Home Again.

Goooood morning, guys! Hope ya’ll had an amazing 4th!

THANK YOU all so much for the feedback on my California reflections post, it means a lot.

I’ve gotta quite a few questions about what I did for 18 Rabbits – you can check out all of my California posts to really get an insight into what I did – but basically, I designed a lot of stuff. I made coupons, posters, postcards, Twitter backgrounds and just a TON of designwork in Photoshop and Illustrator! It was so much fun! I love graphic design. Therese (the other intern, and now my close friend) and I did demos as well at Whole Foods, as well as a few other places around San Francisco, and we made deliveries, and just worked on random 18 R stuff around the office/out of the office. Honestly, this job was so much fun and I’m so glad to be able to continue it back home, although it won’t be nearly as much work as it was when I lived in California. More reason to go back, eh? 😉

Doing a demo!

 I was so happy to be able to spend my 4th with some of the craziest, most fun people ever. I’m still missing California, but I can’t imagine living the rest of my summer without my best friends back here in Maryland 🙂

Friends are good for the soul - meet Billy and Melissa.

The first night I was home I went out for snowballs with 3 of my closest friends (the ones who surprised me at the airport) and I was so happy to be able to spend the weekend with so many amazing people. I love my family and friends so incredibly much. I am BLESSED, and now even more so that I can say I have close friends on both the East and West coast.

Dance party on wataaa.

Not sure about you, but I really don’t think there’s any better way to celebrate such a glorious summer day than having a dance party in the middle of the river, complete with watermelon, jetskis, tubing and plenty of unmentionables. Am I right, or am I right?

No idea, really.

Smiles all around!!

We rafted up about 5 boats and got roasty toasty til it was time to go in for the fireworks. I am extremely roasty toasty this morning, by the way. SPF doesn’t do much for me if I forget to reapply.


I absolutely LOVE fireworks, especially the really loud ones! We got to watch them from a dock while enjoying BBQ and all kinds of good neighborhood company, including a gigantic spider, which I’m not even gonna talk about. I hate hate hate BUGS! I don’t enjoy killing them when they’re in my house, but I’ll avoid them at all costs. Unless they get a little too up in ma business…then the shoe comes out.

Are you a fan of spiders?

…dumb question, right?

They give me the heebee jeebees. Bugs in general, actually. I put so much bugspray on lastnight that I’m pretty sure I was repelling more humans than bugs. My b.


After being in San Francisco for 5 weeks, I’m still SO not used to this HEAT! Ugh! I was sweating like an oinker all day yesterday til the sun went down. Lucky for me, everyone else was too, and we all know that dudes B.O. is so much worse than a womans’. Well, in most cases…

Hot hot hot!

This weekend I also had a chance to do a sweeeet review: NuNaturals Stevia! I got an awesome package in the mail while I was gone, and couldn’t wait to try it out 🙂 I went with the vanilla drops first:

So, what's the verdict??

I am in LOVE with this stuff! It’s perfect for prettymuch anything. Except savory foods, of course 😉 but ya’ll know that. I mixed it with some plain Greek yogurt, topped it off with fresh sliced peaches, whipped cream and a cherry for good measure, and aesthetics 😀 It was the perfect summer treat.

Too bad more whipped cream when directly from the bottle into my mouth than on top of that.

My Dad should really get the memo that if he buys a can of whipped cream, it’s not gonna last more than a few days. Get in ma belly.

With a spoonful of almond butter.

NuNaturals is a natural, and sweet way to add flavor to any dessert or snack. It’s not like any other sweetener, really. It does NOT taste artificial at all, and you don’t need to use very much to get a great hint of sweetness. It won’t cause any blood sugar crashes, and is safe for any dietary concern, even diabetes. It can be used in so many recipes – check out some on their website 🙂

I’ve got a lot more NuNaturals coming soon as well – have any recipes for me to try? Send em’ my way 😉

NuNaturals is so versatile!

I really suggest ordering some, it’ll last you a while, because you only need to use a teeny bit – and it’s not something that you wouldn’t want to put in your body, like most sweeteners. It’s all natural. I think this stuff would make any summer dish tastier, and healthier 😀

Summer breakfast favorite - NuNatural-ized.

As you can see, I’ve also been taking advantage of fresh summer fruits. They just taste so much better when they’re in season and local.

What’s your favorite summer fruit?

Have you ever tried NuNaturals? Thoughts?

Liquid miracleeee!

So, in other news: I know I’ve gotten a few requests for a hair post, and I feel like I keep putting it off because I really don’t know EXACTLY what ya’ll wanna know.

Gimme some feedback, and instead of promising, yet again, a hair post, I won’t let you down next time, and I’ll know what to talk about 🙂 If I don’t get any feedback I’ll probably just go off on a tangent and completely ramble – so SPEAK UP!

Tell me about your 4th of July! I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend. All you people from across the globe – tell me about your weekends as well, even though you don’t celebrate independence day – I KNOW you ALL have been up to some good stuff.I’m off to spend time with the fam, friends and the pup.

Friends and snowballs 🙂

I should probably also hit the gym sometime today, considering I haven’t worked out in a week…I could really go for some sweat.

What workout do you rely on when you really wanna kick ass?

Peace and love!





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40 responses to “Home Again.

  1. Looks like a fun fourth! Our town was madness this past weekend, even walking was hazardous, but the fireworks were great.

    Never tried that stevia, but keep seeing it everywhere.

    Right now I am doing Insanity, but I can’t say that it is really the one … nope, definitely not the one.

  2. ahhh, I love those vanilla stevia drops…they pretty much rock my mouth. And one bottle definitely lasts foorrrrrever, too. Score!

    So glad you had a good fourth with friends and fam. No better way to spend it. 🙂

    Have a great day love!

  3. teenagehealthfreak

    yeah spiders freak me out too!! ewww. looks like a fun weekend!!! i went skiing at the lake..and chilled at the lake too!! fun stuff. and watermelon is probablly my fave summer fruit!!! 🙂

  4. Gina G

    What a blast! Who needs to get a sweaty workout when you can sweat out on the boat and swim with friends? agreed? haha I’m so glad you had a great time!

    I LOVE the vanilla (i’ve used chocolate as well) liquid drops, i have been using them for over a year, ever since i stumbled upon them. Each bottle last such a long time too 🙂

    Have a wonderful day girl! 😀

  5. mysweetseason

    Hmm I’ve never had Vanilla Stevia or NuNaturals. I’m thinking I should get me some real soon! It looks really good.

    You know what else looks really good? Your 4th of July celebration! Love that you were out on a boat! 😀 Glad you had fun!

  6. I recommend this exercise to everyone, the Iwo-Jima corner squat: http://barncathollow.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/gunnarpetersonsi.pdf If you wanna work up a sweat, grab a bar and a small plate and bust out 3 sets of these on each side. I rely on it for a full-body workout.

    Looks like you had a good time on the river!

  7. what workout do I rely on? Whyyy, spinning, of course!

    you’re so beautiful Megs!

    lovelovelove ❤


  8. There is seriously nothing better than a 4th of July on a lake!! You are def a lucky girl 🙂

    As for fruit, right now I am obsessing over pineapple, it is so in season and I’m loving it!!

  9. Hey! So strange: can’t find my comment from yesterday anymore?! In it was the fact that I’m so porud of you, gorgeous girl! And my questions were about:

    1. The 18rabbit bars…are they coming to Europe…please?;)
    2. How did the eating go in SF? It can be tough when you’re away and all…

    xxx Julia (Taste of Living)

    • Meg

      It might be in my spam box – not sure why but lately a lot of comments have been finding their way in there. I’ll check.

      1) Not yet, cross your fingers that they find their way there soon 😉
      2) Grocery prices were incredibly high – compared to out here, but I think that’s because taxes are higher and all as well. I did a post on how to save money on food in SF a few weeks ago 🙂 I ate A LOT of produce, though, it was glorious.

  10. I got a mani pedi, nothing special I guess I relaxed a bit since I
    ll be very busy with my yoga teaching next week
    Looks like you had a great time! I’d love to try NuNaturals but its sort pricy. Spiders terrify me, Charlottes Web was NOT my favorite as a kid!
    I really thing a power yoga class kicks my ass more than anything!

  11. your 18 R job sounds fantastic. what a great opportunity, and even more amazing is that you’re still going to be able to do it from home.
    beautiful photos, by the way! love thAT sunrise. or set? haha. also not a bug person, especially spiders. which is sort of too bad for me considering i live in the boonies and am at the barn or outdoors a lot, haha.

  12. Sara

    Ahhh rafting on a lake with friends…nothing betta’

    So glad you had a great 4th!

    As for workouts…I just fell in love with bikram yoga. It’s not SUPERRR intense (still really hard though!) but I love how much you sweat while doing it. You come out feeling like a million bucks! Your skin feels so soft and just so much more energized!

  13. oh meg, you are too adorable for words. i love that you love life so much right now, east coast, west coast, you’re just all over the map girl! thats so awesome.

    nunaturals liquid stevia is aaaaaaawesome. i have’t “made” anything with it but i do add it to a lot stuff, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal..mmmm..

    i think the ppl want you to tell them how you get your hair so fabulously full with volume and why you look like such a sultry victoria’s secret model! 🙂 right guys?

    love you girl!

  14. Your 18R job sounds like the BEST!

    I’ve never tried NuNaturals, but I’ve always been intrigued!

    Hair post? Hmmm…what products do you use?

  15. oh we love nunaturals vanilla drops, they are yummy!!! My favorite summer fruit is Cherries, and a workout I can always rely on to kick some ass is INSANITY. That program is super intense, and you become a drenched sweaty mess. Looks like your having fun back home. Happy monday to you 🙂 XOXO-Whit♥

  16. Haha, I’ve been living in MD my whole life and am still not used to this ridic heat! Glad you had a good fourth anyway, though.

    Fave summer fruits = blueberries and tomatoes (which are definitely fruit!) from my garden :]

    Much love x

  17. hey gorgeous girlie!
    weeeeeee i LOVEEE your california post! I love this state and don’t ever want to leave it again! (I got my B.S. in Washington) I hope your 4th was AHHHMAZING and that you continue to enjoy time with family and friends!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  18. Meg you are so cute! I love all your pictures; it looks like you had a wonderful 4th. Yay for NuNaturals Stevia! I’m about to get a package from them, too. I seriously cannot wait. ❤

  19. Ooh lake dance partay? I like!! And HIIT workouts totally kick my ass. I am always dripping in sweat and feeling awesome afterwards!

  20. Nothing beats a holiday on the lake. It looks like you had a blast with friends 🙂 I shared a similar weekend and feel replenished from the sun and happy times.

    May it carry you through the week!

    WOW what a fun time on the lake! HELLLOO, toned arm, in that pic of you on the boat! hot momma!!! Love that you had SUCH a great time out in the sun 🙂 I went on the lake today too!!
    I love you and am SO THANKFUL FOR YOU!
    I really want to try nunaturals for real! I heard great things. u get it at whole foods? I would loveeee it in my yogurt!
    love that you took a week off from the gym-sometimes thats just what the dr ordered.

  22. Those stevia drops are so good… especially in iced coffee 🙂 It looks like you had a blast with your friends. I am definitely not a fan of spiders or any bug for that matter. Bees are probably the ones I am most afraid of! eeek!

    My go to kick ass workout is plyometric training. It really gets my heart rate up. I love it!


  23. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth)

    so glad you got home safely & that you have been having a good time with your friends..that is so important!
    I haven’t tried those stevia drops yet, but they sound really delicious- i trust your opinion. I want to try them now 🙂
    hope you have a good work out hun!! text me

  24. ahhhh i miss you my dear friendd!!!!! but it does look like you are having a FANTASTIC time at home, keep enjoying it, but dont forget that california WANTS YOU BACK!!! haha

    i recently tried nunaturals too and i really like it!! great stuff for baking as well =)

  25. So much to say…
    18 rabbits, thanks for filling us in!

    your hair, always looks great, i think ppl want your secrets 🙂

    and nu nat…have been a fan for a long time. LOVE them. They are the BEST stevia period. Enjoy!

    have a great nite babe!

  26. I HATE spiders. Like a lot.
    Anyways, looks like you had a great weekend! I definitely agree – jetskiing, boating and tubing on the water is definitely the best way to spend a long weekend : )

  27. Looks like you had a lot of good things to look forward to with your return home! 🙂 Love all the pics!

  28. I love the pictures – what a blast! Funny sun screen story. I was out weeding my garden this weekend and I guess my shirt raised up in the back a few inches because I have a BURN LINE running across my back from where the sun was hitting between my shirt and shorts. It hurts soooo bad!! Sun screen = good!!!

    Kick butt workout? 30 Day Shred or kickboxing! Spinning is awesome, too…or even just a run outside with the iPod blaring!

  29. I am so happy that you had such a fun fourth of july 🙂 It looks like a blast! When I feel like kicking workout ass I love doing zumba and follow that by strength training then 20 minutes doing some type of cardio. Im all sweaty and gross, but i feel amazing!

  30. peanutbutterfingers

    i’d say 99% of the whipped cream in the can never makes it on top of anything. my mouth takes priority! 😉

  31. wow thats really cool that you got to make designs and play around on photoshop/illustrator all day!! i’ll have to tell my sister that there is a job like that because thats all she does at home! haha

    i really want to try those stevia drops – they seem to make everything better 🙂

    you seem to have a lovely group of friends, glad to hear you enjoyed yourself girl!

  32. Pingback: Hearty Chicken Curry Veggie Stew « Sunshine 'n Spice

  33. I ❤ spiders! I'm getting a tarantula within the next few months 😀

    And I always turn to weights when I want a really kickass workout 😉

  34. Raychel

    I just had to comment about how much I love NuNaturals stevia! We use the powdered kind (though we also have some liquid drops in our pantry) EVERYDAY in our Stonyfield Plain Yogurt. It just tastes SO Good! Much better than any of the other stevia brands out there (no bitter aftertaste). Everyone who tries stevia should use NuNaturals.

    • Meg

      I totally agree! It’s something you can definitely feel good about adding to your food. 🙂 It’s delicious and perfectly sweet!

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