Post-Vacation Blues: The Cure

Thank you guys so much for the sweet comments on my last post – I had such an amazing time, and I cannot stress enough how blessed I am to be able to travel so much πŸ˜€

I’m not even gonna lie – waking up to grass, “normal” trees/flowers/bushes is just plain rotten when you’ve just spent the past week with a view like this:


My friends, welcome to post-vacation blues. Wanna know the cure? 4 simple things – family, friends, food and fitness.

I'm jealous of her cuteness.

Can I get an amen? Between Monday and today I’ve been indulging in my loved ones (as seen above), lots of good food, and an amazing new motivation to really get my swoll on. You can laugh at that last part if you want to, and I know you do. I’ll elaborate on that in a sec.

The day I got home was the day before one of my best friend’s 21st birthday. And what better way to kick-off celebrations then to decorate her car the night before? We had to be super-sneaky, though, which obviously always proves as a hard task for us.

The goods.

Her car alarm apparently doesn’t do much more than blink a red light…soΒ I climbed all over it and we basically touched and wrote all over every part of it, the car alarm never went off. That’s high class security right there, pals. Way to go, Jeep!


I wish I could say everything we wrote was appropriate so I’d feel a little more comfortable telling ya’ll ALL about it – but really ,it wasn’t, and you can just use your imagination for the rest. We all got a text from her the next morning saying how ridiculous we were, and that she was going to drive around all day with the decor…and she works at a childcare center. Kosher.

Moving on…to the next post-vacation blues cure: food…who would’ve guessed?

I’m totally loving anything having to do with figs lately…so I’ve been adding themΒ + cottage cheese to ma usual berry patch oats. With a dollop of my favorite cottage cheese and a spoonful of Justin’s Maple Almond ButterΒ πŸ™‚

Perfection in a bowl.

What’s your favorite oatmeal topping?

Of course, being home wouldn’t be complete without a fridge/pantry stocked full of a few favorites from Whole Foods, right? Right.

Not everything, just some staples + faves!

Justin’s Almond Butter, cookie dough Cashew Butter, Yogi Green Tea, Flaxseed Oil (amazing for your skin – I drink a TBSP every night), cherries, nanners, FIGS!, Nancy’s Cottage Cheese (the BEST) and Food Should Taste Good Cheddar Chips that I may or may not have polished off already…and half of them were consumed on the car ride home. I blame it solely on traffic πŸ˜‰

These two = match made in heaven!

Also: lookie at what else I found! As if I need anymore bars in my pantry…

Cookie dough Larabar

Have you tried any of the new Larabars? Verdict?

Between hanging out with the fam, potentially breaking bumpers off cars while using them as a climbing mechanism, spending way to much moola at Whole Foods, and eating my body weight in chips, I’ve also been reading up on blogs (ok, nothing new there either..) and recently came across a post which really struck a chord – THIS post really made me reconsider my strength training routine, and really motivated me to kick my own ass a little harder than I have been. I really recommend ya’ll check it out, no matter what your fitness goals are. God blessed me with a body that I know has AMAZING capabilities and I’m SO ready to figure out what they are in a respectable manner, of course.

My personal goal right now is just to gain some more muscle weight and fill out parts of my body that I think could use a little more umph…you feel me? That girls blog is seriously badass.

My plan as of right now is to strength train 2-3 days a week,Β  and do cardio to warm up + cool down, and once or twice a week.

What’s the most motivating goal you have to exercise?

Alright guys, I’m off to munch onΒ the best KIND bar everΒ that’s been in my purse for the past 2 months,Β and prooobably grab a snowball with my girls later on πŸ˜€

My fave KIND bar.

Peace and love!




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34 responses to “Post-Vacation Blues: The Cure

  1. The post vacation blues are the worst!!! Looks like you’re having a great time getting over it. πŸ™‚

    My favorite oatmeal toppings are blueberries, coconut, and peanut butter! They make me so happy. πŸ™‚

    I’ve been kind of lacking in the weights department. I think I’m going to read that blog!

  2. Well I want to just start out by saying that I’m glad you say “swoll” too. I thought it was just a thing that the extra-hood-y kids at my school made up, but now that I’ve realized that it’s a real slang word, I can sleep a little easier at night now!

    And I totally agree with your tips for getting over post-vacay blues! Just got back from Florida and have been treating the pain of seeing normal MD trees instead of palm trees with lots of trips to the pool and crepes for dinner! x

  3. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    chocolate chip Lara?!?!? That’s new!!! πŸ™‚ Sorry your vacay had to end. That’s the worst 😦 But looks like you have plenty of yummy food to keep you going!

  4. Awh, thanks for the linking, girl! I’m glad you liked the post, and if you EVER need any help with anything just let me know! It’s so relieving to see more and more girls embracing weight training and pushing themselves harder. πŸ˜€

    I definitely relate to the “post-vacay blues”. But, as long as you have a little something to come back to it’s not so bad!

  5. I SAW THAT POST TOO!! I was like WOW she is HARDCORE!! girl you would look so freaking hot with like 10 pounds of muscle, not that you dont look hot anyway, just putting my 2 cents in.. u know i support you WHATEVER YOU DO!

    POST VACAY BLUESSSSSSSS good thing you are eating pizza tonight to help you with that!!!
    and me too πŸ™‚ for moral support!


  6. Wow I envy you! I love kind bars so much! The macadamia strawberry coconut kind is my favorite but I love that one too! Cashew butter and figs are my new addiction! There so delicious! Your so pretty and full with happiness i’m glad you enjoyed your vacation! My favorite oatmeal topping is almond butter or flakes toasted coconut! Have a great day

  7. Oh and also be totally been dying to find those larabars ! Tell me how how it is! πŸ™‚

  8. teenagehealthfreak

    Well sorry you had to come back from awesomeness..but I’m glad you made it back safetly! I love the coconut almond KIND bars!! hello almond joy. πŸ™‚

  9. ah, vacation ending = sadness. i know the feeling. 😦 i’ve never found a protein/mrp i really enjoy… will have to look in to this! thanks!

  10. erinsloves

    I just tried the cookie dough larabar yesterday and omg im in LOVE!!! And im prettu sure coming home from a vacation is the worst thing ever..I always cry haha! So glad you had fun though!

  11. land animal

    family, friends, food and fitness = the cure for just about any thing! πŸ™‚

  12. Rachel

    Your post-vacay activities look as fun as your vacation itself. NO JEALOUS HERE πŸ˜€

    Haha, if you’re advocating flaxseed oil, then it’s porbably a must-have! Meg=the new beauty guru πŸ™‚

    Working on my fitness too! A more preferable way of improving body image :b

  13. It’s so hard when the vacation high is over, but I like your new plan of attack with yummy eats!

    And I too need to beef up my strength training — I’m already stoked to go to my scheduled BodyPump class on Saturday πŸ™‚

  14. My favorite oatmeal topping has to be my “brownie batter”, hands down! That with some nuts + flax seeds = perfection. Now I think I need a bowl. Regardless of the fact that it’s almost 10 pm. Dang you!

    I’m so bad at eating in traffic as well! The other day I plowed through what must have been 1/2 a bag of cereal because I was starving and kept getting stopped at red lights! Grr.

  15. Hey meg.
    I liked seeing what products you buy πŸ™‚ I had a question though, do you drink Flax oil just straight, or mix it with something? Oh, and my fav. oatmeal toppings are Mighty Maple PB, Honey greek yogurt, and silvered almonds Perfection!

    • Meg

      I used to drink it mixed with tea, because it tastes NASTY! Haha, but now I just plug up my nose and take it in straight up – the lemon flavor isn’t TOO awful πŸ˜€

  16. Ooh you’ve go the right idea for sure…! when u’ve come back from a truly fantastical holiday, i find there’s no point trying to recreate the amazing weather or the amazing food or even the amazing relaxed feeling you get when you dont have to worry about chores and work!
    But the one thing that ALWAYS makes me glad to be home, is my family & friends…. wherever you go in the world, you always get to come back to the people you love πŸ™‚

    oh, that and my own bed!!!!

  17. holy moly girlfriend is intense!! good for her though thank you for sharing the website! and i can see me going to TOWN on those chips.. i feel like they’d be like cheddar sour cream ruffles!!

    and omg i see that flaxseed oil in stores quite often! i want to look into that.. do you just take it straight or mix it with something!! i’d love to know!!

    happy thursday πŸ™‚

  18. ooh i love kind bars! my favorite oatmeal toppings are almond butter, honey, blueberries, blueberry jam, and FLUFF!

  19. I know very little about strength training. But I still try! A couple times a week with Jillian Michaels videos. It’s hard because I have running goals, too, and right now I’m training for a marathon, which takes a lot out of me. After a lot of running the thought of lifting weights is not as appealing. But hopefully I’ll keep up the occasional weight lifting and maybe think about a more serious routine after the marathon.

    Cashew butter is DELICIOUS. Your Whole Foods has Justin’s nut butter in jars? I may have to journey out to the Eastern Shore solely for that purpose!

  20. Katharina

    I hear you on post vacation blues. But atleast that means that you had a great time πŸ˜€ I admit though, I loooove falling into MY bed after traveling for awhile.

    That is sooo funny about your friend! I wonder if anyone at her workplace said anything to her lolol.

    WHAT?! All of these new Larabar flavors are out and I haven’t tried a single one. I keep n eye out though.. just haven’t seen them yet. I have pretty much the same fitness goal as you πŸ˜€ My mom and I do booty exercises at the gym and she got this magazine called Glutes lol. Booty booty booty booty rockin’ everywhere! My flexibility is also important to me. I know that being flexible will keep me from getting injured, helps me dance better, and it just feels cool to be able to do some things πŸ™‚ Which is why yoga is awesome for me too. It helps me appreciate my body for what it can do (along with strength training). Plus, exercise is such a great release for stress and extra energy. Goofing off with a gym buddy is fun πŸ˜€

    p.s. I LOVE flax seed oil and ground flax seed now πŸ˜€ I’ve been focusing on my liver health to get clear skin since I think for me they are related. Anyway, so far I’ve been incorporating it into my diet (for only a week) and my friends and mom already notice a difference. And so do I!

    XOXO always

  21. Coming home from vacation is always such a bummer, with the exception of sleeping in my own bed again. Finding the new Larabars would absolutely make my life though…let us know what you think! Favorite oatmeal topping = nut butter. Hands down. I’m such a cliche, I know. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday love!!

  22. post vacay blues suck! I try to keep the vacay mindset as long as I can.
    I’ve never warmed up to larabars, people rave about them, but bars just dont do it for me. Keep rockin those weights!

  23. haha im jealous of her cuteness too .. and of ur food stash purchases!!!

    urgh they need to create a vaccine for post vacation blues lol

    xoxo ❀

  24. After vacation is no fun! I feel ya on that girl!

    I like how you cure the post vacation blues!

    LOVE your Whole Foods Goods and yes WHole Foods is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I bought those new larabars but did not eat them yet!! lol! I need to!!!!!!!!! Just been eating everything else instead!

    Have a great day girl and I like your new fitness plan, I feel strength training is so important!

    love u! xoxo

  25. You’re looking gorgeous! What a hilarious birthday …decoration!!! xx

  26. Great ideas for post-vacation blues! Whenever I come back to work after vacation, I’m always on a high from being so happy. But it usually wears off within a few days, and then I’m wishing I was on vacation again. Thank god for weekends!

  27. I think I am the only one who has yet to find the new Larabars.

  28. Ana

    So jealous!!! I have yet to try any of the new Larabar flavahs 😦 Sooo lucky πŸ™‚

  29. Mmm.. Kind bars are so yummy πŸ™‚ My favourite is the walnut and date!

    You are amazing girl.. I’m glad to hear that you had such an amazing time surprising your friend like that. She is truly blessed to have you in her life… even if it was inappropriate. Haha!

    I haven’t been able to find any of the new larabars.. but I’ve been making my own lately. Seeing at the chocolate chip one is just the cashew one with chocolate chips added, I think I can make it just fine πŸ˜› I bet it tastes awesome though.. those things are better than cookies in my opinion!

    ❀ Tat

  30. Soooo glad you had such a good time, although I had a feeling you would! And that Lara bar looks/sounds amazing, I must find it asap!

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