakfast–perfect way to start the day!

  27. Hey Meg!
    I notice you eat oat bran…I never knew it was GF! Is any brand safe?


    • Meg

      Hey Alyssa!! Oats don’t bother my digestive system as of right now, it’s different for some Celiacs, though. Bob’s Red Mill makes GREAT gluten free hot cereal – which I use, and GF oats! 😀

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