Routine or Not

It’s 4:24pm, my hair is on top of my head looking like a bees nest and I would not be surprised if there were some bees living there, I have no pants on (or does a bathrobe count as pants?), my dog is finding it harder and harder to hold her bladder as she gets older, and I’m finding it easier and easier to step in it and also, I may have just ruined your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sorry, I’ll try to be less charming next time 😉

In conclusion? Life is good. I’ve spent this summer running all over the place, and it feels good to get back into some sort of “routine”, for now at least. I’m honestly curious as to how I still know how to operate on a “routine” – which may be why I’m putting it in paranthesis.

Anyways, the traveling madness continues next week – but more about that later. I really loved what ya’ll had to say about my last post – amen to giving yourself a break, right?

I’ve had the best workouts lately, thanks to a many inspirational bloggers; ya’ll know who you are 🙂 and I really appreciate getting my ass kicked by the person who does it best – myself.

 I’m starting a weekly or whenever-I-have-time-til-summer’s-over routine of working on each section of my body each time I work out.

 Yesterday I had an upper body workout consisting of lifting a spoon into my mouth full of this goodness:

Berry cheesecake oats.

I’m just kidding – I did eat that, but that wasn’t my workout 😉 just my warm up. Here’s some of the exercises I did:

Chest press



and lots of cable exercises

I did plenty more, but I couldn’t find them online quite yet, nor am I pro enough to tell you what they were all called 🙂 One day, friends, one day. I did 3 sets of 10-15 reps or until failure.

I also have still been loving my usual ab exercises which I posted about a while back, and I did a routine that I found in the August issue of Oxygen magazine.

Felt goooood, although I was cursing through some of them.

Other than workouts, I’ve really been loving eggs lately! Just simple stuff.

Scrambled eggs and mozz!

Sweet potato fries – perfect for refueling 🙂

Sweet p!

As well as uncured Canadian turkey-bacon + lots of veggies. Tip for GFers – always buy your meat with NO preservatives…preservatives sometimes means gluten. Yikes!

I may or may not love burnt bacon.

 Other than relying on simplicity – my Dad’s garden has been absolutely bursting with amazing produce, and seriously, nothing is better in the summer than a home-grown salad. Soon we’ll be making homemade salsa, and I’ll get you the recipe, of course!

Homegrown, all of it.

I love oil + vinegar on my salad.

What’s your favorite salad combo + dressing?

I’ve also been adding garden goodies to my gluten-free pancake pizza, and more mozz cheese than anyone ever needs. Awesome.


Cheesier than me.

In other news, besides working out, eating and having too many pineapple cocktails I’ve been getting in some fam time as well, per usual. Today I met my cousin and Aunt for lunch at the mall. My cousin is going to be attending my college in the fall, and she’s more than excited! Although I only have one year left, I’m happy to be able to spend more time with her 🙂

Meet Carly!

Do you work/go to school with any family members?

My Aunt and I! She's so sweet.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family. Without them I would NOT have the motivation and confidence in myself that I do. For real. Same goes with my pals. Speaking of pals – my girls and I are taking a spontaneous and not-so-well-planned trip to South Carolina next week! I’m so excited! I go down there a few times a year because one of my best friends goes to Coastal Carolina University and it’s insane down there…absolutely ridiculous, in a good way. I’m pumped and totally ready for this summer to take me one more place. Even though that may mean taking more unplanned flights down staircases and things of the sort, you know.

Do you have any vacations left/are you going anywhere else this summer?

This post was kind of all over the place, kudos to you if you made it through 😀

Peace and love!




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33 responses to “Routine or Not

  1. Oh that upper body workout you’re speaking of where you lift a spoon must be popular, I did the same one too, lol!

    I’m using my leftover vacation days to go to Vegas next week and Mammoth with friends and go fishing on Labor Day weekend.

  2. Yay for lifting!! You won’t regret it 🙂 Just curious about your rep ranges- are you on a certain program or just doing as it comes? I found that working in the 6-10 rep range worked best for me but of course every one is different! I’d love to hear more about it 🙂

    Love those oats.. I always warm up with a mouth exercise too! LOL

  3. erinsloves

    In high school I wanted to go to Coastal Carolina so bad!! So freaking pretty there!
    And the only vacation Im doing is over Labor Day Stu and I are going to St. Louis to stay with his best friend and his wife..I am sooo excited

  4. Love the delicious looking sweet potato fries! I JUST made the BEST batch I’ve ever had today. Great post workout!!

  5. Haha! Glad to hear that you are settling back down so well 🙂

    I have been loving eggs lately too.. I think I’ve had one every day for like the last month, haha. Big scrambled messes with hummus-covered toast is definitely a favourite of mine 😉

    You are quite the travelling girl aren’t you?! Have fun on your trip with the girlies.. although you JUST got back from the last one! Hehe..
    ❤ Tat

  6. so exciting to see that you are lifting more! I love it. You are already hot, but dang gir, with some muscle on ya—watch out!

  7. i really don’t like dressing on my salad at all…i love the veggies as they are! always have, ever since i was little.

    after deciding to take the semester off, i’ve got a loooong five months of break ahead of me still. so nice.

  8. I cant believe we WILL BE IN THE SAME STATE!!
    lisas right- girl once you get that buffness.. GOODNESS GRACIOUS I already have a girl crush on you.. and it will just be like magnified times 100
    ANYWAYYYYYYYY i love you!!!!!!

  9. haha this whole post made me laugh, you’re so funny and upbeat! you can tell you’re really happy and enjoying your summer : )
    I totally agree with you on being the person who kicks your own butt the best!
    Have a great time with your friends, that trip sounds so fun!

  10. Rambling posts are so real though, don’t you agree? 😉

    I think I may need a pineapple cocktail however!

    As for me, off to DC for Labor Day weekend and a fabulous wedding. Then we shall see where to next…I’ve got the travel itch!

  11. Spontaneous things can be so nice and I’m so glad for you that you’re gonna make another wonderful trip! Enjoy every minute of it:)

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

  12. Fi

    I wish u many more pineapple cocktail infused falls, smiles, laughs and memories! 😉 enjoy ur trip, xx

  13. mysweetseason

    You make me want to go lift some weights! Hahaha

    Yum yum yum I made homemade salsa just now 😀 So good but probably not as fresh as yours will be!

    Have fun in South Carolina!

  14. Oh hi gorgeous girl!
    I loved this post – I totally do that spoon-to-mouth exercise. I’m not shy about loading that spoon up with extra weight, either, and I tend to go to failure/empty bowl, which is always my least favorite of the two options 😉
    I’ve recently discovered Turkey bacon and it is changing my life. SO good, omg.
    My favorite salad combo though has to include a couple of bites of creamy avocado, yum. I tend to stick to oil and white vinegar, but sometimes I will just drizzle some meyer olive oil over a lighter salad to let the ingredients shine ❤

    I have the HLS coming up, and then it looks like I'm done for the summer. Next summer is all about a big trip to Europe, though!! Woowoo!!

  15. Even if it’s not labeled as a routine, sometimes it is nice to get back “in the swing of things”. But summer is all about letting loose, giving in, and living life. Now once the school yr starts up, it’ll be back to a routine for me!

  16. that’s awesome that your cousin will be at your school. i’m sure you’ll have to take care of her!

    AHHHHHH youre coming to SC!! that’s awesome!!

  17. I saw the article too! i know they ARE killer! I really wanted to go to australia to visit some family, but I forgot its actually WINTER there! So i might go in the fall. I’m not in school anymore so I’ll be able to do that. i look forward to that salsa!

  18. Glad you are having a great summer! I can tell from all the fab pictures! And that first “upper body workout” sounded sufficient to me =P

  19. nice lifting!!! I always tear out some great workouts that I find in those mags, I don’t follow them to a T but I like certain exercise So I will create my owb program using some that I find here and there! I love that pic of you and your auntie! so cute!

    I went to college with my brother! well not WITH him. He is two years older, and I CHOSE to go to the same college, not because of him, but in the end it was nice to have him there!!

  20. Greek salads are my favorite combos, but nothing beats a good honey mustard or raspberry vinaigrette as far as dressings go.

  21. Just stumbled upon your blog -you are a wonderful writer! Really great voice (very funny, but also informative) Adding to the google reader!

  22. Your lifting “warm up” reminded me of these utensils I saw once that were actual dumbells with a fook/spoon tip. Those make working out/pigging out one in the same. 😉

  23. i really wish i went to either work or school with my fam. my brother and i were signed up to go to the same college but i opted for yoga teacher training instead. it kind of sucks not being able to go with him. i think having a family member to work alongside with or go to school with can make a huge difference in terms of support and safety!

    xoxo ❤

  24. I LOVE that you live life and you live it with a positive outlook, I told you this before, and never change that!

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm pineapple cocktails sound delish, and your oat combo rocks! U have yummy oat combos as well! U are always loving mine and Im always loving yours!

    Glad to see your getting back to a routine and strength training rocks! I try do strength train 3-4 times a week!

    Have a blast in South Carolina! I have been to Charleston , SC my fiance’s best friend lives there, we loved it, it was a fun trip! What part are you going to?!

    Love the beautiful pics on here too!

    Love you! xooxo

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  26. I’m just getting caught up on all your old posts and I’m in LOVE with your last one. This summer I’ve been throwing all caution to the wind on weekends, and it feels GOOD. What you said about workouts not comparing to fun with the people you love- SO SO TRUE!! YAY for letting our hair down 🙂

    This summer my last adventure will be to the HLS in Chicago! I’m soooooo excited 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful time in SC my love!!

  27. Thanks for finding my blog — and I’m so glad I found yours!

    I like my salads dry — or with salsa. I just don’t really like dressing at all. I used to love bleu cheese, but dairy and I are not friends anymore.

    No vacations planned, but my husband and I are starting to plan for a cruise next spring. I am super excited!

  28. Happy to hear you’re enjoying your workouts 😀 Your “warm up” looks delish.

    You should try hummus in your salads! It’s freakin fantastic.

  29. omg used to live in Myrtle Beach, SC for 2 yrs, NC just over the border for 2 more. Girl I could tell you some stories. But not in the comment field 🙂

    Have a freaking ball as i know you will!! and of course, thank you so much for the lovely compliments you always pay me in the comments you leave for me…muah!!!

  30. katey

    hey girl! wanted to let u know that I bought a GF cereal today and it was AMAZING! its Nature’s path crunchy vanilla sunrise. sooo good! it has flaxseeds in it too! (i’ve been following an elimination diet recently.. we’ll see how it goesss)

  31. I love sweet potato fries!! YUMMM. And those cheesecake I want those!

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  33. Its great that your life is going so well. It sounds like your having an amazing summer, It is actaully inspiring me to plan for next summer.
    [i know its a bit early]
    Right now im working purely on recovery, and that involves a LOT of food, and of course distractions, and learnging about myself.
    sorry for bablling on… anyways, i loveyour blog, it makes me smile 🙂
    I am staying where i am, as im in IP but its in a great city,and im glad i got to experience it in the beauty of the summer months.

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