Hello from St. John!

Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in and say a very swift hello – hope you all are having an awesome week and staying COOL – I am ROASTY TOASTY right now…taking a little siesta from the beach because I am sweaty, I STANK and I’m a little crispy. But I am 110% a-okay with that.

Coconut fish!

 As ya’ll know I’ve been in The Virgin Islands since last Monday – and as usual, it’s just beautiful. I am so incredibly blessed!

I don’t have much time, so I’m just gonna post a few pictures + words.

Hermit crab - how cute!

Climbing the rocks in the British Islands - SUPER cool.


At our resort.

See you guys in a few days with a recap and all them shenanigans!

What’s your favorite vacation spot?

Peace and love.




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25 responses to “Hello from St. John!

  1. This looks gorgeous, I’m glad you’re having an amazing time! My favorite vacation spot is St. Maarten. My parents have a timeshare there and it’s breathtaking! Enjoy the rest of your trip love 🙂

  2. I love Las Vegas! I’m actually going there soon and cannot wait!! The food, the lights, man I just love it all 😀

  3. mysweetseason

    Have fun! I love Hawaii so much it pains me that I can’t go there more often. I adore Maui! The food, the beaches, the surf…it’s perfection

  4. The Virgin Islands are so beautiful! ENJOY! I went snorkeling there once and it was such a great experience.

  5. Wow Meg!! That place looks breathtaking!! you lucky girl ❤

  6. Fi

    My ideal spot? Whatever that place is where they film that movie ‘the beach’ 🙂 looking forward to hear your holiday recap!! Xx

    having serious withdrawels from you. we have SO MUCH to talk about! I miss you so much but you keep enjoying your blessed time with your daddy!!!

  8. oooh so pretty!! hope you have an awesome time! 🙂

  9. I bet it is beautiful there!!! Hope you are livin’ it up girl! (i know you are!)

    Love ya!

  10. Mmm, I love anywhere tropical. Mexico was my favorite place I’ve been so far! Hope you’re having a great time, and don’t get too much more burnt!

  11. Wow.. looks amazing! That little hermit crab is so cute 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your vaca.. not that you won’t!

    ❤ Tat

  12. looks like you are havin’ a balllll 🙂

  13. Ohh wow, I’m soo jealous of you right now!! It looks like you’re having an amazing time whilst I’m stuck here in miserable England haha!
    My ideal vacation is in Thailand because it’s hot with beaches, the people are sooo friendly and smiley all the time and the food is amazing..so fresh and flavoursome with lots of veg and delicious fruit! Enjoy the rest of your vacation 🙂

  14. Rachel

    Gorgeous Meg! Have tons of fun ❤

  15. I hope you’re having the best time! It looks like you definitely are. 🙂 My favorite vacation spot is a little unknown. I love the beach because I have always lived close to one, but I also love going to the Smokey Mountains to get a complete opposite scenery. Of course I loved going to the Caribbean on my honeymoon. Can’t wait to see more pictures from your trip!

  16. What a fantastic looking place! I’m totally envious, but glad you’re having an awesome time pretty girl ❤
    I love going to Greece with my family, and I love going to St-Maarten, which is basically our Caribbean destination. Such a great time in both places!

  17. I would love to be in a tropical vacation destination right now–soak up some rays for me! 🙂

  18. erinsloves

    Where is your bag from?? I love that and Ive been looking for a slate blue purse!

  19. stunning, gorgeous, absolutely beautiful — oh, and Saint John’s looks kind of pretty too 😉

    Keep on smiling, sweetface. Can’t wait for the recap!!!


  20. I live Oahu and Italy — I could alternate between the two for the rest of my life!

    Have fun!!!

  21. AHHHHHHHH so jeal. 🙂 Have fun!

  22. Oh my goodness it look absolutely gorgeous there, I am super jealous!!! I would give anything to be anywhere near the beach right now, hope you’re having an amazing time!!

  23. i would give anything to be there at the resort!! the water, the sun, the tanning!! i’ll have to throw on a bikini and lay outside pretending im in St. John’s too lol ❤

  24. I can’t believe you just found a hermit crab! I’ve only ever seen them with painted shells in beach shops – never in the wild!

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere on an ocean that’s warm enough for me to swim in! I’m convinced oceans and I have some kind of profound bond – plus treading water is a great workout 🙂

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