It’s moments like this where I really think back on my summer so far and just wonder if it was all real. Did I really board 8 planes? Did I really spend half my summer (and half my life savings) in San Francisco living a dream? Was I really swimming with the fishes in the Caribbean once again this summer? Turns out I was. Also turns out that I’m really an aunt now, to a beautiful baby girl. So, so much has happened this summer, and it’s not over.

San Fran, I miss you.

All I have to say is wow. Just wow. And that paragraph above doesn’t even cover it all, because if it covered it all, I’d lose your attention and you’d probably think I was some self absorbed freak who needs to reflect on her blessings elsewhere, right? 😉

Anyways, now that I’m home (for a few days…) one of the things I’ve really been craving (as I mentioned briefly in my last post) is a routine and just simplicity. Family, friends, simplicity.

Fam love. Sista sista.

I think it’s safe to say that balance in life is so necessary. I can’t imagine spending my entire life traveling – although I love it, and don’t mind doing it  a TON, I could never do it for a living. Where’s the relaxation? Where’s the simplicity and calmness? How the heck do you operate without a “home” kitchen?

 Not joking, I straight up freaked when I figured out my stove in San Fran spit fire. Also, our hotel in the Virgin Islands was microwaveless..what’s a girl to do?! Oh, right…eat her weight in fish at restaurants.

You feed me this and I won't bitch about not having a kitchen, deal?

Could you travel for a living?

Gladly being able to cook in my own kitchen has made me a happy girl. Some staples lately include:

Gluten-free pizza!

Pizza pizza more pizza!

Even if you aren’t gluten-free, I really suggest you check out my recipes and make this pancake pizza asap. I’m kind of obsessed, and that’s putting it lightly.

Another thing I’ve been ever-so-happily shoving in my gut is sweet potato. According to stuff I’ve been reading, it’s a great carb for muscle-building, and it’s obviously one of the most delicious vegetables on the face of the Earth.

Topped with sour cream and noooooch.

Please ignore the hideous over-cooked broc and squash combo we also got up in thurr. My bad.


What do we have here? A feast, prettymuch. One of the best lunches I’ve had in a while – kale chips, sweet potato, Applegate Farms hot dawg, scrambled eggs with stewed ‘maters and some more hideous broc/squash to round it out. Taste inhale the rainbow, my friends.

...and some strawberries + Greek yog for dessert.

Honestly, I cannot eat a meal without dessert. Except for breakfast, because that prettymuch is dessert. Enter: protein pancakes…

With nanners and peanut butter scoopage that ran away.

Decadent and somewhat rubbery. Whatever.

Other than sorting out my summer shenanigans and getting ready for my last trip of the summer (road trip to SC!), I was able to meet up with one of my bestfriends from freshman year of college for dindin at Panera, and we talked for hours – I loved it. I missed her. I didn’t take any pictures because I was way too busy running my mouth, not even gonna try to pull a fast one there 😀 Just know that she’s beautiful and I know ya’ll would’ve clicked the picture to enlarge it to be a complete creeper. Don’t worry, I do that sometimes too (but just know it was a little ridiculous that I had over 100 clicks on the picture of me and my friends in bathingsuits…ya’ll are CREEPS 😉 )  

What’s your favorite way to catch up with a pal? Dinner? Shopping?

What’s your favorite part of this summer?

Peace and love!


p.s. wanna know the definition of spoiled brat? My dog, who is sitting next to me barking because I’m paying attention to the keyboard and not her belly. Just a fun fact.

p.s.s. new-ish layout – yay or nay? Thanks, guys 🙂




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42 responses to “Moments

  1. I agree with you 100% – I could NOT travel for a living. I love being at home with routine and structure. I don’t know how some people do it!

    You sound like you have had an amazing summer. May the last couple of weeks bless you with more fun!

  2. yes! life is all about finding balance!! i’m just glad you’ve found it, at least for this summer 😉

    have a fantastic night!
    ❤ becca

  3. Great to reflect 😉 We should all take a moment and do the same!

    I think I could travel 2 weeks of every month…it’d be hard because I crave routine and structure and healthy eating, which is so hard to do on vacay.

    Question for you: I was eating some gluten free foods on Friday night and I had never tried them before (Joe’s flour, some gingersnap cookies, tortilla chips) and oddly enough, later that night I got *extremely* ill. I can’t pinpoint any other things I ate that would impact me so I’m it the GF stuff?

  4. Mmmm, your food looks AMAZING. And that fish–oh wow. Looks DELICIOUS. I want it here. now.

  5. Love the new layout.

    But then again, with your face in these posts, you could put a blank black background up and it’d still look fabuloso!


  6. LOL!! Im totally a creep- i am proud of it tho. I cant do the whole “protein pancake thing” they are NOT MOIST!! haha!! I dk what the big deal is about them!!
    LOVE AHI TUNA!!!!! Nommmmmmmm.
    you da gluten free QUEEN!

  7. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    aw you are so amazing meg! so positive & full of energy 🙂 loove it! hahah laughing about what you said about pictures- i think we are all creeps a bit, can’t lie! & i loove catching up w/ friends over dinner! my dog totally gets pissed when i don’t pay attention to him too!

  8. layout..the font is tiny. other bloggers use this one and my old eyes strain to see the words LOL. Seriously girl, your old layout was awesome, so is this, your blog is classy & crisp and whatever you do is all good.

    I have been the USVI, to San Fran, and lived in SC. You have had an amazing summer 🙂 Microwaves are useless in the caribbean when there’s so much local amazing food to eat!!

    And people being clicky creepers, yeah, tell me about it. I could tell you some stories from my blog. Scary larry’s, I tell ya! 🙂

  9. Rachel

    “Except for breakfast, which is pretty much dessert.” YES.

    Your food looks delicious!!!!!!! (and you look gorgeous, but that’s nothing new 😀 ) Need you to come cook for me one day! YUM.

  10. I like the new layout!

    100% agree on the need for balance (and a kitchen!) We have been traveling/working all summer now and thought it has been awesome (to say the least) I simply cannot wait to get back to our little home in the islands!!

  11. Fi

    I am a fan of routine, yea i love my fun and spontaneity but i love my home comforts too 🙂 My fave way to catch up with a friend is coffee and a walk on the beach! Fave part of summer is the moment u put down your pen in ur last summer exam (aka-the start of summer!)

  12. Hehe.. you’re right – sweet potatoes are the BOMB! I didn’t know that they were ideal for muscle building though… I will have to jump on that bandwagon asap because it’s been too long!

    You are seriously an amazing girl. To be able to travel the world like you’ve been doing and still crave the simplicity of family and friends shows how genuine you are. Oooh I could just squish you!

    ❤ Tat

  13. ahhhh wat a beautiful plate of food ( veggie;] ) yummyness!!

    i love your layout!

    ps i’m going to try some of your eggplant recipes.. majorrrr craving!

  14. Sweet potato is amazinggg!!!! It’s more of a wintry comfort food for me though, so I’m excited to eat some this fall 🙂

    Favorite way to catch up with friends is dinner at Cosi. I love that place, and the self-service means you can stay as long as you want without the waiter getting annoyed! Hope you have a wonderful day love 🙂

  15. You did have a very busy summer–lucky!

  16. I just had to pop in and say that you seriously could not be any cuter! Your posts are so vibrant and proof that there is an amazing life out there after an eating disorder and/or Celiac diagnosis. Also, I’m loving your exercise/eats for building muscle…looking for more of that in my own life, keep it coming!

  17. I didn’t know that sweet potato was good for muscle building. Yet another reason to eat more sweet potatoes 🙂

    I love the new layout! Looks great!

  18. Sweet potatoes build muscle?? Say WHAT!? I’m gonna go make one up right now, heheh. Love ’em so much! and your pizza looks so flippin’ delish…you make gluten free easy peasy. 🙂

    YES to the new layout…they are always gorgy though! LOVE YOU!

  19. teenagehealthfreak

    i could never travel for a living. i love my home!! oh sweet potatoes!! there is nothing better!!! i think those are probably the best. 🙂 fave part of the summer..making whatever I want at lunch time..not having to pack junk! 🙂

  20. Love the new layout!! And that’s awesome you had such a great summer. I don’t think I could travel for a living, but definitely for a month or so! Also I’m going to look up your pizza recipe nowww =D

  21. I definitely couldn’t travel for a living, I need my home cooked foods and schedule. It must feel good to be home : )

  22. Completely agree! I ADORE travelling and can do it to my heart’s content, however after a while i just want HOME…routine and my family and familiar surroundings. it’s always nice to know you have somewhere to go home too at the end..and it makes it so much more exciting!
    Mmmm all your food always looks so tasty!! I may just try the pizza too!
    You’re looking gorgeous as ever xx

  23. I could definitely travel for a living. Now that I’m constantly on the go to and from school and going on all sorts of little adventures, I love not staying in one place for too long. You get to try so much new food and have new experiences – I would hate to get bored somewhere!

  24. Girl i dont mind you sharing all your blessing because you APPRECIATE them all and thats what matters : )

    Im so glad you had a great summer and you should enjoy everything that is out there! Yay for another trip too!

    I love the new layout, I will never get sick of that beautiful pic of u in sanfran you have up either, always keep that somewhere on the bloggie!!!

    are amazing, I had them for dinner last night and thinking about it again tonight, lol

    Thanks for ALWAYS leaving swet comments : )

    Have a great night love!

  25. Megan you are gorgeous. like seriously, you are so so stunning. I just barelly started my new blog this summer so no worries not knowing I was still blogging. It’s kind of addicting so I found myself starting back up again. 🙂
    As for my favorite part of my summer, I’ve loved just being able to do what I want to do. Sleep in, get on the computer, sew, bake, watch project runway re-runs, read, etc without having the pressure of homework or school the next day. It’s like total freedom! And it’s the best feeling in the world. 🙂
    P.S. Im totally trying that gluten-free pizza. It looks delicious!

  26. WOW you sure did alot of traveling this summer! sososoooo jealous! 😀

  27. lovin the layout!!!!!!!!!!! and super jealous of your adventures 🙂

    ps i forgot all about protein powder pancakes! need to make them asap those things are tasty

  28. This post helps me think back on all the amazing things I got to do this summer that definitely overshadow any of the crappy stuff. For real, I got to do so many great things with wonderful people. I feel you on wanting to get into a routine, though. I’m looking forward for classes to start up again in a few weeks so I can get into my groove again after being gone alllll summer.

    As if I needed another reason to enjoy plenty of sweet taters…but I’ll take it 🙂

  29. Wow that pizza looks amazing. Yum.

    I could never travel for a living — I love having a “home” — a place I can go to when I need to relax, recharge, etc. Where I know where everything is!

    I like this blog format, I do like when there is a solid color on the “borders” — it makes it easier to read (for me) — white behind the text is ok, but having something solid on the sides keeps my focus on the text. I hope this makes sense!

  30. erinsloves

    I would love to travel more, considering the only traveling that I have done in the past like 3 years, is flying out to Cali 3 times to see Stu, but going somewhere to say goodbye is NO fun ): The only way I could travel for a living is if I could take Stu and Axell with me, Id miss them too much!

    To me, the best way to catch up with an old friend is definitely lunch or dinner, I am way too hardcore when shopping!

  31. I love to travel 🙂 I’m glad you got the opportunity to do so too!! 🙂

  32. We need to try your pancake pizza recipe ASAP. It sounds amazing! I never knew that Sweet potatoes were good for muscle building, so good to know. 🙂

    Our favorite parts of Summer have been going to Jackson Hole, the gambling weekend extravaganza, earning huge $$$, and of course all the sleep.

  33. I totally get what you are saying about summer! I wait for it for so long and then it just flies by! My summer has also been amazing! I have felt more relaxing than I normally do during the summer and have had some awesome learning experiences and just experiences! I want to rewind and do it all again because I loved it so much and I don’t want it to end!

  34. Your summer sounds awesome!! How fun! And really funny about the 100 clicks on your pic… there are a bunch of creeps on here 😉 lol!
    All your food looks great by the way!

  35. peanutbutterfingers

    i think my fav way to catch up w/ a friend is on the couch with a girly movie playing in the background (that we completely ignore, obviously). if the movie is followed w/ a frozen yogurt date, all the better! 😀

  36. Sounds like you had a summer of a lifetime! That’s awesome! I am a pround auntie too now! This was a fun post, loved reading it!

  37. i’m glad you had so much fun there! what a great experience. i bet it feels so good to be home though. hope you have/had fun in SC!

  38. Meg! I’m loving catching up on your blog 🙂 You were here in San Francisco?! Woah bet it misses youu loads, girl 🙂 In terms of travelling, I love love love to travel (and I’ve lived in so many different places that I have multiple “hometowns”) but in all honesty I don’t think I could do it for a living- I need that stability of an actual home to go back to and return to routines; consistent moving around and having to switch up how I do things tends to drive me a little crazy.
    Definitely agree on your dessert philosophy!
    Lots of love,

  39. hey gorgeous girl!!
    awww I love sister time!!
    coffee-shops&friends are always my favorite thing! 🙂 I don’t know if I could travel for a living, but I sure would have fun finding out!
    I hope your week is off to a great start, enjoy the simplicity&love of being at home for a bit!

  40. I love your layout – simple and clean!

    Being away from a kitchen is way hard – I hated living in the dorm with no oven! Yet somehow they put ovens into the guys dorms…d’oh!

  41. I just spent my savings and this summer traveling! And as much as I loved the experience. I love being at home. I have everything that I need here and it is just comfortable! Plus my bank account loves me!!!

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