Simple. Fresh. Summery.

I don’t know about you, but I don’ think there’s anything better tasting than fresh, hand-picked vegetables and fruits from your own backyard. Especially when it’s so hot out, and you just want some cool, crunchy greens for lunch.

Spinach, arugula and pepper salad.

Paired perfectly with a simple cream cheese omelette, veggies and peppered turkey breast with olive spread courtesy of Whole Foods.

Simple is best.

And a mini-dessert of a fresh topped fig, cherries and cottage cheese/yogurt.

Funkaaaay fig.

Can I get an a-freakin-men to some almond butter, too?

Almomd butter + figs = mouthgasm.

What’s your favorite fruit?

Or, what’s your favorite summery food?

I was lucky enough to recieve a sweet package from the folks over at Raw Crunch Bars. No better time then to have an all-natural, raw and unprocessed treat than in the summer. Heavy foods are just not kosher, for sure.

Raw Crunch!

These bars are gluten free, hand made and completely unprocessed – and yeah, I said hand made. Rare these days, when prettymuch everything is made on a machine. Which just doesn’t sound as appetizing…anyways, here’s the story of Ross and Kathy – the creators of the Raw Crunch Bar:

It all began in our little one bedroom apartment. At first it was a snack designed for our own healthy consumption. We were both in the health industry, a national fitness competitor and a trainer of Muay Thai. We wanted real, live food, something that truly nourished the body, not something designed in a lab. We wanted a list of ingredients we could actually pronounce, because we know if we could not pronounce it, it was just something else for our liver to detoxify.

The Raw Crunch recipe miraculously came to us one day, but it has taken us years to get just right. Our friends and family wanted a taste, so we started wrapping our bars in Saran wrap with a label on top. They were a huge hit! So we rented a kitchen, perfected the recipe, and improved the packaging.

This was 6 years ago, and here we are now, still mixing up the same small batches fresh every day. Every Raw Crunch® bar is hand-made fresh with a personal passion for excellence and quality that only a small cottage manufacturer like us can offer our consumers. Enjoy!”

From their website.

They come in several fantastic flavors: Goji Berries, Cranberries, Blueberries and Chocolate. For my first go-round, I had the Blueberries bar. Nutrition facts and ingredients (SUPER impressive!) can be found HERE.


The verdict? They definitely aren’t joking when they capitalize the word “CRUNCH”. In other words – these are great for satisfying any crunchy craving you might have 😉 and the best part? They are DELICIOUS! You can taste the blueberry throughout the entire bar, and it’s not overly sweet or artificial tasting at ALL, like some fruit-flavored bars tend to be. I absolutely love how you can see all the ingredients through the bar, and it’s super durable to take along with you – biking, backpacking, running, hiking, shopping (my kinda cardio 😉 ), a great snack for on the go, anytime and anywhere. I’d recommend these, and I cannot wait to try the rest of the flavors!

What flavor should I CRUNCH on next? (ha…ha)

Blueberry Raw Crunch Bar all nakey!

Other than stuffing my face, I’ve really been enjoying spending time indoors – the weather here is absolutely obnoxious and only makes me wanna leave for the Virgin Islands even more. Only a week and a half til my family and I are island-bound, ok, can I get an amen to that too? 😉

Sooo close, yet so far.

Today’s my Mom’s birthday, and to celebrate, my brother, sister-in-law and I are meeting at her house with our gifts and taking her out to a nice Thai restaurant. I haven’t had Thai food in so long, and it’s definitely a family favorite, I’m so PUMPED 😀 My Mom has been through so much in her life, and she’s such a beautiful, inspiring and absolutely incredible human being. She’s trying to pretend it’s NOT her birthday because she doesn’t like to think about how old she’s getting, so we’re just going to say that she’s 20 years old with a few years experience 😉

I’m hoping my brother and sister in law bring Mia along as well, who I just adore. Please just look at that FACE! (…and excuse my messy hair 😛 )


I can’t really tell you if she was smirking or dropping a deuce right there, but I can tell you that either way it’s cute. Yep, she’s cute even when she’s pooping, and that’s hard to pull off, people.

Peace and love!




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50 responses to “Simple. Fresh. Summery.

  1. erinsloves

    Your niece is so cute!!! and I have NEVER tried figs, but reading this made me want to try them! Have a good Sunday (:

  2. Gina G

    which face yours or the babies? 😉 your both gorgeous girl! Have a wonderful time, happy birthday to your momma!

    p.s. I finally tried the 18 rabbits dark chocolate cheeky cherry……SO GOOD! loved it 😀

    • Meg

      Gina! You are too sweet, and thank you for the birthday wishes for my Momma! I am so happy you were able to try that 18R bar – and SUPER HAPPY that you love it!

  3. you are so purdyyyyyyy 🙂 That crunch bar looks AWESOME! the weather has been weird here too.. it’s kinda relaxin though to chill at home. so jealous of your trip to the islands!

  4. The crunch bars looks delicious! Have fun at dinner tonight!

  5. that’s your hair messy?!! LOL your freakin’ adorable and mia is the cutest name ( and she is the cutest!!) you are going to have so much fun on your family vacay.. i’m living through you ok?! hahaha

    hope you had a fabulous weekend 🙂

  6. omg how cute is that baby 🙂 I adore babies 🙂
    I hope you and your mom have a nice time!

  7. ahhh I wanna try those bars!! I checked out the nutrition stats and they definitely ARE impressive! Plus the flavors sound downright delish. mmmmm!

    YAY for your vaca coming up!! I am hopping in your suitcase, ok?!? Love you!

  8. BVI…ahh I’m so jeal.

    and yes, Mia is too adorable.

  9. Figs excite me so much! Their season is too short. 😦

  10. mmm Thai…enjoy yourself tonight, I’m super jeal!

    ps–i’m eating my free 18 rabbits granola bar right now and it’s tre bien! THANKS A MILLION!

  11. I love how you can see all the ingredients in those bars. Do you know where they sell them at?

  12. I love ur blog!! and ur headed did u make it?? I made one kinda like it..

  13. Ooo would love blueberry in my granola crunch bar! Fresh arugula sounds great right now!!!!

  14. Your fresh fig mix looks so delicious, and thanks for the heads-up on those bars. They look and sound perfect!! And hand-made?!
    Happy birthday to your mom! Hope you all had a great time 🙂

  15. Right behind my gym, there’s an acre or so of lawn belonging to the church next door (I do my plyometrics on the lawn). The church keeps this amazing garden ten feet away and it’s been doing well despite the NoVa heat. Eating the veggies would be better, but it’s neat to have garden fresh veggies within sight of a workout.

  16. My favourite summer fruit right now are fresh blueberries. Yum! I honestly can’t get enough of them! I’ve never tried fresh figs though, because I havn’t seen them in any of the stores around here.

    … psssht. Your hair is anything but a mess missy, you look gorgeous!!

    ❤ Tat

  17. Hi Meg! I have never heard of Raw Crunch bars before – they look good & sound nutritious! And Mia is just absolutely, positively precious – so cute! 🙂

  18. LOL about the comment about the baby!! HAHAHAHA. she was prob dropping a deuce. that is hilarious.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MAMA and i am soo thankful she raised my beautiful friend, YOU! She did an AMAZING job!!!
    lOVE YOU!

  19. Well you already know how much I love the Rhubarb from my backyard lol!

    I am so glad that you got to try Raw Crunch Bars! They are so good. Whit and I finished off our package so fast. They were pretty much my most favorite bars out of all the ones that we have been sent.

    The weather has been HOTT in Colorado during the day, then come around 3pm it just rains like crazy. I love it though! I am so jealous that you are going to the Virgin Islands. That should be crazy fun!

    Happy B-Day to your mom! It sounds like she must be a pretty great lady 🙂

    P.S. your hair looks perfect as always so idk what you are talking about! 😉

  20. Those raw crunch bars look delicious! I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in stores.

  21. Mia is ADORABLE! I love her baby cheeks 😀

    WOw, I’ve never had fresh figs before, but it looks like something I would enjoy very very much!

  22. “but I don’ think there’s anything better tasting than fresh, hand-picked vegetables and fruits from your own backyard. Especially when it’s so hot out, and you just want some cool, crunchy greens for lunch”—

    Oh that is the STORY of my life! I LOVE that you grow your own food. Who needs a farmers mkt or a CSA when you can grow you own.

    And motherhood (one day!!) will look very, very good on you. You are a natural, and your future children are already blessed 🙂

    Happy Bday to your 20 yr old mama too!

  23. teenagehealthfreak

    I can’t decide on a fave. fruit- but watermelon is my fave during the summer!!Happy Birthday to your mom!! hope you guys had fun this weekend!! mia is too cute!!! 🙂

  24. Beautiful!!! You and the baby! 🙂

    I have never had fresh figs. What am I missin’ out on chica?

    I love fresh strawberries in the summer. Actually, I really love making fruit salads…the best of everything!

  25. OOOH those figs look amazing!!! I have never tried a real fig..only dried. They are hard to find fresh in Utah 😦

  26. What sweet words you said about your mom, that is the sweetest ever, she has an amazing daughter, glad you realize how amazing your mom is! Some people don’t!

    So lucky for a vacation soon with your family, sounds like it will be amazing, that pic looks amazing!

    Figs look delish, I have not had figs in a long time! Yum!

    Thank you for the sweet words on my blog! I am blessed for the new oppurtunity my family and I are getting, and we are excited to get there and start our life in Fort Wayne! I love life and all it has to offer, life is amazing!

    Love u!

  27. sarainthewater

    cutest picture!!! Actually, I have only had a dried fig in my life- need to get on that!!

  28. crazylittlethingneela

    aww cutie pie!!
    oh i love thai, i hope you have a wonderful time out. and i agree with you on the greens for summer thing. nothing is better than a lovely salad in the summer for lunch.
    have a wonderful start to the week my love

  29. Your niece is freaking adorable. I hope you had a great time at your mama’s bday dinner!! My favorite summer fruit is definitely strawberries, but I also have a soft spot for zucchini on the grill, Greek salad and strawberry rhubarb pie. Love summer!! Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday so far love!! xoxo

  30. Meg,

    Absolutely love white peaches in the summer 🙂 Can’t get me enough of them juicy loves!


  31. dmcgirl37

    Raw Crunch sent me tons of samples too! oh my gosh I LOVEEEE their bars. My boyfriend even liked them and he ‘hates’ bars.

    Dana xo

  32. Mia is DARLING!!! Too cute! I want my brother to have babies so I can spoil them and hand them back at the end of the day 🙂

    You and I with figs…mmm! LOVE them! Right now is Barhi dates stuffed with a pecan. OBSESSED!

  33. Vanilla

    I almost didn’t look at the baby, I was too stunned by your infinite beauty xD. OMG your hair…>_____< *jealousy*

    I love the simplicity of your salad…pepper rocks! Love the dessert, cherries are perfect with the tartness of yogurt.


  34. Favorite fruit would have to be mango.

    Favorite summery food… so many to choose but I’ll say corn on the cob. 🙂

  35. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    Hahaha, love your final thoughts on the baby there. I literally forgot what I wanted to say to you 🙂

    So cute!!

  36. Efi

    It’s amazing that you grow your own veggies. That’s my dream!

    Your baby niece is adorable! Like a little cute choco truffle 🙂

  37. Gorgeous photo of you and Mia! And almond butter + figs = amazing. My favorite fruit is probably canteloupe!

  38. those bars look so good! and the figs too. my favorite fruit is definitely raspberry

  39. That baby is ADORABLE!! So are YOU 😀
    ❤ jess

  40. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    you look so beautiful in the picture, she is a beautiful baby too! I hope you had a great little birthday celebration with your Mom! I love thai food too 🙂


  41. So jelous about th virgin islands!

  42. i would fight you for a taste of those raw crunch bars!! gimme gimme gimme!! im always jealous of ur food or ur travels lol haha. Meg, pack me up and take me with you okay?!!

    xoxo ❤

  43. I LOVE Almond butter!!! Woohoo!! And yes, nothing better than fresh picked veggies from your own garden!

  44. i’ve never seen raw crunch bars. they look and sound so good! i especially love the name. such a pretty pic of you and the baby!

  45. Yes Forever 21 rocks!! I love the sports bras because of the cute colors too!!! Hope your week is great!! Whrn do you leave for vacation!!!!!!!!!??? Yay!!

  46. I’m a big fan of any and all things CRUNCH so those bars sound wonderful!

    The only fruit I eat are apples. I don’t crave fruit BUT lately I’ve been meaning to pick up a cantaloupe <- so summery, right?!

    Cute picture of you and the bebe!!

  47. hmm favorite fruit? do I have to pick just one!? My top favs are peaches, cherries, and strawberries, but I love them all!

    And yes there is nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies on a hot summer day! 😛

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