Confidence and Confessions

Thank you all so much for the sweet comments, as always, on my last post – I am SO happy ya’ll had an amazing summer as well, and I’m not the only one who enjoys wresting and absurdity 😉

It’s Saturday night, and I’ve decided the couch is officially going to keep me and my butt company for the night, along with the remote, a blanket and my dog. I feel like I’m getting sick, possibly due to my serious lack of sleep in the past week? If there’s a healthy and sane way to detox, let a girl know.

Lastnight I went ice skating with a few close friends, I miss it – it’s been years since I’ve competed or done anything along those lines, and you can definitely tell 😉 This morning I woke up to my favorite breakfast ever…oats topped with chopped fruit, almond butter and cottage cheese.

I'll get out of bed...only for this.

Not gonna lie, I think I may have pulled more crotch muscles lastnight than I had roller skating, either that or just made it worse, either way…I need to give myself a little healing time, no?

Have you pulled a muscle…twice?

I wonder if it’s even possible. Anyways…I went to the gym with my Dad, did a ten minute warm-up on the elliptical with some trashy magazines – including US Weekly, People (ok, People’s not THAT bad) and I can’t even remember the name of the other one…just know that Justin Beiber was on the cover, so consider it superb reading material. Did about 40 minutes of upper-body weights.

Came home and fixed myself a glorious lunch consisting of pancakes and salad. Don’t judge me.

Pumpkin protein pancakes!

I used this recipe and added 1/4 cup pumpkin – which rocked, by the way.

Greeeeens! And purples & reds, oh my.

Salads never get old. Especially when the tomato and peppers are fresh from your backyard 🙂

After lunch, I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few necessities, the usual – nothing new, except for possibly my new favorite food to eat with a spoon (even though you really aren’t supposed to eat it with a spoon.) I am ALL for breaking rules of eating, especially when it comes to hummus. I could seriously eat this like pudding.

Red Pepper Hummus

Go to Whole Foods and get some…it’s cheap, too. Bonus points right there.

What’s your favorite hummus?

After gym + refueling, I had a little epiphany about why I work out. When it comes down to it, exercise really does relieve stress, boredom, and anxiety, but when you dig deeper into the reasoning behind exercising, I feel like it really has a lot to do with confidence as well. I know I feel so much more confident after I workout; not that I look any different walking out of the gym as I did walking in (I may smell differently…more specifically worse…but we’ll save that topic for another day 😉 ) We all have goals in exercising – losing weight, finding balance, toning up, etc – and everyone’s goals are different. For me, it’s really about finding my strength in lifting; I don’t want to think or guess what my body is capable of, I want to test and know what it’s capable of. When I see changes in my body due to exercise it totally pumps me up – I know a lot of people can relate. You just feel so much stronger, therefore confident, after you can actually experience the changes your body is able to go through when you really push yourself. Confidence is killer, so next time you need a boost – just think of the changes you’re making for the better of your body, whether it be through lifting, eating right, meditating, relaxing…anything. Exercise as well as rest are both medicine, and I’m so happy I’ve learned that and found a true balance, not obsession.

What makes you feel confident?

Besides exercise, I’d have to go with a few material things, such as mascara, a sundress and a pair of high heels…except not too high, because that’s likely to turn into a disaster 😉

For dinner tonight, I kept it simple with a recipe I noted a looong time ago from Angela at Oh She Glows – vegan mac ‘n cheese! I used rice noodles in place of whole-wheat, and nixed a few ingredients that I didn’t have on hand. It still turned out just as amazing as I remembered.

Vegan mac 'n cheese!

I had my fix of beta carotene and sour cream on the side, my favorite couple.

Hands down the best veggie, ever.

Before I go, I have a confession. When I was living in San Francisco at the beginning of the summer, I had Starbucks almost every single day. Ok, no, I DID have Starbucks every single day, and I vowed to come home and not spend a single dime more at a Starbucks location unless I was out with friends. Umm I may or may not have accidently had a serious craving for a skinny vanilla latte after dinner. It’s not my fault Starbucks is open til 11pm.

Guilty as charged.

Fess up – what’s something totally unecessary you’ve indulged in today with your wallet?

Peace and love!




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42 responses to “Confidence and Confessions

  1. Haha, I had to laugh at your ice skating drabble. I always feel like I have pulled those..well..certain muscles after I get home.

  2. Olivia

    no judgement here, i adore pancakes for lunch! since we already have plenty of boxes at home, my indulgence today was more cereal (but with my mom’s wallet, actually 😉

  3. Nothing wrong with pancakes at lunch- I honestly think I could eat pancakes for every meal and never get sick of them 🙂
    Exercise is one of those things that I often have to drag myself into but always end up feeling great afterwards (and after I’m all warmed up)- that along with having my hair obey me and being dressed in something killer boosts my confidence- oh and of course making people laugh 🙂
    Hmmm so though this isn’t food- I definitely indulged on an impulse buy at Free People today- an adorable floral tank top (and it was more than 50% off and in my size…a total sign!)
    You have such a radiant smile- how do you keep your teeth so perfectly white?

  4. Yum! I want to try that hummus!

  5. LOVE this girl. okay i smell terrible after the gym. the worst thing is that i dont even shower right after either.. i just dont care! WHOOPS. anyway. LOVE the looks of that hummus! We have sucked at texting.. please know i miss you and pray for you!
    PS been eating lots of carbs (BREAD) and its helping my muscles grow. just SAYIN!

  6. Ah, I confess that I have been spending way to much money on gelato…and my work outs have consisted of walking around the streets of Rome and nothing more. I’m seriously overdue for a good run!

  7. fi

    I may or may not have bought two new black cocktail dresses that i might need to go to events I will be working at next semester. woops. ;D
    I cant wait for the day when I can go to the gym again and when it will be a pleasureable experience.

  8. I bought an over-the-top dress that I didn’t need for my sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner. It’s a bit more provacative than I am used to wearing… it’s skin tight, black with a floral print. It’s beautiful… and it only cost me twenty-five dollars.

    What makes me feel confident? Other than wearing my new fabulous dress… I also feel SUPER confident after weight lifting. There’s something about feeling how strong I am actually becoming that makes me feel like I can do anything in the world. It’s not about losing weight for me, it’s about gaining strength and being healthy!
    ❤ Tat

    PS. Oats + berries + nut butter + greek yogurt (in place of your cottage cheese) is one of the only reasons I get up in the morning 😛 Haha! It's like, THE best breakfast ever.

  9. Girl I rested last night and relaxed today! Its good to do that sometimes : )

    I work out to feel good, and to stay strong, I really dont work out for weight issues, I eat so healthy, I mantain my weight that way I feel, I like the rush I get from a great workout also, and its good stress relief as well!

    Oh starbux is addicting! My mom gets starbux twice a day!!! She LOVES it! In the morning and in the night she goes! I love the skinny cinnamon dolce latte, its my fave, vanilla rocks too!

    U look beautiful as ever with that starbucks : )

    Love you! Happy Sunday! xoxo

  10. pscalise

    haha ohh starbucks. soo irresistible. its definitely my weakness.

  11. mysweetseason

    I had Starbucks everyday when I was in NYC and San Fran as well! Chai lattes and skinny vanilla lattes are to die for 😀

    I spend wayyy too much money on health food items! They’re much pricier over here in the Philippines but I can’t help myself 😀 A girl needs her all-natural almond butter and greek yogurt

  12. starbucks venti iced passion tea. at least 4 x a week. my weakness!!

    working out definitely boosts my confidence–well, most of the time… i feel stronger and more empowered.. probably has something to do with release of endorphines…

    anyways hope you have a splendid sunday, dear
    love, becca

  13. Working out makes me feel confident too! Like during field hockey last year, I built up so much new muscle and it made me so proud of myself :] I’m not doing FH again this year but I want to keep finding new workouts that challenge my body.

    Well I haven’t indulged in anything today YET because it’s only 9:20. But later today I’m going to whole foods where I will most likely drop $10 on some ridiculous nut butter! Have a great day girl x

  14. I couldn’t relate more!! To be totally honest with you, I’ve always had major self-esteem and confidence issues. Growing up I was always really shy and never felt good about myself. But once I took up lifting I saw what I was capable of. I became proud of what I could do, plus the changes in my body makes me MUCH more confident. I no longer put myself down at all- I compliment myself now! 😀

  15. Kat

    Thanks for the sweet comment 🙂 I must say though, you are quite ravishing yourself 🙂
    I def went shopping yesterday and bought $80 worth of skincare stuff from Origins. I cant help myself…it all smells so darn good lol I may have also bought a pretty dress while I was at the mall 😉

  16. I went to TJ Maxx for some things for my apartment (totally necessary redecorating…) and ended up coming out with lots of foodie goods like Gnu bars, sesame oil, and Dr. Krackers. Whoops!

    I love how confident I feel after exercise, especially weight training. After a long run, I just wanna shower and eat. But after weights, my muscles look more defined and I feel so strong!

  17. Oh Love it. I’m about to start grad school so reading about your last summer as a undergrad made me tear up (I’m super emotional right now about undergrad).
    As for your questions
    garlic hummus- like crazy garlic
    agree sundresses make me feel so confident, mascara and for me blush, running (i think thats why I keep running marathons, I love the buzz), and good friends

  18. It’s so true that working out makes you feel confident. When I was lifting at the gym this morning, I felt proud of my baby weights because I know I’m doing something GOOD for myself. I think we all deserve to pat ourselves on the back when we take the time to treat ourselves right!!

    Love the ‘bucks confession. Mine: I chew gum like it’s my job- probably about a pack a day. Expensive, but I love it!

  19. There is nothing wrong with a starbuck’s addiction… not at all!!! 🙂

    I think that confidence comes from within. I am just learning the ropes of it, because being confident even when you’re fit and healthy is a total mental/emotional thing.

    I haven’t really spent any money on indulgances lately, but I reeeally want to get my nails done!

  20. ugh, Starbucks…get’s me every time! I feel ya girl! !!

  21. sweet potatoes really ARE the best of vegetables. especially with a little mighty maple on top! hawt damn!

    nothing makes me feel more confident than DANCING. i love to dance! when i’m dancing i feel so free and so strong. i just love to bust a move.

  22. Owwiiieee…. I hope you didn’t pull your groin!!! I’ve never done that (knock on wood) but have known many athletes/friends who have and that is some painful recovery.

    Hope it starts feeling better soon, lady!!

  23. working out DOES do wonders for the ole confidence boost, the mental and psyche aspects of it all..for sure!

    ok i am sooo proud of you for cutailing your SBux habit from 7x week down to almost never! I wouldnt stress over last nite, at all. I do have to say, I always wonder how young ,semi cash strapped people afford starbucks b/c i personally dont go there…ever. Except for blogger meetups 🙂 Fave $ saving thing is to make my own coffee. So not glamorous, but so practical 🙂

  24. Sometimes a hot coffee is just so tempting. 🙂

  25. teenagehealthfreak

    hands down roasted red pepper is the best. ever. okay yesterday..for the first time i BOUGHT an iced latte..i always make them… apparently the coffee was a little too strong…( i had 20 oz note.) and i felt dizzy and like wierd..the world was just going in circles! no more coffee..well that much at one time anyway.

  26. Ironically, something unecessary I indulged in with my wallet today was a new wallet! It was just so cute and sparkly I HAD to have it! Even though the one I have now is perfectly fine 😉

  27. i spent a bit too much on wine today..and reading materials! i got a new book and 2 magazines…one was everyday cooking with martha stewart and the other one i had to get bc zac efron was on the cover. omg im psycho. hahah

  28. I think that you and I exercise for pretty much the same reasons!! I just seeing how lifting has changed my body & how it continues to change it! So rewarding.

    BTW, your food is ridic. 🙂 (ridiculously delish, of course!)

    ❤ jess

  29. LOVE red pepper hummus. And if you haven’t tried super garlic-y hummus, you must…it’s to die for!

    And I’m a seriously spontaneous person…I’ll go to the store wanting to buy veggies, and walk out with something completely unnecessary, haha. Oh dear.

    Last night, it was frozen yogurt…whoops 😛

  30. My favorite hummus is Summer Fresh Chickpea Hummus, it’s so good and I can definitely eat it like pudding. You know.. hummus may just be BETTER than pudding..

    Since it’s currently 7:14am in the morning, I haven’t had time to indulge in anything but yesterday I definitely indulged in random, completely unneccessary groceries.. $60 worth.

  31. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    this post inspired the topic i talked about in my recent post so thanks love :). I definitely think doing things that make me feel more confident is a must. I agree about the gym thing too fo shoooo.
    & indulgence is such a necessary part of life! I try to treat myself now & then
    love you gorgeous!!

  32. Ahh, confidence is such a hard thing isn’t it? There a few things I’m very confident on and others, I am dreadful at. But I agree that working out does really improve the overal persona 🙂

    I bought some totally unncessary snacks (think PB filled pretzels) at Trader Joe’s, which was rather indulgent of me!

  33. I almost always splurge on a food items…starbucks, a whole foods trip, etc.

    I feel confident when I take the time to do my hair. It gets thrown back into a pony tail on many days, but when I take my time to blow dry it and make it purty…I feel good about myself!

  34. You are adorable! Ive been splurging on EVERYTHING lately, getting ready to go back to school and Target is hard to resist. All their college things are so cute I find myself buying anything that screams “omg i must have that!” vs “omg I NEED that” lol.

  35. You are SO RIGHT about the little boost that working out gives your ego – I feel stronger, healthier, and much happier after I’ve pounded the pavement a bit. A good sweat session clears my head and makes me much more sane as well.

    I’ve recently indulged in some pretty stones from the Natural History Museum gift shop. Geodes are not going to do anything for me, but they look so nice all lined up on a shelf.

  36. I wish I could drink S-Bux every day! Love it! But my wallet doesn’t!

    My confession is that I need to stop buying TJ’s milk chocolate. It seems to do a disappearing act when I’m around and I don’t normally eat sweets!

  37. Hey beautiful!
    I drink Sbux way more often than I can afford =\ a london fog set me back almost $5.00 yesterday. Ridiculous, but I was fah-REEZING and it was necessary.
    I guess that counts as an indulgence. I also buy champagne truffles regularly for myself as little treats — SOOO yummy.
    In terms of purchases, I just bought myself a really incredible pair of nude heels for fall. Did I need them? Nope! Do I love them? asdkl;gjaldkgja. Hahahaha.

    Love you!

  38. Pingback: Baking Farewell to Summer « Sunshine 'n Spice

  39. I am the queen of pulling muscles so I feel for you. I was told by a sports surgeon that some people are more prone due to body type. hmm. Hope it heals up quickly for you!

    I definitely exercise just to feel good and enjoy lifting weights because I like the way it makes me feel – stronger.

  40. I think that I indulge myself everyday, but I am not sure if it affects my personal bank account each day. luckily for me, my mom lets me have her debit card for grocery shopping and my weekly allowance so i make sure to indulge myself with pedicures and movies as often as i can!! 🙂

  41. Katie

    I’m addicted to the skinny vanilla lattes too!! It has been forever since I’ve had one so I’m seriously craving one as well. I go to school at Auburn in Alabama and there is a Starbucks off campus that is open 24 hours a day so it can definitely be tempting at any time of day. Just found your blog by the way and I love it!

  42. great combo for lunch. It’s nice knowing I’m not the only weirdo that mixes things together for meals that usually don’t go together.

    Brings in a little excitement and fixes the cravings at the same time 🙂

    I used to go to chick-fila everyday and order a large arnold palmer with light lemonade and unsweet tea. Sometimes I would just order their tea ( so good) or just their lemonade if i was feeling frisky.

    Bad expensive habit.

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